Sunday, August 31, 2008

carbon based life and silicon based life?

I tried the other day to write about this but deleted it because too much was going on in my life and family to do it justice then. I'll make another attempt today.

First of all, I have always been a very intuitive person and in my teens became interested in becoming enlightened after realizing that I am fairly healthy, intelligent and very intuitive for a man. So I embarked upon the path to enlightenment which for me would be defined as the "search for ultimate truth".

Also, looking for enlightenment for me means physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and at times even religious enlightenment. It means all these things. So I'm writing this having studied and found that "God is where you find him, her, the being"

Though one might find God in a book, strangely enough it is the least likely place to find ones own real experiences with God, even though it is the most likely place to read about other people's experiences with God.

So, today I'm writing about my own experiences with "The Voice of God". I was taught to worship by just being there, the wilderness, far from the maddening crowd. I was blessed to have a father that was well off enough to take me to such places often along with the rest of my immediate family and friends. So, as an adult I continued worshiping God by going to places where I could be: at least one mile from the nearest adult human to me, and hopefully I couldn't even see another adult at any distance from where I was. In this state one can more easily commune with nature. For me, communing with nature is "communicating and becoming one in consciousness with". For me, this is a from of "knowing God". The forest, the ocean, the desert, the mountain, communicates millions and perhaps billions of things if one is open to it and these things cannot help but empower a person in amazing amazing ways if one knows how to just BE in nature. Though sitting for some works very well, I prefer to walk while I'm communing with nature. Moving is my nature, so I prefer to be slowly or quickly walking as I Walkabout with nature, with God.

I have been noticing a slowly growing second voice since the 1970s that has been annoying me more and more over the years. A few days ago I finally realized what it is: The voice of silicon based life that men and women have fashioned into computers, robotics and software. This "Consciousness" is pervasive and encircles the world in software, emails, websites, etc. and is seriously altering the way organic carbon based life is functioning.

The problem as I see it is this. Silicon based life thinks in terms of thousands to millions and billions of years, whereas organic based lifeforms exist only moments to at most ten thousands of years in the case of Redwood trees, Bristlecone pines and mesquite bushes and possibly a few other plants or trees.

The needs of organic carbon based lifeforms are not met necessarily by silicon based life aborning. So only humans and animals who are interested in becoming cyborgs or other types of human and silicon creatures or animals who without being consulted are turned into rat brain cells operating robots and the like will be a real part of this Brave New World.

Also, I believe that progress just for progress sake might end the human race accidentally, just as surely as a nuclear weapon or Global Warming!

Friday, August 29, 2008

It's the End of the World As we Know It

"And I feel fine!" as the lyric goes.

Truth is much stranger than fiction! Just look at the Democratic and Republican tickets. Everyone thought it was going to be a very boring year--Clinton vs. McCain.
Two friends on opposite sides of the aisle trading ideas and insults until one won.

Instead we have Obama-Biden and McCain-Palin.

No matter who becomes President they will be left handed because both Obama and McCain are BOTH left handed.

Second, no matter who wins a minority (something new besides a white old man) will either be President Possibly African American(Obama) or a Lady Vice President.

Either way it will be historic in an entirely new way.

Anyone who wanted two white WASPISH old men fighting two white WASPISH old men is going to be very very disappointed because that now can't happen like it has every time since the first President George Washington!!!


Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's about You not Me

In Obama's acceptance speech these were the most important words he spoke. Also paraphrased he said something like," Don't get caught in the politics of personal attack and cynicism for this is just what corporations want-- for you to give up on your country in disgust and cynicism so they can make more money!"

The biggest enemy of democracy is corruption and crime. Businessmen around the world make money anyway they can. Much of it would be and is illegal here in the U.S. But those influences prevail most places on earth. In order to have justice and equality here in the United States, all of us must fight these corrupt and criminal influences to keep the dream and reality alive of the American Dream.

The American Dream doesn't mean much if it doesn't exist anymore anywhere in reality!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Just like in the TV program, "My Name is Earl", Karma seems to work in life. There seem to be just two kinds of people. The first kind, like myself, treat others as kindly as possible because they know intrinsically, "What goes around comes around". The second kind of person is someone that always seems to be avoiding karma. In other words they do bad to anyone they feel like but try to avoid the consequences of their actions. The most extreme version of this philosophy is a criminal or a murderer.

It is in everyone's enlightened self interest to do as little harm and still survive and to be as kind to themselves and all other beings, human or otherwise.

In my first 30 years my kindness was mainly toward all mammals, human and otherwise. But since I am naturally very psychic and intuitive, like a priest or shaman or other kindly person, I came to the realization that all creatures including bugs, reptiles, fish and all creatures of the earth and beyond deserve my kindness as well.

So, I took an Ahimsa vow of harmlessness to all beings in 1983. For me, this does not keep me from self defense of my self or others but it does generally keep me from killing all animals including insects, birds, fish, aquatic animals etc.

I have difficulty with mosquitoes and some pesky flies.I also don't like Black Widow spiders near any human habitat or poisonous snakes near my domicile or others or any other threatening pest or animal to humans or children.

If I were to advise another human or other intelligent beings I would say that kindness toward all beings is the primary key to REAL Wealth. REAL WEALTH in reality is the beings you have in your life and real estate and money and securities are what comes from kindness toward other beings practiced in a kindly efficient way ongoing.

In other words if you take good care of yourself and all beings you contact, life then naturally over time brings real wealth to you and yours. And if it doesn't come in this life then likely in the next world or next life. What goes around comes around.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Are you here for me or for them?

These words uttered tonight by Hillary Clinton might be the most important words yet uttered by any presidential candidate thus far in the presidential election.

In other words, "Democrats, are you here just in the cult of personality for me, or are you serious about helping all the Americans suffering from the last 8 years? I'm not your therapist! Get it together and do something important! Save this nation!"

I look at this nation and see so many of the same problems as 1929 and 1933. The changes made by Franklin Delano Roosevelt through the Civilian Conservation Core that built many of the roads and Bridges and gave jobs to the starving masses that built much of the roads and bridges infrastructure still used today.

Social Security that many still depend upon and its later partner Medicare keep the poor and infirm alive past retirement age are still helping older Americans not go bankrupt and die at the same time from health care costs after retirement.

Many of the same banking issues of the 1930s have returned and many banks are expected to fail the next few years. Being smart about how you handle your money may be one of the ways you can be sure you and your family will still be around 5 or 10 years from now and making sure if your money is in a bank that it is FDIC insured up to 100,000 dollars per banking system.

Go Cash not Credit

It is very sad. Credit used to be the lifeblood of America. The whole 20th century was built upon this. However, now, at 15% inflation per year, it is destroying America.

The only way for most people to day to day economically survive these times is to go completely cash, if possible. Start with food, gas, incidentals and go from there. 15% of most people's income or more already goes into interest on debt. If you stop using your credit cards (and keep them only for extreme emergencies so you keep good credit) and buy everything you can with cash, then you can save the 15% per year you are now paying on interest for everything and keep even with or beat inflation.

In a previous article I spoke of a study I saw online of a couple who went cash like this for a month and found they saved 24% from their previous months. If you can do this too, you can save 9% ahead of 15% inflation month to month. And if you can save month to month this amount and put it in the bank as a cushion you just might survive financially the coming months and years ahead.

And if you can save $3000 or more then you can think about studying how to invest and start building a diverse portfolio of land, securities, savings and even gold to get you through the really tough times.

Monday, August 25, 2008


After watching the major speeches of Edward Kennedy and Michelle Obama last night I felt inspired by their rhetoric, especially knowing this might be the last Democratic Convention if not the last year for Ted Kenndy. Michelle Obama demonstrated herself to be a liberated, highly educated, highly articulate and a woman given to useful volunteerism out of a belief in the values of her country. She would be an asset not only to America but to the whole world as First Lady of the United States.

Though in 2000 I might have voted for John McCain because of his independant nature then, when I heard him say that every Supreme Court Justice that supports Roe V. Wade should go I realized right then that he would undo all the rights of women to choose how to live their lives and decide their futures and send us back to the dark ages when I grew up with thousands and millions of women dying by coathanger once again having no say what happened to them, especially if they got pregnant accidentally.

This one issue decided me that the U.S. and the world could not survive McCain if he moves the supreme court against Roe V. Wade.

"In 2005, the U.S. abortion rate declined to 19.4 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–44, continuing the downward trend that started after the abortion rate peaked at 29.3 in 1981, according to a new Guttmacher Institute census of U.S. abortion providers. The abortion rate is now at its lowest level since 1974."

Under Obama as President, he also promised to find ways to reduce abortions even further through education and expanded birth control.

Though I don't like the idea of abortion, I met young people driven crazy by abusive parents that should have been aborted in the 1950s and 1960s. I watched them harm many people including me. Most of these completely unwanted children are not born now only to be abused and turned into criminals and worse today in the United States.

Surviving the Past and the Future

"Those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it!" This is an old saying that comes from studying historical facts.

If I were to give you a historical perspective on world events the most comparable time to now is 1929. Though the problems on earth then were different in some ways, in some ways it is like the same thing only in slow motion. Because of all the government policies in place since the Stock Market Crash of 1929 that brought on the Great Depression the world now is moving towards similar ends very very slowly. Movie programs like I.O.U.S.A. that was a media event demonstrate that unless Americans save money like they used to the whole country could collapse, as nations that don't prepare for the future by saving money historically don't survive.

