Monday, February 25, 2019

Smallfoot (2018)

The barometer was falling like crazy because the next storm is coming in. It's snowing north of us all the way into Washington and so often when the barometer falls it makes me feel strange. I think I'm not alone in this. But, this movie was exactly what I needed to watch. It's about asking questions which most religions forbid you to ask.

However, for me, the universal truth that would apply to this more would be UFOS I think. Because it applies to everyone no matter whether you have a religion or not. So, this to me, this cartoon on Littlefoot is about UFOS and how governments lie about them almost universally.

This is a wonderful cartoon if you want to raise your children to be seekers of truth in all directions. However, to seek the truth you must be very very brave as you will also see in this cartoon movie, Smallfoot.

I have had to be very brave to live my own life, for example.

Often life punishes people for being Bold. But, if no one is bold there is never any progress. So, if you are brave enough you can help change the world to a better one.

By God's Grace

 Rating: 6.7/10 - ‎19,569 votes
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 Rating: 76% - ‎113 reviews
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