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Journal of a Soul Traveler

or "The Path of a Soul Traveler can be a path to Enlightenment"

Though I am 62 years old now I would like to go back to being about 20 years old. At that time I had been dating since I was 15 in the typical sequential monagamist way, i.e one girl at a time. Also, I had never been exposed to marijuana or drugs of any kind ( I think I had taken an aspirin once or twice) and had been given (sodium Pentothal) to have 5 wisdom teeth removed at age 18. And my family being sort of Christian Science in belief system didn't generally believe in doctors much either then unless you had a broken arm or leg or were dying.

Also, I had been intuitive all my life and one of people's nicknames for me was "Cosmic Fred" because I would often be able to tell people things before they happened. Women of all ages tended to trust me because I was honorable and empathic in that I usually knew what they were thinking and feeling.

However, being gifted (for me at this time of my life) I considered to be equally a blessing and a curse and wasn't at all sure that I could live with the gifts God had given me. How would you like to know every time you walked by someone when they would likely die. I found this part at that time only a curse not a blessing.

It wasn't until I met a Tibetan Lama at age 32 and began to understand compassionate non-dualism that everything for me as an intuitive came into complete order for me. I didn't give up being a Christian mystic I just gave up being dualistic in my thinking as I found it childish and immature.

Anyway, I want to start when I was 20 years old as the previous has all been background so all this might make some sense to you as you likely could be from literally any background worldwide.

Since I was often capable of sensing what the future was for myself as well as beings around me (in regard to whether lives would end suddenly, be maimed or be pretty nice or okay or whatever.) So when I looked at age 20 forward into my life until about age 30 I was just so very horrified at what I was going to have to face that I decided to project my soul permanently out of my body. I thought I would give that a try as I had heard of this being done by many in Asia at the end of their lives if they were evolved enough to succeed at this.

So, I thought, "Well. It's worth a try." So I went to my father's 2 1/2 acres then in Yucca Mesa near Yucca Valley in the desert and laid up on the roof on the garage and workshop between two sort of rectangular and upwardly oval skylights. (So, I wouldn't accidentally roll off the roof and fall two stories to the ground in the night. I took my sleeping bag up there and since it was about 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day (likely September or October 1968) it was still about 85 or 90 degrees Fahrenheit at about midnight. The stars were out so it looked like I could just step away into them. So with all my will I attempted to permanently project my soul from my body and I succeeded (sort of).

I got about 25 miles vertical out of my body towards the stars and I was met by Angels. They said something like, "You have made a vow to help the beings of earth. You cannot break your vow to God. However, because we know you cannot endure what you see coming in your life we will give you a gift so you can survive it okay. Your body will now become rather than a prison like it is for most people, a reference point only. This is the gift God is giving you so you don't try to project your soul permanently out of your body. Do you understand?"

Yes. I understood. The next 10 years were really going to suck big time! And from the point of view of a 20 year old I was not looking forward to my 20s. And not looking forward to my 20s? This was supposed to be the best part of my life. Well. It wasn't!   Things started to get really strange like I saw coming with the new year of 1969 which I call  euphemistically "The Craziest Year of my Life". But just like the Angel(s) had said I was able to survive it all somehow because, they were right, my body had become only a reference point for me. It had become a reference point that I had to protect, because it was a vehicle for God to work through, but it definitely also became a reference point instead of a trap or prison like it is for most people. If I needed relief I just escaped out of my body with 25% to 75% of my soul. Somehow I made it through to my 30s. And then my 30s became (all around Physically, mentally, and emotionally) my most favorite time of my life starting at age 32 until I returned from India and Nepal with my wife and three children after being there about 4 months from December 1985 until April 1986. However, the time with the most inner peace has been since I almost died in 1998 and 1999.

But, the gift of the Angel as time went on began to make sense to me. After all, I had been praying since I was a child to be allowed by God to Soul Travel. So, when I permanently tried to exit my body at age 20 I was given a very precious gift. But also just like the saying "Youth is wasted on the young". I had no real idea what to do with that gift and spent my 20s mostly not completely understanding the fullness of what a really amazing gift God and his Angels had given me so I wouldn't cause my own death from projecting myself prematurely out of my physical body.

