Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Terrorist Strategy

The Terrorist Strategy. Osama Bin Laden's strategy was NEVER to militarily defeat us. Their long term strategy was to scare us through terrorism into bankrupting ourselves militarily by chasing them around the world while they appear to be good citizens wherever they are. In other words it is a classic guerrila war being fought against us.

The problem is:The US was terrorized and the people got scared and wanted revenge and now if the US is not careful we may go bankrupt as a nation spending both blood and money we no longer have available to continue to bankrupt our nation.

This is far scarier than when we went to Viet Nam from 1965 to 1974. Then we were a creditor nation but that war turned us into a debtor nation by the mid 1980s. In other words the only reason America didn't go bankrupt after the Viet Nam War was that everyone in the free world was more afraid of the Soviet Union than America. This is no longer the case now in 2008. Now America is one of the scariest nations on the world stage(at least to most of the world). So if America collapsed the free world would not care as much now as it did when the Soviet Union existed. So they might not bail us out this time from our mistakes in investing in a war like Iraq and Afghanistan. They might just let our nation go into severe recession and then depression while dealing with their own problems. This would only change when other nations needed the US to stand up to China or Russia once again. This is the really scary REALPOLITIC of this era we now live in.

So, for America to NOT go completely bankrupt we must rethink our strategy because the one we are presently using will completely destroy our democracy the way things are going.

If we are going to fight this Terrorist war we need to do it with 1/10 to 1/100 the money we are now spending. We are the opposite of efficient right now in this area and without a real change we will not survive as a nation financially.

The real problem we are dealing with now is not really the terrorist war at all. It is all the companies making money hand over fist on this war worldwide. Their special interests supercede the interests of the American people to financially survive. This is a real problem of "The Cart being Before the Horse". No longer do special interests answer to the people. Instead the people are going bankrupt by unrealistic financial demands of a completely unbridled world military industrial complex.


A good example of this would be if a teenage child of yours stole your credit cards and had the same name as you. $50,000 later you are bankrupt. There is simply no real difference between your teenage child doing this than the special military interests of our nation stealing our people blind into bankruptcy. The problem is: WE'RE THERE NOW!

Our kid(military industrial complex) HAS stolen all our money and we NOW are bankrupt as a nation! Where do we go from here? The problem is: I don't see any presidential candidate now who actually has a chance of winning who is going to change this bankrupt strategy! PUlling out of Iraq and Afghanistan might not work in the long run. However, having many less troops there might. For example no more than 20,000 to 30,000 in Iraq and 75% less in Afghanistan than are there now also. We might be able to afford this many there for 50 years like we have on the South Korean Border with Iraq and Europe and Japan helping finance our troops there in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since we tend to have the best trained and equiped military in the world others should help us pay for our military as we can't afford financially to go it alone anymore! We send the soldiers and equipment and others need to do their share to help pay for it. As long as all the soldiers in these environments are volunteer soldiers and treated right and paid right this could continue indefinitely for another 50 years if necessary. As other Afghanistan type of Taliban situations crop up in other parts of Africa, middle east or Southeast Asia small mutinational forces will be necessary to keep things in check.

However, what one country or even 25 countries can do for 5 years is very different than they can realistically do for 10,25, or 50 years or longer!

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