Thursday, February 28, 2008

And Then the Angels Came

And Then the Angels Came. It will be ten years ago Fall 2008. In some ways it was the single most traumatic event of my life except for birth. I woke up in Fall 1998 in my home on the northern Pacific Coast of California. My lips and arms felt numb. I had trouble thinking very clearly. Since my legs still worked I stumbled into the bathroom and noticed my lips were a bluish color. I thought, "This isn't good. I hope I'm not dying." Then I walked into the living room to call my son to take me to the emergency room. I sensed that if I called an ambulance the adrenaline might kill me from that experience so I called my son instead. After I called him I noticed as I sat on the couch in our living room were lights appearing. I decided that I was dying and that the angels had come for me so I prepared for exiting my body for the last time. However, the Angels that I saw as white oval lights abut 3 to four feet tall around me in a circle said in unison, "You are not dying. Things will get better now!" They said this in unison many times over and over until they were sure I knew I wasn't supposed to die now. I finally believed them and stopped my death preparations. However, being around angels is one of the most euphoric and intoxicating experiences one can ever have. So I was spiritually intoxicated with their presence for many hours and to some degree never stopped being amazed by the experience even now.

My son soon showed up and I told him about the angels and he looked worried. He too, is intuitive like me and thought I might be dying as I was so very pale when he came to get me. At the hospital I talked to the doctors and nurses about the angels because I was intoxicated by their presence still. I couldn't really seriously think of anything else.

For the next few days I was tested for various heart ailments but outside of an irregular heartbeat that would go into arrythmia periodically(arrythmia as I understand it is when the heart beats hundreds of times each minute but isn't really pumping right so one tends to feel lightheaded and sometimes pass out when this happens. Since the doctors couldn't diagnose what was wrong with me for 7 months and only then through the process of elimination decided that I had had a heart virus I had to allow myself to faint from this problem many times as panicking as some people do is fatal. Since I knew panic was fatal I went into a disconnection meditation taught to me by Tibetan Lamas so I could pass out without panicking. Two doctors of mine had relatives who had died from a heart virus because they were not able to stop their panic and simply and peacefully pass out like I did many many times over the next few months.

As you can imagine this was very difficult to do over and over again but I felt I owed it to my family to stay alive so I was a good soldier so to speak even though the will to do this was very extreme.

I had an experience tonight of what this experience of Angels was really about. For a long time I had prayed for the leisure to practice. In fall 1998 I was given the leisure to do my spiritual practices. However, I didn't fully realize this until 7 months later when my doctors told me that I might live until 80 or more since I already had to retire and change my life completely in Fall 1998.

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