Monday, November 30, 2009

$1 million dollars per soldier per year deployed

If there are 100,000 soldiers in Afghanistan after this deployment and whatever soldiers there are left in Iraq you can do the math. And this does not include the cost of any equipment beyond assault rifles and grenades. It doesn't include Humvees or their parts etc. or predators or hell fire missiles or planes or boats or ships etc. So just figure $ 1 million dollars per deployed soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan deployed.

What does that mean in real terms? What it means in the starkest terms is that those of you unemployed will mostly not have real jobs until Afghanistan is over and Iraq is over because a real recovery simply cannot happen until these wars are over. Go back and watch what happened after Viet Nam sucked all the money out of the United States. Study the economic statistics. Look at the late 1970s and the early 1980s and how bad it got(a lot like today) only today is much worse because it is worldwide. Then it was just the United States. Now the whole world is in distress. Just like at Dubai World and the Dubai Government not covering the debt. This could trigger more distress as well.

Another problem is that no matter what Obama promises the likelihood that Democrats will be able to support it and be re-elected is about zero. So he may not get the funding he wants unless we borrow 30 Billion more from the Chinese. That may be the only way this could happen. And the Chinese because of variety of world situations might not be happy about loaning us 30 Billion more dollars unless we give them something to sweeten the pie.

But, in the end unless you are hired by something like a new Civilian Conservation Corp like in the 1930s don't expect to have a good new job if you are out of work until Afghanistan and Iraq are over. At least after 10 years Nixon finally ended Viet Nam in 1974. For Afghanistan there is NO end in sight. Financially, the U.S. is on very shaky ground and keeping this war going could put us under just like the Soviets went under between 1985 and 1991.

Crazy Wisdom and Soul Travel

Crazy wisdom is being and doing what needs to be done even if it isn't logical. The definition of Crazy Wisdom is "The Wisdom beyond logic". So it is a Wisdom based upon an highly developed sense through much experience(in this life and others) of exactly where and when one needs to be in any given moment. Unfortunately, 9 to 5 jobs don't lend to Crazy Wisdom much so one usually finds Crazy Wisdom people self employed and very independent in how they manage their time.

So, to a Crazy wisdom person manifesting in this way one must always expect the unexpected. I always found myself wanting Crazy Wisdom Teachers but God sending me complete disciplinarians like my Dad instead which I found usually difficult. However, I also realize discipline is important and also even Crazy Wisdom is a type of discipline too. It is just a very different kind of discipline of being in the right place and time and state of consciousness all at once all the time. So, if one naturally is crazy wisdom they are constantly sensing where and when and how they need to be to create the best outcome for all beings.

You might ask, "How does Soul Travel fit in with all of this?" Well, Soul Travel is a tool, a method of accomplishing something. Just like if you live in Los Angeles and get a job in New York you need to find a way to get to New York to do your new job, you might as a soul on the path want to accomplish something and soul travel might be just the tool to accomplish that goal.

After I read the book Alas, Babylon in 1960 when I was 12(which was written in 1959 by Pat Frank. It was one of the first post-apocalyptic novels of the after effects of a nuclear war in the small town of Fort Repose, Florida, which was actually based upon the actual city of Mount Dora.) I was sufficiently terrified of nuclear war after reading it. At the same time I was reading this the Cuban missile Crisis happened and people thought the world was over for real. The terror of the book and the actual Cuban missile crisis was way too real for me at the time.

So, I vowed to myself that I would find a way to help prevent the extinction of all life on earth from nuclear weapons. I was not the only child or young adult to make this vow. There were millions of us in America and more throughout the world.

So, for me soul travel was a means to this end.

note:I just went out on wikipedia to check dates and realized that the Cuban missile Crisis actually happened October 1962 which makes complete sense to me as President Kennedy was assasinated one year and one month later likely by people who were upset about the Cuban Missile Crisis around the world. So, in the interest of accuracy I would have to say that I read "Alas, Babylon" sometime between 1959 and the end of 1962. So anytime between age 11 and age 14. However, this wasn't just a horror book of fantasy. This came very very close to almost happening while I was just 14. I have never really been able to fully shake the closeness of nuclear holocaust. And strangely enough the closest feeling to what it was like during the Cuban Missile Crisis is what it has felt like since Sept. 11th 2001. You know, just this feeling of hopelessness and inevitability of things. Of things just being so crazy you can't see how it all can turn out okay. But remember there is always hope. Only when we give up is there no more hope. So keep hope alive!

OF 100 ft. electrical power cords

I noticed the red light flashing on a nearby transformer on a telephone and power pole nearby. So today they shut down the power to my area for about 6 hours during the day. The only real problem with this is that if I don't turn on the gas powered electrical generator in my motor home and run a 100 foot electrical power cord to my refrigerator we tend to lose everything in our freezer at least. The last time the power was out from trees falling on power lines for a few days within the last month from a bad storm I ran my generator only about one hour out of four to try to be nice to neighbors who might not want to listen to it. Even though we kept everything in the refrigerator we still had to throw out things in the Freezer. So this time since we know the power is only going to be off about 6 hours(we hope) I will run the generator from 9 am until 2 to 3 pm when they turn it back on. Luckily, it is a sunny day but chilly. But with the sun my home solar heats nicely so that isn't a problem. Even if the sun gets obscured by fog or clouds I still have a fireplace with plenty of wood so that isn't a problem either. So, just running a generator can save you about 200 to 400 dollars or more of spoiled food just in a day or two. So, it is almost worth renting one or even buying one if you tend to have one or more power outages a year where you live.

Another thing about 100 foot long electrical power cords. I have found they can be very useful around the house for running weed eaters, leaf blowers and the like. I have basically stopped using gasoline powered tools like weed eaters and leaf blowers because they just are too messy and besides there is much less(usually zero) maintenance on electrical tools. Usually you either run them or they burn out and you go buy another. It's much less fuss. However, if you are in the business of using powered tools then gasoline is better because you never know if you can plug in or how far you are going to be from an outlet. electrical power is only better if it is your own home or property and you can control all the variables.

Another trick I use since I'm having some trouble with my right foot is I've stopped wearing boots when I use a weed eater. Instead I have duct taped an 8 foot section of 1/2 wide pvc pipe to the weed eater handle so I can get the weed eating part further away from my leg and foot so I don't lose a toe or injure my leg. I use the extra length of the 8 foot pvc pole to counter balance the weed eater so I can keep it about 5 to 7 feet away from my foot and leg and just wear crocs sandals while weed eating safely.(note: if you have 3/4 inch or 1 inch pvc it would be heavier but it might not bend as much as my 1/2 inch 8 foot section does. However, you can make your weed eater bob up and down with 1/2 inch and sometimes this is useful doing certain chores. However, if you are edging you have to get a little closer than doing other things to get the lawn edging to look right and not mess it up.

However, unless you have good hand eye co-ordination and are sort of a natural inventor and tool maker like me and my father and grandfather please be careful because not everyone is safe using power tools, especially highly modified ones.

By the way, I just noticed that I can also run my 52 inch flatscreen and dvr with cable with my refrigerator. Or with my refrigerator I could run one or more computers with a cable modem and wireless transmitter from my RV electrical generator. The engine guns a little whenever the refrigerator kicks on but other than that everything works fine as long as your cable modem wires haven't been damaged by trees or flooding. If it is only your electrical 110 and 220 that is down everything should work with cable tv, cable computers modems, computers and the like.

One caveat. Make sure you unplug from the wall whatever you are using before you plug it into you 100 foot electrical cable from the RV generator or other generator. Otherwise there will be fireworks when the 110 and 220 come on from the street and main panel. What I'm saying is you must have a completely separate line from your RV to whatever you are powering from the generator.

Reading in the 1950s

I was 2 in 1950 and so I was 12 in 1960. I couldn't sleep tonight and started thinking about my 30s in the 1980s and then I jumped on back to the 1950s and all the books that inspired me to read starting about 1956. I think the first books without many pictures that I got into were written by Hugh Lofting(in other words the Dr. Dolittle series of books). However, I had always thought (Incorrectly as an adult) that Hugh Lofting also wrote the "Freddy the Pig" series. However, when I researched this on Wikipedia tonight I realized the "Freddy the Pig" series was actually written by an American writer, Walter R. Brooks who wrote 26 books about Freddy the Pig and his friends from 1926 to 1958. I think more than any other series of books, Hugh Lofting and Walter R. Brooks(I discovered only tonight) influenced my reading more than anything else.

Since I was born naturally telepathic when people told me that one couldn't communicate with animals I always knew this was wrong. So when Dr. Dolittle and Freddy the Pig I began to read when I was about 8 years old it opened up a whole new world.

I'm still trying to remember a series of children's fantasy fiction that had these two boys starting on on the northeast coast of America and getting on board a Schooner and having adventures with magic ropes and Mongolia and other lands that I was really intrigued by as well. It sort of struck the Cabin boy type of consciousness when boys apprenticed at 12 or 13 and eventually became 1st mates and Captains of ships over the years of serving aboard a merchant ship. So I found myself very taken with this series and this led to me reading Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein and then Isaac Asimov's sci fi books as well and then ARthur C. Clarke. I think I read all of Robert Heilein's books eventually and most of Isaac Asimov's as well. As an adult I read Ringworld and Ringworld Engineers about Louis WU and all their adventures on Ringworld.

When Star Trek came out on TV with Captain Kirk(William Shatner) I made it a point to be sure my parents bought a color TV. Star Trek Debuted in 1966 when I was just turning 18. However, I think color had gotten pretty good and we might have bought a color set by 1964, possibly, especially on NBC.

