Monday, February 25, 2019

There are people who want to disprove Everything in life

What do I mean by this?

There are people who want to rob you of any kind of peace you have in life because they are just so miserable in their lives they cannot stand anyone who is happy at all.

And so they try to tear down ANYTHING you believe in.

When I was young I worshipped the truth in every single moment.

But, as I went through my 20s I realized the truth saves but also kills people too.

What I realized is that compassion: Right mindful compassion towards all people is the single most
important thing in life.

If you tell someone the absolute truth "according to you" and then that causes them to kill themselves right in front of you or in front of their family by jumping off a cliff or blowing their brains out, what good is that?

So, what good is the truth?

It's good if you can use it to save people's lives with. Other wise the truth is basically worthless.

This is the point of view I have come to regarding the truth.

So, here is my question: "What do you need to believe to continue to stay alive for your friends and your family and yourselves?"

This is the question you need to ask yourselves. All other questions might not be as important as this one is.

What do you need to believe to stay alive for your family and friends and for yourselves?

Millions of people are dead now because they asked the wrong questions instead of this one.

by God's Grace

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