So, when I was a child and got the idea from my parents of Praying to a Saint to teach me to soul travel I was probably starting to do this at about 5 and continued in this dream from then on. And I also had the kinds of dreams where one can fly often throughout my life (which I have since found it is a sign of being very psychic or gifted and usually both).

So, the next stage was being sick and going to college in San Diego County and going to visit a neighbor's cabin in the desert next to my Dad. This friend of my Dad's had a 1949 Stinson, which is a 5 passenger private plane and sometimes he would let me fly it starting when I was 12. We took off that time from the Yucca Valley Airport to fly from his cabin to his home in Sierra Madre. I can't remember where we landed but maybe El Monte?

When we flew between San Jacinto Mountain (next to Palm Springs) and across the valley 11,000 plus foot San Gorgonio there were high cross winds. So he taught me how to 'crab' into the wind so the crosswind didn't blow us into one of the mountains sideways. Crabbing is turning the plane slightly or awkwardly into the wind to survive high winds at altitude and not die in high cross winds. You don't go forward very fast but at least you survive the flight (usually). We were flying up the Valley there towards Los Angeles County in California. I was 12 in 1960.

So, my Dad's friend Ed was a really great guy and so he let me go to his cabin when I was in college to try to dry out my bad cold in the desert for the weekend while no one was there that weekend.

This began the next stage of becoming a soul traveler. I woke up at 2 am and had to go to the bathroom. So I got up but didn't realize that I wasn't in my physical body. Instead I was Astral traveling out of my body but didn't know it. Well. I found out when I went to turn the light switch on the wall in the bathroom on and my hand went through the wall. I was terrified! So, with every bit of my will power I walked back into where my body was sleeping and I had read what one is supposed to do is to lay down into one's body.

I was trying to think about what this would be like in scariness that you could relate to. Imagine waking up after a nice relaxing sleep and realizing you are 200 feet under the ocean with a Scuba air tank on and a mask when you have never done this before. This would be one example. Or imagine if you were sleep walking and woke up falling through space because you just stepped off the balcony of your home and fell into the swimming pool and hoped you weren't going to drown. Both these would be the appropriate way that I felt right then.

As my soul and my body joined my body started going into shaking fits. I was just so completely shaken up and alone that I finally decided to pack my 1966 VW Seablue Bug and drive the 2 plus hours back to Rancho Bernardo where I lived then at 3 am. I just couldn't deal with just how terrifying this was alone. So as I drove away I said to God, "You almost killed me God with that. Can't you give me an experience of soul travel that I can deal with?"

So, two months later in Rancho Bernardo I woke up while sitting up out of my body with my soul. I wasn't scared because I felt safe like God was there and in charge of the whole thing. I looked back and saw my body sleeping peacefully and then a really odd thing happened. Another me wearing the same pajamas that the other two of me were walked through the door of my bedroom. This third me had a look of an angel on its countinence and walked over and laid down into me and then we laid down into my physical body. So, I guess this was the God or angel part of me that laid down into the me I'm used to being and then we laid down into my physical body and I said, "Thank You, God. This was what I wanted. Thank you!"

At that point I had reached paradigm shift where I permanently realized first of all that I was an immortal soul because God had demonstrated this scientifically for me in real time. So, if anyone tried to convince me otherwise I might just laugh or laugh under my breath if they couldn't handle me laughing at them. I had all the proof I needed of the immortality of us all at that point. Though I might not be able to convince anyone of this. I could witness my story and experience with God to give them hope of a never ending future as a soul even if their body is no more.

Though the above paragraph might make a really good end to an article, it isn't the end of my story as a Soul Traveler and of how my experience of enlightenment through this major paradigm shift continued to occur throughout mylifetime.

Though it took some time to sink in, just like traveling to India was a complete culture shock for me, much more extreme than I would have ever thought it could be when I took my family there in 1985, still in somewhat the same way, I had to learn to adapt, as I was in India and Nepal for four months from December 1985 to April 1986 traveling and learning from being given the Kalachakra Tantric Initiation by the Dalai Lama along with 500,000 others from around the world around Christmastime 1985 in Bodhgaya, India.

In a similar way, there are dreams and there is reality, and once I had  incontrovertibly learned that one not only has a soul but that both my God or Angel soul and I both lived in my physical body, I had been given an unbelievable powerful and sacred key to unlock the secrets of life.