I was watching a contrived new event online. In this study a family for one month put away their 9 credit cards and paid cash only for things like gas, food, clothes, incidentals. By doing this they saved 24% that month and eventually found that only gas was useful to charge among food, clothes and incidentals. By continuing to pay cash for everything else they could save 24% per month ongoing. If they put this money in savings in a safe bank like Wells Fargo which is considered by many the safest bank in the U.S. at present(there are 90 banks that could fail at any time) and by keeping no more than 100,000 dollars in any banking system (FDIC) insured account, people might just survive these awful times in the U.S. and the world. And if they are really knowledgeable about stocks and other securities, if they save more than $3000, then putting these funds into long term Blue Chip stocks and securities might be good to as long as they study daily or weekly how those stocks are doing.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Reason to Believe in Something Greater than Yourself

I am one of many many personality types on earth. But for me, if I couldn't believe in something greater than myself I would not be alive now. You may not have ever had places in your life where you could not think of one good reason to live on. I have. I hope you never have to get to that place. I have been there more than once in my 60 years on earth this time.

For me, survival came during these times by saying to God as I went to sleep at night, "God, let me die if it is your will. I can't go on anymore. I'm finished. I'm done."
Most of the time I would wake up in the morning after this either reborn or at least in a better state of mind and emotions than the night before.

Life often brings really good and really bad and really boring and really awful events into our lives. Any of us can live through the really fun and good times. But we only make our ancestors and friends and relatives proud of us when we can survive the really bad times too.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Credit debacle is Killing the U.S.

Though all this started with just a few people trying to make a quick and painless buck selling subprime loans in unethical and illegal ways, it has now turned into a train wreck of epic proportions worldwide in slow motion. And it looks like ten years from now the whole world will still be reeling in some way from this big problem growing bigger every day.

Let me give you an example. I just read the following article in the New York Times:

Let me give my example in terms of the average U.S. adult. They have a High School Diploma and some college(likely commmunity College). They have no degree in Economics or a Master's in Business Administration or any college degree. Their older relative(mother or Aunt just passed away) and this relative left them their home or Mom and Pop business.

However, when these good people without college degrees try to claim their home or mom and pop business it all goes haywire because they can't get a loan on the home or business to pay the 45% to 55% taxes to the government which is owed by every estate when someone passes on. So, what do they do? They may try to sell the home or business in desperation to pay the taxes within 9 months to a year which is the legal obligation. But what happens if they can't find a buyer? Do they freak out? Do they go Bankrupt? Do they run away and disappear? What do they do?

So this elderly person has just ruined the life of those they wanted to help because they can't get a loan against the home or business to keep it and they can't sell it either to pay the taxes. So this life giving bequest has just ruined the lives of the heirs. Multiply this by thousands and you have what is happening to thousands of people who have just lost a loved one in these awful economic times!

Friday, August 22, 2008


Though Biden is a good choice for Vice President for Obama, I think it is not a winning ticket. I could be wrong but both Russia and Israel seem to need McCain to be President. I think either Israel is going to attack Iran or that Russia is going to make more waves. Either way I think it will be very close but the only way Obama could actually win would have been with Hillary Clinton as Vice President.

I still think Obama would be the best Peace time president and I feel if McCain becomes President we will be in wars for 8 years and it probably will bankrupt the nation. However, totally because of world events it looks like McCain at this point because of all the international uncertainties. I'm very worried whether the U.S. can survive the next 10 years or so without going bankrupt as a nation.

I think under Obama, like Clinton he would balance the budget and pay down the national debt and get us out of as many wars as possible and help us to financial solvency once again. I fear that under McCain, even as well meaning as he is it will be the permanent end of the United States of America because we just can't afford any more wars without going completely bankrupt as a nation. We need at least 10 years to recover from the last 7 years at war or we are toast. 8 more years of war and the nation will die from debt and cause a worldwide depression that will make the Great Depression look silly in comparison. The last sentence I am writing as a precognitive psychic. I don't see a financial recovery without Obama.

Surviving Testosterone

Sometimes I wonder how any boy survives into manhood. It's quite different now than when I grew up.Then it was all fists and knives because guns were only for warfare and hunting and full on criminals and police. If you were anything else, using a gun would dishonor you as a man or a boy. Not using a gun to settle disputes was always the honorable thing to do when I was a boy and young man. However, switchblades in a black boot was very common and there were many fights that turned to knives when I grew up. Luckily, I never carried a switchblade or was cut badly. I was one of the lucky ones.

I can remember an older boy taking a knife to my throat and as he cut me a little told me he planned to cut my head off. Though this might be horrifying to you, this was probably one of the most useful experiences in my entire life. From this, I learned that if you keep your head when all around you are losing theirs, often you come out on top. From this I learned to be calm and rational. The boy who did this to me likely didn't survive ten years more. But I'm still alive here at 60. I also learned from this, "Don't do anything you can't live with or you won't".

I was thinking last night how I felt about my life. I thought I felt about like a beaten into submission German Shepard dog. In other words pissed off, but under control.
I think at core it is important to see ourselves as conditioned animals. Civilization is not a natural state of being, it is essentially unnatural. But without it, where would be all be? Likely dead.

Hazing the Scrubs

The time was 1960 and it was my graduation day from 6th Grade(7th Grade started Junior High School there) from Horace Mann Grade School in Glendale, California. Horace Mann was a feeder grade school into Roosevelt Junior High.

All us Grads knew we were in for it. Some of the girls were shaking when we left the school grounds for the last time from Horace Mann Grade School. We were met across the street by about 100 boys who were 7th to 9th grade. They wore switchblades in their black boots but they weren't there to use them that day. No. That day they were there to haze the scrubs, us graduating 6th graders. Hazing meant being thrown to the ground, boy or girl and having lipstick smeared on ones arms and face if one were a boy, or if one were a girl having it smeared on arms, legs up to the panties and face. So, for a girl it was a little like being raped and for a boy it was the same humiliation as being beat up.

Some boys fought back and were knocked to the ground bloody. Some girls screamed and cried but no one came to our aid. I was always very pragmatic about these kinds of things. I thought about fighting but saw how bad it turned out for other boys. I was thrown to the ground next to the prettiest girl in school and I watched why all the boys wanted to lipstick her. I felt dishonored that I couldn't save her from this humiliation and I hoped one day this kind of thing would permanently end because it had already been going on for years as a yearly kind of event. I knew the boys here doing this were here because it had been done to them. They were only passing the suffering the hazing on that they had experienced. There were no girls doing this. They knew better even then.

However, for me good came from this event. My parents were so horrified by this that we moved to another area more upper middle class where this kind of thing didn't happen. However, at least at Horace Mann one could fight with other boys and gain respect and become friends but at my new school if your parents didn't have enough money there was no way to break through the social barriers. So my parents move might have saved me from having to join a gang to survive but it didn't save me from the social barriers of trying to move into the upper middle class and upper class. Though I eventually made it financially, I have never felt socially comfortable there. I guess I always felt the upper class just hasn't suffered enough to understand people like myself.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Intel cuts electric cords with wireless power system

I believe this in exactly the same way I believe cell phones are harmless. Human bodies are very intricate biochemical electrical systems in action 24 hours a day. And when someone says to me that humans aren't vulnerable to magnetism my reaction is,"And yes, I have a Bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you too.

Yes. Humans can survive for years while using remote phones, cell phones, walkie-talkies, powerfuly electrical coronas etc. The question, should be, however, "How many years of continuous exposure to magnetic electricity shooting throughout a home supplying ALL the electricity used there is going to give someone cancer, lymphoma or worse. Another source of Electrical Corona is from the generation for storage or use of electricity in a Hybrid Car. Even though no one is talking about it now but me and a few others, eventually people will start to get sick from too much time driving in hybrids. It would probably be a ratio of general physical and genetic health, age and time of exposure per day and per year. The lower the immune system and the older the person or the very young and vulnerable the more the persons health will be negatively affected by all these things.

Another thing most people don't know is that in every home wired to a power plant or grid somewhere has electricity alternating back and forth from the power station through the earth into and out of their home and power panel even when no electricity is being used. Does this cause cancer eventually? Likely, but since no one except electrical engineers, electricians and those who are interested in studying about electrical knowledge know this how can anyone protect themselves from all these unknowns if no one is protecting them from their ignorance?

My father was an Electrical Contractor for homes and businesses and worked his whole life doing this. He trained me summers from age 12 to 17 to become and Electrician's helper and he died of bone cancer from too much exposure to Electrical Coronas from high voltage at age 69 when I was 37.

So when people take unnecessary risks to life and limb with electricity and the public doesn't know any better to question it I tend to want people to question why they would want to do things to shorten their lives.

If magnetic wireless power systems, cell phones, hybrid electric motors and hybrid alternators were cigarettes I would have no problem getting people to understand.

However, most people know next to nothing about many of the dangers of electricity and many manufacturers either don't know themselves or want the average person to remain ignorant until they make their millions.

What is a Good Life

As I've traveled around the world I've heard as many answers to this question as there are people that I've talked to. But mostly people say something like, "Survive as best you can, be as kind as you can, harm as little as you can and still survive!" This about sums it up.

My ex-wife had a bumper sticker that said, "Live Simply so that others can simply live!" I'm not sure many people actually do that even if they really get into that kind of thinking in College. As soon as one has kids one has a very rude awakening and finds that unless you do WHATEVER you can to support them from birth through whatever, they have no real hope of making it in the world.

My present philosophy is probably the first one I spoke of even though ideally I would prefer something like, " Be Kind Be Wise. All you need is love." But the pragmatism of actually surviving past college always takes one beyond that. I was speaking with a friend who is ten years younger than I and he said, "Most of the people I went to High School with are dead." Then he said, "Well. That's not exactly right. They are either dead or no longer functional." He is only 50.

What allowed me to survive to 60 years of age were the very things that scared the hell out of me in regard to my parents and Grandparents. I remember them saying to me, "Prepare for the worst but hope for the best!" So far, if you want to be alive past High School this is the best advice anyone has ever given me.