But all the amazing experiences I had reading through several of my summers in Glendale, California outside of one of the libraries or on the lawn in my front or backyard took me to places that stretched my imagination to the limit. Though I had a Newspaper route by age 10 and worked a lot after school from age 10 on I always had time to read science fiction(if it was good) and continue expanding my imagination horizons both scientifically, spiritually and philosophically.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Donate to your local Food Bank

I was watching Brian Williams on NBC News the other night and there was a segment on middle class people having to go to soup kitchens to eat. They focused on a lady who was a purchaser for a company who was laid off trying to make mortgage payments so she wouldn't lose her home while receiving unemployment compensation. She manages by paying only $150 a month for food to feed her three children, her boyfriend and his daughter. In order to make this work she herself must eat in a soup kitchen 5 days a week. After seeing this I realized how important it is to help your local food bank or soup kitchen buy food. I also found out that for every dollar I donate seven dollars worth of food is purchased for the food bank because of matching funds of many different companies and organizations.

There is a saying, "Any mob is only a few missed meals away from a riot." This was especially true during the French Revolution. Keeping educated and civilized people fed is the only way to avoid these kinds of problems here in the U.S. now and in the future.

Crocs-The best thing yet for feet

I had heard something vaguely from my 20 year old daughter about them. But other than that nothing as of January 2009. However, as a bursa on my heel got more and more painful I was finally forced to see my podiatrist doctor. She recommended gel inserts for all my shoes and whenever possible wear Crocs a rubbery type of sandal. I became an instant convert to Crocs(I wear the toe inclosed kind). At first I wore them wrong as boys and men are supposed to put the heel strap forward and not use that. (But I was new to this whole Crocs thing. So the only time now I use the heel strap I am climbing straight up a mountain and don't want to slip out of my crocs and hurt my feet.

They are relatively reasonable too. I buy some now about every 3 to 6 months and if I buy them online including any shipping they are about $43 dollars or so for their biggest size available.

Wearing Crocs you feel like you are getting a foot massage each step, especially when you get a new pair. After about 4 to 6 months of wearing them a lot your foot slowly makes its own impression and the resilience of the foam sole starts to give more and the bottom ridges start to get slick. So after about 4 months watch out if you are on slick surfaces or walking over 1 to 3 inch in diameter rocks like one does at beaches or desert or on mountain trails often. You don't want to slip and injure yourself or step on too big a small rock and do minor damage to your foot as the bottom is very spongy.

In fact, I would describe wearing toe closed all foam Crocs as like walking on about 4 go 5 kitchen sponges while getting a foot massage each step. Which is perfect for those of us who have worn all sorts of good and bad shoes over the years and now need to take care of our feet if we want to keep walking another 20 years or more.

Like all my relatives said, "If you can keep your feet and your teeth healthy, you might live forever!"

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Of Maitreya 11-28-09

Because of the undernourishment, or outright starvation of so many on Earth at this time, many people are praying in desperation. At such times as these people pray for the return of Jesus and some of the same people and others pray for the coming of Maitreya Buddha.

This above statue I believe was done around the 9th century in Thailand. I stood next to it at a museum in about 1977 and was very moved by the energy surrounding it. The power and presence of Maitreya Buddha(the coming Buddha) awaited for by Buddhists in exactly the same way as Christians await Jesus. In fact the energy of both beings is so very similar that I often have wondered whether Guatama Buddha was a previous incarnation of Jesus, especially because the "Compassion" that Guatama Buddha taught around 500 BC is the same sort of teaching in a different cultural context to Jesus teaching about "Forgiveness" in Israel during his short 33 years on Earth in a human body.

In Compassion one is taught in the system I have learned "Tibetan Buddhism" to become like a "King Buddha" for the benefit of all beings. So one perfects themselves through practice so they can eventually lift all beings into enlightenment.

Likewise, in Early Christianity by knowing Jesus all were forgiven of their sins. "Go and sin no more" was often said to them either by Jesus or his disciples and later by priests, nuns and monks and later still by ministers both male and female. So "Compassion" became "forgiveness" in its next incarnation in Israel. And in this form spread throughout the Mediterranean ocean area and then all around the world.

So, as an intuitive and during this Thanksgiving time when families visit each other and give thanks and make plans to survive and prosper in the future let us think of Jesus if that is our inclination or of both Jesus and Maitreya which more and more I tend to believe are the same being. And if they are the same being they will appear at the same time for all mankind to see.

Dual mind operating modes

My son installed XP and Ubuntu(a freeware complete operating system) on my laptop last year. So the default boot-up would be XP Windows and I had about 10 seconds to key in to bring up Ubuntu. Since I like to think in terms of scientific potential in terms of what people can actually make happen much in the mode of Asimov, Heinlein, Clarke, Roddenbury and others. So in this way all of us doing this help to jump start new and useful technology for mankind.

I was thinking how the brain can go into definite different modes, whether those modes are actual languages like English, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, or actual other modes such as sleep and waking or other alternate ways of perceiving reality which might be equally as useful as what people can ordinary daily humanistic awareness that one meets every day in the business world.

I was thinking of what I might call a "Clark Kent" mode of being and I was also thinking of what I might call a "Superman" mode of being within the same individual. Though Clark Kent might have all the "Superman" aspects potentially available he might not integrate them properly to actually become "Superman". Also, he may or may not be aware in his Clark Kent mode of his "Superman" mode of being.

There could be word triggers to bring up this "Superman" or "Superwoman" mode within an individual. In this way the individual if involved in secret activities for his government or company wouldn't be able to be cracked by anyone who captured or interrogated that individual because if the individual was in their normal Clark Kent mode there would be no access to "Superman" type of information. Any connectivity would come across as unreliable by any interrogator. Since I understand how this works I know there are many individuals even now like this out there that have been programmed in this way. So that they only know their "Superman" type of information fully when that mode is invoked and their alternate operating mind system is triggered.

Another problem the world is now dealing with every day is what is called amnesiacs. My father in law was put into a coma for two weeks to keep him alive with strep pneumonia in his 80s because he could afford it. I understand that since doctors could make him forget everything for 2 weeks that this could be and likely is regularly done to our spies to make them forget what they have done. This not only creates plausible deniability, it means that whatever any government had them do they will never remember ever again. Whether what they were made to do was good or bad they won't ever remember doing it and not matter what is done to them all memory is gone and will never be revealed by any means.

Friday, November 27, 2009

h5n1 and h1n1

I was reading last night. I couldn't find the same article today or I would list it for you here.

A Chinese health official was worried because in his country they have both h5n1 which is usually fatal but not easily transmitted and now they are getting h1n1(present day swine flu and easily transmittable). His concern was that if the two of them became resident in the same body whether human or animal that there could be a fatal and easily
transmitted disease mutation if the two combine in any one body (human or animal) and it gets loose. Also, there are now reports in China of dogs getting h1n1 in China. We also have reports in the U.S. of many cats dying from h1n1 in addition to pigs. Heads up.

The Logical Probability of Time Travel

I like to write about this periodically, especially for those who can think in both logical ways and who understand the nature of probability.

The logic premise goes something like this:

"If time travel has been or was invented or even is now being invented in any galaxy in the past, present and future and if it is possible to invent time travel then it is here right now!"

If you run through the logic of this scientific premise it works as long as it is scientifically possible to travel time. So if it is possible to do then the likelihood that someone invents it in the past, present or future from our civilization or another is a 99.9% probability.

But it is important to state that only if it is scientifically possible can this premise be true. But if it is scientifically possible then time travel is here now!

Now I would like to tell you a true story that is still hard for me to believe even though I experienced it.

It happened in 1992 in the little city of Mt. Shasta in California on a clear sunny day of summer between noon and 3 pm with no clouds in the sky. The temperature was in the high 70s Fahrenheit or low 80s. I was hand washing dishes in the kitchen of my families house on an acre of Cherry trees, apple trees, walnut trees and pear trees when I heard a lot of noise. It was the kind of noise when military helicopter carrying weight break the sound barrier with the tips of their helicoptor blades. Since there were three double bladed helicopters that can carry about 40+ troops it was very loud because they were within 3000 feet of my house vertically. So since I had run out to see what helicopters with my stepson as he was growing up I decided to run out and see if I could identify them. They were the standard double bladed helicopters used by the U.S. Army in Viet Nam. I think they are called a Chinook or something like that. As I looked up at them in a V formation the three helicopters all stopped suddenly and hovered stationary which I thought was very strange because although they were painted gray they had no military markings on them of any kind. Then I couldn't believe my eyes. The same shaped ship that had made an imprint at Bunny Flats up on Mt. Shasta in 1974 was just below the three unmarked military looking helicopters. It looked to be silver in color and the shape of a saucer and looked to be as it stood in the air below and near and in perfect formation with the helicopters about 25 to 30 feet in diameter. I tried very hard not to blink so I wouldn't miss anything important. As I stood there the saucer suddenly disappeared with no sound. This was just too surrealistic for me. Then after the flying saucer disappeared the three double bladed helicopters flew up Hiway 89 toward Nevada or therabouts.

I thought about what I had seen for about 2 years and I realized there were only two possibilities where the saucer went. First, it could have been a hologram projected by the helicopters but it looked completely real. Second, it was the same shape as the saucer print I found in 1974 in June at Bunny Flats in the snow on Mt. Shasta. So, for me the most likely explanation is that the saucer time traveled as I witnessed it.

Since those had to be government or corporate ships I realized that our government had access to ufos. And if it time traveled and wasn't a hologram then our government has had access to time travel since at least 1974.

