Tuesday, February 26, 2019

10 inches of rain so far north of San Francisco it seems from just this storm

Interstate 5 was closed north of Redding part of the day today but last I checked  it is still open. I checked 101 but it is still open but could close at any time as more rains fall because of several mudslides caused by 10 inches of rain. So, it is possible that sometime tonight or tomorrow both Interstate 5 and 101 could potentially close for an undetermined amount of time making most people heading south or north trying to find another route. But, that's a problem because the route they used around the Hirz fire for example on Interstate 5 wouldn't be open either. So, as of now if both Interstate 5 and 101 closes I'm not really sure what would work on the North South corridor between Redding and Ashland and Portland and Seattle?

And it's presently snowing in Ashland which could mean the Mt.  Ashland pass could close soon too on Interstate 5. I heard from a friend who is there now about it snowing in Ashland.

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