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I was wondering whether ISIS wiped out the last speakers of Jesus' native language

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But it appears that there are still 1/2 million native speakers of Aramaic still alive in the middle East.

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Jul 14, 2013 - For most people, that there are any native speakers of Aramaic left at all will come as a surprise. In fact there are half-a-million, and Khan is one of a tiny band of ... of Exorcist spin-offs where either the devil or God spoke Aramaic.) ..... Funeral held for Israeli woman suspected of being killed in Turkey by ...
Missing: ISIS?

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May 10, 2015 - What became known to many as the language that Jesus spoke is much more ... The native speakers of Aramaic were known as Arameans, and settled in an ... Today, some form of Modern Aramaic is spoken by over 400,000 people in ... convert to Islam, or probably be punished in some way or even killed.
Aramaic is a language or group of languages belonging to the Semitic subfamily of the Afroasiatic language family. More specifically, it is part of the Northwest Semitic group, which also ... Neo-Aramaiclanguages are still spoken today as a first language by many communities of Syriac Christians, Jews, and Mandaeans of ...
My google Search question was "how many native speakers of Aramaic are still alive in 2019?"

There are an estimated 500,000 to 1,000,000 speakers of Aramaic among Assyrians - the majority speaks the three dialects with the most speakers, Assyrian Neo-Aramaic, Surayt and Chaldean Neo-Aramaic, and Syriac (another dialect of Aramaic) is used for liturgical purposes among Syriac Christians.Aug 27, 2018

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