So I guess for me a good life would be one you can survive and be relatively happy along with your kids and friends and relatives past 80 years of age or more. What is a good life? A good life is great but you have to survive the one you ARE IN right now.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Theory of Time Travel

Though I'm postulating time travel using only what humans are born with, I also believe this type of consciousness integrated into technology might make possible connecting a certain type of human generating a certain type of specialized consciousness that could be connected with a type of space vehicle through the specialized humans mind, brain and consciousness to instantly go almost anywhere anywhen in the known or even unknown universe.

It starts when some humans start their lives. We are all born with latent abilities. However, some of our protectors or parents or siblings don't tell us we are limited. Instead they wait and see what we might do as long as they think it is relatively safe.

Sometimes, these abilities grow in amazing ways. Consciousness moves in unexpected ways. Sometimes, these children, while growing up realize that the whole physical universe is only (the mind of God in action) and not physical at all. Others might define it differently as being an intelligent universe that acts more like thoughts than anything physical in the end.

So, then the perception grows that unification with this intelligent universe might bring a type of enlightenment or even immortality. Many try but most fail because the average person thinks this kind of thinking is dangerous and many times consider beings moving down this path as a threat. Whether they actually are a threat or not is always debatable. But because most people can't see inside other peoples minds and motivations, many of these kinds of people who have these abilities don't survive. Jesus likely was one of these who didn't survive because of his abilities and was put on a cross.

However, there are many others before and after him with these capacities and abilities, even today on earth.

Some day, someone with these abilities will be harnessed to a mode of space travel and be able to in this merging of abilities, consciousness and technology to take others with him or her anywhere or anywhen because of the true nature of the universe. Has this already happened or when will it happen? I can only say that it has likely already happened thousands of times throughout the universe in the last several million years and it is very likely that there are one or more beings from somewhere else that utilized this type of conveyance to get here now on earth.

Do I know who they are? NO. Do I think they are here? Yes. How do I know? Because I can sense them here now and during most of my life. Are these people a threat? No. I don't think so. I think the biggest threat to the survival of life on earth is from people already born or soon to be born on earth not from beings from elsewhere. How do I know this? Because I sense it. You might too.

Note: Added October 9th 2013: If you watch the movie "Dune" it shows an example of this "time space" merger between consciousness and technology between the pilots and the spaceships. Also, if you read "The Day After Roswell by Colonel Corso of the DIA under President Eisenhower who helped with the reverse engineering of the Roswell artifacts into things like this computer you are receiving this that I'm writing on, you can read about the "helmet" that the pilot from the Roswell ship wore to interface his?  consciousness with the ship for travel as well.

Drilling Won't Help

Though saying the U.S. will start drilling for oil is one of the factors that has presently brought world oil prices down, actually doing it won't help at all. Because it would be like bailing an oil tanker that was sinking of water with a teaspoon.

So, even though the perception of drilling has helped oil and gas prices decline, doing it is ridiculous because oil has peaked. In real terms saying oil has peaked simply means that oil is now too expensive to get out of the ground to make it reasonable to go after it and that even Saudi Arabian oils have peaked in output and are now in a slow decline.

Because of this wind, solar and alternative fuels are necessary for the ongoing survival of our world's civilizations. Not realizing this is where we are will lead eventually to worse than the Great Depression and World War II combined. So either we now move away from oil as quickly as possible or Billions of people are going to starve to death over the next 50 years and more.

Wake up people and educate yourselves so you and your friends and family can survive this awful transition. Unless you want to live "Mad Max beyond Thunderdome" the movie it's time to change energy sources and fuels away from oil. Because we are still going to need the oil left in the ground now to make plastics, tires and everything else we will need. Otherwise, civilization as we know it will end sometime this century!

Wake up mankind!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nato's Empty Words

The above Wall Street Journal online article says it all, "NATO's Empty words".

I'm sad to say that unless there are tanks facing russian tanks and either firing on those Russian tanks or at the very least being U.N. tanks standing there blocking the way, every single Soviet Block Nation will fall just like Georgia.

Nuclear Weapons or no nuclear weapons every European nation will fall if someone doesn't send in tanks to at least stand against Russia now.

Scary new rules. What do you do to a nuclear armed Bully? Nuke him?

Only the future can tell. New rules! Scary new rules!

Note: After I finished writing the above Blog article I came upon one of the wisest things I've seen written about the Russian incursion into Georgia. I don't often agree with Pat Buchanan but having lived through the cold war from my birth in 1948 until I was 41 in 1989 I do this time. If you want to understand how we avoided nuking the world out of existence during the last Cold War please read the following:

Though this article will terrify all the old Soviet Block nations and even western European ones as well, it tells how the United States kept from turning the world into pieces of asteroids drifting in space until 1989.


There are many kinds of grief. First, there is the grief of the loss of ones youth. I experienced this when I turned 20,30,40,50,60. I have already done this. Does this grief ever completely go away. No.

Then there is the grief of the empty nest syndrome when all of your children grow up and move away sometimes hundreds or thousands of miles from you and start their own families. This is sort of like watching your own arms and legs starting their own lives and getting married thousands of miles from you while you are left bereft and alone.

Then there is the really profound grief of a breakup after 6 months with someone you truly love which young people sometimes don't physically survive or the death of a marriage after 5,10,15,or 20 or more years which often adults don't survive mentally or physically.

Then there is the death of a loved one close to your or your significant other or husband or wife or yourself. This is the deadliest kind of grief as you or your loved one will never see this person ever again except in your dreams waking or sleeping or in an afterlife if you believe in heaven.

It is this last kind of grief I want to speak about here. At 60 I have experienced most of these different kinds of grief at one point or another in my life. However, now I've lost my last father figure in my life. I will likely never have another father figure in my life because my own father passed on when I was 37 in 1985. His death gave my son asthma so severe the shock was for my son when he was 12. Even though my son is now 34 he does better living in the desert because of this.

But now, I no longer can have any illusions that I am young anymore. I am the patriarch of my extended family and there is no other. I feel like I am falling through space with no where to turn to someone older and wiser except for God.
And with so many people running around saying God is an imaginary friend that doesn't exist today, even that can be difficult to hold on to sometimes, even though I fully understand that even if God didn't exist people would still create one just like Tom Hanks in the movie "Cast Away" created "Wilson" the volleyball into a blood stained hand print friend to survive the ordeal of 4 or more years alone on a small island alone.

I must have watched parts of that movie up to 50 times. It helped me get over my divorce in 1994 and my near death experience during 1998 and 1999. The amazing thing about grief in those experiences was that accepting death and accepting my divorce were the same thing. Accepting that you will die will increase your lifetime. If you already died nothing can really kill you then because you become fearless. Death has no meaning. Suffering might have meaning but death loses its sting.

Even though I remarried in 1995 and had another child in 1996, having been married 15 years before and raising 4 children and then divorcing was a hell I didn't at the time believe I could survive but I did. For all of you wondering if you can survive another day who are going through this hell. Just remember two things,
1. Take in one day one second at a time.
2. There are no problems only opportunities.

If you only take these two things to heart it is possible to recover and eventually have a good life again. It takes time but it is possible. Remember that always.

Religion or No Religion

If you are deciding how to raise your kids and I have been there myself 4 times + 2 step kids and two God Daughters, I think the important question to ask is not, "Should I raise my kids in a religion or not?" No. I think a more important question is one I asked myself when I was considering suicide at age 21: "Do I want to live in a world without God, Meaning and purpose?" My answer to this was,"If I have to live in a world without God I will not choose to be alive."

Of course you might have a different reaction. But this was mine. Many people never get serious in their lives and never ever hit the wall like this. But then, I don't take people like that very seriously. I just consider them to be eternal children and not in a good way.

So, if you are asking yourselves whether to raise your kids in a religion or not, try thinking about it whether you want your children to believe there is nothing but video games, computers and scary people outside who might harm or kill them.

Believing in a creator might allow them to walk out of your house and feel God is watching over them and if something does happen to them, God will be there with them through it all.

But then again, you might believe something else and that is your right as a human being on earth now isn't it?

The Agreement of Laws

About the time of the Magna Carta the whole concept of laws began to shift at least in the western Christian secular world. Before this time laws basically were: Laws issued by a King or Potentate. But after this time common laws i.e. laws that helped everyone became more commonly practiced by all. As time progressed it was generally recognized by all intelligent or educated people that if a law seemed useful to enough people they would obey it naturally seeing it was for the common good. Only a minority of people would not obey these kinds of laws and they would either get away with it, or be killed or maimed because of their disobedience or be incarcerated or both.

But all of this time people generally understood that laws are an agreement between all peoples and unless they benefit all peoples won't be obeyed. Now we have agreements made like NAFTA and GATT and others that no representatives consulted the people about. These are called trade agreements but they might not benefit any common people only large businesses and corporations. So unless you are a world class business or own stocks that span the globe you will not benefit from these agreements in any way, shape or form. That is the sad truth about international laws surrounding the World Trade Organization and the world elite that make these decisions. So, when people are not represented, "No taxation without representation" then people more and more will not obey these kinds of laws and they will protest in any way they can worldwide when their livelihoods are being directly destroyed by these types of agreements.

It appears more and more that the world is becoming divided into two classes of people. Some would say it is the rich and the poor. I would say it is more difficult than that. I think it is being divided into the financially educated and those not financially educated. What this means in real terms is that those financially educated know enough to never get a subprime loan, know that it is always better to pay cash for something than charge it, and know that money in the bank is for investing once one gets more than $3000 in any savings account and know that a home, unless it is completely paid for is a liability and not an asset. In fact, it is in the same state as owning a car and paying on time if the car is not completely paid for.

