Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Opinion: Is America's apathy finally over?

What created American Apathy?

My point of view is that this apathy began with 9-11 which really tore the whole world a new one. Then Bush and Cheney told us we had to invade Iraq because of 9-11? What correlation was this?
Saudis did 9-11 not Iraqis in the first place. So, I'm thinking Iraq and Afghanistan were misdirections away from the Saudi culprits which means people like Cheney were bought off by the Saudis in order to accomplish this.

Next we have the Great Recession caused by the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars (by the way Syria and Afghanistan and Yemen are still going on you notice 17 years later!)

So, what caused the Great Recession was us bankrupting ourselves through Iraq and Afghan wars which is similar to America Bankrupting itself over the Viet nam War.

Which is about the military industrial complex of the U.S. and Europe being completely out of control which Eisenhower warned us about when he left office when Kennedy became president.

So, where is the apathy from? It's from a cynical American public that has just been so lied to all along and lost so many of our male and female soldiers (For WHAT?) and then we went through the Great Recession (FOR WHAT?).

So, if you were wondering why the American public is Apathetic just look at the lies we had to swallow and all the people that died or went bankrupt in wars and the Great Recession. So, why is the American public Apathetic? Because we were lied to and killed in meaningless wars and driven into bankruptcies by our governments lies all along.

Is America's apathy over?

God, I hope so because we have a Mafiya Mob boss for president that we have to get rid of before we stay a Banana Republic like we are now permanently!

note: you add the y to mafia to make it the Russian mafiya.

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