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Purple Delta 7 Visits New York and the U.N.

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Purple Delta 7 and Arcane showed up at the United Nations Building. No one on earth would recognize that they were from somewhere besides earth originally. They just looked like a man about 45 and a very attractive and shapely and well dressed woman about 25 years of age(although Purple could be any age or anything for that matter any time). 

As they walked in through the front door one of the guards recognized Arcane and said, "Good to see you, Sir" and passed he and Purple through without further ado.

They were quickly ushered into a United Nations Security Council Meeting. They were there to address the many problems associated with the latest Wikileaks phenomenon and what the world's nations could do to stop further releases.

Arcane and Purple were set to speak to the group.  Arcane walked to the podium and spoke first, He said, "Many of you have known me now for 20 years or more, and some of you know the fullness of who and what I represent."

Many there nodded in agreement with Arcane on this one point. 

Arcane said, "Today I would like to introduce you to a Galactic Representative and special Envoy direct from the Galactic Sentience."

Someone spoke up from the Security Council and said, "Why weren't we notified about this?"

Arcane said, "Well. The leader of the Galactic Government tends to be spontaneous in these ways. He finds it more useful to everyone's long term needs."

There were uncomfortable murmurs in the Security Council Chamber.

Arcane went on, "I want to introduce you to Purple Delta 7." There were a few snickers in the group at this name.

Arcane said, "I think I should explain that Purple here is not a human being but an extremely advanced Robot. Imagine a Nuclear powered Aircraft Carrier that is sentient like a human being. That is a good way to imagine what Purple is."

A voice within the security council spoke up again. "You have no right to bring a military weapon in here."

Arcane said, "I'm not bringing a military weapon in here. Purple Delta 7 is the Galactic Sentience's Personal Envoy and can speak for him."

"Why didn't he come himself."

Arcane said, "Because if he came here it is possible that all life on earth might die just from his presence."

"Why is that."

Arcane said, "Because he is not a biological being and lives for millions and possible billions of years."

The voice said, "But that isn't possible! That kind of being would be considered to be a God by many of the uneducated people here on earth."

Arcane said, "Yes. Many civilizations on Earth do consider the Galactic Sentience to BE God, but he doesn't consider himself to be God or even a God."

"Oh. Proceed then."

Purple Delta 7 spoke at the podium, "Greetings people of Earth. I understand this presentation by my Envoy Purple Delta 7 is highly irregular. However, because of the present and future changes coming to earth I thought I should begin to prepare the people of earth for some of the changes."

There was a stunned silence in the Security council Chambers.

"The problem at hand is that most of you didn't realize until right now that Earth has been a protectorate of the Galaxy and the Galactic Government now for basically millions of years. This was done to protect the humans of earth from blowing up this planet the way their ancestors did Maldek millions of years ago and turning it into the present Asteroid Belt."

There were murmurs in the chambers at this.

"So, in order to assure the Galaxy that no more planets would be nuked out of existence like Maldek was, Earth and all the planets of what you call the "Solar System" are now part of the Galactic Protected Planets and Stars. So no one in the Solar System or beyond will be allowed to blow up a planet in the Solar System ever and have it remain blown up."

This seemed to evoke a lot of questions.

Purple Delta 7 for the Galactic Sentience continued. "So I want as many as possible in positions of leadership throughout the earth to be aware of this change now, so there won't be any misunderstandings of what is actually going on now or in the future."

A voice that seemed sort of shrill said, "Then you are in control of Earth and always have been?"

Purple Delta 7 spoke up: "Yes. But we didn't need for the people of earth to know this yet. However, now we do because of changes coming to earth."

This voice said again, "What kind of changes?"

Purple went on: "Well. It is sort of difficult to explain but let me try anyway. It's like this: imagine if you had a group of sentient beings and you wanted them to feel like they were in charge of their own destiny. Because you knew if you didn't make them believe this that they wouldn't become self sufficient the way humans of earth have become and generally have come to the point because of nuclear weapons where they don't really have wars with millions and millions of people fighting each other to the death anymore. So, this is a good thing that there has been no World Wars since World War II."

"Because another war like that today would likely extinct all life on earth eventually even if no nuclear weapons were used at all."

The small voice once again said, "So you are here to prevent any more large wars?"