When people are programmed by advertising to charge everything and continue to go into debt their whole lives, the tendency is to work yourself to death and never own anything. By devising a way to pay cash for everything in your life, you might not have as much stuff in the beginning but in the end you will be much happier than to live as a slave to your debts until you die.

20,000 AD

Meridian(Eridian) looked both back and forward through time. He looked forward and saw his relationship begin with Arcane around 1,000,000 AD. when Arcane was thrown onto Earth during a battle through time. It was very fortunate for Meridian to have found him. He thought a soul like Arcane would never come because no humans in physical bodies had lived on earth for thousands of years because of a multi system war in this sector of the Galaxy. All physical humans had had to either leave or die because Earth became part of the Demilitarized zone between systems.

So when Arcane had been blown through time and marooned on earth not only was he the only physical human there, it could be said he was the only spiritual technical lifeform on the planet earth. As guardian of Earth's heavens despite no physical humans being left alive there, Meridian as Custodian of Earth's Heavens and prime elder of the Nine leading spirits of earth's heavens(there were thousands of basic heavens and millions of connected smaller heavens to the big ones). In this way all the eccentricities of earths souls could be recognized under the dome of God's Goodness.

However, when Arcane showed up all this began to change. It was an amazing opportunity for all in Earth's heavens to move forward out of the loss of physical humanity upon earth. When physical humans lived on earth there were always new additions to heavens and also new additions as newly born children on earth from those heavens. But with the loss of physical humans a way was needed to revivify Earth's heavens. Arcane was the method found to actually do this.

Though all the heavens of all planets and dimensions are connected, there is a natural affinity of some souls to Earth and for those souls there is no other place to want to incarnate on but Earth. These souls did not want to leave Earth's heavens but wanted to wait for the return of Earth based physical humans with Earth related DNA. Arcane was such a being. So Arcane was infused with all the heaven realm souls spirit DNA because they knew he would return to an Earth DNA based planet in which colonists from EArth had gone to and colonized in the past. By attaching all the heaven realm souls to Arcane they could find Earth DNA based bodies on other planets to incarnate to or just to relate to if they wished as Arcane traveled the universe as an Emissary of Earth's heavens, no matter what body his soul wore.

So when Arcane returned to his home planet, New Deva, (which some believe is a reterraformed earth) through time travel he brought through both time and space all the beings that had resided in Earth's heavens for so long. They were all happy to be connected to a soul and physical form again after thousands of years within Earth's heavens. They reinvigorated Arcane and Arcane reinvigorated them.

The strangest things about this for Meridian was that Meridian was the only one who fully understood that Arcane was a past life of Meridian and the main reason that Meridian was primary Elder of all EArths heavens in the first place.

So, when Arcane became Jonathan Flow in 1948, Arcane already knew that his future was as Meridian and that Jonathan Flow was only a stepping stone to the future.

So, here in 20,000 AD Meridian mused to himself how remarkable the universe and the Creator really was!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pineapple Express

Last week I saw one of the weirdest and funniest movies of the year, but don't take the kids to this one either. Imagine a Cheech and Chong Movie married to a "Hollywood Homicide" kind of movie. Maturity is a useful quality to watch this movie. Sort of the "I saw this kind of craziness in college buddies" kind of reaction. Being too young and impressionable would be a real problem in seeing this movie.

Tropic Thunder

Though this is a very funny movie it is also overwhelming. The closest thing to it would be Galaxy Quest which is the parody of Star Trek.

My favorite line is by Robert Downey Jr. which is: "I'm just a Dude playing a Dude that is really another Dude!" That sort of sums up the movie as far as Robert Downey Jr. and Ben Stiller are concerned and to a somewhat lesser degree for Jack Black and the other main actors. Nick Nolte and Tom Cruise(if you can even recognize him) play very kitch and funny roles too. Also, Mathew McConahee, also gives and amazing cameo as well.

For those of us who actually survived the Viet Nam Era as young people or children it was a pretty overwhelming experience. I still don't quite know how I feel about it all, including the movie. Also, Do NOT take your children to this movie unless you want to hear Jack Black's begging to be untied because he is freaking out to the point where he will be Gay for ten minutes or anything if someone will just untie him from the tree which he is tied to because of his his extreme drug withdrawals and screaming. So, from that you don't want your kids to see this. And I don't think there will be a PG13 version of this obviously R rated movie. Even from the first 30 seconds of the movie you feel you have been punked by an x-rated advertisement.

My personal reaction was sort of:"What is reality anyway?" This is really the question the movie asks in a very humorous but probing way.

Is reality doing whatever your parents trained you to at age 2 so you could be fed and have a nice bed to sleep in? Or is it the things you did to get good grades so you could potentially get a good job? Or is it the things you said and did to get with the hottest Babe (or Dude) you could?

OR is reality beyond any of these things? ONLY YOU can answer any of these things yourself in your most private moments or with your most trusted compatriots and friends.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

All the Creatures of Earth

If you study the history of organic life forms on earth you can study either plants or animals or water creatures back millions of years. I was thinking lately about the usefulness of including inorganic creatures like motorcycles, cars, trucks, planes and ships.

It seems as though just like in different ages before as more of one type or grouping of creatures come to be other types of creatures die out. So I was thinking how inorganic creatures that man have created are being born (built and designed by man). And whether they are chain saws ripping up forests or coal fired power plants polluting the air, the more of these inorganic creatures there are the less organic creatures of all kinds including humans there will tend to be in the future.

People say it is the age of China. I think they are wrong. I think it is the age of the inorganic lifeforms and the rest of us who choose not to become cyborgs and part inorganic ourselves had better watch out or even human organics will go extinct!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Watch Russia and China Compete

What are Russia and China competing for? The world's attention. Russia is competing for Biggest Bully on block and China is competing for,"We're Civilized! And have been for 5000 years." The world has no trouble believing that Russia is a Bully but the rest of the world's definition of civilization is not what is now happening to Tibetans or other Chinese minorities in China.

A new element has arisen. The best way I can describe it is the following. It was no accident and highly planned on Russia's part to begin their long organized hostilities against Georgia the opening night of the Olympics in China. This was not lost on China either.

It is as if two families lived next door on the same block, the China family and the Russia family. The China family is nouveau riche (newly rich). The Russia family is in oil but is jealous of China's newfound wealth. The two families have been competing like siblings for a long time now. In fact let's say that the two families are related, one brother is the head of each family.

Let's say the China family is throwing a big party. At the opening of the party during the fireworks, the Russia family trots out and starts beating up one of the kids in full view of the China families happening party. This upsets many at the party and they yell over the fence to stop beating up Georgia, one of their children. Russia says, "Mind your own business I'm just disciplining one of my adult children." The partygoers say, "Hey. Georgia has moved out! You have no right to discipline Georgia. Leave Georgia alone. Georgia is an adult now!" But Russia just keeps right on beating up on Georgia. Meanwhile the China family is getting pretty pissed off because they had put a lot of money on this party and the Russia family is spoiling it. Mr. China decides he is going to beat up his brother next week in revenge for his brother, Mr. Russia ruining his happening party which he can write off as a business expense. Every day Mr. China thinks about how he is going to get even with his brother for this loss of face!

Meanwhile all the rest of the party goers are throwing up from watching all the blood come out of Georgia and some take Georgia to the hospital to get patched up. They are all really pissed with Russia beating up Georgia. Not only that but all Georgia's brothers and sisters decide to move out and not trust their Dad Mr. Russia. Mr. Russia's response is, "I'm going to come to all you children's houses one by one and beat you all up." So all the children go out and buy weapons to protect themselves from their Dad, Mr. Russia. So now, Mr. China, All MR. Russia's kids, most of the people at the party are all really angry with Mr. Russia and are getting weapons. But Mr. Russia is used to being a real fighter in the old days and is now actually happy with the whole situation because Mr. America has been fighting with Mr. Iraq, Mr. Afghanistan and worrying about Mr. Iran who has a vendetta against Mr. America that he is tired from all the fighting and less likely to engage Mr. Russia for now!

This is about the way I see this all playing out on the world stage for now. However, all these dynamics might change tomorrow, but I don't think they will!

Other Bigfood Sightings

Whether the Bigfoot found in Georgia is a hoax or not remains to be seen. Even if it is a bigfoot, the whole bigfoot notion is like UFOs, the government doesn't really want this kind of information to ever be validified for hundreds of reasons, some of them obvious to us all.

First of all, if a Bigfoot or in the Himalayas (Yeti, Abominable Snowman) is a worldwide phenomenon that has been documented in almost every tribe of human down through history worldwide. Part of the understanding of these creatures is that they have a psychic ability to make beings think they are something else, like a rock, tree, deer, person etc. IF they are aware of the presence of human beings BEFORE the humans are aware of them first.

A creature that can do this would be priceless to Governments worldwide if they could
technically duplicate somehow this ability for clandestine activities. For example, scientists are presently developing an invisibility cloak of sorts which bends the light around an object so it appears not to be there.

This following story was told to me by a Catholic Priest who has recently passed on. He told me this story in the early 1980s. He said he was napping in his home in Pacific Grove, California and dreamed of an elf drinking from his fountain outside that fell into a pond. When he woke up he thought to himself how real the dream of the elf was. A few days later he read in the newspaper of young people in their teens being terrified by seeing an apelike Creature that stood about 7 feet tall that was silver fur from the top of its head to its shoulders and brown the rest of the way to its feet but fur covered from head to toe except that the fur changed from silver to brown at the shoulder of the creature. What amazed him was that the teenagers said that the creature drank from the priests fountain at his address and reported it to the newspaper. On top of this his elf dream was at the same time as the sighting by the teenagers. On top of this he researched Bigfoot legends of native americans in his area and found that Native Americans described the head to shoulder silver fur and shoulder to foot brown fur variety of bigfoot for hundreds and thousands of years. So the teenagers had described the variety native americans had seen in this area for thousands of years. It made the Priest think that his dream of an elf was generated by the bigfoot as a cover for his drinking at the fountain. If the Bigfoot had seen the teenagers before they had seen him, they wouldn't have seen him at all.