If you want to read more about what I have written on time travel visit my other website:

The pieces on time travel which might be factual or factual legends since I am a natural intuitive are:

Uncle Tommy Travels Time
Memories(After ARcane 'the dragon of compassion' leaves New Deva and comes to earth')
UNUS(Arcane on earth training earth born time travelers to prevent nuclear wars)

Your skin hears sounds

I found this article very informative. However, as a life long intuitive I have always experienced life in a full body sort of way. I think part of it was coming from a more Celtic tradition because of my Scottish raised grandmother and my mother her daughter. Both were very intuitive and so instilled this intuitive way of functioning in me as well since my grandmother lived with us. So she was always sitting reading her Bible and talking about mystical things. She and my Mom were incredibly intuitive beings. My father was intuitive too but he wouldn't talk about being intuitive because it wasn't considered manly to be intuitive when he was born in 1916. My Grandmother was born in 1888 and for her family being intuitive just helped when people needed to be kept alive through prayer. So she regularly did this and taught my mother this as well.

As medicine has become more dependable this skill is not as prevalent in the western world. However, among people who use alternative medicine alongside mainline medicine it is growing in resurgence again.

When one experiences life whole body in this way, skin hears, eyes feel, ears see as well as their normal functions. When one experiences life holistically in this way life becomes an entirely different experience.

For example, when I walk through the forest now my experience of myself is as a physical body surrounded by a large energy field. As I walk through this forest infinite amounts of communication take place on all levels. For me, it is like walking amongst my family. Today, for example, it had rained a little before I started walking so the forest was very happy and rejoicing at the new rains. If you could imagine being a tree or plant in the forest and not knowing when or if moisture would come it would be like not knowing if or when you would ever eat or drink again. That would be a very uncertain life for you. It is the same for trees and wild plants everywhere.

When rain hasn't fallen in some time trees and forests will sometimes ask me why it hasn't rained or if there is a fire nearby or what is going on in the world. However, since they stay in one place and don't listen to radio or tv or read newspapers or have a computer or read, very little useful information from my point of view can be shared unless one can empathize with the trees and plants of the forest and what their viewpoint and needs are. So I share what I can and sometimes they call me "Tree Man" because most people they tell me can't or don't communicate with them in this way. And so I experience them as extended family and we all benefit.

So, there are many advantages to being able to experience life full body and holistically. Otherwise, one could be referred to as "Sense challenged".

So, I think as more research is done on this subject more and more people will develop their senses because they realize those senses exist and can be used in an infinite amount of ways. Hopefully, people will use these senses to help not only themselves but all life everywhere in an altruistic way. Because all the time and in the end "What goes around comes around".

Canon Selphy CP780 part 2

I now have printed over 100 but under 200 photos with the Canon Selphy CP780 and for my needs it has been great. It takes around a minute per photo as it first prints yellow and then red and finally blue and then a finish. So four times through the printer automatically. As long as you don't fill up your photos too much it makes superior prints, better than my last photo printer of about 5 years ago. Its print cartridge looks a lot like the larger ones used in fax machines. And it is important to know that it is NOT a laser printer. It is very small and compact and relatively easy to use once you grasp the basics. It can take an 8 gigabyte flash chip or print directly from your computer. I haven't tried to print from my computer yet as it is much simpler to print directly from my 8 gigabyte flash memory that I removed from my digital camera and stuck into the correct slot on the Canon Selphy CP780.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


In case you haven't noticed I have always been a coastal Californian and we tend to be very unapologetic about trying new things and those things that work we continue to use and do ongoing until we find something better.

In the last year or two I found something quite useful. First, I noticed my wife's Venus razors for shaving legs, underarms and private areas. I noticed the technology was superior with three razors and thought to myself, "If they can sell these to women to shave really sensitive areas I bet this would give me a good shave too. And I was right. It was the best closest shave I ever had with the least amount of problems and pain of any razor unless it was a straight razor at the barber's. So I had my wife buy some more cartridges for me and got a blue handle to fit it. Now I take my Venus razors into the shower and with soap get the best shaves. I have found that I can shave just by feel and even though I have a mustache if I grab the end of it with one hand while shaving that area I don't accidentally cut the end off. So, Now I have the best of all shaving worlds, hot water to soften my beard, a great razor and great techniques. Now shaving is not just a pain in the ass like it has been the last 45 years or so it is almost fun!

I hated shaving so much in my 20s that I wore beard whenever my job allowed me to. And so I would say about 40% of the time since I was 21 or 22 I have worn a beard. And I would say that 80% of the time I had at least a mustache. You could always tell when I was in the most distress in my life. My hair would be cut very short and I would be clean shaven. When you saw me like that I was preparing to change or die usually. So, if I'm wearing at least a mustache I'm feeling pretty good about my life.

A Mercenary Army?

If you look at what an average Taliban volunteer soldier is you have a man or woman who for whatever reason has a grudge against the U.S. or NATO. It doesn't really matter the reason they are angry enough to go beg, borrow, buy or steal a Kalashnikov rifle for under $40 plus bullets and they are ready to go.

However, if you are an American soldier the government has already spent at least $500,000 to train you, feed you, medical care and pay even before sending you to Afghanistan and then if you get injured or die 85% of the time it is to an IED that is remotely detonated with a cell phone specifically the moment your Humvee drives over it and it is sure to be shape charged to do maximum damage.

This is not just about blood and death which is awful and horrific. This is a war that is bankrupting or some say has already bankrupted the U.S. and its allies. Even China is losing money right now on the 800 billion dollars it has lent to the U.S. and since its Yuan is tied directly to the value of the U.S. dollar for richer or poorer the value of not only our currency but their currency is in literal free fall. No one is benefitting from all this but Chinese exporters who might be able to sell more goods to Europe and other places with more highly valued currencies.

So, this war is financially one that we have already lost.

What is the answer?

I believe part of the answer is in hiring a mercenary army that the U.S. and NATO pays from Afghanistan or whatever country Afghans would least likely want to kill. The first choice would be Afghan troops trained by NATO and the U.S. NATO and the U.S. could pay them slightly more than their home country pays them and they could be commanded from Captain on up by American Special Forces officers. If an action was too hard for them then U.S. Special Forces could be sent in to finish the job.

In this way we would stop losing so many American troops that are so valuable both to the nation personally and financially through training and pay. So the grunt more and more would be foreign born and a mercenary paid by the U.S. and NATO and all other interested countries and parties and the U.S. and NATO countries could stop going bankrupt in this never ending war.

Edible Mushrooms

I live in a pine and redwood forest on the Northern California Coast. The fall(right now) is when many mushrooms are out. In places like Mt. Shasta it is slightly earlier usually depending upon moisture, rainfall and temperature. My favorite mushrooms there are called Morels and are very unusual looking and unmistakable.

However, the reason I'm writing this is that I was worried about some poor fool mistaking Amanita Muscaria(a very large red mushroom with white spots) as something edible. IT IS NOT. IN FACT IT WILL KILL YOU PRETTY quick. The only thing that eats them and survives is Banana slugs that I know of. Somewhow they can process it and not die(Go Figure). So, since you have a computer type in: "Edible mushrooms" at Google IMages so at least you know what you can eat. But don't go pick them unless you have someone very experienced with you!

I can remember when I was still young and stupid(reckless). I was about 22 and a very intelligent friend (a straight A student from UCLA) said, "These mushrooms growing on our friends front lawn are edible. And like a young reckless person I was I picked them with my friend and then we washed them and added them to our salad. But, I remember being scared after I did it and feeling very uncomfortable for the next 24 hours wondering if we had made a mistake and would die. Luckily, they were edible but many, if not most mushrooms are deadly. So just picking some and eating them is a really bad idea unless you are experienced. So be careful.
Also, on this chart there are both edible and inedible mushrooms. So, this chart is only to identify mushrooms. You need another chart to find only edible ones.
There is an enlarge button and you don't have to buy the poster unless you want to.

If you call up this poster I believe the Morels that I loved fried in butter are at the bottom right of the chart. They are a very unusual looking mushroom but are excellent to eat. There is also a purple mushroom that a friend of mine that was good at finding in the Mt. Shasta forests as well that is very good sauteed in butter as well. They both can be used in Salads or as a butter mushroom garnish on baked potatoes or you can just be creative.

Monday, November 23, 2009

It's How we get them out

Begin quote:
As White House press secretary Robert Gibbs put it to reporters on Monday, it's "not just how we get people there, but what's the strategy for getting them out." end quote.

Any military man worth his salt knows that the only way to win in Afghanistan now is to nuke the place. But since no sane person on earth advocates that we have to learn when to withdraw troops so it doesn't just become another nightmare like the Soviets went through. So it is sort of now a holding action to prevent more bad things coming from Afghanistan and Pakistan to India, China, Europe, North and South America, Australia, AFrica and the rest of the world.

Everyone knows Afghanistan has never been held long by any nation, Not Alexander the Great, Not Great Britain, Not the Soviets and Not Nato and the americans. So withdrawing has never been if but always when. Any sane and sensible person on earth knows this.
So I'm very grateful that Obama and his military staff have taken time to craft under what conditions we will begin withdrawing troops. And hopefully this includes "How do we withdraw them without endangering them further?"

Earth Wobble?

In the above web article it mentions that 100s of icebergs are drifting towards New Zealand. They are the remains of a huge break of ice off of Antarctica.

My question is: Has anyone checked for an Earth wobble from this big of a break? It is known to be one of the potential causes of a magnetic pole shift if we get too big a wobble from too much ice breaking off at one time.

