Thursday, February 28, 2019

From 18 to 25 my motto often was: "Only the Truth"

And then I started noticing the truth was harming people's lives a lot. And then I had to rethink my attitude regarding the truth. I didn't want people to potentially self destruct just because I thought I should tell them the truth about everything.

This is the problem with being a young idealist. You just haven't thought everything through far enough yet. By my mid to late 20s I had realized that Compassion for all life in the universe was the most important thing. No two people can agree on the truth about just about anything anyway.

Look at Trump voters and the other 60% to 70% of Americans. They cannot agree on anything at all in case you haven't noticed. And this type of divergence these days can often be fatal the way the world works lately, not only here in the U.S. but also in other countries.

While Cohen Testifies and Trump consults with Kim Jong Un, the Hindu populist in India and the Muslim populist in Pakistan may just "accidentally" nuke 1 billion people or so unless China or someone else does something soon.

Trump isn't worth a shit regarding India and Pakistan nuking each other by the way. Now we need Clinton or Bush or Obama or Bush number 1 to prevent 1 billion people dying now. But all we have is a businessman named Trump trying to make money instead.

In Rare News Conference, North Korea Offers Its Own Version Of Summit Collapse

As President Trump headed home deal-less from Vietnam following his aborted summit with Kim Jong Un, North Korean officials held an impromptu middle-of-the-night news conference at a Hanoi hotel, offering an account about the failed talks that differed from Trump's. "What we proposed was not the removal of all …

Tesla starts selling $35,000 Model 3 electric cars and shifts to online-only sales

Tesla has started offering the long-promised $35,000 standard version of its Model 3 electric car. (Tesla Photo) Tesla is finally following through on its pledge to sell its Model 3 electric cars at the standard price of $35,000, but says it’s shutting down on-the-spot showroom sales to remain “financially sustainable” at …

part 2 of "What do you need to believe to stay alive for your family and friends and yourselves?"

People often get caught up in "Is God Real", or "I'm a Scientist and I can disprove God exists!"

That's all very well and good but what if some people need to believe in God (whether God actually exists or not?)

IF you scientifically prove to your own satisfaction that God doesn't exist to someone less intelligent than yourselves and they go home and kill themselves are you responsible for their deaths? Yes.

From my point of view you ARE responsible for their deaths if they listen to you and they cannot survive without believing in God.

The truth of the situation becomes far less important than whether each person finds a way to stay alive and have enough peace with themselves to continue to go on living for their families and friends and themselves.

Who are you to KILL THEM with your Truths?

Just because your ego tells you that scientifically God is not real, just remember not everyone is just like you and you might kill them with your truths.

I have become a strong enough person that I can have my beliefs no matter what anyone tells me. However, many many people I have met are very fragile and it wouldn't take much to kill them.

So, what I'm saying here is: "It doesn't take much to kill some people and to cause them to self destruct so be careful what you say to people so you aren't responsible karmically for their deaths.

By God's Grace

What do you need to Believe to Stay alive for your family and friends and yourself?

People often make everything ONLY about Truth. But, here is my thought on this. Truth kills as much as it saves.

Let's say you know that someone is married to someone and they are having an affair on their husband or wife. And let's say you tell the person that they are being cheated on. And then that person kills themselves. Is it your fault that they are dead?

My view would be "Yes. You just killed your friend with the truth." But, you might have another point of view.

Could that person have lived out their lives believing their husband or wife was faithful to them?

Possibly. And would that have been better than telling them? Maybe. It's really hard to say.

So, in regard to literally everything in life it is just like this.

So, what I'm saying here is people ask the wrong questions and those questions often kill them or others.

Taking responsibility for all this is very very hard but if each of us doesn't then theoretically everyone could easily die from the truth and where would we be then?

So, for me, the important question becomes: "What do YOU need to believe to stay alive for your family and friends and yourselves?"

This is the question people actually need to ask if they don't want to self destruct consciously or unconsciously.

By God's Grace

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