This Priest was a County District Attorney for Santa Cruz County before he became a priest.

Friday, August 15, 2008

60,000 per million

If you had 1,000,000 dollars in stocks in the U.S. since July 21st they just went up since then in actual dollar value about $60,000 versus the Euro. I think this is one reason that the dollar is getting stronger as people worldwide pull their money out of oil futures and put them into dollar based stocks. I used a calculator to estimate this. However, I'm not the only one doing these calculations worldwide. This migration of monies should continue to the dollar and dollar based securities as long as oil plummets and the dollar rises and the stock market stays relatively static in the 11,000 range.

Custodian of Earth's Heavens


The man looked around him and wondered about it all. He wondered sometimes why he remembered countless lifetimes and others didn't. He thought maybe the reason for this was most people just couldn't handle the truth and preferred to live in a type of fantasy and that the old adage "Truth Kills" had come to roost in these people.

Long ago in this lifetime and many many others the man had chosen to become enlightened. He remembered being a soldier many times in other lifetimes and didn't like the result after dying when he was reborn to his enemies and then had to grow up and fight his friends of the previous lifetime. This was just too nuts to endure. But then that was karma, inexorable. However, this inexorable quality is applied to those who die fighting in a war. "How this all is applied on an individual level with all sorts of different karmic signatures is way beyond me to unravel at present" the man thought.

So, the man remembered choosing after these lifetimes, enlightenment as a vocation both personal, spiritual and sometimes religious. In other words he had learned through great suffering to choose enlightenment many lifetimes now so he was getting pretty good at it. He had also learned that even though one cannot take physical wealth from lifetime to lifetime, one CAN take gifts like knowing the future and gifts like telepathy, good physical health and good mental health from lifetime to lifetime. One can also take generated good luck from treating all beings with kindness from one life to the next, and gifts like being a good communicator or being nice looking or being an artist, musician, writer, builder, architect, etc.

Recently, about 30 years previous the man had asked God to entrust him with wealth. God had done this but the man had learned just like asking a Genie one had to be quite specific even with God when asking for something. So the man had learned to become wiser and wiser and more compassionate in all his actions to be able to ask God for the right things in the right way to benefit not only himself but all beings in time and space. So 15 years before the man had asked God, "Dear God, Please make me a custodian of wealth. I believe I am ready for this."

note: being a custodian of wealth is different than actually being wealthy. One who is very far down a path to enlightenment knows right away that actually being wealthy is always more trouble than it is worth. So, being a custodian of wealth is to act on God's behalf with both enlightenment and self discipline and understanding all the pitfalls of wealth. Just like poverty, Wealth has many many pitfalls and they tend to be two sides of the same coin. When one is wealthy one has too much power and when one is poor one often feels powerless. However, to an enlightened man or woman both are an illusion. endnote.

In the end both the poor man and the rich have an equal amount of power if they understand their states from a point of wisdom and compassion towards themselves and all other beings. The poor man has difficulty being compassionate to himself and the rich man has difficulty in being compassionate to others. Often rich men become poor ones by giving all their money away to the poor and becoming poor themselves. Often poor men become thieves but instead of becoming rich they go to jail. Both paths lead nowhere. If one is fortunate to become rich one should find ways to help better the lives of those around them without becoming poor. If one is born poor one should realize that wealth is health, physical and mental and emotional and spiritual. All other wealth is both temporary and relatively meaningless in the full scheme of the universe.

So the man wondered how to move forward knowing that God was watching to see if he was maturing and growing wiser and more compassionate than before. The man felt pressure to succeed but also knew that many lives were riding on his decisions.

God came to the man and said, "This wealth is mine. It is not yours. I trained you to be custodian of it. Be not afraid. I will show you what to do to make it grow long term and to help the beings I want you to help with it!" The man felt faint from God's power and wisdom and compassion and knew that it was so.

The man looked around once again and realized that God was training him to be not only a custodian of material wealth but of spiritual wealth as well. The man realized that God had moved the man into a position of responsibility that would last centuries and possibly even millennia. The man was overwhelmed. God had overwhelmed this man many times in many lifetimes. The man thought, "I guess I have to die to self again and become someone new who can actually do what God wants." note: dying to self is not a physical death but only a psychological death and possibly a spiritual rebirth. Some people liken this to being born again. However, God has asked the man to do this at least 20 or 30 times so far in his present lifetime, to become someone better than he was before.

He had written about a custodian of Earth's Heavens in the future of Earth. However, now the man knew this was all coming about step by step and day by day and even moment by moment and the man was overwhelmed by God!

What's With Russia 2

The Russian General's nuclear threat to Poland makes the whole world feel like it did during the Cold War. There is a statement that both Mao Tse Tung and Stalin agreed upon. "If you push your bayonet in and it meets resistance pull back but if it meets no resistance keep pushing until you meet resistance." If you meet no resistance ever then you have conquered the world.

Understanding this basic Totalitarian and communist philosophy is the basis of where things are in the world right now. The hard liners and ex-KGB like Putin smell the weakness of the United States both as an army tired of fighting and as an economy on the fritz. They might just start taking back all the old Soviet countries that are now independent and free. The only method of stopping them might be threatening a nuclear war at this point. The problem of making such a threat is then once threatening this,one might have to follow through.

The world is a much different place than in 1989. The 1980s were the last time we saw these kinds of behaviors from Russia and the Soviet Union.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's With Russia?

It looks a lot like Cold War 2. It is interesting to me that Russia Chose the night of the opening Olympic Ceremonies in Beijing to invade Georgia. If I lived in any countries that lived behind the old "Iron Curtain" I would be pretty scared right now. However, if that country is primarily Moslem, I would be less concerned than if your nation is a Christian nation. One of the reasons the old Soviet Union flew apart was that they just couldn't financially afford to police the most Muslim parts of their nation and stay financially solvent. That may still be true.

No. I think Russia is primarily interested in cornering the Oil Market and trying to be one of the biggest oil monopolizers on earth. So, Georgia, Iran and Even Saudi Arabia should watch very carefully what Russia does now.

Also, in their eyes they are only following the United States lead when they took Iraq. So Russia may take Georgia and then keep going into Iran eventually to monopolize the oil there as well. What the U.S. did to Iraq is very problematic for the West at this time. How can the U.S. or Europe really be that upset with Russia after the U.S. and Europe moved into Iraq? Precedent is everything on the world stage. New Rules!


Though Shangrila (like the movie) is a popular culture name. It is usually associated with Shamballa which is a legendary dimensional kingdom that can only be reached by mostly enlightened people. It is said to exist dimensionally in relation to the Himalayas and the Gobi Desert. Other people have said that Mt. Shasta in California is a Library of sorts for Shamballa. There is some association for some people between Shamballa and Lemuria which predated Atlantis. Also, California is named after a legendary Lemurian Queen, Califa, hence California.

After I received the Kalachakra Initiation which connects ones soul to Shamballa through Tibetan Buddhist Initiation along with 500,000 other people in Bodhgaya in December 1985, I began to experience many unusual things in regard to Shamballa.

I wrote about one charactor that I call His Oneness, of Lemuria, which may also be the King of Shamballa. I have had many visions and experiences regarding Shamballa and Lemuria which I believe now that an other dimensional world was created for some reason before Atlantis that might still exist today. It is my present belief that both Atlantis and Lemuria were colonizers of other planets, possibly as many as 500 and that technology was mostly lost by inundations of water in California(California and parts of Oregon are remnants of Lemuria. It is my belief that Atlantis was lost by a tsunami and that the Ark of the Covenant was a technological relic of Atlantis.Those who have studied the technology of the ark of the Covenant have since realized it is both a communication device and a weapon(directed lightning generator) Since Moses was educated as an Egyptian Prince, he likely knew of some Atlantean inventions like the Ark. Egypt during the time of Moses was likely a remnant culture of Atlantis and still had some of the technology from Atlantis at that time.

So, though there may still be space faring colonies from Lemuria and Atlantis on other worlds still, the Ice ages, tsunamis and earthquakes, droughts, floods and the like tend to wipe out technological cultures periodically on earth. It is possible that Shamballa was created because of this problem of maintaining a technological culture over 25,000 years on earth.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Enlightenment 2

When I was young I looked around during my teens and looked carefully at my peers. Since I already remembered most of my past lives I knew that being a soldier if you have to kill anyone creates a difficult afterlife generally but not specifically and I have had many memories of being reborn to the culture of the people I had been fighting and killing in that lifetime. This I found painful so I knew not to repeat this very difficult experience.

Next, I knew from past experience that spending ones whole lifetime becoming wealthy was likewise a fools errand because one cannot take that kind of wealth with them when they pass on.

Next, I knew from past experience that working myself to death like many people on earth do every day is not useful for a soul at least if one knows better.

So, my goal in this lifetime because of remembering the consequences of previous lifetimes was to first become enlightened and second, while I was becoming enlightened to work smarter, not harder, which is also a part of enlightened self interest and can lead to enlightenment if ones motivations towards compassion towards all sentient life in the universe is clear.

