Thursday, February 28, 2008

Actual, Metaphorical and Symbolic

Actual, Metaphorical and Symbolic. This article is related in some ways to the article:"And Then the Angels Came".

I realized today that the Character in my online book "Memories" is actual, Metaphorical and symbolic all at once.

When I first started to write about my character Arcane, Elohar and Ragna in 1980 I thought I was just writing science fiction that I really liked. However, by 1999 after I had almost died I realized all my characters were real, in addition to be metaphorical and symbolic all at once.

So, for me at least my online book "Memories" is as real as the Bible is to many people as it describes a few of my past lives. This appears to be my last life I will live as a human. I don't really understand how all this works. I can make sense of it only two ways. But God isn't as limited as a human brain so anything is possible with his(or her,or its) state of awareness. However, the only two ways that my mind can make sense of at present is that I have either already lived the lives of Arcane, His Oneness, King Interlaken, Flame, the Cave Yogi and hundreds or thousands of others as humans or other types of beings, OR all my lifetimes are lived simaltaneously somehow because time and space aren't real for God.

And Then the Angels Came

And Then the Angels Came. It will be ten years ago Fall 2008. In some ways it was the single most traumatic event of my life except for birth. I woke up in Fall 1998 in my home on the northern Pacific Coast of California. My lips and arms felt numb. I had trouble thinking very clearly. Since my legs still worked I stumbled into the bathroom and noticed my lips were a bluish color. I thought, "This isn't good. I hope I'm not dying." Then I walked into the living room to call my son to take me to the emergency room. I sensed that if I called an ambulance the adrenaline might kill me from that experience so I called my son instead. After I called him I noticed as I sat on the couch in our living room were lights appearing. I decided that I was dying and that the angels had come for me so I prepared for exiting my body for the last time. However, the Angels that I saw as white oval lights abut 3 to four feet tall around me in a circle said in unison, "You are not dying. Things will get better now!" They said this in unison many times over and over until they were sure I knew I wasn't supposed to die now. I finally believed them and stopped my death preparations. However, being around angels is one of the most euphoric and intoxicating experiences one can ever have. So I was spiritually intoxicated with their presence for many hours and to some degree never stopped being amazed by the experience even now.

My son soon showed up and I told him about the angels and he looked worried. He too, is intuitive like me and thought I might be dying as I was so very pale when he came to get me. At the hospital I talked to the doctors and nurses about the angels because I was intoxicated by their presence still. I couldn't really seriously think of anything else.

For the next few days I was tested for various heart ailments but outside of an irregular heartbeat that would go into arrythmia periodically(arrythmia as I understand it is when the heart beats hundreds of times each minute but isn't really pumping right so one tends to feel lightheaded and sometimes pass out when this happens. Since the doctors couldn't diagnose what was wrong with me for 7 months and only then through the process of elimination decided that I had had a heart virus I had to allow myself to faint from this problem many times as panicking as some people do is fatal. Since I knew panic was fatal I went into a disconnection meditation taught to me by Tibetan Lamas so I could pass out without panicking. Two doctors of mine had relatives who had died from a heart virus because they were not able to stop their panic and simply and peacefully pass out like I did many many times over the next few months.

As you can imagine this was very difficult to do over and over again but I felt I owed it to my family to stay alive so I was a good soldier so to speak even though the will to do this was very extreme.

I had an experience tonight of what this experience of Angels was really about. For a long time I had prayed for the leisure to practice. In fall 1998 I was given the leisure to do my spiritual practices. However, I didn't fully realize this until 7 months later when my doctors told me that I might live until 80 or more since I already had to retire and change my life completely in Fall 1998.

The Terrorist Strategy

The Terrorist Strategy. Osama Bin Laden's strategy was NEVER to militarily defeat us. Their long term strategy was to scare us through terrorism into bankrupting ourselves militarily by chasing them around the world while they appear to be good citizens wherever they are. In other words it is a classic guerrila war being fought against us.

The problem is:The US was terrorized and the people got scared and wanted revenge and now if the US is not careful we may go bankrupt as a nation spending both blood and money we no longer have available to continue to bankrupt our nation.

This is far scarier than when we went to Viet Nam from 1965 to 1974. Then we were a creditor nation but that war turned us into a debtor nation by the mid 1980s. In other words the only reason America didn't go bankrupt after the Viet Nam War was that everyone in the free world was more afraid of the Soviet Union than America. This is no longer the case now in 2008. Now America is one of the scariest nations on the world stage(at least to most of the world). So if America collapsed the free world would not care as much now as it did when the Soviet Union existed. So they might not bail us out this time from our mistakes in investing in a war like Iraq and Afghanistan. They might just let our nation go into severe recession and then depression while dealing with their own problems. This would only change when other nations needed the US to stand up to China or Russia once again. This is the really scary REALPOLITIC of this era we now live in.

So, for America to NOT go completely bankrupt we must rethink our strategy because the one we are presently using will completely destroy our democracy the way things are going.

If we are going to fight this Terrorist war we need to do it with 1/10 to 1/100 the money we are now spending. We are the opposite of efficient right now in this area and without a real change we will not survive as a nation financially.

The real problem we are dealing with now is not really the terrorist war at all. It is all the companies making money hand over fist on this war worldwide. Their special interests supercede the interests of the American people to financially survive. This is a real problem of "The Cart being Before the Horse". No longer do special interests answer to the people. Instead the people are going bankrupt by unrealistic financial demands of a completely unbridled world military industrial complex.


A good example of this would be if a teenage child of yours stole your credit cards and had the same name as you. $50,000 later you are bankrupt. There is simply no real difference between your teenage child doing this than the special military interests of our nation stealing our people blind into bankruptcy. The problem is: WE'RE THERE NOW!

Our kid(military industrial complex) HAS stolen all our money and we NOW are bankrupt as a nation! Where do we go from here? The problem is: I don't see any presidential candidate now who actually has a chance of winning who is going to change this bankrupt strategy! PUlling out of Iraq and Afghanistan might not work in the long run. However, having many less troops there might. For example no more than 20,000 to 30,000 in Iraq and 75% less in Afghanistan than are there now also. We might be able to afford this many there for 50 years like we have on the South Korean Border with Iraq and Europe and Japan helping finance our troops there in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since we tend to have the best trained and equiped military in the world others should help us pay for our military as we can't afford financially to go it alone anymore! We send the soldiers and equipment and others need to do their share to help pay for it. As long as all the soldiers in these environments are volunteer soldiers and treated right and paid right this could continue indefinitely for another 50 years if necessary. As other Afghanistan type of Taliban situations crop up in other parts of Africa, middle east or Southeast Asia small mutinational forces will be necessary to keep things in check.

However, what one country or even 25 countries can do for 5 years is very different than they can realistically do for 10,25, or 50 years or longer!

A Debtor Nation

A Debtor Nation. America used to be a creditor nation(we loaned money to other countries) However, when the Savings and Loan collapse happened in the 1980s we became a debtor nation because so many of our loans to Central and South America defaulted which collapsed the Savings and Loans. This problem was compounded by the incredible waste of money and debt created by the Viet Nam War. This combination of events led to the United States moving from a Creditor nation to a debtor nation.

So, now we have been a debtor nation for about 20 years. So people in other nations have kept us afloat. They are starting to disinvest in America because they can no longer get enough return on their money. This along with the subprime debacle is driving down the value of the dollar. Because of this it may eventually be necessary for the United States to go back on the Gold, Silver or Platinum standard or a combinations of those three or more commodities because floating the value of a dollar on our Gross national product is failing. If we leave it the way it is the value of a dollar could theoretically keep in free fall indefinitely. As it is in relation to the Euro the dollar already has dropped about 30% in value compared to what it was 5 years ago. Look at the graphs! The continued slide of the dollar, even though it might help American exporters and foreign tourists trying to visit the US only steals the value of the dollar from Everyone who uses dollars world wide, including everyone living in the United States.
the price of oil in the value of our dollar 5 years ago in relation to the Euro would be 30% less or 70 dollars a barrel in real value of a dollar 5 years ago against the Euro. 70 dollars a barrel makes a lot more sense than 100 dollars a barrel. All the added valuation of oil in dollars is only the dropping value of the dollar during the last five years in relation to the Euro.

Another important fact if one is going to get real about all this is that the real valuation of the stock market is not really 12,500 or whatever it is right now. Adjusted for the dollars of 5 years ago the real value in those dollars would be 30 percent approximately less than the 12,500 or whatever it is today. I calculate this is approximately 8750. So in the value of the dollar against the euro five years ago the real value of the stock market in the US would be 8750. This is only around 1700 points above the crash after 9-11. Reality check!

I was listening to market analysts today and one of them said the only reason the stock market seems as stable as it is is because the devaluation of the stock market is mostly occuring in the devaluing dollar rather than stock dropping precipitously and staying down. So the illusion that the market is volatile but relatively okay is an illusion on the world market created by the dollar in free fall.

In order for all of us to make useful decisions all the relevant data must be plugged in which is not being done by most people now.

Survival 101

Survival 101. I was talking to my wife and getting pretty cynical at how little help people were getting with their subprime loans from the Government. I said, "This thing is so badly handled that it will drag down the world economy for another 5 years!" She looked at me and said, "Imagine what would have happened if the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and 9-11 hadn't happened." At first I looked at her and then realized that if we had continued in an economic "Golden Age" like the 1990's that the subprime effect would be 10 times as bad on the world economy than it presently is. Every thing is relative and because of that we likely would be in a depression right now if all our attention was focused on subprime problems rather than spread out over a variety of world and national problems. As we drove home I realized it might be useful to share how I survived various catastrophes in my own life.