The fear is that the magnetic north would be shaken and become the magnetic south and vice versa. It is unknown what would happen to everything electrical on earth if this should happen. Theoretically, no crops could be grown for up to 5 years should this happen. However, in such times as the severe recession we are in worldwide if this happened likely no government would even speak about it to avoid world panic.

So, if there were a magnetic polar shift it is possible that no one would say anything.

However, even if this happened and nothing major happened it would only be like turning a bar magnet upside down, the part that attracted would now repulse and the part that repulsed would now attract.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Superglue eyeglass screws

I learned this trick over the years after losing countless screws out of sunglasses(especially while skiing and riding bicycles). So I would have to buy the eyeglass repair kits with the little screws and little screwdrivers. Finally, I got the idea of super glueing the screws where the ear loops and the glasses meet. Some people like to glue the screw part in place but I don't agree. What I do is turn the glasses upside down and put a tiny little drop of crazy glue or super glue the size of the head of the little teeny screw head. It is so small that no one notices but it also prevents the screw working its way out as the loops open and close as you put them in your pocket or on your face over and over again. So for about 20 years now this is what I do for my sunglasses. If you have prescription glasses you will have to decide if this is a good idea or not. I don't superglue the threads because then there is no possibility of ever unscrewing the screws ever for any reason. Whereas if you only put a tiny drop on the head of the screw and plastic or metal surrounding there is still a remote chance in an emergency that you can flake or chip the drop of glue off and still unscrew it in an emergency should that arise.

Old Secrets of Maintaining and Increasing Wealth

If you are a day trader or and extremely aggressive investor these methods might not be of use to you. However, this is how middle Class to Rich U.S. Citizens have regularly and safely increased their wealth and beat inflation since the Great Depression.

How you go about creating Principal will be up to you. However, this is one safe way to continue to help your principal(the amount of your original investment) to grow.

One of the basic rules is: Never Spend Principal(although you might sometimes spend interest). If you spend principal then you no longer have an investment to earn interest on.

Another basic rule is: Never charge anything. IF you have an American Express or other Credit card you ALWAYS pay it off every month. If you don't follow this rule then likely you will never be rich. OR if you don't follow this rule if you are rich you soon might be poor. However, to each his or her own.

In times of severe recession or depression tax free municipal bonds should comprise between 1/3 to 1/2 of your investment portfolio. The reason for this is that severe recessions or depressions usually cause an increase in taxes as a matter of course. So finding ways to decrease your taxes (tax free municipal bonds from your state) allow you to avoid paying any state or federal taxes on your investment. Also, you are doing a good thing for your own state by propping up dams, colleges, schools, water and sewage treatment plants etc. which is why the state and federal government waive all taxes on municipal bonds. During the Great Depression they were the most secure of all investments at that time.

At this point you can often(after compensating for paying no taxes) about 10% on your investments(per year). Though municipal bonds these days are not entirely risk free they tend to be a good bet for 1/3 to 1/2 your portfolio while the stock market gyrates up and down until relative stability is reached sometime in the near or far future.

In regard to stocks it is better to own right now dividend bearing blue chip stocks if you are a long term investor(one who holds his or her stocks for 5 to 10 years or more ongoing. During this time you can either reinvest your dividends or spend some of them if you wish or need to.

It is important to realize that no piece of real property (land, houses, buildings) is an asset if it is not completely paid for. So, in your mind just because you are living in a home if it is not paid for it cannot be considered a real asset. The people who are doing best in these times had houses paid for before the recession began. Those people's houses WERE REAL ASSETS and became havens for all members of their family, especially for those who lost their houses because they weren't paid for.

The first generation usually has to make incredible financial sacrifices in order for the next generation to reap some of the benefits. However, once one learns these rules things can still go astray when someone dies because then even with a trust around 50% of the assets then go to the government. So this means in many cases that houses, farms, businesses etc. have to be sold so that the 50% can be paid to Federal and state estate taxes. This is unfair and FDR said he would resend these unfair estate taxes before he left office. Unfortunately he died before he could rescind the estate taxes and millions suffer needlessly each year because of them losing their rightful homes, businesses, farms and other goods and property. Many suicides accompany these happenings as well. As people who were not knowledgeable are completely wiped out of everything they care about.

So, as you can see the more you have to deal with wealth the more you need a good lawyer and a good education. So, if you aren't very disciplined, organized and don't know how to judge good attorneys, accountants, stock brokers and the like, you won't do well dealing with real wealth. There is a saying that I have found to be true:
"A fool and his money are soon parted". This is as true today as it ever was. So, if you want to be wealthy and to grow your wealth for the benefit of friends family and people you meet, intelligence, discipline, wisdom and kindness are at the heart of it.

The Pocket Dalai Lama Sunday 11-22-09

Before I went to France with my family in October, we went to the East Coast earlier in they Summer for a wedding in North Carolina and then to Washington DC for the Smithsonian museums and then to Salem via Boston. In an Art museum there I found a copy of "The Pocket Dalai Lama" which is a Shambala Pocket Classic and easily fits in a shirt or jacket pocket. Carrying it over my heart helped me to deal with the anger and sadness in the Northeast over the severe recession. Though we are having a bad time in California too, I tend to experience it differently when I'm in California. The recession seemed to always be in my face while in the Northeast. So, buying the pocket Dalai Lama allowed me to more easily center and stay on task.

Here are some of the quotes that helped me starting on page 1:

The Dalai Lama's words:"I come from the east, most of you(here) are westerners(from the western societies and world). If I look superficially we are different, and if I put my emphasis on that level, we grow more distant. If I look at you as my own kind, as a human being like myself, with one nose, two eyes and so forth, then automatically the distance is gone. We are the same human flesh. I want happiness; you also want happiness. From that mutual recognition, we can build respect and real trusts for each other. From that can come co-operation and harmony.

Generally speaking, even if money brings us happiness, it tends to be the kind that money can buy: material things and sensory experiences. And these we discover, become a source of suffering themselves. As far as actual possessions are concerned, we often must admit that they often cause us more not less difficulty in life. The car breaks down, we lose our money, our most precious belongings are stolen, our house is damageed by fire.OR we worry about these things happening.
end quotes for now.

So often money increases problems and truth seekers and bodisattvas often avoid a lot of money until they sence they can be a caretaker of wealth for all beings in the universe.

ordinarily, money follows enlightenment,discipline, kindness and wisdom. one must be compaasionate and wise before becoming a custodian of wealth for all beings. Also, it is my personal experience that all wealth that stays and grows is spirit in basis and material wealth
is only really a physical echo of spiritual wealth manifesting into the physical.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Canon Selphy CP780

When my family went to Paris, Nice and Monaco in October I took along 2- 8 gigabyte flash memory chips for my two cameras. I knew we could take several thousand digital pictures while there because I have a 13 year old daughter and a 20 year old daughter who would naturally hog the cameras and hopefully we would get about 100 to 500 really good pictures out of about 3000 pictures or so. And we did.

However, I also learned when I returned that my computer was NOT happy with three thousand digital pictures on board. After several days of computer problems with my Imac not liking this many pictures at once(PCs and Imacs seem to like no more than about 300 digital pictures at one time. So I was frustrated and bought an external hard drive. But since I didn't really know what I was doing I bought a 750 Gigabyte external hard drive that is the only one of this manufacturer specifically designed for backup. My son said I could have bought a 1.5 terrabyte or even 2.0 terrabyte external hard drive for what I paid for this one. Anyway, since he was a computer tech in his 20s(he's now 35) he told me how to ditch all the programming in the external hard drive and turn it into just another 750 gigabyte external hard drive. By this time several weeks of extreme frustration have passed and I still have no photo prints from France.

So then I realize I can print all my photos out on my several years old Hp Photosmart 375 that prints great 4 by 6 inch prints. Though it reads an almost blank 8 gig chip when I put one in with 1500 photos on board it (does not compute)(error) (error).

So, now the France photo thing has become a nightmare for us with 3000 photos plus my 20 year old daughter who lives with her boyfriend in Oregon wants the two chips sent to her so she can save and print them too. (By the way she got pretty frustrated with these same problems too when she got the chips).

However, today my wife (who is a real shopper) (I am ONLY an online shopper because I hate shopping in stores unless there IS no other choice.) Anyway, my wife brought home a Canon Selphy CP780. I hadn't heard of it before but she was told this was the best way to print home 4 by 6 inch prints now. So I immediately went online to see if she had made a good choice. I found it rated 4.5 out of 5 and that out of 18 reviews 10 had given it 5 stars. Then I read a review and the only complaint was a guy who was taking family photos and complained that sometimes if you filled your photos up completely it would cut part of the head off.

However, because I was in France the scenery was half the shot and the people were the other half of all the shots so when I started to print photos it was perfect for my needs. Now just to prepare you it is NOT a laser printer. It uses a cartridge that reminds me of a miniature fax cartridge. It first prints yellow, then red, then blue but the quality of the photos is actually superior to my other printer. Also, it is only about $77 dollars for one of these and at Amazon you could actually buy a used one for as little as 64+ dollars plus tax and shipping. I've so far printed about 25 to 50 photos and believe if I'm lucky I will get about 100 photos with the paper and cartridge kit she bought in addition to the printer. Though a cartridge comes with the printer it doesn't last very long so be sure to buy the paper and cartridge kit or kits to print all the photos you want.

However, you might find that if you burn a cd that you might also get a good deal at your local drug store on 4 by 6 prints. So if you aren't printing over 100 or more prints it might not be cost effective for you to do this. However, remember the photoprinter can print a lot of photos as long as you are careful with it and don't place it on food crumbs or dust because the photos while printing go in and out about 4 times before the photo is done and you don't want dust or crumbs to ruin your photos. Also, each group of blank photo paper has some words on it. If you place it in the cartridge with the words on top then remove the word paper everything is set right ready to print. Good luck!

