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Since the Federal FDA is completely dysfunctional because of Trump like the EPA also is here is the (FDA) of each state

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State Retail and Food Service Codes and Regulations by State

StateRetail Site(s)Food Code
AlabamaDepartment of Public Health Division of Food, Milk & Lodging External Link Disclaimerdisclaimer iconRules for Food Establishment Sanitation (available in PDFExternal Link Disclaimerdisclaimer icon
AlaskaDepartment of Environmental Conservation Food Safety & Sanitation Program External Link Disclaimerdisclaimer iconAlaska Food Code (available in PDFdisclaimer icon
ArizonaDepartment of Health Services Food Safety & Environmental ServicesArizona State Food Code (available in PDF)
ArkansasDepartment of Health Food Protection ProgramRules and Regulations Pertaining to Retail Food Establishments (>available in PDF)
CaliforniaCalifornia Department of Public Health Food Safety ProgramCalifornia Retail Food CodeExternal Link Disclaimer disclaimer icon (available in PDF)
ColoradoColorado Department of Public Health & Environment Retail Food Program External Link Disclaimerdisclaimer iconColorado Retail Food Establishment Rules and Regulations (available in PDF)
ConnecticutDepartment of Consumer Protection, Food and Standards DivisionSanitary Standards for Food Establishments (available in WORD.DOC)
ConnecticutDepartment of Public Health, Food Protection Program disclaimer iconSanitation of Places Dispensing Foods or Beverages (available in WORD.DOC)
DelawareDepartment of Health & Social Services Office of Food ProtectionState of Delaware Food Code
FloridaDepartment of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Food SafetyExternal Link Disclaimer disclaimer iconFlorida Administrative Code 5K-4 External Link Disclaimerdisclaimer icon
FloridaDepartment of Business and Professional Regulations, Division of Hotels and RestaurantsExternal Link Disclaimer disclaimer iconFlorida Administrative Code 61C-4 External Link Disclaimerdisclaimer icon
FloridaDepartment of Health Food Hygiene Program External Link Disclaimerdisclaimer iconFlorida Administrative Code 64E-11External Link Disclaimer disclaimer icon
GeorgiaDepartment of Agriculture Food Safety Retail ProgramRules of Georgia Department of Agriculture (available in PDF)
GeorgiaDepartment of Public Health Food Service ProgramFood Service Establishments (available in PDF)
HawaiiDepartment of Health Sanitation BranchFood Establishment Sanitation (available in PDFdisclaimer icon
IdahoDepartment of Health & Welfare Food Protection ProgramIdaho Food Code (available in PDF)
IllinoisDepartment of Public Health Foods, Drugs & Dairies External Link Disclaimerdisclaimer iconFood Service Sanitation Code
Retail Food Store Sanitation Code
IndianaDepartment of Health Food Protection ProgramRetail Food Establishment Sanitation Requirements (available in PDF)
IowaDepartment of Inspections & Appeals Food & Consumer Safety Bureau External Link Disclaimerdisclaimer iconIowa Food Code (available in PDF)
KansasDepartment of Agriculture Food Safety & LodgingKansas Food Code (available in PDF)
KentuckyCabinet for Health & Family Services Food Safety BranchKentucky Food Code disclaimer icon(available in PDF)
LouisianaDepartment of Health Retail Food ProgramSanitary Code, Part XXIII, Retail Food Establishments (available in WORD.DOC)
MaineDepartment of Health & Human Services Health Inspection ProgramMaine Food Code (available in PDF)
MaineDepartment of Agriculture Consumer Food Inspection Unit
MarylandDepartment of Health & Mental Hygiene Division of Food SafetyFood Service Facilities External Link Disclaimerdisclaimer icon
MassachusettsDepartment of Public Health Food Protection ProgramMinimum Sanitation Standards for Food Establishments (available in PDF)
MichiganDepartment of Agriculture Food Safety & RecallsFood Law of 2000 disclaimer icon (available in PDF)
MinnesotaDepartment of Health Food SafetyExternal Link DisclaimerMinnesota Food Code
MinnesotaDepartment of Agriculture Dairy & Food Inspection DivisionExternal Link Disclaimer
MississippiDepartment of Health Food Safety DivisionFood CodeExternal Link Disclaimer disclaimer icon
MississippiMississippi Department of Agriculture and CommerceFood CodeExternal Link Disclaimer disclaimer icon