I'm going to start with 1980-81 because that time is probably most similar to what is happening right now in the US. The US was dealing with Stagflation that had turned into a recession. Because I was still young (32 or so) I did not understand that the world had a vested interest in the United States economy not collapsing. So I thought the US was going to collapse economically because that is what it looked like then. (Especially out in the country) because in the country things tend to get worse there first. Those in the country and those in poor city neighborhoods are most likely to suffer the most, the first and the last, from a bad recession like that one.

At that time I had completed a building contract and there didn't appear to be any more in sight. I had just remarried within the year and so the two of us were raising her two kids (a boy and a girl) from her first marriage and my son from my first marriage. So we had five mouths to feed so we were worried at the bleak job outlook. My wife had a part time job and the money was dwindling fast. Eventually, since my new wife refused to move to where I might have a chance of a good job we were down to $5 to $10 dollars a week for food.(This means powdered milk, potatoes, rice and beans and whatever we were growing in our organic garden outside in our large back yard in the country in the mountains of Mt. Shasta, Ca.

Many people I knew in the country were beginning to panic from the recession and were buying guns(rifles) to hunt for deer to feed their families and buying bulk foods and burying them in 50 gallon drums underground so no one would steal their food. I knew this was just an extreme country type effect and that more rational people would be in the suburbs around big cities but I couldn't get my wife to move to where I could get a good job to support us. Also, at 30 I knew leaving my new wife and kids in this recession to go work somewhere else wasn't exactly safe and also one doesn't keep a new young wife if they are gone too much of the time. 5 to 10 years from now it might be a different story but now staying together for the family's sake had to be the primary priority. We finally survived the problem by buying land and building our own house on the 2 1/2 acres. We were able to buy land and sell one of our vehicles and with that money buy enough material to build a modest A-Frame that would shed the 7 feet or more snow that could fall at one time in the winter at the 4000 foot elevation where our new property was. We found we could grow an organic garden in the summer time and do just fine there about 8 months a year.(Longer if we didn't mind being snowed in for a month or longer without leaving.) There is a saying, "Necessity is the mother of invention." This was completely true in this case. When times get difficult one must be very open minded in creating a solution to protect oneself and ones family. Looking back there might have been many other solutions but none as elegant as the dream country life we shared 10 miles from the nearest small town.

However, during the early 80's that we spent 6 months or more a year there we home schooled our kids(because the school buses didn't go out that far) and because we thought it to be a way to keep our kids from becoming anti-adult like public school children tend to be. We made contracts with all 3 children that they had to complete a certain amount of work or they would have to go back to school. My son, the youngest, was 6 to 10 years old during this time and it worked fine until the oldest, my stepson was 12 and said, "I want to go to school again." At that point we decided to move back to the Northern California Coast and buy another business and we then put all three kids back in a very good school system.

The other serious crisis we encountered had to do with the changing US economy of the late 1980s. We found our alternative ecological points of view were not working as well as they had in a less mercenary economy. for example in the late 1960s and early 1970s there were so many social programs to "catch" people and to help their lives to work. By the early 1980s all this was ending for most people. By the economic crises my family faced in the late 1980s and early 1990s there wasn't ANY way other than relatives to survive as a family what we were facing.

This was something that I noticed that was completely different than the 1960s and 1970s. I watched people survive all sorts of problems in the 1960s and 1970s and then I watched their children and grandchildren basically die or go crazy in the new world we now live in because if you had 10 chances to survive and succeed in the 1960s and 1970s you had 1 chance in the late 1980s and early 1990s. By the 2000s unless you know someone you basically have no chance of upward mobility as of now in the United States. That is one of the saddest facts of life now in America. I wish it weren't so.

And it only appears to be getting worse. Of course, I'm already financially relatively secure so I am not out there struggling anymore so I can only tell you what my children and younger people tell me.

Huckabee and Obama

Huckabee and Obama. I'm an independant and a moderate and I vote what is best for my country long term and not just selfishly for myself. I vote so our democracy survives and so it can continue to be a beacon of hope for mankind in a dreadful world. I cannot vote for Huckabee even if he were vice president because he takes the Bible literally and I don't consider that logical or rational.

Second, I can't vote for Obama because he is too foreign. Though he was born in the United States too many things about him feel un-american. I wish, because he is the first black man to come this close to being president that he was someone I could vote for. I just don't think he would make a good president, just a good orator or minister. Just as Martin Luther King made a good Saint, I think he would have made an awful president. Same thing.

I also think McCain is too old and Hillary is too negative. I have voted in every election since 1968. I don't know. In order to be true to my conscience I might have no choice but to sit this one out. I wish I could feel enthusiastic but I don't.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Violet Fire

Violet Fire. Someone recently emailed me and asked about this so I thought I might share some introductory information from my personal experiences with violet Sacred Fire since I was first taught to invoke it from 1 to 3 years old(1948to51).

It seemed appropriate because I have found it very effective in personal or group crises. Since a whole lot of people on earth are in financial or survival crises right now I thought I should share a little of my experiences since I was little.

A friend of mine when I was about 29 had studied Kriya Yoga through Self Realization Fellowship in California for about 20 years. After 12 years of regular meditating he first saw the violet sacred fire. He asked spiritual masters about this and they referred him to other teachers that knew about it and invoked it regularly. He said I was incredibly lucky to have been taught to invoke this as a toddler, child and young man.

Violet Sacred Fire burns off negative Karma. So people weighted down by karma can through invoking this violet fire experience a weight being burnt off their shoulders so to speak. However, if you visualize it or invoke it, it is a good idea to also visualize yourself being illumined so you don't just create the same bad karma again. Because like physical pain, bad karma has a purpose which is to teach us not to make the same mistakes over and over again.

However, if one is under pressure one often can't think clearly to make good decisions. If one invokes the violet sacred fire through ones mind and body a feeling of upliftment and feeling lighter and less burdened occurs. At this point one is able to think more clearly and to begin to make better decisions about ones difficulties so the probability of survival of any given problem increases exponentially.

When I was very little I was taught to visualize God giving me what I wanted. However, I was told to be very careful what I asked from God as this was a very powerful technique. As a child I found that this was so powerful that it scared me some because I realized how careful I had to be in what I asked for.

As I grew older I found I had to only ask God for things in emergencies because whenever I asked God for something strong enough I would soon get it. However, every aspect of where I lived, where I worked, what I was doing might change. So, to avoid the disorientation of extreme changes in my life I decided only to ask God for big changes when I experienced some kind of emergency so I could better deal with life.

I suppose I found God to be like Aladdin's lamp in a way and found asking for things just too awesome to deal with all the time unless it was a real emergency.

Since then I found it much easier to ask for things from God for other people and usually this was okay with them as it would be a one time thing.

When I was 25 years old on Easter Sunday 1973 I experienced my most powerful up to that time and amazing experience of the violet sacred fire. I was lying on my bed in my apartment in Rancho Bernardo, California when I experienced an incredible power come into my room. At first I was frightened because I felt out of my league to deal with this. Next I snapped into a higher awareness of myself and converted the energy and flew up out of my body like I was riding a motorcycle full throttle into the sky. Then some one holy like Jesus said, "Turn this energy in the the violet flame", so I did. The violet flames were each alive and they burned away my karma in amazing ways out of my body and brain. As I lay on my bed I watched the black smoke of burning karma pour out of my heart area and disappear into the air above my body. This continued for almost an hour and I felt a deep spiritual peace I had never felt before. Finally, I went to sleep and when I awoke I was like a whole new person. I was free from most of my problems of the past few years before.

I am sharing this real life experience with you to witness to you just how real and how powerful the violet sacred fire really is. I hope it will help you to survive what is coming here on earth.

Spiritual But not Religious

Spiritual But Not Religious.This describes according to the following article 25% of Americans including me. Since many ministers(if you actually talk to them about it) are atheists or at best agnostics I don't consider churches to be places of God(but that is just me). I'm perfectly open to you having a different experience. In fact 'Viva la Difference!' For those of you who don't speak French or Spanish, it means somthing like ,"Hooray for our differences", or "I rejoice in our being free to have different opinions".

The above internet article talks about some of these statistics gathered through polling 35,000 Americans.

Though I haven't rejected my childhood religion in practice, I have rejected the organization and church I was raised in. I rejected my church because it rejected me for being an individual and having my own ideas and opinions about life and God. And since for me, God is a direct experience and completely un-useful in any other indirect way that is just fine with me. For me, God is written on every blade of grass, every living being and in their cells and organs. Books are dead things filled with symbols which can be mis-interpreted and misused. Even what I'm writing here will be misinterpreted by some because they don't know me and my life experience. Basically, I believe in live and let live. Have your beliefs but don't try to force your beliefs down my throat. So my personal belief is that unless you experience God firsthand then what you are doing is a joke on not only you but on everyone.I should clarify this to say,"If you go to church but don't believe in God and don't have any experience with him, her, it, then why do you go? To meet someone and get laid?" If this is the case then you are just another sexual predator.

I don't believe that the concept of God is useful to anyone unless it is a direct experience. And if your experience with God is a direct experience then you don't even need a church or a minister to constipate your relationship with God and to make it un-useful to you. Of course this is my experience and might not be yours.

I guess I'm asking questions because sometimes I question why I don't join a church. I think the main reason is that I got badly burned by the church I was raised in by being sincere and believing people were good and had good motives. I was wrong.