ECO: magnetospheric eternally collapsing object

Magnetospheric eternally collapsing object
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Magnetospheric Eternally Collapsing Objects or MECOs are proposed alternatives to black holes advocated by Darryl Leiter and Stanley Robertson. They are a variant of eternally collapsing objects or ECOs also proposed by Abhas Mitra in 1998.[1] Mitra had devised an ostensive proof that black holes cannot form from the spherically symmetric gravitational collapse of a star. Based on this, he argued that the collapse must be slowed to a near halt by radiation pressure. A proposed observable difference between MECO's and black holes is that the MECO can produce its own magnetic field. An uncharged black hole cannot, but its accretion disc can produce a magnetic field. Astronomer Rudolph Schild claims to have found evidence of such a magnetic field from the black hole candidate in the quasar Q0957+561.[2]

Mitra's proof that black holes cannot form is based on the argument that in order for a black hole to form, the collapsing matter must travel faster than the speed of light with respect to a fixed observer.[3] This has been cited as an example of a "wrong and widespread view",[4] as well as "flat out wrong".[5] In order for a frame of reference to be valid, the observer must be moving along a timelike worldline. Inside the event horizon of a black hole, it is not possible for such an observer to remain fixed; all observers are drawn toward the black hole.

MECOs have not gained wide acceptance among scientists; Gerry Gilmore of the Institute for Astronomy at Cambridge University has stated that the theory is "almost certainly wrong."[6] end quote from Wikipedia

Though this is a theory let's see if I understand it. What I get from this is that Black holes are not exactly what people thought they were and that they suck in things slowly because a balance has to be reached between the speed of light in relation to a fixed observer.

However, I disagree with this. I believe that there are all sorts of anomalies present in the universe which break the speed of light. I think that until scientists get over the speed of light as a limitation(just like people had to get over the sound barrier in the 1950s) they won't be capable of understanding the universe better.

It's a Long way to Tiparary

For any of you who actually have had a bad bought with Swine Flu and survived it. God Bless you! And for those of you who didn't survive. God Bless you! God Bless you! God Bless you!

After about 3 weeks of this I'm pretty done with it. At first I thought I was going to die for a couple of days. Then I coughed for a week which wasn't that bad until I realized I was losing strength again. So I got a prescription for Zithromax and feel better but still coughing a little. So by the end of November it will be about a month dealing with this. At least I survived the worst of it. I'm still going but still a little dingy from Tamiflu, coughing for 2 weeks and increasingly cold weather outside.

It was really weird the first week never knowing what the real temperature was because I had the chills and high fever, so it was hard to know whether I was hot or cold or what.

Hope you all are surviving this. I can see why so many give up and die, especially little ones who never experienced this (since the last time there was something like this was the 1970s or 1960s). And older people are dying because they just don't have the strength to fight it anymore. God Bless you all!


Though I understand how this skill works I have not had a use for it so I have never really worked on developing it. Instead since I can bi-locate and have since I was a child and consciously have had control of it since my late teens I don't really see a need to develop shape shifting.

The kinds of people that might want to develop this kind of skill would be soldiers, warriors and people who need to hide from others in plain sight so they won't be killed.

My first real physical and psychological understanding of the core of this skill came when I was alone at a Fire Lookout working for CDF in the mid 1980s. So I would be out of physical contact with humans for up to 4 days 24 hours a day at the 10 miles from the nearest person location of my lookout. I was, however, in contact by radio and by telephone to CDF Authorities throughout the state when necessary.

During these times, especially during my stand-by time of 7pm to 7am I often saw herds of wild boar, herds of Deer, Mountain Bluebirds and all sorts of amazing animals birds and creatures of nature. I found myself(when there was free time) tuning into their ways and thoughts. When one is removed from physical human contact ones senses change. Especially without television or computers or music radios and the like. So, I began to notice the difference between the consciousness of a raccoon which is a predator and a deer which uses camouflage and being still not to be eaten or seen. So, I found deer because they are large and yet know how to disappear into grass or trees as the basis of Shape shifting as far as I could see.

Many people could never work so far from people as they are too addicted to human social contact. Even I didn't like being there away from my family oftentimes. Especially, because my children were 10 to 14 years old at the time so I only did this a couple of years primarily for the free state medical care for all members of my family including eyes and dental. However, after two years I went back to running my businesses full time.

However, I noticed that vegetarian animals who eat grass or nuts or fruit tend to learn hiding skills and how to hide in plain sight. From animals like deer who are big like humans I think shape shifting evolved first as a hunting skill and then as a warrior skill and then as a spying skill for their individual tribes.

However, a true shape shifter I believe doesn't actually physically turn into something, he or she only takes on a consciousness of another creature so convincingly that people might believe that they are watching another creature rather than a human.

Most people cannot stay sane and go that far into actually experiencing being another being like an animal. So as far as most people who still can speak with people and be relatively normal would be to know how to disappear in public by, for example seeing themselves as the grass they are sitting on or the bench they are sitting on or as the tree they are leaning against.

So, once again most people who actually master shape shifting would naturally occupy such an alien state of consciousness for most people that other people might feel threatened by such a person because the state of consciousness that one would have to attain would not longer be human but entirely animal. So, for me at least I don't see the use of becoming a complete shape shifter. However, people in dangerous jobs or who feel their lives threatened and who don't want to die might consider this type of thing to avoid death in difficult circumstances.

Note: My wife was telling me that the Werewolves on New Moon were shape shifters. If I follow this logic then Vampires might be considered shape shifters too. However, I don't believe in vampires or werewolves but I do believe in shamanic shape shifters around the world. There is fantasy and there is reality and we all have to define it according to our real life experiences.

We all change the past, present and future

When I was young I believed newspapers and history books and what people told me. Now I know it is all what people would like us to believe but it is all never really the truth. If you really wanted to know the truth about something you would have to travel time and space and watch what actually happened. But even then you might not get what was really going on inside of the people going through whatever they were going through at that time.

So our conception regarding the past(if we weren't there), the present(if not at that particular location), or the future(not there yet unless you are a time and space traveler) is tenuous to not at all.

So what can we really know? We really only can know ourselves and whatever people share with us in any given moment. So by beginning to know oneself and what you can potentially do is the beginning of your being able to become less delusional. We all start out delusional in that we often believe what people tell us. But often that either is not true or highly modified or an outright lie. So how do we proceed with even relative sanity regarding all this. We must tread forward carefully while learning to judge the truth for ourselves.

What happens if we find we cannot trust those raising us when we are children? Well. We have a choice. We can either put up with what is going on or if we feel we are capable, find another place to live. However, if you are not now over 14 to 16 years old there is a tendency to go from the frying pan and into the fire. What this means is that running away often creates a worse outcome for your life and future.

So, whatever you do pray and choose carefully. It is no longer the 1960s or 1970s in the U.S. and if you run away you may these days starve or die or worse. So choose carefully what your life will be or you may not have a life at all.

Understanding each moment no matter who we are we all Are changing the past, present or future. That is a given.

Just because I'm very intuitively gifted doesn't mean I know everything. It just means I have learned to use my abilities in ways many people never do or need to. I always know who has potential to become like me. It is obvious always. However, most people don't have the courage to move forward to become like me. And even I wouldn't have become like this unless I was almost dying to begin with. LIke many say, "Necessity is the mother of invention". However, then after surviving we are left with abilities that are off the charts. Then what do we do? Hopefully others in my position learn to use their gifts to benefit all beings like I have learned. Blessings.

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon: The movie

Having started watching vampire movies starting with Bela Lugosi in the 1930s versions on black and white TV in the 1950s growing up there is an unsettling feeling when I watch Twilight and New Moon. In the 1930s until relatively recently vampires were only bad. So now I feel we are on a slippery slope. Which reminds me a lot of: "Just say 'No' to Drugs" then because you are at a high school or college party one might smoke marijuana and then often that leads to many other things in ones life that one might later regret(or not) depending upon the person and the situations.

Though I greatly enjoyed the movie I experience the same kind of slippery slope moral dilemma with these movies especially when 12 or 13 somethings watch this kind of stuff. Yes. There are LOTS of much worse movies out there to watch like the SAW series for example, and compared to that these are pretty tame.

However, we are talking about people's souls here( if you believe in souls). And doesn't it make you feel a little strange to be encouraging Bella to become a vampire. In a moral sense is there really any difference between Bella and the other girl who wants to be a vampire leading all those people to their deaths? So, as much as I enjoyed the movie I find it to be a moral slippery slope regarding people's souls. I think Edward is right. Bella shouldn't sacrifice her soul and become damned as he believes he is in order to be with him.

Otherwise, what do we believe in? Do we really believe we should sacrifice everything for love. Using this slippery slope do we believe that if we are married raising a family that we should drop everything every time we fall in love with someone new? Slippery slope. Moral dilemma. Ethical problem. In the crazy present day world we live in the old morality doesn't work. Or does it?

Oddities Nov. 20th 2009

I was going to call this "The Man Who Never DieS" but then I heard from Saint Germain. His thing was that this was a better name for this article.

If you were comparing Jesus as most people hear about him to Jesus 1.0 and then Saint Germain as Jesus 2.0 and then many other variations of Jesus as 3.0 to 100.0 versions. Then this is Odd point 0.

