Sunday, February 24, 2019

There is the "Historic" Jesus who likely married Mary Magdalene

and then there are the fantasies that people have all over the world.

One of the most interesting things I learned in my whole life was going to India and Nepal and talking with Tibetan Lamas who were refugees in India in Dharmshala. They told me that there are records (which were preserved regarding Jesus) that were destroyed literally everywhere else because of wars and destruction on every continent including India and China. So, the Tibetan Records regarding the real Jesus were literally the only ones that remained to this day because the government of Tibet has stayed intact longer than any other pretty much on earth until it was sacked by china during the 1950s and the Dalai Lama escaped with a few people while being shot at by fighter planes in 1959 and some died on this journey back into India out of the Himalayas.

But, according to the Tibetan Lamas who had read these historical records preserved in Tibet over 1000 or more years, Jesus married Mary Magdalene and moved to India where he had been instructed how to raise his body from the dead by Gurus as a younger man and taught as a Guru in India until his death in his mid 80s. And he had many children with Mary magdalene and they all lived in India. So, likely by now Jesus' children are likely 100s of millions of descendants by now all over India and China and all over the world.

He was known as Saint Issa which makes sense because his real name was pronounced Yesu or Yeshua in Aramaic which is similar to Issa.

So, I presently believe Jesus went back to India and taught as a Guru and married Mary Magdalene who was a rich wealthy woman and a business woman in Israel and very successful at the time.

But, she was never a prostitute which is what power mad church people wanted people to believe to demean and to disempower women all over the world.

So, the "Da Vinci Code" isn't far from the Truth because there are likely 100 million or more descendants of Jesus who don't know that they are all over the earth.

Since there are about 72 generations since Jesus was here in the Physical and maybe he had 5 or 10 kids like people did then (people did this until the 1800s by the way almost everywhere).

So, let's average 5 children from each offspring in a generation then do that 72 times and make a generation 30 years.

I'm not sure this is useful because after 10 generations there are 244,140,625 descendants using 5. So, I think it's more useful to use 2 per generation because this might make more sense.

After 30 generations of only 2 new per generation per child who is a descendant we are already to over 2 billion. So, what I'm thinking it is quite possible that literally every person on earth might now be directly related to Jesus or close to that after over 2000 years time of generations.

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