People(at least in regard to most churches are not sincere). They only appear to be. What appears as sincerity is usually something else entirely. Since I have seen this everywhere I have been to church(any church) I finally stopped going to any because I wanted something better and more honest in my life. Though this is a lonelier path I find more honesty and truth in it. Church life is based upon self deception. It doesn't really matter what church it is, unless you realize something entirely different is going on than what appears to be happening then you will just be another church victim. Because all churches in the end are businesses. Each church is in the business of making money. If it weren't it couldn't exist. Pragmatically speaking unless a church makes money it can't remain financially solvent. Once one understands and accepts that this is the bottom line for any church then one can start to become honest about going to church. If that church scares you into giving it money that is not God doing that. That is the minister or ministers using basic psychology to frighten you enough to give them money. That has nothing at all to do with God.

Now you might believe you are buying your way into heaven and expiating your sins. This might be true. But one has to be very careful of this sort of thing. I think you are beginning to see my point.

So, in the end each person's relationship to God is personal and not religious. Religion I believe is more about being a part of a community of like minded people. This never has worked for me as an adult. If it works for you then God Bless You!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

80% increase in food prices some places

80% increase in food prices in some places. The following article reports that in some third world developing nations the price of food is up 80%. For people living on a dollar or less a day this means they will likely starve during the next year.

There is a chain reaction effect happening around the world. It is said that the countries around the world living with the US are mice sleeping next to an elephant. If the elephant coughs or turns over sometimes the mice go deaf or get squished. When the United States is doing well other third world nations might just get enough food to not die but when the US has problems like now many people will starve in those same nations. It is the way of the world now. It looks like many people won't make it in third world nations the way things are going here in the US now.

A Generation Lost to Mood Altering Drugs?

A Generation Lost to Mood Altering Drugs?My wife came home after conducting business in the morning to tell me of a study she heard of on NPR radio. It said that only 5% of the people who had been prescribed Prosac and Paxil could actually benefit from the drugs and the other 95% would have been much better off with a placebo instead.

She had heard me rail against mood altering drugs before as I had had really awful experiences that I witnessed first hand while I had been counseling Emotionally Disturbed Teenagers in the early 1990's. In fact, when I researched for myself I realized that mood altering drugs like Prosac would harm more than help most people. As I researched this further the studies said that Prosac like drugs actually rewired human brains and that they stayed rewired for life. Also, in these studies done in the 1980's and early 1990's they said that although most people who used mood altering drugs became more docile and obedient that there also was a tendency to become suicidal if the patient went off the drug within 2 to 4 weeks.(If you have studied counseling like I have, suicidal is not just suicidal. It is referred to most often as suicidal-homicidal tendencies. So if someone is capable of suicide they are most often capable of homicide too).

So you have a docile obedient person who doesn't like the effects of a mood altering drug and stops taking them and then you might have a Columbine situation or a Virginia Tech situation or I believe the last situation was at NIU. I'm not sure about Columbine but both the Virginia Tech killer and the NIU killer had been on mood altering drugs, in other words a prosac, a paxil, etc. etc. etc.


note: I just found out that there is at least one class action lawsuit against Paxil for birth defects and suicidal side effects.

US divorce rate 58%

US divorce rate 58%. The biggest cause of marital problems is money. If you don't believe me look up the research and see the data. The second biggest problem with marriage is people thinking that marriage will solve all their problems. It's just like computers-GIGO- which means garbage in garbage out. You get out of a marriage what you put into it. Also, if you marry a child(in mind not in body) then you had better be an excellent parent because otherwise it won't work. If you both are children(in mind not in body) then forget it.

Also, it makes a lot of sense in regard to money because what happens when people walk out on their subprime mortgages? That's right-bankruptcy! How many marriages can survive a bankruptcy? The answer would be only those marriages who actually understand what has happened and who both accept full responsibility for what has happened.

Actually, the divorce rate may climb even more before it levels out again when the recession or depression ends!(whenever that may be).

And the Dragon Breathed Fire

And the Dragon Breathed Fire. also read if interested "The Dragon Who Flew to the Sun" written recently.

The Dragon woke up in his cave. A long time had passed. He reached out with his dragon senses and realized the world was in trouble and needed him once more. So he came out of his cave and flew into the clouds and grew in size as dragons do to the size of the earth. In fact, the earth now could fit in his mouth. So he gently ever so gently put earth in his mouth like a blue marble and blew his sacred fire over it.

All the beings of earth felt the change. The dragon's sacred fire blowing from his mouth over the blue marble of earth began to burn away the people's bad karma so they could see clearly once again. They started to understand their problems so they could actually deal with them once again. They realized just how unrealistic they had been before and were ashamed at first but then moved on and found better ways to live and to survive with their families. The people who survived the changes became happy again and taught their children the lessons they had learned. More people had learned to pray again so they could cope with all the changes without going mad from the pressures of life. Peace came once again to the beings of earth and the dragon returned to his normal size and to his cave and went to sleep until he was needed once again.

The Paradox of Life

The Paradox of Life.God must really want me alive. It's almost ten years now. It will be this next September. I had to retire in November 1998 after an angiogram. My wife insisted on it. The doctors didn't think I would live. So I prepared for death. About that same time we visited my wife's mother and stepfather. Because I've always been extremely intuitive and precognitive I knew when we saw my wife's mother that she would die soon. (within the year). So though I knew my wife might get hysterical I told her that I thought her mother wasn't long for this world. I got slapped around some and screamed at but I was right. Two months later her mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Two months after that she died. One month before that my wife's stepmother who was married to my wife's dad died. One month after my wife's mother had died and tw months after her stepmother had died my wife had a miscarriage of our 2nd child. My wife later told me that the only reason she lived the next two years was for my living daughter then 3 years old and I. About the same time as my wife's miscarriage my doctors told me they had finally diagnosed my heart problem and that I was not only going to live I might live to 80 or more. This is after 7 months of thinking I was going to die. Intuitively, I thought otherwise but in this culture we tend to listen to our doctors.

It's fairly easy to write about this now because it is almost 10 years past. However, it changed me life a lot. Since then I have lost one friend, two cousins, lost a friend to early alzheimers, and lost my mother to senile dementia. My mother and one friend are still alive they just don't know who I am or who they are.

My one remaining good friend broke his arm skiing last April and tore his rotator cusp in his shoulder so he can't sleep more than 5 hours at a time because of the pain. We skied several miles on Mt. Shasta a week ago together on metal edged cross country skis from Bunny Flats to 7 mile curve on Everitt Memorial Highway on Mt. Shasta.

On top of all this last June I was diagnosed as having a thyroid problem and once I started taking the medication all my heart problems ended, my low blood sugar problems ended and my bouts with hypothermia ended. So now I can see I might live to 100 or more. I'm almost 60 and have already been basically retired for 10 years this fall. The paradox of life!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Do What you Can and the Rest Can

Do What you can. When I was growing up in the 1950s my mother talked a lot about just how awful the Great Depression was during the 1930s. She told me an expression everyone who survived the Great Depression used, it was, "Do what you can and the rest can" Basically, this meant to them that they should do what good they could and still survive and then stuff the rest either for the rest of their lives or until they could find some answer to these problems.

As our country moves into what appears to be a very slow repeat of the Great Depression(I really hope I'm wrong!)maybe this advice might be helpful once again. If money becomes the problem it was then, then it is unlikely people will be able to afford mental health professionals or medical doctors to survive. It is likely that many won't make it worldwide because of this.

Survival in any situation means moving out of ones comfort zone. Ones first reaction is always: "I can't do this. I can't survive this. This is impossible for me to survive!"

I say this because I have been in this position multiple times the last 60 years of my life. And each time something unexpected happened and I did survive some way some how. Survival in these kinds of situations is based upon being willing for life(God) to do the impossible. If you have ever spent much time in third world nations, the impossible is an everyday occurrence in the third world. Miracles happen all the time for people who live without much of anything. If it didn't they would all be dead.

In fact, spending some time in a third world country to see how they survive might be a good preparation for what we all might face in first and second world countries during the next 5, 10, or even 20 years.

How Many People Have Lived?

How Many People Have Lived? My wife was speaking about her Uncle a Doctor who lives in Southeast United States. He used to like to say half jokingly that "He had a 50% chance of living forever, because half the people who have ever lived are alive now."

Knowing that knowledge and estimates of how many humans have lived have changed a lot since microcomputers were invented and put into use in the 1980s I decided to go online and try to get a good estimate of how many humans have lived in total on earth so far.

Here is one source:

begin quote:
"Estimates of the total roster of humankind rely heavily on guesswork, a state of affairs not entirely unknown to us here at the Straight Dope, and accordingly the numbers vary widely. Demographers have come up with estimates ranging between 69 billion and 110 billion humans. That gives us a spread of 41 billion, a pretty formidable margin of error.

Still, these numbers should put to rest the line of baloney put out years ago by the zero-population-growth alarmists, namely that the majority of humans who have ever lived is alive today. That's flat wrong no matter what your assumptions.

For example, creationists, who believe it all started with Adam and Eve around 6,000 years ago and that a flood in 2700 B.C. killed off everybody except Noah and his relatives, say the world population to date is 51 billion. Some may feel the creationist figure is entirely too close to the "real" figures for comfort. Maybe, you're thinking, we should abandon the pretense of science and address future demographic inquiries directly to God.

Well, I told you this involved a lot of guesswork. The main problem is that we have only a vague idea of the birth rate and average lifespan in ages past. Another complication, among scientists at least, is that it's impossible to say precisely when our primate ancestors became human. Many researchers have arbitrarily settled on one million years ago, even though our own subset of the genus Homo, H. sapiens sapiens, didn't emerge until around 40,000 years ago. If the paleolithic crowd (1 million years to 25,000 years ago) strikes you as too crude for admission to the communion of saints, subtract 36 billion or so from the figures above." endquote.