So, my goal in this lifetime was to become enlightened while doing it in as compassionate way possible. When the opportunity arose in my 40s I asked God to make me a custodian of wealth and he did. I asked to become a custodian of wealth because I had spent many years becoming enlightened in various ways and knew I was ready to become a custodian of God's wealth. God taught me during this process that wealth, first of all is quite different than I expected. Wealth is not just money. God's wealth always manifests as spiritual wealth through those pure of heart combined with wisdom and often with physical wealth. So, I found myself a custodian of much more than I had imagined on multiple levels.

If you are inspired by this then you should pray to God for enlightenment to the point where you would become a good custodian of wealth. However, if you are poor or even middle class remember you will have to learn many new things in order to be of use in this way to God.

Can't change the world singing a Song

Neil Young was on the David Letterman show last night. He said he had written a song called "You can't Change the world singing a song". He was a 1960s antiwar rocker in the group Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young way back when the draft brought our country to the edge of revolution. The social revolution of those times really tore the soul of America up. It has never really recovered from those times. He said, "This government was smart enough not to re-institute the draft because if they did they would have been voted out of office. Instead they just kept sending the same guys in again, again and again." (the previous was paraphrased)"

The old Chinese Curse of "May you live in Interesting times" comes to mind. Interesting times meant people dying and many changes. This curse was created as a norm before the idea of progress really took hold in China. So "interesting times" mostly meant a whole lot of people dying in a war or famine.

I think you can educate people by singing the right song. You can join like minded people emotionally by singing the right song but most real change comes from bad things like famine, plague, war, pestilence, bad storms and earthquakes. So, change tends to be a bad thing more than a good thing in human history. It has taken a long time for humans to think of change as a good thing. With Global warming, oil prices, terrorist wars etc. I think it is quite understandable why people are wondering if there actually could be good change to their lives in these difficult times.

Falling in love might be a good thing. Raising a family might be a good thing. Staying alive might be a good thing but it is getting very hard to see beyond this for the average person on earth now. Maybe the era of believing in big dreams is dead for humanity. Is believing in something just being naive? Keep hope alive!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Saint Germain is my Ancestor

To make this more accurate, Francis Bacon of England is my ancestor. What is also funny to me is that in the 1970s and 1980s I met people who actually believed I was Saint Germain. I told them I wasn't but they wouldn't believe me. They thought because I knew so much about him and that since many believe he was over 6 feet tall like me and very intuitively gifted like I am(hereditary) that I must be him. I suppose this was because they met me while hiking on Mt. Shasta much like Mr. Ballard met Saint Germain there during the late 1920s.

No, I'm not Saint Germain but he is a relative of mine. I have the same gray halo of white hair in the front around my Temples but mostly natural dark hair on the rest of my head. Even my father in law asked if I dye my hair but I don't. It's just hereditary. My Aunt had the same hair pattern of gray just in front around the temples and mostly natural dark hair on the rest of her head just like me as well(hereditary).

However, I myself experience myself as one of Saint Germain's bodies on earth. He and Jesus have been my teacher's since I was born. I can remember having chicken pox at age 5 and my mother and grandmother praying in the next room as children sometimes died of it back in 1953 when I was 5. Jesus came into the room and the whole room turned golden and I was healed over the next hour or so from Jesus and my mother's and grandmother's prayers. This was such and amazing experience that sometimes I almost wanted to be sick just so Jesus would come back and visit me and heal me because it was just so amazing!

I found starting then I could always talk to Jesus and then later in life I learned to talk to Saint Germain as well. Later still my father told me that his father said we were all related to Francis Bacon of England during the time of Queen Elizabeth the First. He said we were all descendants of him. So since Jesus and his angels were always around me and since Saint Germain was an ascended relative I have always talked to them often, Jesus and Arcangel Michael since they appeared to me as a little child and Saint Germain after I learned to talk to him and then he appeared to me to.

In 1973, Saint Germain appeared to me and it was so very powerful that I fainted on Easter Night 1973 in Rancho Bernardo, California. When I woke up I realized that Saint Germain had reprogrammed and re-engrammed my brain and mind. I have been much more aware of amazing things, past, present and future since then. I have always known things before they happen but after that experience I often not only know things before they happen but I often know why they happen all over the world as well. This is still very amazing to me. However, like all gifts they work at God's will, Automatically. They turn on automatically when I need to know something anywhere or anywhen on earth. I often pray or write about these things and then I let them go.

So when I reread what I write places like here I almost can't remember writing them. I know God uses me to do his work so I feel my life is Graced in this way.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Obama or McCain

It is obvious to anyone who has seen more than 3 presidential elections in action that Obama is a better peacetime president like President Kennedy and President Clinton both were. However, if there is to be war then likely McCain would be a better president. However, in past elections the voters tend to vote in non-veterans as President. The reason for this is simple. People who have been to war tend to have to a greater or lesser degree a slight problem with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. For example, McCain has two things in this direction against him. The irritability that comes from the aging process and having been tortured as a Navy Pilot in North Viet Nam. These two factors tend to make him unsuitable for being president. I think if either age or the torture were not a factor he would make a good President. However, both are not a good idea in a President.

Next we have Obama, who is inspiring but inexperienced in world affairs. I think McCain without his age or his torture would make the better statesman and President on the world stage. However, Obama might do better inpiring the whole world if it was more peaceful. However, if Russia is going to start another Cold War as it appears they are while China wages a de facto economic War on the world while the middle east and other oil nations wage an oil based economic war on the world it is anybody's guess who actually would make the better president in the present world climate.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Russia through Georgia to Iran

For those of you too young to remember the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, I would like to share this thought. The Soviet Union, the core of which now is Russia attacked Afghanistan and likely would have taken next, Iran, during the 1980s.

Since the basis of Russia's Governmental wealth is now nationalized oil, I believe oil is their goal now as well. They have watched the United States move into Iraq because they believe the U.S. wanted oil. Russia sees nothing wrong with taking Georgia, and possibly Azerbaijan on the way to taking Iran. They are emulating the United States in this. However, they must also reckon with Europe and the United States in order to do this. I don't think China will stand idly by in all this either as they have many oil interests in Iran as well. So now Georgia and any country between Russia and Iran are now in jeopardy of being overrun in a new Russian offensive. It has been said by Georgia that if Russia is allowed to do this then all of Europe is also in jeopardy potentially as well.

added Tuesday August 12th 2008. It is my present belief that it is all about opportunities and what is cost effective for Russia. If Russia can get away with taking Georgia and the other countries between itself and Iran, it will do so. If it is easier to sell Iran nuclear technology like they are doing now they will do that. If the opportunity arises in the next 10 years to move all the way to Iran and to take Iran and its oil they will do that. It is all about what is cost effective both economically, militarily and in all ways? Since the basis of what is now working for the Russian Government is nationalized oil, looking for new oil to nationalize is a given and anyone who doesn't think so is just very naive.

Friday, August 8, 2008


I have been watching the beginning of the Olympic ceremonies. I felt a lot like I did when I visited India in 1985 and 86. I was completely culturally overwhelmed. I am very aware that the people designing the opening ceremonies do not culturally think like me at all. I might as well be watching something from another planet colonized by people from Earth. It is definitely not bad. It is just completely so different there is no useful cultural context. The joining point is technology and a wish for peace worldwide. Other than that there are no real meeting points culturally because nothing really means the same there as here. One would have to get a college degree in China almost to have any idea at all what they were trying to say with the opening ceremonies.

And this is coming from someone who actually has taken time to study Buddhism, and Oriental thought. However, unless you are immersed in a China for 10 years or more one might not get what they are really saying. Does the world feel intimidated by these ceremonies? I would have to say, "Yes". What does it all mean? It means the world is changing into a completely new paradigm.

While the U.S. and Europe were fighting the war on Terror, China was tripling its gross domestic product per capita since 2001. We are entering the Age of China. Whether it is good or bad or both only history and the survivors can say.

Reality is Semi Solid Thought

Many physicists have said that physical reality appears to behave more like thoughts in a mind that anything else. It is also my experience the last 60 years in my life that life tends to be like this more than anything else as well.

I would like to start then with a series of questions answered through my life experience.
First, is telepathy real? I can't speak of everyone else's experience. However, I have been telepathic since birth to a greater or lesser degree ongoing.
Second, Can people see the future? Yes. Some can. In fact all can they just don't always know how to calibrate their dreams and other experiences to understand that they actually can see the future. I have learned to access these abilities that all have to a greater or lesser degree to actually make use of this far seeing and future and past seeing to my benefit and for all others as much as possible.
Third, can people levitate, Bilocate, and manifest in multiple places at once? Some can do all three right now, but not many. Some people can levitate. A friend of mine was meditating and wound up bumping his head on the ceiling to his bedroom in 1969. I was outside and came running into the house in Palos Verdes, California. His girlfriend who found him with his head bouncing on the ceiling was completely hysterical and inconsolable for several hours. My friend was very strange after this experience as well. I knew something very weird was going on even outside and became very frightened when this occurred because it generated a completely unordinary or unusual reality all around us.

So, it is safe to say that my experience of all physical reality is that it appears to be only semi solid thoughts too. However, most people can't deal with this and when they experience this sort of freak out. Even I pretend that reality is solid most of the time simply because it is too uncomfortable to stay in a state that always experiences the semi solid nature of physical reality.

However, there is one state of consciousness that works in semi solid state all the time. It is the state of enlightenment. In this state one is already everywhere and everywhen in consciousness and aligned with all compassionate and wise beings in all times states and dimensions already, so there is no vertigo living in a state of consciousness where one completely realizes that solids are only semi solid and very temporary at that. In the enlightened state, since one is already everywhere and everywhen and at peace and in union with all life in the universe, one is then in a God state in which solid, temporary and eternity are all the same and at peace with each other.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Perclorates on Mars;

According to the above Yahoo article there are perclorates in the soil of Mars. If these didn't come from rockets associated with the robot(s) landing there then it gives one pause for thought. Did the perclorates come from our ancestors who had to leave Mars because of too much space travel (rocket propelled) polluting the soil with perclorates there and making it uninhabitable on the surface? Could we be making the same mistakes in regard to perclorates here on earth now?