Purple went on: "No. The United Nations to a greater or lesser degree has already succeeded in preventing another world war. This is very good. However, now other problems are cropping up like running out of oil within 25 to 50 years depending upon how the earth uses it and all the chaos that could cause even without a world war. The second major problem is that the climate is changing to another one and no one can agree how to fix it. In other words there appears to be no worldwide consensus on how to fix the climate before every human and every animal dies. And without that consenses likely everything living on earth above the size of a mouse likely will die eventually."

This set off groans around the room. Because even though people suspected it was like this generally, to have it put this way made everyone feel pretty helpless.

The small voice once again said, "What do you suggest?"

Purple said, "I'm not here to suggest I am here to do. So I am not asking your opinion I'm simply stating that I won't allow all life on earth to die. So the likely outcome beginning in 2012 is that humans and animals will simply be allowed to thin out down to a manageable number and things will go on as they have been."

"I don't think we really understand what you are saying."

Purple said, "I'm simply notifying Earth of the Great Thinning out of humans and animals that will naturally take place soon. Though I won't let anyone on or off of earth nuke it or destroy it I also won't let overpopulation or climate change extinct all life on earth. So, since you can't seem to get your consensus act together I will allow nature to take its course to thin humans down to a useful number."

The small voice was scared now and asked, "What is a useful number?"

Purple said, "If humans are going to live on the surface of Earth, about 150 to 300 million. But if they live under the earth, the earth might sustain up to about 12 to 14 billion as an upper limit. But if you want the upper limit all buildings above ground need to be brought down and all earth needs to be used for recreation and farming, and all roads need to be plowed up and all transportation needs to be either walking, bicycling, by helicopter or plane or by boat. In this way all ground surface areas are only used for growing food, recreation and all living and other building will only be underground so that energy can be saved in the  heating and cooling everything people reside, shop or work or recreate in underground. Food needs to be grown within 100 miles of where someone lives in order to be practical unless you are in climates like mountains or near the north pole or south pole where that might not be practical. In other words humans must choose between staying on the surface and going underground to live. I will give all humans until December 21st 2012 to make this decision. I think the fairest way is to put it to a vote of all humans on earth before that date."

The room was stunned.

Purple said, "I thank all of you and will meet all of you back here once more on December 21st 2012" And she walked out of the room and out of the building and disappeared out onto the streets of New York City.

A voice Among the Security Council said, "Were we just Punked? This can't be real! This can't be happening?"

Arcane rose and said, "I am a part of the United Nations. And those of you here who have known me for over 20 years now know I am a man of my word."

Several of those present vouched for Arcane. So Arcane went on, "I cannot really explain how I can tell you that this is all real and on the level because as we all know by now if I did I would have to kill myself first and then all of you here."

There was nodding and laughter though somewhat subdued because of the importance of all this.

Arcane went on, "I'm familiar with how the Galactic Government operates and I was first assigned (Don't worry I am allowed to share this much with you) by the U.S. Government. And I can also tell you that some of the first contacts were made through UFOs like the Roswell one and the ones that crashed in Germany before World War II and the ones that also crashed in Russia."

Many nodded. "Well. Through all this I was one of several who were taken and instructed about how the Galactic Government works."

One of the security council asked, "Were you taken off planet to be instructed?"

Arcane said, "That is likely but none of us were told exactly what was going on at any time. However, we were put in space suits that were impervious to the heat and radiation generated by the Galactic Sentience so we could see him. And basically he is somewhere between a Nebula and a Star as far as I can ascertain."

"You've got to be kidding?"

Arcane said, "No. It appears that both Stars and Nebulas are self aware. And according to the Galactic Sentience, the Galaxy is an aware entity. And the main purpose of a "Galactic Sentience" is to channel the will of the entity called "The Milky Way Galaxy".

"This is for real?"

Arcane, "To the best of my knowledge this is all the Gospel Truth!"

"But you could have been misled?"

Arcane:"That's always a possibility. But I'm presently convinced to the best of my ability that I was introduced to the leader of the Galaxy."

"Why is that?"

Arcane said,"Well. He demonstrated what he was capable of, and showed how he can either be antimatter or matter."

"Isn't that dangerous?"

Arcane: "Yes. It is death to any biological being on any planet in our galaxy. That is why I'm convinced that he is the Galactic Sentience. Not only that, all the Stars and Constellations and Nebula are his relatives."

"That's Crazy!"

Arcane said, "Yes. That is crazy. But imagine what havoc a family of beings that compared to humans were never born and never die and how much damage to humans and other biological organisms they could inflict if you harmed one of their relatives."