You might find other or better sources than I but I think an estimate of 51 billion (creationist estimate) and 110 billion might be the best guess for now. However, this could all change if, for example, evidence of space faring cultures like atlantis, Lemuria and Mu become available which would greatly predate all the other estimates and tie us to other worlds that we might be related to as humans.

Past Lives and Future Events

Past Lives and Future Events. As a child growing up this time around(this incarnation), I realized I had chosen to be born to these specific parents but I didn't know why. I set out then to try to figure out why I had chosen these parents and to be born to in Seattle Washington in 1948.

Some parts of this question I was able to answer to my satisfaction by the time I was in my late teens or early twenties. However, it wasn't until the last few weeks that most or all of the pieces have fallen into place. Maybe it is that I'll be 60 sometime this year.

In the late 1980s I saw Kalu Rinpoche in the Santa Cruz, California area in what I remember was large church. There were at least 1000 of us westerners(Americans in the western world) there. He was very old and was being spiritually protected by about 12 younger lamas who were sitting up on the podium with him.

The Kalu Rinpoche that was alive then was in his late 70s or early 80s and had spent a lot of his life in cave meditations. He was so successful with this that many lamas consider him to be a reincarnation of Mila Repa, Tibet's most Beloved Saint who lived around 1100.

I met Mila Repa when I lived in Tibet when he lived. This meeting for me caused me to move permanently in the direction of enlightenment. Many (but not all) of my lives between 1100 and 1930 were spent also meditating in caves not only to find complete enlightenment for myself, but also to discover the secrets of life so they could be shared with all mankind like a scientist does. This is how I saw it then and now. This perception has not changed in me since around 1100 AD.

Between this time and 1930 I ascertained that the extinction of the human race might take place starting in 1935 but progressing in danger and peaking in that danger between 2000 and 2500 AD. So many of my compatriots and I decided to do what we could so the human race would't go extinct during these times.

For some of us, like myself, this meant finding a way to be born in Europe and the United States. For all of us cave meditators and researchers had realized that extinction would likely come from the misuse of science by unenlightened but well meaning people. We all came to this conclusion between the years 1500 and 1900 AD.

We also believed that only a grass roots effort to enlighten the masses could prevent extinction. I still believe that.

So, I began by being reborn in Japan in 1933. Then I died in 1945 in the nuclear blast at age 12 in Nagasaki. This was a very traumatic death for me and when I was reborn in Seattle in 1948 the lasting traumas of this death resulted in whooping cough at age 2 and childhood epilepsy at age 10 to age 15. However, as an enlightened soul I knew how to optimize these events to quickly reattain enlightenment in this lifetime. So, though this lifetime was traumatic in my speed of having to attain enlightenment again, still I was successful.

Mankind is completely unprepared for the problems they are now encountering. Unfortunately, for mankind, their best hope for survival as a species is also their worst fear. Western medicine has saved millions and billions of lives. On a humanitarian level that is a very wonderful and good thing.

However, mankind has not addressed the problem of overpopulation in any real and lasting way. Until this problem is seriously addressed every good thing humans do becomes more and more meaningless as all other species go extinct as we are watching every day. It is like mankind has decided to stick its head in the sand like an ostrich and pat itself on the back while going extinct through overpopulation.

Kindness on an individual level is one of the greatest and most valuable qualities of being human. However, if that kindness does not extend to all the other beings on earth that we live with then that kindness is negated and becomes meaningless in the overall scheme of things on earth and beyond.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Redemption. When I was a child, my mother, my father and my Grandmother and my other Grandmother and other relatives prayed for me every day. I got used to this kind of love and protection. However, people aren't like this so much these days as they were in the 1950's. I think that's unfortunate in the extreme.

My father passed on in 1985 at age 69. My Uncle Tommy's plane crashed in 1942. I had to promise my father I wouldn't become an airline pilot when I was 18 or solo until after he passed on. I still took flying lessons, I just didn't solo in a Cessna 152 until 1987 a couple of years after he passed on. I honored my father's wishes because it destroyed his family when his 24 year old blonde haired brother died when his plane crashed in 1942. Dad said his brother was the kindest and nicest member of the family. Even though there were five brothers and sisters, psychologically it damaged the family. My cousin named his son Tommy even to honor the memory of Uncle Tommy.

Recently, I wrote and article called "When life is Death and Death is Life" chronicling my mother(who is alive in a senile dementia and Alzheimer's facility at 89 years old who has now been there since 2001 has been haunting me lately.

I finally realized when someone wrote me from Wisconsin in response to my article about growing up in the "I am" that I tend to get stuck in whatever spiritual teaching I have been studying and practicing lately. Lately for me,this is mostly Tibetan Buddhism and Catholicism. Since I'm not a church goer and more of a prayer, contemplater and meditater and a walker in the woods alone or the beach alone this works fine for me. However, when he asked about my practices from being raised in the "I am" as a child up to age 21 when I went another direction I realized that my mother haunting me mostly had to do with my need to pray for her in the way I was raised and empowered to do starting as a young child of 3 or 4 years old. As soon as I prayed for her in the ways I was taught as a child and young adult not only did the haunting stop but my whole life and health started to return from the boomerang cold everyone has gotten the last couple of months. Then I realized that I needed to pray in this way for all life on earth and for earth itself.

So this gentleman's writing me became an infinite blessing not only for my mother and I but for all life on earth. So I thank God once again for his infinite Grace and Wisdom here and now and Forever!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Dragon who Flew to the Sun

The Dragon who Flew to the Sun. original fiction. My daughter put wallpaper on our Imac of a golden dragon flying toward the sun.I thought I'd write a children's story about it.

The Dragon was a golden Dragon but he didn't know that he was a dragon. He had forgotten. It would be more than 10 years before he would dream that he was a dragon and not a man. There is an old story in China about a man who slept and dreamed he was a butterfly and then he woke up and didn't know if he was a man dreaming he was a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming he was a man. The man who was a dragon was a little like this when he realized he had been a dragon all along 10 years later.

Anyway, the man who didn't know he was a dragon flew into the sun one night while he was dreaming. The people in the sun who liked to live in the sunfire there didn't burn up and didn't experience the heat because they were made of the flames too, like the sun itself.

The Dragon asked if they could help him get to God in the center of the Galaxy. So soon the dragon was in the center of the Galaxy. But when the dragon got to the Galactic core he didn't find God there so he was disappointed at first. But then the Emporer of the whole Galaxy said to him, "What a wonderful dragon you are. It has been so long since a dragon from Earth has come through the sun to visit me. I will grant you a wish!" The dragon thought for a moment and said, "Great Emperor of our Galaxy, please save Earth beings from ruin and extinction! They are still childish and haven't grown up as a species yet like you here in the center of the Galaxy. I fear for them and as a Dragon of Earth I must protect them. Will you help me oh Great Emperor of our Galaxy?"

The Great Emperor of the Galaxy said, "Oh Great Fire breathing dragon of Earth. I cannot fly to earth the way you can as I have many responsibilities here right now but my soul longs to fly to earth with you on your back. Please let a part of me ride back to earth with you like a happy free holy ghost on your back. Let me see through your eyes so I can understand your people so I can save them from perishing as a species. The Golden fire breathing dragon of earth said, "I will agree to that only if you save my people from extinction." The Emperor of the Galaxy said, "Then a part of me will fly back to earth with you so I will be able to know what to do and when to save them. Both the Emperor and the dragon were very happy as the Emperor needed to be free and the dragon needed to save his people and all the beings of earth.

Part of the spirit of the Emperor of the Galaxy now lives on earth with the Golden Dragon to protect the earth and all beings on it no matter what!

Friday, February 22, 2008


Leisure7.original fiction. Leisure7 sat in the driveway. Lately, since I had turned off
cable tv 8 months ago so my 11 year old could experience a world without 500 cable channels and 20 minutes per hour of commercials, many of them designed with subliminal seduction of minors and adults in mind. So since I'm a newshound from watching the news with my Dad since I was a little boy when he came home from work I still watch NBC through the aerial on the flatscreen installed in my motorhome outide. Leisure7 is my motorhome.

It was a gift from the Galactic Sentience and presented through His Oneness and King Interlaken. It is a guarded multiform. What this means is that it can do all sorts of stuff but can't be unwound into what it is by anyone before 2500 AD.

Note: if you want to know more about the Galactic Sentience, His Oneness and King Interlaken the easy way would be to read my online book "Memories" and sequels which are free to read at:

Just look for mem.html, mem2.html up through mem11.html and then the partially completed sequels usually starting with "The History of-----(whatever the character's name is. I'm sorry I'm not a better writer. But I'm told reading my stuff has a great muse like effect on writers whose livelihood is writing. I just write for fun and enlightenment.I'm told my ideas are great because I have lived a pretty amazing life and been all over the world and met many really amazing people.endnote.

Some people think my work has to do with CTU but that is not the case. I actually work for (remember the is supposed to be fiction) the NSA branch of the UN that is TC. Since the TC branch was named by Albert Einstein and Nicola Tesla in the 1930s it later was attached to the CIA and then the NSA and then this branch after much haggling by the G8 nations was connected to the UN so all the G8 nations and any other intelligence service on earth didn't have to freak out totally about its clandestine existence in the hands of only the United States. That was just too much for most of the world to put up with.