If you understand Saint Germain's Motto to be something like this, "Whether you love me or fear me is irrelevant. If you give me your attention I will take you to permanent enlightenment and Bliss". If you are a completely practical person you can understand this faultless logic. What Saint Germain is saying is, "Yes. Jesus and I are wonderful but we are both pretty scary too. Just look at a Catholic Jesus on the cross in their churches with blood running down and a pained look on his face and tell me that's not scary to a child or anyone else to take in and really look at deeply.

So when I first heard about Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's Saint Germain as a vampire I was first offended until I saw he was depicted as a Count of Monte Cristo figure who helps people and never dies.

I think what is really happening is that the human race is on the verge of a quantum jump in consciousness. We are faced with an extreme paradox.

I think this is the zen koan that says it. You can formulate your own if you can.

"We may all die tomorrow but a few of us(because of medical science) may live forever!"

If you can think of a better way of saying it put it on a T-Shirt because this is the paradox of our age and we all need to contemplate it. It is the Zen Koan of our times.

So, in regard to all the interest in Vampires lately I think it is a direct correlation to what is happening on earth. A few rich people who are evelved enough might keep on living for hundreds of years. Some of them might be from my "Baby boomer" generation because we have psychologically prepared for it. Once this happens it will open the floodgates for more to live indefinitely.

So, as a world culture we need to contemplate this koan,

"We may all die tomorrow but a few of us might live forever!"

My Strange Experience

This experience was with Fort Ord when it was still an Army base. I was within 50 miles of the base at that time and we were visiting my wife's sister and taking care of her kids while they went on vacation. Since they had three little ones under 5 they really needed a vacation. I had a VCR tape of "Romancing the Stone" which was my favorite movie of the 1980s. I liked it because I knew many people like Michael Douglas' character from the 1960s through the 1980s who were world travelers. I guess the word risk takers comes to mind. Even though I had been raising a family since 1974 and my son was now about 9 years old in 1983 I still knew people like this from Santa Cruz, Mt. Shasta and Hawaii and Alaska who flitted in and out of my life as they traveled the world having many adventures. They used to climb mountains, rock climb, ride motorcycles, fly gliders, places and Hang gliders with me since the 1960s. I was 21 in 1969.

Since my wife's sister didn't have cable tv I was getting bored. I had just watched "Romancing the Stone" again and didn't have any other tapes I wanted to watch. So I lay on the carpet and tried bi-locating.

Now, for those of you new to bi-locating(it is being conscious in your body while you soul travel. One can enter a type of trance or once they get good at it just be 2 or more places at once. Since I'm very intelligent and very visual and a natural multi-tasker bi-location always worked well for me.

Since I was bored I started to roam around Monterey County to see what I could see out bi-locating. Some people call this remote viewing. I have always called this bi-location instead. Remote viewing is an impersonal term like passively watching TV. I think it is more responsible to call it "being two places at once". Since Sai Baba can not only bi-locate but actually manifest a physical body in a second place when he does this I think seeing it as bi-location is more useful, especially if one is on a spiritual path like me.

However, if one is not doing work for angels and God and the like one often times is not protected properly in doing bi-location. Since I was just roaming curious I wasn't properly protected and almost died as a result.

What happened I realize now then likely around 1983 was that I came upon a "Men Who Stare at Goats" classroom in Fort Ord. I was drawn there because what was happening was bad and I wanted it to stop. Two people (a man and a woman) were teaching the class how to kill through bi-location. When I tried to stop it I failed and instead the teachers of the class became aware of me and started catapulting my soul back and forth between them like a basketball. I knew that if I didn't stop this I would die.

So, I called out to Arcangel Michael and I was completely back in my body again. However, I then bi-located back near the classroom to try to get the young students(all 18 to 25) to stop with what they were doing. I screamed at them all and said so they could hear me, "IF you don't stop this the likely outcome is insanity and death!" I knew they heard me because they all had been chosen for their psychic abilities. I knew that all understood and that a few I spoke with would drop out eventually when they could. It was the best I could do. Misusing psychic gifts is the quickest path to insanity and death I know of. So, since I was in my 30s I tried desperrately to rescue them before they were crazy or dead.

This was my experience around 1983 with "The Men who Stare At Goats" in real life.

At the time I didn't know about the whole "Men who Stare at Goats" thing. I just knew people were being trained to kill with their minds.

What I also knew was that people had tried to do this thousands of years ago and all the people who could easily be killed with mind to mind transfer had died and had not reproduced thousands of years ago. So, all people alive now have multiple defense mechanisms against psychic killing. The only way people can be killed now is through subliminal manipulation through TV and Radio which is horrific karma for those that create such abominations. Luckily, most subliminal manipulations only make people buy things they don't need. At least so far. So, we enter a brave new world both good and bad.

The Basis of Everything

My experience so far is that the way life is has nothing whatsoever to do with what is right.

All down through history it is written only by those who survive and those who dominate. This means what is written ANYWHERE has nothing whatsoever to do with what is right or true but simply by those who have found a way to survive whatever they were confronted with in life.

So, as one grows up one assumes that what they are being taught is right and true and meaningful. But then, as a college student and a true student of truth and life one finds out slowly that this is never the case.

One sadly finds out that religion is mainly to control the masses by the wealthy leaders so they can stay wealthy and the masses can remain poor and happy enough not to revolt.

This is basically the way things stand everywhere.

This is not to devalue the socializing influence of all religions. This is just to be realistic as a thinking person.

In studying the nature of reality one finds this kind of thing everywhere down through human history.

Consciousness, whatever it is or thinks it is in anyone or any group tends to create outcomes based upon that individual or group consciousness. This does not make any individual or group consciousness inherently good or bad. It just makes a thinking person realize that all individual and group consciousness can grant life or kill and turn on a dime at any moment.

This teaches a thinking person respect for the unpredictable nature of individual and group consciousness as it manifests both individually and in groups everywhere.

This naturally chaotic ever changing nature of human and animal consciousness decides all the time whether individuals, groups or whole species or whole planets of life live or die in any given moment.

To respect such power is only sane. To want to control such power is naive. To accept that this is the way of all life forms on all planets and dimensions is to be wise.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pictures of the Deer

Sometimes I forget that walking out of my house anytime day or night and sometimes confronting deer or raccoons is unusual for some folks who live elsewhere. But since I have been doing this for 10 years now where my house is I guess I have just grown used to always being ready for human animal confrontation. If it is daylight and everyone can see each other it usually isn't a problem and even if my dogs are with me on leash I can prevent them from being injured by bucks with antlers or does with babies. You might think the deer are at threat from the dogs. No. Usually it is the dogs who are domesticated that are actually in the most danger because the deer are wild and the dogs(whatever they might like to think) are not. So, for a deer to kill or maim a dog takes about a second or two and the dog is wounded and sometimes can't walk.

Respecting, does with babies and bucks is very important if you are around wild deer. They are not pets and will attack you or your dogs if they feel threatened. Even raccoons know to leave deer alone. If you have ever seen what a raccoon can do to a human or one of your pets it will make you respect does and bucks(deer) at whole lot more.

So, when I see tourists getting too close taking pictures of deer (especially on the golf courses) I wonder if they know about deer.

There is always the story of the European couple who put their 5 year old child on the back of a deer in Yosemite and the deer just killed the child in one second by throwing it off its back and stomping it to death which took only a second or two. I wonder if all Americans understand just how wild deer really are. They aren't dangerous to me, only to my dogs if they get loose because I understand the basic psychology of a deer. But if you don't understand them then you could be injured by one of them, especially does with babies or bucks with antlers if you corner them.

The only time I get scared around deer is if one of them is injured or if one of my dogs get loose or if they are too scared to be normal in their actions.

Recently, I was just walking my dogs around a suburban road loop when a sequence of events happened that made me uncomfortable. First a van drove by which scared a large buck with a full rack of horns who started running toward my dogs and I at full tilt. Since he was scared by first the van and then my dogs he lowered his horns as he sped past us and for a moment I got pretty nervous because he was going about 20 miles an hour at the time. You may never have seen this but I have seen what deer with a full rack can do to a dog. I came across one poor Labrador black retriever with his 13 year old female owner in hysterics next to a golf course. The buck had ripped off his flesh on his entire right chest so it hung flapping as he walked sort of sideways home. As the blood dripped as he walked I tried to reassure the young female 13 year old master that her dog would be all right. Though he had a foot flap of flesh and skin hanging and one could see the bones of his chest under the flapping flesh.

This story is just to illustrate that if you don't understand what any deer is capable of you should stay at least 50 feet from them or further away if they are agitated to be safe. Deer are very beautiful creatures but they are wild and they are not safe to be around unless you understand them and their needs.


For me, purpose is about increasing the numbers of enlightened humans and other beings on earth and making sure at least some humans survive what is coming. Just like in the movie 2012, we need at least 100,000 to 400,000 humans to survive everything that is coming to repopulate Earth. Otherwise, humans will go extinct(at least on Earth) during the next 5000 years.

In the past(before 1900) People primarily died from old age, wearing out, battle etc.

However, now people are dying from all sorts of causes from synthetic chemicals giving them cancer, psychological aberrations that did not exist before, all manner of strange ways of thinking, all sorts of new physical and mental illnesses etc. etc. etc.

Though people may look at the human race and think that we are healthy, this is just the calm before the storm. If one looks more closely one can see that literally every mechanism regarding humans and life on earth is completely out of balance. When mass deaths occur the populations of earth could be reduced (whenever that is) within 20 to 50 years by 80%. If Earthquakes, Tsunamis, etc occur this could happen in an afternoon worldwide rather than 50 years.