Another council member said, "I agree. This makes complete sense of who would be in charge. Logically, nothing could stand against a sentient Star, Constellation or Nebula if indeed they are sentient."

One by one all the council member started to agree and nodded their heads. None of them had been exposed to any of this information before but one by one they all saw the logic of what Arcane was saying.

Arcane continued, "So,  even though each of you must make up your own minds about this, I think two things are important to take away from all this. First, this is all likely true. And second, how would it be possible to have the human race vote on this without destroying human civilization in the process?"

Another council member said, "I don't think we could tell them the whole truth without causing chaos. Look at us here. We all feel a little crazy having to entertain these thoughts. Look at Arcane here. I can see even he has had to be very heroic to endure what he obviously has to be able to give us this information."

another said, "Yes. But what can we tell the world's peoples about this vote the Galactic Sentience spoke about?"

another said, "I don't believe any of this. This has to be all made up!"

The council leader spoke up at this point, He said, "I am privy to information just like Arcane here is, and I must also vouch for everything he says and more. I, however, am not at liberty to say more at this time."

Pained looks all around.

Arcane said, "We are faced here with a dillema. And if I may be so bold as to define the dillema it is primarily this.  Humans have been unable to decide how to deal with global Warming and overpopulation. And so the leader of the Galaxy has come and said to us. Either make a decision or I will make it for you. This I think completely defines the problem. Now it is up to all of you and possibly the full Assembly of nations to decide what to do with that definition of the problem.

The Security council leader spoke up, "I agree with Arcane. This must be our definition and we don't have time to debate for years about this. We are all 6.5 billion or more of us in the same Life Boat now and we are given a choice which is either 6.2 billion people are now going to die likely horrid deaths of various kinds before their times. Or we can choose to be an underground culture and knock all our buildings and edifices and roads down on earth. What will it be?"

Another member said, "And how do you propose to sell this? It just can't be done?"

Arcane said, "I have an idea. However, I'm not sure it could work because there is no way to demonstrate it to the world that it is real."

The Security Council Leader said," Let's hear it. We need to create some realistic options and we need to start somewhere."

Arcane said, "How about we claim that some alien race is going to attack us so we must all move underground and destroy all our buildings and roads so we can dig in and prepare for the attack."

The Security Council leader said, "I just don't think that is practical. What about the rest of you?"

Others thought that this would just cause more chaos without resolving the problem.

Finally Arcane said, "Then why not just hit them with the truth?"

The Security Council Leader said, "How can we prove any of this?"

Arcane said, "I was told that there is a way to prove the reality of the Galactic Sentience."

Another Council Member said, "How can it be done?"

"You remember Purple Delta 7" said Arcane.

They all said "Yes." though all seemed to fear her now.

ARcane said, "I was told she is capable of preventing any sunlight to come to earth for a few days time. Do you think that would make people believe that the Galactic Sentience is real?"

The Security Council leader said, "I would rather not do that because it would really terrify all the people of Earth unless we have no other option."

another member said, "This seems just like so much science fiction to me."

The Leader said, "It seems that way to all of us but just like the first time any of us rode on a jet airliner, that too seemed like Science Fiction and what about the Space Shuttle? Same thing."

All nodded unhappily in agreement about this.

The Leader said, "So who is going to tell the world about all this and of the vote? And not only that who is going to assure honesty concerning the vote?"

This stumped them all for some time.

Finally, the Security Council Leader said, "I think we should adjourn for the day. Enough Said."

Everyone nodded in agreement this time. They all meandered out sort of in a state of shock.

More later.



Note: I started out to write something very different than what showed up.  I think I'll leave it for now. However, I kind of like how the next paragraph turned out so this is where I originally was going before I kind of got directed in a new direction.

No Walls No Secrets: The Language

There are many languages both on Earth and throughout the Galaxy. But the most elementary and honest of all languages is a form of telepathy that all creatures on Earth share. It is the consciousness of cells to cells which all creatures seem to understand. Only man pretends he doesn't understand or in some cases has been conditioned to pretend he does not know what he or she knows. Because this language is instinctual and is a language of safety and survival of all species. When people started talking they started lying because it is very very difficult to lie or sometimes almost completely impossible to lie if one is communicating cell to cell or cell colony to cell colony, or even a man or woman communicating in nature with all life around all at once. Some call this communing with nature.








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