Anyway, if you understand my part in helping the second timeline that that you and I live on now then you will begin to understand why I was given Leisure7 and why the Galactic Sentience wants to protect my body which is one of his Grandfather's dreams from any hostile forces inside or outside of this galaxy.

My understanding of Leisure7 is that it is an instant transportation device to the core of the Galaxy for me in case of emergency. What I would do in the center of the Galaxy I have no idea? If you have ever been there either in your soul body or in some type of ship or however, it is not the kind of place one wants to be in a physical human body for a variety of reasons. So though I'm very greatful for Leisure7 I mostly just watch the news in it and use the generator to keep the 2 deep cycle batteries charged with the onboard generator or the main engine so I can watch the news. Or I exercise my dogs in the green belt in the large pine forest. I love the ferns and the streams running this time of year on the Pacific Coast.

I started my adventures with Elohar and Ragna in the 1960s or before. It's hard for me to judge. I wasn't a time traveler then, just my Dad and two uncles and maybe my grandfather snuck a time journey in there somewhere too(Uncle Tommy Travels Time).
Anyway, supposedly my Uncle Tommy and even my Dad might still be alive somewhere else in time. I suppose even my Mom might be alive somewhere else and they put a biological clone in her place because the one here doesn't know who she is or talk to me anymore.

A few years back I was walking in the green belt of Pine trees and ferns here where I live and as usual I felt the Awesome(a time travel ship from 7000+ AD) arriving to pick me up. I never know when or really where they will come get me. I've noticed as I've gotten older they don't come as frequently. I guess they consider me semi retired from all that now(since I'll be 60 this year).

Anyway, a few years back one day they picked me and my dogs up while we were watching the Beautiful Pacific Ocean from a nice view spot in the forest. It's actually pretty easy for them. The ship can appear to be anything from a cloud to another plane to even a tree, truck or car as far as other people are concerned. If they want to take me for a visit somewhere in time and space they just let me see them and I get in an off I go. Besides, the dogs love them now and like traveling with them and Elohar and Ragna and the crew all consider them as part of the family.

This particular time they took me back to the Future to what is now the Switzerland-Italian border near the Matterhorn. But in the future on the other timeline now it is called "The New European Union of States". Since on their timeline Asia and North and South America are gone at least for sane genetically whole humans they named their Union of states this in honor of America which no longer exists on their timeline.(Actually, in their timeline it isn't really safe most places on earth below about 5000 feet and the healthiest spot left on earth is Switzerland on their timeline. And yes, they have their currency then called the Euro in honor of the ancient denomination 5000 years in their past.

Anyway, on this journey I was very surprised to be taken to the then European seat of World Government and into the Gigantic Holodeck used for Intergalactic meetings of Governmental heads throughout the known universe.(This way they don't have to travel all the way to earth they can just all appear on giant TV like screens in real time.)
So after greetings between me and King Interlaken I found myself in this Stadium sized
Holodeck for Governmental meetings. My heart was skipping a beat, all this out of the blue was a bit much at my present age without any warning, as usual. Anyway, this time on the Big Screen was the Galactic Sentience. Now this might seem a little odd to some of you but since he considers me a living dream of his (asleep) Grandfather who created the Galaxy, he considers me to be a living incarnation of his Grandfather. Even though I know all this is happening it is still a little surrealistic and scary to me. However, I know the drill and how to be Galactically polite. So I know when to turn it on so to speak.

Anyway, this stadium of people there it turned out was to honor my part in ushering in the new timeline. I'm not really the kind of guy who is a public person. Yes, I can do it when I absolutely have to but generally, I'm at my best in a crisis and I don't like formal attire at all. It always makes me feel like I'm strangling even in the best of situations.

The very first thing that I became aware of was that most of the audience had never met or seen the Galactic Sentience. I thought to myself, "This should be good when half the audience faints from his presence." You see, I had been through this sort of thing before and had barely survived it.

However, just as I was thinking this someone got on the loudspeaker and said, "Ladies and Gentleman and revered children please listen as I have something very important to say. If you look on the back of the seat in front of you, there is a calmative tablet that should keep most of you from fainting when His Holiness the Galactic Sentience appears. You should also be informed now that the Galactic Sentience is not human or even humanoid as many or most of you think." There was a scared murmur that traveled around the stadium. "In fact he is not even what we would call a physical being unless you call someone who is as bright as the sun, physical. Also, I would remind you that likely he will scan every experience you have ever had including your conception back ten generations or so. This is how he continues to be the Galactic Sentience by doing this, you see. So if you have anything important to hide you should leave now."

What I found strange was that absolutely no one left. "Boy," I thought,"These people don't care what they did. They just want to see the leader of our Galaxy no matter what." And they did.

I found a pair of protective glasses and immediately put them on because I had been through this before and didn't want to go blind this time from the experience. Just as I put them on the humming and the bright light of the Galactic Sentience came on screen.

The Galactic Sentience said, "Ladies and Gentlemen and children of earth." I could sense the quaking of the masses but knew that even those who might be unconscious or even dead from the experience already would be brought back to consciousness and even back to life from death if that had occured after the even and would be given something like a DVD type thing for them to watch the whole thing later after they had somewhat recovered from a Galactic version of absolute Culture Shock.

The Galactic Sentience went on. "I am here today to honor one of your own, Jonathan Flow of the 20th and 21st Century here on Earth." At this point King Interlaken and His Oneness on my right and my left each touched one of my arms so I would stand up. So I did. Amazed people who even more amazingly seemed to know who I was stood up and gave me a standing ovation. Now it is me who thought I was going to faint and spoil it all. So I waved and waved until finally the Galactic Sentience in perfect timing saved me and told the audience to sit down. I took my cue and sat down hard before I fainted from the totally unexpected experience.

The Galactic Sentience went on speaking, "You may not know this but Jonathan, King Interlaken, His Oneness and even Arcane are all incarnations of the same soul as my Grandfather who created this Galaxy." I couldn't believe he was telling them about this. For me it was like inviting 100,000 people to my own colonoscopy when he said this. It was very hard to take for me. But I perservered.

"Also, my friends of earth, this same wonderful soul rescued the surviving citizens from Maldek millions of years ago and brought them to earth, that is why His Oneness owns the earth timeline as I gave it to him about 50,000 years in the past here on earth." There was a murmur in the crowd that grew as most people didn't know that there was a 50,000 year old human being present. Even if he had lived in another dimension where humans don't age this was an impossible thing for the audience to believe. If it had been any other being but the ruler of the galaxy they wouldn't have believed it. But in front of this apparently God like being what choice did they have?
Since the Galactic Sentience could read up to a million minds at once he said, "Oh, by the way, I don't consider myself to be a God. It is true my IQ runs into the millions but it is still limited. But I'm still probably one of the top 100,000 beings in intelligence in the whole galaxy and all of the rest are my relatives."

I thought to myself, "If these poor people hadn't taken calmatives they would be in even worse shape than they are now." I looked around the stadium and only about 1 in 4 people were even conscious but they couldn't collapse. The Galactic Sentience was used to this and could prevent 500,000 at a time from collapsing if he had to without batting an eyelash. I knew from personal experience that he would be the worst person to make angry in the galaxy. You would probably survive it but your brain and mind would definitely be different after that! So since I had experienced his full attention on me I had quite a degree of compassion for these poor folks who had no idea at all what they were getting into.

After all this ended we remained on the stage as the audience filed out. I knew there would be more from the look of this. I was right.

There was a very patient look that His Oneness gave me. He knew I wasn't used to this much attention. I finally excused myself so I could use the restroom quickly and splashed some water on my face so I could continue to do this public formal thing.

When I returned so did the Galactic Sentience. Only the highest governmental officials from earth and throughout the galaxy remained now so I knew I was in for it.

What was really odd about all this to me was I couldn't figure out the real reason all this was going on. I wasn't ever a naive person so I knew for sure it wasn't really about me at all. I just hoped I wasn't being offered up as bait to some civilization really jealous of Earth's second timeline. Oh I knew I would probably be protected but it bothered me no one had asked me my permission for all of this. More and more I was feeling like a pawn in all this. Well, after all, my name is Jonathan Flow, so I guess I'll just go with the flow. What other choice did I have?

note: the charactor's name is derived from Jonathan Livingston Seagull and the Science of the Lemurian Flow(a metaphysical state of mind that resembles a devout surfer.) In other words, cosmic, enlightened, intuitive and always in the right place at the right time automatically.

So here are all the big guns and little me, all 6 foot 5 inches of me. The Galactic Sentience began again. "Government representatives of all Galactic Governments and beyond. I know some of you aren't too happy with this new timeline and in the future I will set up one or more special meetings to address your issues with the second timeline. However, Jonathan Flow, here is a private citizen who at this point in time and space reminds me the most of my grandfather who created this galaxy.Because of this I designate him as a "representative and quaint rustic" and representative of the pioneering qualities my grandfather and grandmother exibited when they created this galaxy to give us all a good place to live so we all didn't have to just die in the void beyond all the galaxies like many beings still do.

A chill went up my spine as I was beginning to get what was going to happen to anyone here who pissed him off in regard to me. Obviously, I was more than pissed off to have been put in this position. From the tones of the voices of those who were offended I knew that they were pretty upset too. No amount of formal mumbo jumbo could hide their displeasure.

Soon, all the upset off planet governmental officials were either gone or had turned off their long distance live TV screens. I don't think any one of them had failed to miss the veiled threat of drifting alone in an airless void environment for eternity without their families nearby if they harmed me. Knowing how this all works they would all work like crazy to keep me alive because of it.

