Sunday, February 24, 2019

True Detective is very different this year

Note: If you haven't started watching this series and you plan to then you might not want to read this:

It's always been a very violent psychodrama every year there is a new story. In other words it's hard to figure out exactly what is going to happen until it happens because there are just so many confusing elements hitting each other always in the True Detective Series on HBO. But, this year it is strange on multiple levels at once.
1. The black detective has serious PTSD from Viet Nam.
2. Because it takes place in Arkansas you see how the cards are stacked against this black detective from the beginning.
3. You suspect it is a rich white person high in government pulling the wool over everyone as the bodies stack up one by one.
4. you suspect that Julie is still alive and an adult pretty soon.
5. then you realize it's true. Sort of.
6 then the black detective gets early Alzheimers caused by PTSD in Viet Nam. (which happened to my best High school friend by the way who is now dead from it). So, to me, in my life experience it isn't surprising at all.

So, the fact that he's black goes against him in Arkansas. The fact that he has PTSD goes against him in Arkansas. The fact that he is a straight shooter and not willing to play games like the other detective goes against him. ETC. ETC. ETC.

So, you see all along he never was going to be allowed to solve this case. And then the father of the boy and girl is murdered to make it look like a suicide and things get even crazier.

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