It could be said at this point that I felt very sorry for all beings including humans who might suffer from not experiencing scientifically that they were immortal. Though I could not prove this to others unless they had the same or similar kinds of experiences to me, still my life was permanently and forever changed as a human being living on earth. So, in both a childlike and adult way I began to experiment with my immortality. So, often when I would lay down to go to sleep at night I would simply go in part of my soul and go up and sit on the roof and watch the stars. I would also experiment at times with putting my awareness in one or more points outside my body while still maintaining awareness in my body as well. I found that if I thought of someone, especially a girlfriend if they were far away, often they would tell me that I visited them when they were awake or that they experienced me at exactly the same time I thought of them in many ways. So, I started to scientifically experiment whenever I found it useful with trying to understand what perameters this gift from God had.

It took me years to realize that this gift was literally infinite. In some ways I guess I should have known that it was since God is also infinite. So that this gift was like being "Born Again" in that I was like a little child in my exploration of this God Given Gift. Though I had prayed to be able to do this since I was a little child, there was a part of me that didn't really expect to be given this wonderous a gift by God. So, I explored  what soul traveling was all about much like a child learns to become an adult human over the years.

For example, I believed (incorrectly so) that effort was needed to get from point A to point B in the universe in going in one's soul from one point to another. It took me years to understand that in the soul world neither time nor space is an effort. But since I believed it would be an effort I expending a really great amount of concentration and effort until I was exhausted at times doing all this until I realized no effort other than knowing you were already anywhere you wanted to go that you were allowed to go by God in not only any Space but also in any time.  I didn't try to time travel until I was in my 30s, even though I had always been interested in this subject through both spiritual studies and science fiction since I was little. Like I said I didn't understand that this gift given by an Angel of God was infinite and that it was given to me to get me to stay in a body on Earth and not permanently project myself out and go somewhere else. Like the Angel said, "You have given a vow to God to help the Beings of Earth. You will not be allowed to leave until you have accomplished that Vow."

One of my teachers, Saint Germain has said to me, "If you live to be 100, you will be 500. and if you live to be 500, you will be 1000. And if you live to be 1000 then you will be 5000." With what I presently know about the real universe this could be said about any of us.

Since I tend to be a very pragmatic but kind person my reaction always was: "Well. I'll believe it when I see it." I think if you have survived as long as I have your reaction might be the same.

So, by the time I had reached age 30 I had been passed my initial paradigm shift almost 10 years by then. One of my early experiments with soul travel was to travel around the earth as a soul. I wasn't interested at that time really in walking around on the earth much but in flying around observing the world. However, when one is (at least for me) soul traveling around the world one's perceptions and experiences are slightly different than being in a physical body. It is kind of like being one step removed from being a human being on earth. So, the joy one might get physically going to Paris, for example, might not be there when soul traveling there.

Soul travel, I might say is a sort of "necessity is the mother of invention". In other words it is a tool that Angels and God use to make sure everything is working correctly in all times and spaces. It is a work tool and not a play tool. This took me a long time to completely realize as well.

So, if I was in a play mode and trying to soul travel I might get into trouble and almost die soul traveling. But on the other hand if I was trying to save Earth from Nuclear Armageddon and going to the Center of the Galaxy to get help for Earth, I would be safe all the way there because I was on a specific spiritual pilgrimage as a soul to prevent the destruction of earth on into the future. So in my early twenties I did both and slowly learned what to do and what not to do much like a young driver of a car or truck learns how to survive driving a car, truck or motorcycle in heavy traffic on the freeway or hiway.

So, as time went on I learned that soul travel is a completely different thing than I originally had thought. I came to realize that I was ALREADY everywhere and anywhere I wanted to be. I cannot tell you just how much this changed my complete understanding of what God and the universe actually was. So I began to experience the whole universe and all time and space as me. I literally experience the whole universe and all time and space as me because this is what God does and this is the gift he gave me. It is not to say that "I AM" the whole universe, this is for God to be and say. But what I am saying is that God allows me to experience all time and space and the whole universe as myself because it comforts me and because I am one of his children just like you are. And if it works for you why don't you experience the whole universe as yourself too. The universe is God and it is God's gift to all of us in the universe to experience it this way. For me, this experience is what enlightenment is. It is peace never ending whether one's physical body is here or gone, one goes on and on and on in their soul body and explores the universe and meets other souls. There is no beginning there is no end, there is no time there is no space but there is forever with God.

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