Sunday, February 24, 2019

Past lives in the past, present and future

During 1998 and 1999 when I was preparing to die from a heart virus I realized that our souls have no real permanent connection to time and space at all. So, I realized all our past lifetimes in the past, present and future were available to us (which seems completely illogical) until you fathom what a soul really is and the fact that it does NOT live in time and space (except) when we are incarnated into a body somewhere in the Universe. So, it is possible there for to remember lifetimes millions of years into the future and past.

I have done this. However, I really don't want to know some things because it could make a person dysfunctional in this lifetime.

So, I give a prayer often if I'm receiving information about my past lives in the past, present and future throughout the universe.

It goes something like this:

Dear God: "show me what I need to know about beings I will meet in this lifetime. I realize that I have been married to or in love with many of them from past lifetimes on earth and on other planets in the past, present and future. I have had good, bad and neutral experiences in these lifetimes, so show me what I need to know to be the best person I can be in helping all beings in this lifetime.

However, things that would harm me and make me dysfunctional in this lifetime I might not want to know.

Thank you God!

By God's Grace

One of the thousands of results of giving this prayer (or one similar to it)  has been this memory from 65 million years ago on Maldek.

By God's Grace

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