Finally, I was left with all my "relatives"(that's what I called them)I was left with Arcane, His Oneness, King Interlaken, Elohar and Ragna and the rest. At this point my Grandson, the Galactic Sentience presented me with Leisure7 and showed me what it could really do. It was a fully weaponized emergency vehicle operated by Purple Delta 7, who is a robotic sentient who is fully weaponized. Since I don't want the details I don't really want to share them here either. Let's just say I'm galactically protected and fully time protected. I'm glad all this started when I was able to adapt to such overwhelming experiences when I was young.

Again here alone now with my relatives I heard His Oneness say, "Everyone! Don't take off your protective glasses. His Holiness is coming physically here in real time now that all the others have gone. A chill automatically went up my spine and I was actually frightened remembering when His Holiness, The Galactic Sentience had "eaten" me(enveloped me within his star like form to more fully experience and comprehend me much more fully than I actually can myself as a human being.

So, I found myself quaking in my boots a little. Luckily, I didn't wet my pants.However, as His Holiness showed up, this time he took on a recognizable form that looked sort of like a relative of Arcane's and mine(and the rest of us there). He stood about 6 feet tall and laughed as he formed as an apparent 6 foot tall human amongst us. He said, "It's good to be with so many dreams of my grandfather, so I decided to look like you so there would be no danger of any of you going temporarily blind.

I found this disturbing in a whole new way. I find I can never get used to any being having this much power. It is just too disorienting. It is even stranger to think that our group soul as his grandfather trained this Galactic Sentience as our grandson. However, I don't fully contain that memory or do I fully remember creating this galaxy. So,life goes on.

His holiness just pointed and suddenly there was Leisure 7 with my old robotic sentient bodyguard Purple Delta 7. Sensing my discomfort she came up and gave me a hug. I felt much better after that somehow. She pointed to the door of Leisure7. She seemed to want me to sit in the rear of the apparent motor home so I did.

I heard his Holiness say, "We'll be back in a few seconds as he climbed into the driver's seat and Purple Delta 7 wearing Sargent Mark III on her lapel as a decoration. I personally thought the Sargent's humor quite effective as he had become for the moment an electronic sign that burst "Hi!" in bright letters over delta's heart. I knew he was trying to cheer me up knowing I would be a little scared right now. As Purple Delta 7 and Sargent Mark III over her heart sat in the passenger seat, she said, "We're going to the Galactic Core." As I stiffened knowing this would be fatal in a physical body, she said, "You physical body will be automatically converted into an energy form much like the one you were in when you first visited His Holiness while soul traveling there in 1970. I nodded not feeling much like talking right then because I had no idea where this was all going and then the next instant I was standing in space somewhere and the three of us(four with Sargent Mark III)sort of looked like ghosts.

I said, "Where are we?" His Holiness said,"We are in the Galactic Core." He said this in such a matter of fact way it calmed me somehow and I accepted it like I would if I was dreaming while asleep at night. He said, "Do you see what is called the Galactic Core which some call a black hole over there?" I said, "Yes." He went on, "Well. That is the main feeding ground for all your progeny, Grandfather." As I looked more carefully, I saw what looked like many stars and nebulas slowly growing brighter as he said this. I could sense them all greet me reverently like a long lost revered relative. I felt tears in my eyes at this. I had the feeling of having been alive a long long time---billions of years now. My life as Jonathan was just about like lighting a match for a few seconds in my long long life. I was overwhelmed.

Well, you can guess I survived all that and now I'm back to my financially secure semi retired life on the Northern California Coast with pine tree and redwood forests overlooking the amazing Pacific Ocean. It is hard after that level of excitement to again take my life seriously back here on planet earth. Also, I now remember more after communing with all my Star, nebula and constellation relatives. Many of you are their dream incarnations too.

Consciousness is the Basis of Everything

Consciousness is the Basis of Everything. This has always been my experience in life. Though I respect scientists and the scientific method I think they are barking up the wrong tree. For example, the Big Bang Theory, to me is like a bunch of kids going to a bomb crater and studying the hole and the residue without realizing that one or more beings actually did this somehow. For those of you who don't believe in God I'm not necessarily saying that "God" did this. I believe it is possible that one or more beings who are based say as some form of energy that either we know of or don't know yet or some type of plasma being that for example might live in a star or nebula may have created our galaxy, for example. What if, some type of energy plasma life form that fed on the conversion of matter to antimatter or the other direction from antimatter to matter, create Galaxies as a residue of their feeding?

If something like this is true then a type of consciousness resident in one or more beings caused Galaxies to happen and they just might be what is left after those beings got through turning dark matter into matter so they could feed on it.

In another article I was trying to convey an eastern philosophical and religious concept of Spontaneous Arisal from Voidness. I equated spontaneous arisal to what happens when one looks at another being and falls in love and in the course of things a child is created. Where did that love come from? It wasn't there a moment before? Also, where did that child come from? It didn't exist before the spontaneous arisal of those two people's love for one another.

When science chose to rule out consciousness because of offending religious people as to where all things came from they lost a major opportunity to study the cause of everything--Consciousness. Like I said, it doesn't have to be God or a god that caused everything or anything. However, to rule out the idea that conscious beings who don't breathe air and have to live on a planet somewhere created everything is very foolish to my way of thinking!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Fourth State of Consciousness

The Fourth State of Consciousness.

There appears to be 3 initial states of consciousness according to this system. They are 'waking, dreaming and deep dreamless sleep.

The fourth state in this system is called sometimes the 'turiya' state.

I'm going to quote from "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert 2/3 down page 196.
"Here's how you can tell if you've reached the 'turiya' state--if you're in a state of constant bliss. One who is living from within 'turiya' is not affected by the swinging moods of the mind, not fearful of time or harmed by loss. 'pure, clean, void, tranquil, breathless, selfless, endless, undecaying, steadfast, eternal, unborn, independant, he abides in his own greatness," say the Upanishads, the ancient Yogic scriptures, describing anyone who has reached the turiya state. The great saints, the great Gurus, the great prophets of history-- they were all living in the turiya state, all the time. As for the rest of us, most of us have been there, too, if only for fleeting moments. Most of us, even if only for two minutes in our lives, have experienced at some time or another an inexplicable and random sense of complete bliss, unrelated to anything that was happening in the outside world. One instant, you're just a regular Joe, schlepping through your mundane life, and then suddenly--what is this?--nothing has changed, yet you feel stirred by grace, swollen with wonder, overflowing with bliss. Everything-- for no reason whatsoever--is perfect." endquote

So each of us has touched this fourth state for moments or longer. However, the goal of all us could be if we wish to attain this state all the time. My personal experience is that one must be emotionally detached from the outcome of all events at least in an emotional sense to permanently attain this state. At the same time one would deal both rationally and spiritually with all events in a rational way while at the same time having "gone beyond" and not concerned with the outcomes of any events emotionally. This does not mean one wouldn't be mentally present and concerned. It would mean that somehow one is so 'at one with' the God state that 'everything is perfect' would be an ongoing 24 hour a day experience. I have met many people in my life that appeared to have reached this state at least while they were in my presence.
I therefore cannot vouch for what they were like when I wasn't around them. So I believe it is possible to get to this state and to maintain it 24 hours a day both in theory and in reality.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hi-I started this other site in 1999. I would rate it pg-13 because it is very philosophically adult in asking questions that might scare some young people. It is about my research into all the aspects of life that I have conducted since I was young that I felt it was appropriate to talk about online. I'm mostly interested in what will cause the enlightenment(including philosophical, scientific, and spiritual) that will help cause the human race to survive and not just go extinct during the next 1000 years. The Dalai Lama once said that world peace starts within each person. So as each person takes responsibility for their part in causing world peace they also contribute as responsible citizens of Earth to creating a healthier environment for all beings on earth. This website is devoted mostly in my endeavor to become enlightened and passing on whatever I learned so the next generation doesn't have to struggle quite as much as I did to move forward. Each generation should help the next ones move forward. In this way we actually might just all get enlightened and not go extinct as a life form on earth.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spontaneous Arisal from Voidness

Spontaneous Arisal from Voidness. This way of thinking is basically not a western way of thinking. I first encountered this concept while studying Tibetan Buddhism and specifically, Padmasambhava, who was a Mahasiddha in the Buddhist tradition who was said to have spontaneously arisen from a Lotus Flower in Origen.(Some Tibetans believe Origen is Oregon or Oregon Territory)

In fact since I was born in Seattle which is a part of old Oregon Territory I sometimes wonder that since my first spiritual Teacher's spiritual name was Lotus and since I was blessed by her when I was 2 months old in Mt. Shasta that---- well you can guess the rest. Time travel-- you know. Of course that is all wishful thinking--- or is it?

I'm being playful so at this point it might be helpful if you are laughing. I have always found that Tibetan Lamas and Native American Medicine men like the old one in Thunderheart, the movie, know when to laugh. They tend to laugh when our souls need it most whether we get it or not. Laughing at existence itself is when one understands that Nothing is actually real. That is the joke they laugh about. Everything is temporary. That is the ultimate joke of the enlightened. The western mind often is offended by this ongoing inside joke.

