Friday, September 30, 2011

The Jet Lag trick

Note: This only works if you are going to be in a specific non-home time zone more than a week or so. So about 2 weeks or more in a time zone very different than your normal one. So, for example I just flew through last night to Europe and found myself at 63 pretty messed up because I just don't sleep on planes at all. However, it was pretty cool to wake up and be over Greenland in the middle of the night. I reached out with my intuitive senses and experienced all the wild life like polar bears, arctic foxes, and sea life in this area and felt all its wildness and primalness this far north. The Boeing 777 that I flew on had individual flat screens like a slightly smaller version of Ipad with a functional touch screen with individual movies and TV programs that you can pause or run by yourself including music. All with individual headphones. They are built into the top back of the seat in front of you as you fly. Every passenger had one in Economy and first class had what looked to be like 20 inch flat screens with couch or bed to lounge on. Unfortunately, my travel agent neglected to book economy plus because I'm 6 foot 5 inches tall (6 foot 4 and 1/2 inches without shoes or sandals on). If someone comes back quick with their seat it could easily break one or both of my knees while flying if I'm not flying in Economy plus.

The jet lag trick is started now by flights to europe by airlines sending you there usually overnight which starts the shift to another time zone 4 to 12 hours away from your own. In Europe it is usually 8 to 9 hours different than California for example.

So, here is the trick (one of many). When you get to your destination rather than be messed up for about 3 days coming and 3 days coming home try forcing yourself to sleep the first 15 hours in your new country. The alternative is usually awful as I first found out in 1999 when I tried to drive without doing this in Scotland without doing this first. My 22 year old daughter taught us this trick two years ago when we went to Paris about this same time of year. By the way, if you are traveling to London it is the hottest for this time of year right now for about 100 years. And you are sure to see many people with very white legs in shorts that likely would never wear them otherwise. So, if you are coming to England or Europe don't just bring cold weather clothes remember your shorts and sandals too or think about buying some here for about the next week or so. It was about 85 Degrees Fahrenheit  or more in London yesterday.

How Flexible is Life?

begin quote from October 2011 Popular Science article regarding arsenic based bacteria from Mono Lake in California:

"Wolf Simon started boosting the arsenic (to some of the bacteria samples from Mono Lake in California), wondering how much the bacteria could tolerate. As she steadily brought the level up, ultimately to 500,000 times the EPA regulated level for safe drinking water, she began wearing a second pair of gloves. She says that every day she entered the lab she expected to find the bacteria dead. But it continued to grow.

Thinking that the results might be an error, the team repeated the experiment multiple times. 'We were pretty self critical the entire time,' she says. But after six trials, GFAJ-1 seemed clearly able to survive and reproduce using arsenic instead of phosphorus. The question was: how? " end quote from Popular Science Magazine page 51 October 2011.

The implications of this experiment being replicated 6 times with the same results here on earth are really amazing. This makes one wonder what other bacteria or forms of life exist in extreme places here on earth in very cold or very warm drier places, in otherwords "What kinds of life exists here that we have simply not noticed yet here on earth for one reason or another. So, when scientists try to bury experiments like these it is like trying to bury neutrinos who travel faster than light. I personally have no doubt that science as we know it is still in its infancy in multiple directions both regarding life here on earth and beyond. It is important to not be so close minded that one cannot see how small our knowledge at present here on earth is. There was a Clint Eastwood saying that addresses this as Dirty Harry, "A Man's got to know his limitations".

Jet Lag

If you are over 50 years of age and have ever flown from San Francisco to London you know it is sort of an ordeal, first because of jet lag and second because you are going to be flying (usually through the night). So you wind up there hoping you can keep your act together long enough to get into your hotel room and then sleep until you can acclimatize to be 8 hours ahead of your normal schedule in California on a regular basis as long as you are in the British Isles and 9 hours difference if you are in Paris or other European destinations. So, basically as wonderful as it is to go to Europe to See the old country you have to be prepared for the jet lag both going and coming back home.

