Sunday, November 21, 2010


We all knew this kind of thing was coming. We just didn't know when it would be that security and human dignity would collide in such a way. And it is possible that neither side can afford to give in.

People who believe in human dignity and don't want to be groped or given cancer by scanners won't fly anymore (except in emergencies when they will put up with potential cancer or being felt up).

This will greatly reduce the profitability of airlines and many might go out of business over then next few years as a result of this inevitable ongoing impasse between human dignity and security.

I think we may move to a model more like Alaska where more people own their own planes and give rides to people who help pay for gas. So there would be a lot more 4 and 5 passenger planes full of people who otherwise might have ridden public transportation in the air.

However, I think we are there now. Because if you believe in human dignity you cannot ever give in on this no matter what. And if you believe in security and protecting lives you may not be able to give in no matter what either.

So, in the end it might just be the end of public Air Lines. Unfortunately, I think we are there. It's very sad. Terrorists may not have won but they have sure screwed things up for everyone this time.

But we are Americans. We are the most pragmatic and scary people on earth as far as adapting to any situation goes. When no one else finds a way we still will. We may not like it but we will find a way no matter what. It's what we do. It's what we always did. Those who didn't are all dead now. We are the ones who survived and the children of those pragmatic people who settled this country who always somehow found a way forward. We will find a way now too. Alaska anyone?

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