MissouriDepartment of Health & Senior Services Food SafetySanitation of Food Establishments (available in PDF)
MontanaDepartment of Public Health & Human Services Food & Consumer Safety SectionRetail Food Establishments
NebraskaDepartment of Agriculture Food DivisionNebraska Food Code (available in PDF)
NevadaDepartment of Health & Human Services Environmental Health ServicesFood Establishments External Link Disclaimerdisclaimer icon
New HampshireDepartment of Health & Human Services Food ProtectionSanitary Production and Distribution of FoodExternal Link Disclaimer disclaimer icon
New JerseyDepartment of Health & Senior Services Food & Drug Safety Program External Link Disclaimerdisclaimer iconSanitation in Retail Food Establishments and Food and Beverage Vending Machines (available in PDFExternal Link Disclaimerdisclaimer icon
New MexicoEnvironment Department Food ProgramExternal Link Disclaimer disclaimer iconFood Service and Food Processing
New YorkDepartment of Agriculture & Markets Division of Food Safety & InspectionFood Service Establishments
New YorkDepartment of Health, Food Handling, Preparation, and StorageExternal Link Disclaimerdisclaimer iconRegulations and Permit Requirements
North CarolinaDepartment of Health and Human Services Food Protection and Facilities, Division of Public Health External Link Disclaimerdisclaimer iconRules Governing the Sanitation of Food Service Establishments (available in PDFExternal Link Disclaimerdisclaimer icon
North DakotaDepartment of Health Division of Food & Lodging External Link Disclaimerdisclaimer iconFood Code (available in PDF)
OhioDepartment of Health Food Safety ProgramOhio Uniform Food Safety Code
OhioOhio Department of Agriculture Food Safety DivisionState of Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code and definitions
OklahomaDepartment of Health Consumer Protection DivisionFood Service Establishments (available in PDF)
OregonDepartment of Human Services Foodborne Illness Prevention ProgramFood Sanitation Rules (available in PDF)
OregonDepartment of Agriculture Food Safety DivisionFood Code (available in PDF)
PennsylvaniaDepartment of Agriculture Bureau of Food Safety & Laboratory Services External Link Disclaimerdisclaimer iconFood Code External Link Disclaimerdisclaimer icon
Rhode IslandDepartment of Health Office of Food ProtectionFood Code (available in PDFExternal Link Disclaimer)
South CarolinaDepartment of Health & Environmental Control Division of Food ProtectionRetail Food Establishments (available in PDF)
South DakotaDepartment of Health Office of Health ProtectionFood Service Code
TennesseeDepartment of Health Division of General Environmental HealthFood Service Establishments (available in PDFExternal Link Disclaimer)
TennesseeDepartment of Agriculture Regulatory Services DivisionRetail Food Store Sanitation (available in PDFExternal Link Disclaimer)
TexasDepartment of State Health Services Food Establishments Group External Link Disclaimerdisclaimer iconRetail FoodExternal Link Disclaimer disclaimer icon
UtahDepartment of Agriculture Division of Regulatory ServicesFood Protection
UtahUtah Department of HealthFood Service Sanitation
VermontDepartment of Health Food & Lodging ProgramHealth Regulations for Food Service Establishments (available in PDF)
VirginiaDepartment of Agriculture & Consumer Services Food Safety & Security Office
VirginiaDepartment of Health Division of Food & General Environmental Health ServicesExternal Link Disclaimerdisclaimer iconFood Regulations
WashingtonDepartment of Health Food Safety ProgramWashington State Retail Food Code (available in PDF)
West VirginiaDepartment of Health & Human Resources Public Health Sanitation Division External Link Disclaimerdisclaimer iconFood Establishments (available in PDF)
West VirginiaDepartment of AgricultureExternal Link Disclaimer disclaimer icon
WisconsinDepartment of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection Division of Food SafetyWisconsin Food Code
WisconsinDepartment of Health Services Food Safety & Recreational Licensing
WyomingDepartment of Agriculture Consumer Health Services Section External Link Disclaimerdisclaimer iconWyoming Food Safety Rule 2009 (available in PDFExternal Link Disclaimerdisclaimer icon
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