Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Suburban Girl: The Movie

Suburban Girl: The movie. I rented this movie from Netflix recently. However, it wasn't what I had expected. However, since it was about editors of a major Book publishing house I found it interesting as a life long writer.

One of the quotes during the movie was the following:

begine quote: "Most editors are failed writers
but so are most writers"
T.S. Eliot

I think this quote is true for writers as one as a writer is trying to do the impossible. To convey deep meaning with words that are in the end only symbols to represent reality. In some ways being a writer is as impossible a task as trying to convey the fulness of the experience of having a baby, making love or flying a plane without actually doing it first. It cannot be done in any useful way. Herein lies the real rage and frustration of all writers. For some, writing is as important as breathing. I am still alive at 60 after becoming a writer around age 9 because I am one of these.

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