I had an amazing experience recently. I was cross country skiing from Bunny Flats down to 7 mile curve on my favorite cross country ski route on Mt. Shasta. I was getting exhausted because I had skied downhill at the Mt. shasta lifts the day before with my daughter while she snowboarded. As I fell down from encountered frozen snowmobile tracks while being a little too tired to recover from the terrain change one of my knees was deep in the snow. I decided to just lay there a while and experience the mountain. I let the mountain in. It was like the mountain said to me, "Welcome home Fred". Tears came to my eyes as I was a mile from the nearest person and 7000 feet in elevation as I felt the full power and peace of the mountain drift into my soul. I felt this primal ancient power once again fully. For some reason I decided to go into a vipassana mode and ask "What is the source of my thoughts?" I experienced complete voidness and clarity. Out of this voidness a voice of my soul said clearly, "I am the source of my thoughts." This had never happened before in this way to me. I realized I had entered into a deeper form of enlightenment than I had touched ever before. So I asked again, "What is the source of my thoughts?" This time it was so powerful I almost passed out. A great booming voice said in my inner voice, "I am spontaneous arisal from Voidness." I went, "Wow!" It's happened!

I have thought of a way for all of you to understand this. If you imagine that when you see someone for the first time and instantly fall in love with them (often for life) that moment is "spontaneous arisal from voidness". Then if you have a child with that person that child has spontaneously arisen from voidness. This is a way for you to understand this concept. Before you met that person where was your love? Your love came from nothing one moment until it was there and then you made a child. Where did your love and that child come from? What caused this change?

Whether it is your soul spontaneously arising from Voidness or a love that spontaneously arises for a person that you have a child with it is all spontaneous arisal from voidness.

Whether your soul spontaneously arises from voidness once or a million times, each time your soul arises into being and manifestation because it wants to. All beings manifest originally in joy the first time and often millions of times after that.

Likewise, each of our attaining the different stages of enlightenment happen instantaneously like when we fall in love and have a child. It is instantaneous and relatively permanent in that sense.

Why I Write about Esoteric Experiences

Why I Write about Esoteric Experiences. Since one of the God Given Gifts I received at birth was seeing the future and not only seeing the future but seeing what will happen when people are about to make different decisions in their lives and seeing what each of the outcomes will bring I find myself in a predicament. This is my predicament. I see that if people don't change certain kinds of ways the human race will be extinct within 1000 years. I think I'm not alone in seeing this. However, unlike most people I can see specifically what will happen given any given set of individual and group decisions. I write to save the human race from extinction.

There are some of you who might say to me, "Revealing what you reveal about esoteric experiences to the uninitiated is dangerous. I say to them, "If someone doesn't do what I'm doing there will be NO human race left to save from extinction so I am taking a great risk in sharing what I share in the hope that some of you will understand and take the ball and move forward where I left off in this lifetime and save all our progeny from extinction and horrible lives before then.

Right now I have relatively good health and what Tibetan Buddhists call "The Leisure to Practice" which means I have wealth, health and the inclination to delve deeply into the mysteries of life, God, Science, and enlightenment. I also have the inclination to share what I find can be shared with you in this way.

Hopefully, what will happen from all this is that you won't have to make many of the mistakes I made in moving toward saving both myself and all mankind and all beings everywhere from horrible lives. Instead it is my deepest hope that you will be one of many who will take over where I left off and save us all as human beings and help us all become something better and greater than we presently are!

I do not wish to offend any of you. However, I believe that the concept of Armageddon is not a useful one for mankind. I believe it is only a wish for death caused by the misery of many people's lives. If you can imagine how awful and miserable most people's lives were when the Bible was first written then you can imagine just how psychologically twisted one had to be to survive then. Even now, surviving past 30 is counterintuitive and counter to logic. The only way I made it past 25 was I had a son and that gave me reason to live on so he could have a better life than I did. Later I had a daughter and then another daughter and along the way raised two step kids and fostered two God Daughters through college and into careers.

So what I'm saying is that Armageddon comes from psychologically damaged ancient people whose lives were just so miserable that they had a psychotic episode fantasy about the end of the world to give them peace. That is what I believe Armageddon is all about.

So the survival of the human race on earth is a good thing and Armageddon is a bad thing. Individual Armageddons might move an individual being to enlightenment or death or whatever brings that tortured soul peace. However, Group Armageddon only extincts the human race and ends the possibility of there being any more humans on earth unless you believe in time travel or something like that.

I believe it is a duty that all of us have to our children and all of our progeny into the future to help create a world that they actually might want to live in. My writing is about DOING THIS through myself and all of you hundreds, then thousands and millions into the future.


Monday, February 18, 2008

The Burning Bush

The Burning Bush. Last night I was watching Prince of Egypt, a cartoon on the life of Moses by Steven Spielberg. As usual when it came time for the burning bush I was extremely moved because my experience of it on Mt. Shasta in 1970 was just like it is depicted in Prince of Egypt. So whenever I watch it I am likely moved to tears from the experience at that point.

It was between 3am and 4 am on my way up from Horse Camp Lodge to Lake Helen. I saw a light and thought a fellow mountain climber was holding a lantern. So I walked nearer but it wasn't a person. In fact it wasn't anything that I had heard of or seen before. The only description I have found is how the burning bush is described. I have tried to describe it many times to people over the years and probably the clearest description is "what it looked like when people in Star Trek used their transporter from the ground to the ship(only it just stayed there lit like that for a long long time).

I telepathed with it and what I thought it said was "I am not here for you. You can only stay a short time with me or you will be harmed by being so close to me." So I stayed mesmerized by the experience until it said, "You must go now. Any more time with me won't be good for you."

However, today after I skied from Bunny Flats to 7 mile curve on Everitt Memorial Highway on Mt. Shasta, my wife who is very intuitive started asking me questions which brought up from my subconscious clarifications of many things and many experiences with a clarity that I did not understand as fully before.

Among them was that I realized what this God Presence"The Burning Bush" had been saying was, "I am not here for you alone" This has a completely different connotation than I received at age 22. What I see now was that it was empowering me not only for me but for all the beings I would contact throughout my life in any way. God was coming through to change all the lives I became aware of in any way.

I had two experiences with God in 1970. Both profoundly changed my life in such a way that I no longer even saw myself as the same person anymore. It wasn't that the universe had changed but being around God made me see the universe more like God does all the time. And that wasn't like anything I had ever been taught anywhere in my life growing up.

Many wise men and women have said down through the centuries, "You don't really get to know God by reading about him or even talking about him but only really through experiencing God." This is my experience too. Experiencing God kills who you were before as that person can't survive being around God. So then you become a conscious child of God in earnest and start to think and feel the way God does because that is what God wants.

However, my experience wasn't this easy. My experiences remind me in some ways like the suffering of the prophets trying to get it right for God.

After experiencing the burning Bush I noticed that night as I continued to climb Mt. Shasta to the top as that was what the plan was the day before. I told the other three young guys I was climbing with who later caught up to me that I had had a very profound mystical experience and was going to climb at my own pace to try to absorb what had happened to me. They understood as I knew them from the church I had been raised in. So I climbed to the top of Mt. Shasta after seeing and communicating with the Burning Bush on Mt. Shasta.

As the weeks and months passed I noticed all my spiritual gifts started muliplying. I didn't know what to do about this. Finally, I started to realized that the holy spirit was growing exponentially in my body. I could track all these things back to the Burning Bush. However, this time I started to become afraid because my arms started feeling all the time like they were on fire. It was very painful almost like I was holding my arms over the gas burners on a stove. I intuitively knew the next step would be that my body would catch on fire unless I figured out what to do. I finally prayed to God to not burn me alive and kill me. Within one week of this prayer the burning stopped and everything settled down. I realized that this was what was supposed to happen, the holy spirit was going to increase in power until I begged it to stop because I was going to die from the extreme increase in vibration. After this though I was pretty shaken up by this experience I began to notice that whatever I asked God for powerfully I would be given. Since this scared me (terrified me!) because after all I'm just a human being who had seen and experienced God twice the same year 1970 I vowed to myself that I would only ask God for things in relative emergencies.

The reason for this is every time I asked God for something all aspects of my life changed including most of the people in it and where I lived jobs etc. every time I asked God for something. I found this disorienting for everything in my life to change except for my parents and a few close friends so I became very careful what I asked God for after that.

Though it is similar to an old saying how I wrote about this is:

"Be careful what you desire
you may get it"

The old saying is: Be careful what you wish for.

However, the way the universe operates in actuality I think what I wrote is more useful.

As I grew older and wiser if I found myself desiring something that wouldn't likely create a good outcome I learned to change my attention away from that desire to something more useful and good for myself and everyone else. This works.

note:Added March 6th 2008. quote from the book "Supernatural California" by Preston Dennett on the upper right of page 29 in box begin quote:"In 1932 Los Angeles reporter Edward Lanser(Lancer) was assigned to do a story on the legendary Lemurians of Mount Shasta. Lanser had heard the many accounts and wanted to investigate first hand. he climbed up into the foothills of the mountains where many of the reports had originated. To his amazement, he actually saw unexplained bright lights flashing in the wilderness. He returned for several evenings and was amazed to see more of the mysterious lights. He asked several local residents and was told that an advanced race of bings actually live under the mountain. They told him hat the Lemurians had supernatural powers. They were able to blend into the scenery and remain undetected. They told him that in the early 1930s a forest fire on Mt. Shasta was mysteriously extinguished by unknown forces. Also, they believed that nobody is able to penetrate into the mountain without being invited." endquote.

Because the above quote is from the 1930s it may be less credible to you. However, I experienced what I experienced and if it had been you, you would have no other choice but to feel strengthened by reading this just like I do.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Soul Travel 101

Soul Travel 101. Though I had prayed to God to let me consciously Soul Travel starting at age 17 or 18(I had been flying places in nighttime dreams most of my life). There also was one of hundreds of deja vu's that came true from nighttime dreams. I had learned at a very early age that when a nighttime dream actually happened in real life later it was a very important event and that I should always take notice of the event. These pre-revealed events alway were pivotal on my path to God and enlightenment.

