Wednesday, February 27, 2019

When your "Hidden Memories" arise from your subconscious mind how do you know they are real?

Some times you know immediately they are true for a variety of reasons. Other times you are less sure.

But, the point is understanding how people's minds actually work. There is the subconscious that is like the part of an iceberg that you cannot see because it is under the ocean and then there is the part above the ocean. So, your conscious mind is what you see above the water. But, then there is where you really are in your life which is all the stuff just beneath the surface.

However, then there are people who do nothing but lie to themselves for one reason or another. Not only can they not trust themselves no one else can trust them either.

Then you have people like me who are brave enough to face the truth in their lives. However, sometimes temporarily or permanently some of us are broken by the truth.

Luckily, I'm very resilient party because I know how to "Let Go and to Let God" which basically means I know how to completely give up and give over to God when I go to sleep at night and wake up a wholly new and reformed person in the morning by the Grace of God.

If you cannot do this it is likely that you can and will at some point be broken completely irreparable.

Finding a way to "give up" to Life or God or whatever you want to call it is in the end "The only way I know to stay a "Whole integrated person" in the long run. Otherwise you will be destroyed by your life eventually never to be repaired.

This is my experience over the last 70 years watching my own life and other's lives.

By God's Grace

This is one illustration used to depict people's subconscious minds with their conscious minds above the surface.

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