Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Spider

If you aren't at the very least an intuitive this story might seem quite strange to you. But to me this story is not just strange it is also very wonderful and funny and enlightening for those who can recognize it as such.

I was sitting on the John in one of my bathrooms in my home and I noticed a spider on one of the baseboards. If you are an intuitive like me who has taken Ahimsa vows to not kill anything except in self defense, then you know that I don't kill things unless I have no other choice ever. So, when I saw the spider I was not alarmed because I'm not afraid of spiders. And as is my way I looked into the consciousness of the spider because sometimes beings are not at first what they appear to be. So assessing any form of consciousness first is what I always do because one never knows until they do this what they are actually dealing with.

So, I was very surprised at the level of consciousness existing within this spider and soon realized that this was no ordinary spider but what one might call, a very rare "Buddha Spider". I have seen beings like this in all animal and bird and even fish forms so this gave me great peace to be visited by a "Buddha" spider as this is a very rare occurrence. This Buddha spider eventually said to me, "I AM Maitreya Buddha in the form of a spider." I said, "Why have you come to me like this?" The Buddha spider said to me, "Because you need to become more subtle and less overt." I contemplated this as being overt is usually relegated to the young and intense and forceful of us all. However, intensity is something that always has run within the men of my family so I thought about what this might mean.

The Buddha spider said, "I will reincarnate as Maitreya Buddha so I need you to become more subtle", and the Buddha shared with me why subtlety is necessary. So, I took this all in to begin to contemplate this.

Then the Buddha spider said, "Why don't you eat me?" I said, "Humans don't eat spiders. There is not enough food value in eating a spider." I could have said more about this but thought better of it. I said, "Why have you come to me as a spider?" I did not really get a useful answer regarding this other than some thoughts that spiders might eventually evolve on earth to something like humans in the next several million years after humans leave this planet or die out(one of the two). So, I thought about what all this meant. Finally, one of my spiritual teachers came to me and said, "You need to put this spider outside now as you have appointments to meet in your life." I understood the logic of this, so I opened the window to put the Buddha spider outside of the house with all the other spiders I put outside over the last 11 years now in this particular house. I was very gentle with this spider as it was very tame and did not try to attack me or even run from me like most spiders would. The clean toilet paper I used to move the spider safely the spider did not want to leave. So finally I just lightly blew the spider off the paper to send the Buddha Spider off on its way. It never ceases to amaze me as an intuitive what is actually going on in life. It's always a surprise and often a delight to see what is actually going on around us every moment of every day!

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