So, who will survive? The people who survive will sense the changes coming and move to safer areas. What will those safe areas be? It will be unknown until those that are aware of it start moving. Just like in the Movie 2012 many older people will simply choose to pass on as they feel it is their time. Others will know they have to save their children and the future and find ways forward just like John Cusack and his family in the movie: 2012.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Men Who Stare at Goats

After I laughed and cried through this movie I took my wife to this movie and she loved it too. For anyone who came of age in California in the 1960s or 1970s this movie is a classic. It is not the movie I thought it was to begin with but I believe among people of my generation and Clooney's it will become a cult classic.

My wife and I thought many people might not get this movie and just not know what to do with it. However, casting ex-Obi-wan Kenobi Ewan McGregor in the reporter's part is priceless. And by the way, "We are All Jedi!"

Unmistaken Child part 2

I would like to share my experiences meeting Trijang Rinpoche who was then a newly discovered Reincarnation. He was 3 or 4 years old in January 1986 when my family and I had an audience with him and his caretakers and teachers then in Dharmsala, Himchal Pradesh State in India. It is located at about 5000 to 6000 thousand feet in elevation in the foothills of the Himalayas. One is surrounded by 12,000 to 20,000 foot peaks and more. It is situated near Srinagar and the state of Punjab nearby if you are trying to locate it on a map of India. It is also near the city of Mendi which is near another holy site, Rewalsar or (Tsopema in Tibetan).

We had been staying first at the Kailash Hotel but since there were 5 of us in our family we found that the Green Hotel could more easily accommodate a large family at that time. When we walked in an bowed to Trijang Rinpoche he was finely dressed and he blessed us all by banging all our heads with his dorje. (Every Lama has a Dorje and Bell which is Masculine and feminine, dorje=masculine and bell=feminine.

The dorje is sometimes called "lightning bolt" or "thunderbolt" and when I have asked about it I was told the original one "fell from the sky". So a part of me naturally assumed it was maybe a ufo weapon originally or something of supernatural origin. I also noticed that Tibetan Tingchas or dingchas look exactly like little brass flying saucers so the resemblence of the dorje somehow just seemed to fit in.

So When 3 or 4 year old Trijand Rinpoche hit us each on the head with his dorje he hit us quite hard and it made us laugh at the incongruity of someone from a western culture being hit on the head with a piece of formed metal while exchanging white scarves back and forth. It was all quite amazing to say the least.

This was especially true because the previous day we had been taken by Tibetan monks to see Ling Ripoche, the senior teacher of the Dalai Lama who had run Tibet while the Dalai Lama Grew into a young man. And Trijang Rinpoche was the junior teacher of the Dalai Lama during this time. So we felt very privileged to meet with both of them while we were in Dharmsala where the Dalai Lama Lives now and then.

The one thing I should mention is that we received "Darshan" or spiritual blessings from Both Trijang Rinpoche who was 3 or 4 and Ling Rinpoche who had been meditating without food or water for 2 years when we saw him. he was sitting in the Maitreya Mudra teaching position of blessing toward all beings. So when we walked in the room we were hit with his infinite blessings that he was sending back to us from another holy dimension. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced before or since. Then when the next day we were sent to young recently reincarnated Trijang Rinpoche we were equally completely overwhelmed by this experience as well.

I have memories of being a lot like the Lama who reincarnates in Unmistaken Child two lifetimes back. HOwever, my goal (since I foresaw what has happened in Tibet as early as 1880 in that lifetime, was to find a way for reincarnations to incarnate all over the world and how that could be accomplished. This is why I am writing about all this now so others will not be so lost when they reincarnate in the Western World and all over depending upon their inclinations and the people's they want to help.

The other interesting thing I have realized since I was born in Seattle in 1948 is that Padmasambhava is said to have been born from a Lotus Flower in the Land of Origin or Orygin. However, this is a timeless kind of saying and could be interpreted many ways.

For example, anyone who is born anytime in Oregon or even old Oregon Territory(which includes both Oregon and Washington could theoretically BE Padmasambhava!

And since my first spiritual teachers spiritual name was Lotus as well as my first girlfriend in my church's name was Lotus does that make me Padmasambhava or one of his many bodies on earth?

Also, when I went to Rewalsar, India (Tsopema in Tibetan) because I was sent there by many Tibetan Lamas and monks, I found it was a Padmasambhava holy site which is his Crazy Wisdom incarnation of Dorje Drollo or Dorje Grolod. In this incarnation Padmasambhava is burned at the stake by Mandhrava's father the local king. But Padmasambhava turns the fire into a lake and flies up the hillside and melts his two feet into the rocks to prove to the Kind he is a Mahasiddha. My size 14 Vasques Cascade hiking boots perfectly fit into these melted footprints and when I did this the sky turned purple and violet lightning came out of the sky for hours. A Kagyu Lama, Lama Wangdor invited me to tea at that point with my family. He later came to Mt.Shasta city, California a year or two later and gave me and many friends and acquaintances a Dzogchen initiation which is one of the highest initiations they give ever.

So what does all this mean? I guess seeing is believing for all of us. So I write of my constant amazement at all of this and of realizations as they come so that all of you may suffer less than I have or others have before me. So that you may attain enlightenment for the first time or simply re realize past enlightenments already attained in previous lives. Mankind needs us all now to know who we are. May all beings attain Bliss and the Cause of Bliss!

Unmistaken Child: The Movie

The local theater that plays independent and foreign films the most had this movie a few weeks ago. But I didn't find out about it until too late to see it. I was very happy that it arrived on Neflix for me to stream a few weeks later.

It is the story of how reincarnated lamas are found again when they reincarnate. This appears to be a documentary of the finding of a Geshe Rinpoche who was also a Cave Yogi(realized being) who spent most of his adult life meditating in caves and retreats.

In this documentary it shows how he is rediscovered and the methods used to find a Rinpoche that has hundreds and perhaps thousands of students all over the world. It includes him being recognized by the Dalai Lama.

It reminded me of many of my experiences in Rewalsar,and Dharmsala India and of my travels across India from Bodhagaya through Varanasi(Benares), Taj Mahal, New Delhi and finally Dharmsala and Rewalsar with another Geshe early in 1986 after receiving the Kalachakra Tantric initiation in Bodhgaya along with 500,000 others. The Geshe my family and I traveled across India with eventually came back to California with my family and his Darjeeling Tibetan translator.

There is this "Precious" quality of sincerity and compassion that I found in all the Tibetan Buddhists I met in Nepal and India at that time that comes through strongly in this movie. This documentary transports one to "a different planet" that still exists some places on earth today and has for about 1000 years throughout Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Northern India, Mongolia and several other areas.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Path Nov. 17th 2009

Life or God(your choice) is incredibly more intelligent that all the humans on earth or humans presently in any Galaxy in the universe. Since this is a given, LIfe and God watches every single thing that happens both on a macro and a micro level all the time 24 hours a day, always has and always will both inside and outside of time and space.

So, as we are born and develop both in the womb and after all of Life and God watches every move we make. And as we do good to and for other beings our gifts(abilities) grow and as we abuse our gifts and harm beings our gifts stop or contract and we die or get ill.

This is a given in the world of Life and God(your choice).

So when people want to force supernatural gifts I know from experience it is like taking a new car and inflating the tires to 2 to 3 times the normal tire pressure and then trying to drive it at 70 mph or above on the freeway. You would get what you would expect poor handling, blowouts and deaths.

So, any master worth his salt will tell you that gifts open slowly like a flower in the sun, like a fruit on the vine or tree it ripens slowly. The amazing potential abilities of all beings human and otherwise ripen slowly as well.

In fact, the point of all this is not to gain supernatural gifts at all. The point is to be able to help oneself, ones family, one's friends and to be able to be the Good Samaritan and to save lives when emergencies arise. The point in the end is never about developing supernatural gifts. Besides, they usually make themselves known in emergencies when you least expect them. Then you know what you are capable of with God's help.

This is my experience. There is nothing any being is not capable of if God or Life wishes it. That is a given. That is my Life experience.

And if you want to survive and prosper this century I would venture to say it should be your life experience too.

We All are Jedi

If you have seen "Men Who Stare at Goats" you know what I'm talking about.

When I was young my grandmother used to say,

"It's just a mental attitude that makes mankind plod
It's just a mental attitude that takes mankind to God!"

She was born in 1888 in Philadelphia but raised in Scotland after their family home burned down when she was a child. She later returned to the U.S with her New Husband.

When I was little people in my church called us "Ascended Master Youth". Since this was way more than any living kid could entirely live up to this caused some problems. However, the one thing I got out of all this is: "Attitude is Everything!"
And if you really want to be an "Ascended Master Youth" or a "Jedi Master" or a "Kung Fu Master" or an "Aikido Master" then you first must start with an attitude.

The path to being a Master starts with the paradox of politeness, compassion, wisdom and ruthlessness. It is not the state of mind necessarily of an obedient slave but rather someone who knows his or her place in the universe but is self starting and knows immediately the moment to act entirely on his or her own.

This is Not a top down path but a path where the grass roots literally rule everything. It is not a pyramidal path but rather a "Completely spontaneous Path". It is a path that can come from anywhere and go to anywhere and still be a perfect path.

It is not for anyone to completely understand but you and God. And this is the paradox. Such a path is incredibly powerful. It is powerful in a completely unlimited way. Because in any given moment only you and God know what will happen next.

So, one both starts and ends with politeness, compassion, wisdom and ruthlessness. This is the nature of a Jedi.

