Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Hidden Memories: We all have them


Because some things in life are just too painful to remember fully, so our brain and mind suppresses them so we can continue to live without killing ourselves or otherwise self destructing.

On top of all this it is my own personal belief from my life experiences that everyone who can read and write any language on earth has "hidden memories" regarding experiences with human beings from the past, present and future (since time travel exists) and/or hidden memories regarding aliens from other planets or dimensions, and/or all of the above.

Because of this all people who read and write any language on earth could be said to have both "hidden Memories" and also a form of PTSD that accompanies this sort of thing.

I had an experience in the early 2000s (after 9-11 and the 2nd timeline began) where I was finally allowed to have some of these hidden memories and I remember asking that I not remember a lot of this at the time in 1974 simply because I knew I couldn't survive remembering all this while raising my son and making a living and eventually raising my two daughters too and adopting my third daughter. So, I didn't remember 90% of what had happened to me even though I suspected it since the late 1950s and early 1960s.

So, I found the unveiling of my "Hidden memories" both a relief and in some ways a burden at the same time when they showed up finally in my 50s after I had been forced to retire from a heart virus that nearly killed me in 1998 and 1999.

But, I write about stuff like this so you don't have to suffer like all those that died from psychotic episodes in the past when they had these kinds of experiences.

I was okay with all of this because as an intuitive I instantly always know people's and other beings motivations. This is just one of the gifts I have always had even as a 2 year old. Having this gift I must say was very confusing until I was about 15 because people never said what they really thought ever. And so this confused me as a child a lot because I thought that only children ever told the truth because adults NEVER EVER said what they really thought inside.

But, by age 15 I had come to realize that the way humans are if they were not polite they would all kill each other and the human race would have gone extinct long ago.

So, it is politeness that keeps the human race going which is an interesting thing to say about humans but also true.

So, because I always understand and have understood any being's emotions and thoughts I'm not usually scared of anyone most of the time unless there is really something to be scared about. Likewise, I wouldn't have a psychotic break if I met an alien simply because I would understand their motivations. And most aliens (unless they are galactic criminals) are not here to kill us or eat us. Instead they are here to study us and sometimes live among us unrecognized by most.

But, I can usually spot an alien doing this or I can spot someone from another time because their minds are different than someone raised in this time period. So, I know they are not from this time or place.

IS this a good thing?

It's good in that someone intuitive like me is not going to have a psychotic break if they meet a time traveler or an alien from another planet. So, in this sense it is a good thing.

Because some humans if they have a psychotic break from meeting an alien or time travel never recover from it. This is why almost everyone on earth has hidden memories so they don't have a psychotic break from what has already happened to them so far in life.

By God's Grace

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