Thursday, February 28, 2008

Huckabee and Obama

Huckabee and Obama. I'm an independant and a moderate and I vote what is best for my country long term and not just selfishly for myself. I vote so our democracy survives and so it can continue to be a beacon of hope for mankind in a dreadful world. I cannot vote for Huckabee even if he were vice president because he takes the Bible literally and I don't consider that logical or rational.

Second, I can't vote for Obama because he is too foreign. Though he was born in the United States too many things about him feel un-american. I wish, because he is the first black man to come this close to being president that he was someone I could vote for. I just don't think he would make a good president, just a good orator or minister. Just as Martin Luther King made a good Saint, I think he would have made an awful president. Same thing.

I also think McCain is too old and Hillary is too negative. I have voted in every election since 1968. I don't know. In order to be true to my conscience I might have no choice but to sit this one out. I wish I could feel enthusiastic but I don't.

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