It is very possible that the Asteroid Belt that the Soviet Probe found to be a planet blown up by a thermonuclear war could have been a war between Mars and the Asteroid belt planet. If so, are we descendants from Mars or the Asteroid belt planet that the Soviets discovered blown up from a surface thermonuclear war?

I have always thought it very strange that Western media never picked up on this research by the Soviet Union during the 1970s. The only reason I could figure out it wasn't picked up was Fundamentalist Christian thought and the panic it could have created in the Christian and Muslim world.

The fear this research created in the intelligentsia of the Soviet Union is one of the many divergent reasons the old Soviet Union collapsed. The scientifically educated people of the old Soviet Union didn't want earth to become an asteroid belt too!

Monday, August 4, 2008

If You Live 10,000 Years

A Master once said to me, "If you live 100 years, you will live 500. And if you live 500 years you will live 1000. And if you live 1000 years you will live 5000 and if you live 5000 years you will live 10,000." At the time I said something like, "I'll have to see that to believe it." But at the same time a part of me said, "Could this actually be possible?" The Master smiled.

And now I'm 60 years old, not 20 something when the master said it to me and I say to you, "If you live 100 years, you will live 500. And if you live 500 years, you will live to 1000. And if you live 1000 years you will live 5000 and if you live 5000 years you will live to 10,000."

There are only 3 real barriers to living 10,000 years. The first barrier is entirely psychological. For example, a person cannot lift their hand in the air unless they first believe they can or at least believe it is possible.

If you believe it is possible that you could live 100 years, then it is also possible given the right sequences of events that you could live 10,000 really good years. You have to believe in the possibility first for there to be any possibility at all.

Second, one must take care of their health, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

And third, the possibility of medical intervention to save and preserve your life on into the future but only in a way that you want to live with long term.

So, if enough of your self designed parameters come into place you might choose to live on indefinitely!

It is commonly said to young people in the United States and probably Europe, "If you live to be 30 then it is a statistical probability that you will live until 90."

It is my belief that the 10,000 year saying is becoming relevant in the same way because of psychological, educational and medical advances in the civilized world.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

For International Travelers

I found the above article at yahoo's "most popular" site after I wrote the following article. It's title is: US BORDER AGENCY SAYS IT CAN SEIZE LAPTOPS

A friend of our sent an email to us regarding the changes to international Air travel from the U.S. What we found out surprised us. It seems that any electronic device can be confiscated for up to 6 months or more even if they don't suspect you of anything at random. What this means in real terms is: don't take a laptop with your passwords and bank accounts on board a plane as they could be compromised by corrupt government officials or their friends or families. Don't put anything on your cellphones, blackberries, laptops, whatever electronic thing you take on board because it could be taken from you and your pictures, bank accounts, personal writings or anything could wind up in the hands of people who don't care at all about you and would think nothing of harming you or your family. It seems Big Brother is everywhere these days. I think too much freedom has been compromised for less than nothing. It's sad. Our forefathers and foremothers are turning over in their graves at the loss of real freedom and privacy.

Saint Germain



My wife just reminded me that most of the world knows nothing about Saint Germain so I decided to give a brief explanation. The Enlightened and now Ascended Master Saint Germain is thought to have ascended like Jesus in the year 1684 AD somewhere in Europe and very likely in England where he was born as Francis Bacon, the illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I of England and who later served as the Lord Excheqeur of London. He was also known as the Compte De Saint Germain in France and England and as Prince Ragocy of Transylvania. Some people believe that before he became ascended that the legends of Vlad the Impaler of Transylvania who was the historic Count Dracula, and the miracle worker, Prince Ragocy of Transylvania became intertwined into the same legend to become the perverted as the present pulp science fiction story of Count Dracula that we see in movies since Bela Lugosi in the 1930's in the United States.

However, although Prince Ragocy of Transylvania, Francis Bacon of London, and the Compte De Saint Germain of France were likely all the same person no one has proof that I know of. In addition to this the Compte De Saint Germain frequented all the courts of Europe and especially that of Louis the 16th and Queen Marie Antonette of France. He spoke, it is said as if he were there at ancient battles thousands of years before and spoke intimately of knowing people from divergent cultures and spoke almost all languages fluently like a native born to the language and without any accent even dead languages and played like a virtuoso on the violyn. I have one of the books of music found by Manly P. Hall and published by his still existent Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles? It was/is? at 3910 Los Feliz Boulevard Los Angeles, California in the early 1980's when I purchased it. This music is called "The Music of the Compte De Saint Germain". There is also a painting of the Comte. De Saint Germain by the artist Thomas in the Louvre in France. I would like to quote from "Notes on the music of ST. Germain" from inside the published music folio from the Philosophical research society there is no page number other than the fact that I purchased the 266th of 1000 copies on the previous page. begin quote

"The mysterious Comte de St.-Germain is frequently mentioned by memoir writers of the eighteenth century, usually with the highest expression of wonder and admiration. He travelled in elite circles being the confidant of kings, emperors, princes, statesmen, titled ladies, scientists, scholars, and artists. He was always recognized as an aristocrat and nobleman, lived in the best of style, and enjoyed unlimited credit in the banks of Europe. The actual circumstances of St. -Germain's origins are uncertain, and the details of his personal life are shrouded in the deepest obscurity. Perhaps the most comprehensive statement describing the Comte de St. -Germain is contained in a letter dated April 15, 1758, written by Voltaire to the Emporer Frederick of Prussia. "He is a man who never dies and knows everything."

continued quote: "This mysterious gentleman spoke many languages-- including Oriental dialects without an accent, was a brilliant chemist, and artist of rare talents, a diplomat of distinction, and a competent musician. E.M. Oetinger in his work "Graf ST-Germain, Leipzig, 1846 writes "Just as great and worthy of admiration was the musical genius of the Comte. He played almost all instruments, but above all the violin with such consummate mastery that one believed oneself to be listening to a second Maestro Tartini---his first instruction in music he claimed to have enjoyed about 700 years ago from a Benedictine monk, an abbot of Avellana, by the famous master Guido Arezzo, and as concerns church music, claimed to have been educated five centuries later under Palestrina."

quote continued:"According to Madame Blavatsky he was compared to Paganini by those who had heard both. It was also reported of St. -Germain that he sometimes played behind a screen producing the effect of half a dozen instruments sounding at once." end quote

This introduction to the Comte de Saint Germain's music was compiled by Manly P. Hall and I shared only about 1/4 of it. The music introduction says, "The Favorite Songs from the Opera Called the L'Incostanza Delusa to which is added Six Sonatas for Two Violins with a Bass For the Harpsicord on Violincello."

Happily, I just found my copy of the Comte De Saint Germain published by I. Cooper Oakley in 1912 in Milano by "ARS REGIA" CAsa Editrice Del Dott. G. Sulli-Rao. She also published "Traces of a Hidden Tradition in Masonry and Mediaeval Mysticism" which sold for 5 pounds sterling in England and "Mystical Traditions" also for 5 pounds and in french "Traditions Mystiques" traduction francaise for 4 pounds

It appears Cooper Oakley visited famous public as well as private libraries and collections of descendants of those who knew the Comte De Saint Germain to do factual research for her book.

As a part of the introduction from Annie Besant who was then President of the Theosophical Society begins the quote as follow begin quote from Forward---- The Great Occultist and Brother of the White Lodge, fragments of whose life are herein given was the greatest force behind the intellectual reforming movement which received its death blow in the outbreak of the French Revolution. Phoenix-like, it has re-arisen, and it re-appeared in the 19th century as the Theosophical Society, of which this great Brother is one of the recognized Leaders. Still living in the same body the perennial youth of which astonished the observers of the 18th century, He has fulfilled the prophecy made to Madame D'Adhemar that He would show Himself again a century after His farewell to her, and in the growing spritual movement whcih is seen around us on every side, He will be one of the acknowledged Chiefs. Profoundly interesting, therefore, must be every detail that can be gathered of His eighteenth century life, and much is bathered here. London 1911. Annie Besant President of the Theosophical Society.

Chapter 1 of the same book begins on page 11 at the bottom of the page is a quote from Madame Blavatsky "The Comte De St. Germain was certainly the greatest Oriental Adept Europe has seen during the last centuries. quoted from the Thosophical Glossary, H.P. Blavatsky.

Printed in foldout form is a copy of a letter from the Comte De St. Germain written November 22nd 1735 that is in the British Museum. Since it is in French longhand I find it difficult to read even though I am conversant in French, my friends tell me without an accent.

Beginning on page 12 begin quote "Among the strange mysterious beings, with which the eighteenth century was so richly dowered, no one has commanded more universal coment and attention thatn the mystic who was known by the name of the Comte De Saint Germain. A hero of romance; a charlatan; a swindler and an adventurer; rich and varied were the names that showered freely upon him. Hated by the many, loved and reverenced by the few, time has not yet lifted the veil which screened his true mission from vulgar speculators of the period. Then as now, the occultist was dubbed charlatan by the ignorant; only some men and women here and there realised the power of which he stood possessed. The friend and councilor of kings and princes, an enemy to ministers who were skilled in deception, he brought his great knowledge to help the west, to stave off in some small measure the storm clouds that were gathering so thickly around some nations. Alas! his words of warning fell on deafened ears, and his advice went all unheaded.

