Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Agers

New Agers.People have called me a New Ager. However, I just call myself open minded. Or more accurately,"I am open to the possibility that almost anything is possible." However, this does not mean that I'm naive. In fact I tend to be cynical in the extreme if I meet a Pollyanna, male or female. (A Pollyanna is positive and looks on the bright side no matter what).

My normal response always comes from "Prepare for the worst but hope for the best".(This is how all the survivors thought who settled the western United States 200 years ago and didn't die). I think this comes from almost dying multiple times from age 2 to age 15, first from Whooping cough where I would cough until I turned blue and faint over and over again to having childhood epilepsy from ages 10 to 15 where every 6 months I would be having a nightmare in my dreams while asleep and it would become real and I would almost die and then wake up shaking with blood coming out of my nose or mouth. I would often shake in terror after I came out of it for an hour or two, usually at 2am to 4 am in the morning.

So after all that bullshit when people tried to get me to believe in fairy tale religions I would only do so so I could just stay alive another day!

I'm trying to get across that even though I am a spiritually gifted person that I have survived things that most people either couldn't survive or wouldn't survive and that I am not someone to take lightly. Because of what I have survived you want me as your friend. Let's put it that way.

So I have many New Ager friends because they tend to be the most intelligent and wealthiest people in the United States.(Do the math and demographics if you don't believe me!) There is something about the educational level bachelors, Masters or PHD
that you see in the hands of so many open minded New Agers that is amazing to watch.
It is as if the complete open mindedness of New Agers makes them perfect Entrepreneurs and many of the most innovative and productive ideas of the last 100 to 200 years have come from these kinds of open minded yet well educated and well connected people in America and Europe. If there is a place where these kinds of people congregate it tends to be Los Angeles and San Diego area, San Francisco and the Bay area, Seattle area and the Portland, Oregon area. These are probably the biggest centers for this particular brand of free thinking that creates fast progress for the survival of all the human race on earth right now!

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