"Men Who STare at Goats": the movie made me cry. As someone who came of age(I was 21 in 1969) during the late 60s and early 70s, there is an understanding of that time that I will carry forever in my bones. It is not a caricature that I might see on PBS on any of the other networks of what people think those times were. It is real people and real experiences and real dreams and real deaths of real people that I knew. None of it is a caricature. All the lives and deaths of the 1960s and 1970s are burned forever into the fabric of my soul. So, like I said, the movie made me cry because it reminded me of all the lives and deaths and all the people now gone away.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Incarnation

There are thousands to millions of them incarnated and incarnating all over earth all the time. This is written to be sort of timeless. This is the experience of one of them.

He was 12 years old and he had childhood epilepsy. He wondered why God was choosing to kill him in this way. He went to a church camp of a church his parents belonged to. He met a friend there from Sunday School growing up in L.A.(Los Angeles). His friend to taught him to solo sexually relieve himself. The incarnation realized this made him less angry and less likely to hurt anyone. Since the incarnation wanted to grow up and become an educated gentleman and not just another asshole, he cultivated this new experience in order to prevent his harming others. He also found that his piano lessons were paying off. Even if he really wanted to harm someone who was being bad to everyone at school he found he could play piano and sing and at night sexually relieve himself thinking of the most beautiful girls at school and he would no longer be frustrated and want to kill people who were bad.

His friend from Church was 3 years older and came from a much wealthier and well established family than his. In fact they had bought the multi thousand acre retreat site for the church in the beautiful mountains of northern California.

His friend liked to joke after youth group on Friday nights at church. He got the incarnation interested in Philosophy and the nature of all things. The incarnation was already interested in science as his father was an Electrical Contractor and thought a lot of Nicola Tesla. So, the incarnation's mother had already read to him "Nicola Tesla: The Prodigal Genius" by the time he was 8 or 9 years old. They had read him "Unveiled Mysteries", "The Magic Presence" and the "'I AM' Discourses" by the time he had been 5 years old. So the world he now lived in was pretty much not like his peers in public school.

Up until he was 12 he had to go to church 2 to 3 times or more a week. Though he wasn't happy about this he made do, after all he was just a kid. What did he know yet?

But from about age 12 everything started to change in extreme ways:hormones, teen craziness, kids beating each other up, kids at school in sexual liasons, etc. Though the incarnation never dated until he was 15 he felt confused by all the things going on around him. In junior High School(Middle School)his parents had moved to a better part of town so he wouldn't have to deal with gangs in junior High(ages 12 to 15).

So he now had to deal with really rich kids and some middle class but no poor kids really at all. This created many problems for the incarnation as rich kids only functioned in well ordered cliques that didn't allow outsiders in.

So the incarnation felt very confused by this sort of behavior. IN the poorer grade school that was still a good school scholastically, one could fight to join a group an then be accepted. However, with the rich cliques there was simply No way in. Only the rich were accepted. Since the incarnation was only middle class he was not accepted into these cliques except by the nerds(A students) and the car clubbers(poor boys who raced cars and created non-violent racing gangs). So, the incarnation hung out with both these groups since he was too wild just to hang out with the science nerds all the time.

Over time he became a surfer and bought a surf wagon in high school(a station wagon to haul longboards, a style of surfboards at that time).

Finally, God didn't kill him with childhood epilepsy and the night time seizures stopped suddenly at age 15. Instead he found that suddenly instead of dying God had increased his supernatural gifts 10 fold and all of a sudden his appearance changed and he was suddenly desireable to women young and old.

Now you might think this was a good thing? Right? But like all things it is a two edged sword. In middle aged women there was jealousy because they were really too old for him. In younger women 20 to 30 they were manipulative and scary. He found he felt way out of his league unless the person was his own age. He finally settled on dating a beautiful blue eyed blonde from Alaska. He was inspired by President Kennedy's death.

He thought to himself, "If President Kennedy can be assassinated then so could I. If I don't want to die a virgin I better start dating." Though this seems funny now. Then it was deadly serious. And funnier still because the incarnation was a gentlemen around women in all ways he remained basically a virgin until he was 21, even though he had spent the night with a girlfriend by age 16.

However, he was always afraid of the supernatural gifts that seemed to always surround all his thoughts and actions. He hadn't yet tuned into the fullness of who and what he was. He knew he was special but he didn't fully understand it yet. He was just too young and inexperienced. After all, he was only 15.

His discovery of how much girls his age liked him happened at church camp when he was 15. Two girls, one from Florida and one from Canada at the church camp were very interested in him. He was basically shy and didn't know what to make of all this attention at first. These two girls were his age and very serious about the whole thing but he just wasn't really there yet. So one by one these girls enjoyed talking him away from the nightly campfires and into the woods to talk. Though he felt complimented this was just so new to him he didn't really know what to do but to be polite. Whereas many church girls are anxious to find a man to marry in their church even at 15. Whereas the incarnation was just a 15 year old boy, clueless still.

However, the incarnation had learned that girls liked him with his caps on his front teeth(his teeth had been broken off when he ran into a car on a bicycle at age 9 and were recently capped with adult caps at 15) and they liked him because he was tall (over 6 foot 1 even at 15) and strong, muscular and slim and kind to all beings(his basic nature). So even though he was tall they were not afraid of him but instead tended to confide in him like he was a big brother, because he did not judge them no matter what they told him. He was like a young priest or minister counselor and seemed to understand them better than most other boys. Also, he loved nature and so seemed mysterious to them because of this and this just interested them more.

Since the incarnation wasn't stupid he took all this in and wondered what to do with all this new information. He found himself attracted to not only girls his own age but women of all ages. However, it was only practical to date girls around his own age, which he began about 5 months after church summer camp in the fall in public school.

However, all this isn't just about a boy coming of age it is about an incarnation coming of age which is different in a variety of ways.

The incarnation started to have really interesting dreams of flying and having wings on his back in dreams. People told him this was a sign that he was supernaturally gifted. However, he could have told them that. He didn't need anyone to tell him how supernaturally gifted he was. These gifts already scared him within an inch of his life almost every day. In fact, his biggest motivation was to protect other people from his gifts because he couldn't control them that well yet.

It would be 15 years later that Lamas would tell him of tutelary dieties and protectors who protect incarnations from all comers good and bad. However, that was 15 years away or more and the incarnation had to live with all the things happening right now. It also scared him when he would walk by someone and know that they might die next week. He really didn't want to know that. Sometimes when they actually died the incarnation would cry or throw up from knowing this ahead of time. However, other times he would know that some people were very bad or just insanely crazy intuitively and know to stay away from those people and to never associate with them. Often later he would hear about them spending time in jail or their untimely deaths as youths.

One day he had a dream about being in a ancient Greecian gown and flying through the air like superman. As he flew he knew something was wrong on the ground so he sent lightning bolts to destroy the problem on the ground. This was a very pivotal dream in his life and eventually led to him learning to consciously soul travel all over earth and our galaxy and beyond.

There was another dream which was of himself driving a chariot across the sky. The chariot was white with gold embossing and the horses were all white and very wild and they flew across the sky taking he and the chariot across the sun. Somehow this was very powerful and related to travel in cars, planes, motorcycles and soul travel all over the universe. As a young man he used to drive his brand new 1968 Camaro 400 miles on an average weekend especially because gas was only 17 cents a gallon and minimum wage was over a $1.

The incarnation had many girlfriends from age 15 to age 25 when he met his first wife. He didn't know he was an incarnation yet as many do not know until they are about 40. However, they still are protected by their tutelary dieties like princes and princesses protected by their supernatural bodyguards and tutors.

So in this way the ones who are incarnations are protected lifetime after lifetime after first becoming saints. For you see it is not really what they do so much as their presence on earth that makes the difference. Just being within a few miles of them is healing to many beings human and otherwise. Their presence as reincarnated saints lifts the consciousness of everyone around them for miles and miles. And as they rediscover themselves they are able at times to affect time and space and weather around the world for the betterment of all beings. The incarnations are are here and incarnating all around the world now and on into the distant future. It is just what incarnations do.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Surviving Swine Flu

First of all, unless you and your family prepare for it, you or a member of your family might not survive it if anyone in your family gets it in the next 6 months to year(unless all have been exposed to the h1n1 strain going around now or have had it already).

So, preparing for h1n1 is the first step in all members of your family surviving this if anyone gets it.

In my family a little sister of one of my 13 year old daughter's best friends had it. So, first my daughter got it with fevers up to about 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Then about 5 days later I got it with fevers of about 104 degrees Fahrenheit but we stopped the fever by putting me in a tepid bath(90degrees Fahrenheit) for about 15 minutes which killed my fever for about 24 hours. Then when it came back I only was 99 degrees to 101 degrees which I could easily survive without permanent harm at age 61.

Now, after taking tamiflu for five days it ended the flu and fever but not the cough which has persisted. Since there are people still ill since August with secondary sinus and lung and asthma problems even if you knock out the flu with tamiflu you might not be out of the woods yet. Missing one month to several months work or school is not unusual from Swine flu and people even then count themselves lucky to still be alive.

If you don't have resources or financial resources it likely might be a struggle for you to survive this unless someone helps you. That is just a given.

So, preparing for the possibility might enable you and all members of your family to survive might keep you all alive through this thing.

Like I said before in another article I have never seen anything like this one since the 1960s and 1970s when the last big swine and bird flus hit as hard as this and many died then. By the way I don't think all death are actually being tabulated with this swine flu because the test for it is 100 to 300 dollars so people just mostly aren't testing for it and just treating the symptoms. Whether this is planned or not I can't say. The one thing I can say for it is less likely to create pandemic panics if the real death costs aren't known.