Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Listening to live and DVRs of Cohen hearing in the House

You get the feeling more than ever that Trump is a Mob Figure either of the Italian Mafia or the Russian Mafia or both. Because the Russian Mafiya is directly tied in with Putin. If you are Russian mafiya you are under the thumb directly of putin (who is the richest mob boss on earth).

So, when Cohen testified that a Russian Oligarch was convictected of a crime relating to 40 million dollars and he had a "Free" office on the 26th floor of Trump Tower in New York Provided by Donald Trump until 2013 when he was convicted that same office was provided to Cohen who had that same office of the Russian Oligarch convicted in the U.S. until 2013. So, Cohen had this office ever after likely and maybe even after Trump became President.

Another interesting thing is the first time an exploratory committee to make Trump president was actually done by Cohen in 2011. This was an interesting revelation as well.

Can you believe anything Cohen Says?

Likely, you can believe a lot of it because it is corroborated by legal documents and recordings.

However, since Cohen was recording all his clients including Trump (which isn't illegal in New York but is illegal in California) you wouldn't want to be living in New York and have Cohen as a lawyer because while on the witness stand he offered the recordings of all his clients to the House and Senate without trying to protect his clients at all. So, with a lawyer like that who needs enemies?

But, never the less likely since what Cohen was testifying to can be corroborated by recordings and legal documents you do have legal corroboration of what he is actually saying in many situations.

And that might be in the end enough to impeach the president and remove him from office in the end BEFORE the 2020 elections.

Note: Does Cohen want Trump to be impeached? I think the answer would be YES because Cohen is going to serve 3 years in jail for lying for the president. Since the president told Cohen to lie getting the president impeached would be a part of his revenge on Trump on what this did to Cohen's life and family ongoing.

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