Between ages 5 to 10 years of age I kept having a dream of a bunch of people in their early 20's and late teens with long hair and beards and dressed very different than the 1950's and I kept remembering this dream each time I woke up from it. since it was a recurring dream between it was between 1953(age 5) and around 1958(10 years of age). However, it didn't actually happen in real life until I was about 22 years of age in San Diego. I had taken a couple of years off college to get to understand the world and myself better and had returned to college. I heard about a Course called "Universal Awareness" offered through the Experimental College at Aztec Center at what is now San Diego State University(At that time I think it might have still been called San Diego State College). Then and now I think there are about 20 to 25 thousand students there.

When I attended the "Universal Awareness" class many students like myself were very excited to have a whole group of students with which to explore meditation, Soul Travel, reading auras, healing at a distance, laying on of hands etc. It was a very amazing experience. The class started out with several hundred students. After the first month or so it was narrowed down through attrition to around 50. After the class ended about 25 of us decided to continue meeting every friday night in Balboa park in someone's really cool house. So we all shared whatever experiences we were having and we tried all sorts of experiments to develope the skills each of us were most interested in.

I can remember the night when suddenly I could see everyone's aura and I was pretty amazed by this. Though I was into meditation, visualization and research, others had different motivations and interests. For example, a few of the people who met each other through this group eventually got married. After my experience of seeing everyone's aura in the room I realized that I might be close to consciously being able to soul travel. The group teacher and leader encouraged me in this direction. He was a minister in a local mystical Christian Church in San Diego, California then around 1970. When this group was doing a group "OM" I had my deja vu experience of my recurring dream from ages 5 to 10 years of age. I knew then that I might start consciously soul traveling very soon.

The next week I had a bad cold and my usual remedy if I could afford it as a student was to drive my VW bug to the desert to stay a weekend in a friends cabin to dry up my sinuses and to soak up some sun.

Though I have told this story many times before in print I will share it briefly with you so you know what I'm talking about. In the desert cabin near Yucca Valley California I went to sleep Saturday night early because I wasn't feeling well. However, I got up at around 2 am because I had to go to the bathroom. However, when I went to turn the light on in the bathroom my arm went through the wall instead of turning on the lights. Needless to say I was terrified because I was completely unprepared for this. I struggled to get control of my emotions and made myself think about what one does in a situation like this. I had read you must walk back to your physical body and lay down into it. So that is what I did even though when I saw my body I felt nauseous when I first saw my body and that I wasn't in it. As I lay down into my body my physical body started shaking as I woke up. I was so traumatized that I got up and packed my things and left the desert by 3 am for the San Diego Area where I lived. Two months later I was in my apartment in Rancho Bernardo and I woke up and sat up out of my body. However, this time I wasn't terrified because I was still connected from my hips to my toes to my physical body which was asleep as I looked back at it. But then something I didn't fully understand until recently happened a third body with a completely angelic look on its face wearing the same pajamas that all three of us were wearing walked in my bedroom door. As it lay down into me and then we laid down into my physical body I said, "Thank you God for sharing this with me and preparing me for soul Travel."

I had what I wanted, a complete paradigm shift into scientific soul travel without having a heart attack or dying. I was on my way. God had granted my prayer!

Totally Spent

Totally Spent. I found a very well written opinion article by a UC Berkeley Professor. If interested read it. If you can't call it up any other way it it is called like my blog article: "Totally Spent" in the New York Times Opinion section.

In the article he mentions that an average income for a man in the US is now 12% less adjusted for inflation than it was 30 years ago and that as American incomes depleted in real value over the years people have gone into debt to maintain their lifestyles and with the housing market crash most people's real lives are going into a real decline as to what lifestyle they can maintain except for the extremely rich in our country.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Living with Loss

Living With Loss. I think I was about 8 or 9 years old when the first person I knew well, my 16 year old cousin, died. My cousin Bobby, had driven a car into a house with a full load of friends. He had turned his head to ask if everyone was okay. However, because his neck had broken in the crash the next moment he was gone.

I remember being 8 or 9 and feeling scared and vulnerable because of this. Life never felt as secure again after that.

Later that year I was playing on G hill in Los Angeles with friends and must have gotten heat stroke because everything turned yellow. I couldn't see any color but yellow. So I ran down the hill a mile to where I had left my bike and rode home as fast as I could because I was afraid I was dying. After that, I had a headache for 2 or three days. A year after that after I delivered my Sunday morning newspaper. I delivered them 7 days a week on my bicycle I got home after 6 am from delivering my newspapers. I went back to sleep and woke up after a nightmare on the floor with my mother holding my head and looking really scared. She just said I had had a bad dream but somehow I didn't quite believe her.

I had broken up with my girlfriend when I was age 21 and visited my Grandad for the last time in Seattle. I could see he was concerned about me. I tried to hide my desire for suicide from everyone but after you have lived to 30 or 40 people see right through you. (I realize that now at age 60). He died a month or so later when his wheel bearing froze in his panel truck and went off a cliff into an ice cold stream in Idaho. His wife by then in a rest home said, "The old man left me!" She passed away a couple of years later.

In 1970 my mother sent Nana, her mother that had mostly raised me for my Mom from birth to about 10 or 12. She was literally my nanny from birth to 12 and lived with Mom and Dad and I. Anyway, she sent Nana away to her sisters in Seattle because Nana was 80 and getting hard for Mom to take care of.

In 1978, when I was 30, my mother and I were driving up Interstate 5 and were about at Portland, Oregon when I felt Nana pass on. She was 90. I experienced her emotions of feeling very sad that she wouldn't see us in person before she passed but also feeling so happy to be free of earthly cares at the same time. When I experienced this I had no reference points and couldn't figure out what was happening until I arrived in Seattle and it perfectly interfaced with the exact time she had died. My mother was so destroyed by her loss that I had to be the minister at Nana's memorial service. Since I had experienced Nana's passing with her I didn't feel the same loss as Mom. But still I felt bad that I hadn't seen Nana the last 10 years of her life after she had basically raised me to about 12 years of age. Nana, since she was raised in Scotland had a Scottish brogue when she spoke. Now if you can imagine the brogue she used to say to me, "Now, Freddie, you've got to grow up and be a perfect gentleman. I want to be proud of you. You remember that, will you?" So I grew up and became a gentleman so I wouldn't disappoint Nana, who raised me to be one.

Seven years later my father died. That was the death that destroyed me at age 37. First Dad died and Mom was lost ever after that. She tried to date a man who was a long time friend of Dad and her but she just couldn't get over Dad so that ended fairly soon. Mom never dated again. So for me when Dad died it was very much like I lost them both when he went and Mom always did the exact opposite of whatever important wisdom I could share with her. It was awful.

However, when my mother got pretty old my son lived with her until she got too senile to live with because she would wake him up at 4 am and ask him who that guy was who just walked through the wall. After four or five times my son said being woken up to that insanity at 4 am was just too strange a thing for him to live with. Within about 6 months of that kind of thing she almost burned her apartment down by putting a plastic bowl on the electric stove(which she wasn't allowed to use) and watching the plastic drip down the stove on fire for 24 hours while she prayed for everything to be ok. When my son arrived to this we all knew that was the end of independent living for my mother. I was glad at that point that my wife and son could help me as emotionally putting my mother in a rest home was for me like putting my mother in a jail or mental institution. It was more than I could emotionally bear as her son. She had always been an amazing Mom until my Dad died and I would never forget what wonderful parents I had had. I could never be as good a son as they had been parents to me until Dad died.

Obama, too Good to be True?

Obama, Too good to be true? In my life I have found that those things that are too good to be true usually are. So when I look at Obama, my first reaction is that he is a Bard, A Rock Star, like Bill Clinton. However, unlike Clinton Obama has never been a governor of any state. And, if you will look historically, Governors have always made the best Presidents because they are actually used to running something the size of most countries. So, when I look at Obama I see a black Clinton who doesn't have the redeeming factor of having been a governor for two or more terms. So, likely he will have all the problems in the long run(and more) that Bill Clinton did without his redeeming quality of actually knowing how to govern a country efficiently. No matter what you might say about Bush, he too, having been governor of Texas knew a little bit about governing a country from running Texas. So, what I'm saying is that with 9-11 and a different president the outcome might have been much worse,like the collapse of our democracy.

When I heard Bill Clinton say,"I've waited all my life to be able to vote for a black man or a woman for president." These are my sentiments too. However, who is the best person for the job? At this point I don't have a good answer for that. For example, I have always respected McCain because of his independant maverick ways. I can identify with that. However, if he picked Huckabee as Vice President I could never vote for them because I think anyone who believes in a literal interpretation of the Bible, like Huckabee is an ignorant fool. It would be like Me saying something now like, "I love God!" . Then we must wait 2000 years and translate what I have said through about 10 different languages to the point where "I love God" becomes "He likes Dieties sometimes". If you have ever got about 10 people in a circle and one person whispers in the next ones ear all around the circle when you hear what you said it wasn't what you said or meant at all. So this is why people who literally interpret any Bible or religious document more than 100 years after it was uttered and ten translations later I can only believe are ignorant fools.

So, when I see Obama, I think to myself. This man knows how to inspire people and keep them from potentially killing themselves. However, that doesn't run a country and pay its bills and keep the people in jobs and maintain our democracy. All that does is make people feel good. I'm afraid that even though he looks now to be too good to be true, that is a real problem. Because anything that looks too good to be true usually is.