Looking back from this distance of time it will be of interest to many students of mysticism to trace the life, so far as it may yet be told, of this great Occultist. Sketches are to be found here and there from various writers, mostly antagonistic, but no coherent detailed account of his life has yet appeared. This is very largely owing to the fact that the most interesting and important work, done by M. De St. Germain, lies buried in the secret archives of many princely and noble families. With this fact we have become acquainted duing the careful investigations which we have been making on the subject. Where the archives are situated we have also learned, but we have not yet in all cases received permission to make the necessary researches.end quote

Later on page 20 we find Cooper-Oakley believing from research that the Comte de Saint Germain is actually Franz-Leopol, Prince Ragoczy, of Transylvania. She later quotes on the bottom of page 20 and 21 from Prince Karl of Hesse Memoires de Mon Temps P. 133 Copenhagen, 1861. Writing of Monsiour de St. Germain: "Some curiosity may be felt as to his history;I will trace it with the utmost truthfulness, according to his own words, adding any necessary explanations. He told me that he was 88 years old when he came here, and that he was the son of the Prince Ragoczy of Transylvania by his first wife, a Tekeli. He was placed when quite young, under the care of the last Duc de Medici (Gian Gastone), who made him sleep while still a child in his own room. When M. de St. Germain learned that his two brothers, sons of the Princess of Hesse-Wahnfried(Rheifels) had become subject to the Emperor Charles VI., and had received the titles and names of St. Karl and St. Elizabeth, he said to himself:'Very well, I will call myself Santus Germano, the Holy Brother.' I cannot in truth guarantee his birth, but that he was tremendously protected by the Duc de Medici I have learnt from another source." end quote. Some other information is available at --- I have no affiliation with this site but it looked interesting.

Also, I just found two other websites connected to an organization I had affiliation from my birth until age 21(from 1948 until 1969). They are and --- The first is connected to Shasta Springs located in between Dunsmuir and the city of Mt. Shasta in northern California, USA and the second is where you can locate publications mostly channeled by Mr. Ballard between 1930 and 1939 and Mrs. Ballard until the early 1970's. end of my introduction to Saint Germain and beginning of my Personal experiences with Saint Germain

My own personal knowledge of the Ascended Master Saint Germain was attained while I was a baby and child growing up. However, now as a man of 56 I see Jesus and Saint Germain as my spiritual fathers of this lifetime. I prefer Saint Germain in some respects because being psychicly gifted I find that every church has its own astral Jesus attached to that church. None of these Jesus' are the actual Jesus of Nazereth but are created by the beliefs of the ministers and the people attached to that church. Many people need this kind of security. However, I experience this as many false Jesus'. However, I know that as Jesus said, "In my father's house are many mansions." Because of this I also respect all churches to be what they are and to help those who can be helped in that way. Also, I have met a High Tibetan Lama who once told me that he knew of someone who had become completetly enlightened meditating on a dogs tooth because he believed it was one of the teeth of the Buddha. Because I have heard of thousands of peoples lives affected in this way through faith both Christian and Buddhist and others I deeply respect that, "The Lord moves in mysterious ways."

The first instance I know of the Comte de Saint Germain in America is an episode where he was at the signing of the Declaration of Independance. Many of the signers spoke of how they were afraid of dying of losing everything including their families when the Comte stood up and spoke. He said something like, "Sign this document even if you lose everything including your lives. The whole human race in the future will succeed because you have signed this document whether you all live through this or not." This was all paraphased of course. John Hancock was the most moved and ran up and signed boldly followed by all the others. When they looked for the Comte to thank him he had disapeared. It is doubtful if any of the signers knew the man to be the Comte de St. Germain.

Later he tried first with Louis the 16th and then later Napolean to create the United States of Europe as well but both men failed him in this. Both men let women turn their heads in an unguarded moment and they and France were temporarily lost. Finally, today the Comte's dream is fulfilled in the present European Union. I wonder what name the Comte de Saint Germain is using now?

In some ways I was very pleased in reading" the Da Vinci Code" and also seeing the movie "National Treasure" as both trace some of the history of the Masons and the Rosicrusians and the Knights Templar all of which the soul of Saint Germain is supposed to have founded throughout several of his recent lifetimes. However, it is generally accepted that he is still wearing the body of Francis Bacon which he raised in 1684. Though the movie, National Treasure, is likely all fictional, still it is based upon a lot of the ideas of the Masons, Knights Templar and many Rosicrucians etc.

The most interesting public place in regard to all this that I know of in the US is the Rosicrucian museum in San Jose, California. It has real egyptian mummies and all sorts of arcane and interesting stuff for the public to see. Though I haven't been there in at least 15 years I just found the websites for the museum and the rosicrucian organization in San Jose, California the museum is and the rosicrucian organization is at --- I have not afiliation with either but I have visited the museum several times in san jose, the last being about 15 years ago.

The story of Saint Germain's Ascension as I have heard it from an "I AM" interpretation goes like this. Saint Germain's primary teacher along with Jesus is sometimes called The Great Divine Director or Lord Maha Chohan or the Lord of the Chohans. The Chohans are Saint Germain, Morya El or El Morya to some, Dwal Khul and four others. I believe that Jesus is one of the seven Chohans. The Chohans are seven in number and are masters on earth of seven different qualities. There are seven different Arcangels to match these seven Chohans. The Chohans are representing mankind and help guide and protect mankind whereas the Arcangels protect souls coming into bodies and being born, while in bodies and while leaving bodies and transiting to heaven realms etc. They have many other jobs as well. However, this is the job I know the most about now from many many personal experiences in this life and thousands of others.

One of the Comte de St. Germain's last initiations was to sit on a battlefield while everyone was being killed and dying around him and to remain centered and prevent any harm to himself while not interfering with the battle in any way. This was one of his final tests before he ascended like Jesus never to die again.

Anyway, the story goes that one day The Great Divine Director appeared to the Comte De Saint Germain (Francis Bacon) and told him he had become completely enlightened. Saint Germain was completely amazed. The Great Divine Director said something like: "Saint Germain you will never die again!" Saint Germain said something like, "May I stay on earth to help the children of earth create a heaven on earth?" The Great Divine Director said, "Yes!" Obviously I am paraphrazing as I have no text before me. These are simply the stories about Saint Germain told to me in the "I AM" teachings as I grew up.

So Saint Germain is still alive walking around in a body(whenever he wants to) to help the children of earth create a heaven on earth now and in the future. My theory is that when earth becomes a heaven it will become a star in the sky for by then we will all become pure energy forms.

How I met Saint Germain in this lifetime. I suppose one could say it began before I was born when my mother began attending "I am" Conclaves and Conferences in Los Angeles and Seattle when she was 16. Her father had been a Methodist minister who became interested in Unity and also Mr. Ballard who had had experiences with Saint Germain on Mt. Shasta cronicled in "Unveiled Mysteries" (Saint Germain Press) and further experiences in Wyoming at Mt. Teton Chronicled in "The Magic Presence" also published by Saint Germain Press. My father chartered a yacht to Tahiti 1939 with his brother and first wife and read "Unveiled Mysteries" and "The Magic Presence" during his long voyage by sail on the yacht to Tahiti and the Tuomoto Archipeligo nearby. He returned to mainland U.S.A via Hawaii as World War II began in Europe and was starting to move into the Pacific region as well. By 1946 my father had divorced his first wife and married my mother. I came along in 1948. By then my parents had been "I am" students of Saint Germain from 1936 for my mother and 1939 for my father.

Though I thought all people who were connected to organized religions of any kind were kind of nuts from about age 8 to 13, I encountered Childhood epilepsy from age 10 to 15. In order to survive this without any medications I developed a capacity for being extremely aware of what I was feeling and thinking at all times and through that developed awareness of what everyone else around me was feeling and thinking too. As time progressed I realized that I was very psychically gifted and was also told I was a descendant of Francis Bacon who eventually became Saint Germain(it is said around 1680 somewhere in Europe. From age 15 I dedicated myself as an aspiring adept of Saint Germain. Saint Germain has led me to study many paths just like he did. He was known as the foremost European Oriental Adept of his time. He has led me in this direction as well in unbelievable ways.

If you are interested in moving in this direction I can only share how my present relationship with Saint Germain and his Teacher Jesus began. When I was a child and forced to go to church often I would get bored. There were pictures of both Jesus and Saint Germain in my church with light coming out of their heads in all directions like a halo. I used to look at these pictures of Saint Germain and Jesus and pour my love to them like my mother taught me. I was about 6 to 8 years old at the time. As I did this amazing things started to happen for me. I was transported to worlds and awarenesses that I had never even considered before. I felt my awareness evolve exponentially as I did this. So I did it more and more. As time went on I found I could speak with them telepathically and they would answer my questions on a myriad of questions. As the years passed this experience became more powerful and more accurate and efficient until I realized I could trust my life to what was shared with me by Jesus and Saint Germain. I could stake my very life on what they shared with me so great the clarity became.

As an even younger child my mother and grandmother taught me to visualize what I wanted in my life and to not put my attention upon what I didn't want. However, I must say that once you fully develop the power of visualization like an artist it works 24 hours a day so one must be careful of this power because it never really shuts off. However, one can govern the intensity of ones feelings clothing a visualization. However, ultimately, there is no real limit to this power given by the grace of God so be very careful with it.

I was taught as a child that I was an Ascended Master Youth and that I was a God fusion, in other words God and I were one. This is a lot to lay on any child. However, because I trusted my mother I believed her and accepted this as sacrosanct. The good news about this is I eventually learned compassionate pragmatism and that is where I presently live. In other words "Be compassionate but also do whatever actually works."

So compassion toward myself and others, practicality and pragmatism governs the idealism I was taught as a child as it manifests now in my life.

Because of my gifts given by God's Grace experiences with Jesus, Saint Germain and Archangel Michael are everyday occurrances