Sunday, February 24, 2019

I'm a good storyteller

I do not consider myself to be a good writer, however, simply because I cannot edit my own work which is what is necessary to be a good writer.

My stories (most all of them true by the way) are not edited well at all because I find editing very upsetting. If you are a writer you might know what I mean. It appears that as a storyteller it is sort of like things as they first come out of your mouth or pen as a storyteller are direct from God and they shouldn't be changed (except maybe spelling if you make a mistake). When God plays music through you or sings through you or tells stories through you, you just cannot mess with what God is doing.

I remember when I was editing one day in the early 2000s and God didn't like how I was editing. The wind came up and the doors slammed so hard I thought the glass would fall out of the glass in the doors and the power went out in the house. All I could say was: "I understand God!" So, I stopped editing and realized what God wanted to share was way more important than me editing anything at all! What I was sharing was embarrassing to me but God wanted me to share it anyway. So, I gave over to God and it was okay.

By God's Grace

What I mean by this is I likely could never be a writer for a living because that might seem like a form of prostitution for me. Because writing for me is a spiritual experience sort of like meeting a wife and having children. So, writing for me is sacred and always has been.

I had a similar experience with music. Music and singing was always sacred to me. I played a Steinway Grand piano in church from ages 12 to 21 in various churches in the U.S. I visited  and also Baldwin organs in church a lot too and sang in the choir but especially in Los Angeles and Santa Fe, New Mexico (where I went to a church private school there from fall 1965 to may 1966. I also played a pipe organ once in Santa Fe too.

So, when friends wanted me to go professional I felt I didn't want to sit playing music in rooms filled with cigarette and cigar smoke around drunk people because it just didn't feel right to me.

But, that's just me, because Music and writing are for me a sacred thing and a sacred trust between me and God and all life in the universe.

By God's Grace

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