Monday, February 25, 2019

How does one cope with thousands of past lives in the past, present and future?

I think it is sort of like growing up. It can be very painful or enlightening and usually both. Some things you might not want to know about but then you often see why you need to know these things to stay alive now in your present lifetime. Often you need to know things about people you are going to meet from past, present and future lifetimes that you share with them. There are all kinds of relationships you are going to have with people, good, bad and indifferent. So, understanding where all this has already gone in the past, present and future can help with understanding what is happening right now in this lifetime.

You might think that what happens in the future comes After now. But, that's not true from the perspective of your immortal soul.

From the perspective of your soul all lifetimes past, present and future are all lived at once which might give you a completely different perspective on everything.

Imagine you could watch a TV series and watch all of the episodes at once because you were a soul and imagine that time has no meaning really to you because you are a soul.

So time only becomes relevant to someone who is presently living in physical body somewhere in the universe but not to your immortal soul.

So, each lifetime in some ways is almost like a video game you are playing multiple places at once throughout the universe from the perspective of your soul.

However, God somehow has put you in this body in time and space to learn something about yourself and the beings around you and if you don't take it seriously enough to stay alive you aren't going to learn what God is trying to teach you, will you?

by God's Grace

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