I can remember when I was not 63 like now and only about 50 and just having recovered and survived a heart virus. At that time it was just me with my 80 year old mother and my then 10 year old daughter flying all together alone to London and then to Edinburgh, Scotland. I wanted to show my mother (before she died) where her mother and father grew up in Clydeband and Ayre near Glasgow, Scotland. When we got to England I was surprised that my 80 year old mother was about 5 times as much trouble dealing with than my 10 year old daughter so I was pretty stressed but still coping. But by the time we had changed flights to go to Edinburgh I was sort of a mess and knew it. Then we landed in Edinburgh and I rented a car and was very very grateful to have booked a hotel near the airport so all I had to do was to get our (I think Volvo Stationwagon) load our stuff into it and go get into our Edinburgh Airport Hotel. I then tried to get us all to sleep and this worked for several hours until I got up about 4 in the morning and started trying to drive our rental car towards Glasgow. This was sort of a mistake because the jet lag combined with everything else made me kind of scary when shifting a manual shift car on the left while driving on the right side of the car and driving on the left side of the road and then trying to go through a reverse (compared to U.S. roundabouts) roundabout. After almost killing us all several times I realized this was not going to be as easy as I once thought.

So, if you are planning to drive anywhere in the British Isles take a couple of days to adjust so you all stay alive. Get your internal clock more on British time before you go take on British roads and driving on the left side of the road while sitting on the right side of the car as the driver.

Since we are planning to do this again soon I'm trying to psyche up for it. For after all I have only driven on the left side of the road on three major occasions, once from Katmandu, Nepal to the Indian border in 1985 in December to  Raxaul,  and for about a week in 1999 from Edinburgh up through Glasgow and then further up to Loch Ness, Inverness up through the Cairngorm mountains where people ski in the British Isles. And finally from London over to see Stonehenge and Glastonbury where the Holy Grail was supposed to have been by Joseph of Arimathea possibly with other followers of Jesus in legend. Glastonbury Tull is the legendary Isle of Avalon where many fabled things happened. It is only an island now when it floods but I then in the first 1000 years after Christ it was an  island in the middle of a lake. When I first got within about 20 miles of it and saw and felt it in the distance I experienced the hair on the back of my neck going up as it is an incredible power spot on earth much like the Great Pyramids, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Kailash, The Tetons of Wyoming and various other places. So, if you are an intuitive or care about such things don't forget to experience Glastonbury Tull.

note: To say I drove all the way from Katmandu to Raxaul, India is not totally accurate. I drove part of the way when it is scenic and one follows a large river with suspension walking bridges across it for a long time. In 1985 we were sharing the road with Buses and dump truck size vehicles that were used to haul freight that were usually brightly decorated according to the religion of the driver owner of the hauling truck. However, then the road was simply a one lane paved road and all vehicles fought to have that one road and not to be driven off it into the dirt and rocks both directions. So, a very intense game of chicken was played by all oncoming drivers often with fatal or maiming results. So, I think I only drove a couple of hours in this before my nerves sort of gave out and I let the regular local driver drive again. We were also sharing the road then in 1985 with People driving their water Buffaloes to pastures, Kubota farm tractors with a top speed of 5 to 8 mph with a whole family being towed in a wooden cart ( the tractors reminded me of small rototillers with wheels), Yezdi Indian Motorcycles which often were driven off the road into bushes or trees by the extreme game of road chicken by all vehicles and one averaged about 20 to 25 miles per hour at best. So sometimes you were going 4 miles per hour and sometimes 40. But at that time there were too many chuck holes in the roads to go over 40 and live for most people.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sharing Knowledge

When you share the kind of knowledge that parents or friends or other close relatives share with you with the world, often you allow people who don't have good or kind or knowledgeable relatives or friends to survive their lives. So, if you find yourself with knowledge and wisdom share it if you can so others can even survive wherever they live on earth and beyond. Here are some examples of what my wise relatives and friends shared with me as I grew up and I found to be true as I passed through my life. I'm now 63.

1. First of all don't expect any corporation or government to be there for you all your life. In other words, start your own business or businesses because you really cannot count on anyone else except God in the end. Those that do count on Corporate jobs or government jobs to be there for them throughout their lives often wind up as one of the millions of unemployed during times like these.

2. Whenever possible try to be able to buy or rent the use of 1 acre for every person in your family, hopefully on the same plot of land with good soil and access to water hopefully by a well that has no limits on the amount of water you can pump. Under these conditions, 1 acre of land can usually grow enough food to feed one person year around so no one in your family starves. So, even if your government collapses, you still have 1 acre of land for each member of your family and water to water your crops to eat. You can pump the water with electrical lines running in or by wind power or even by solar power by trickle up into large water tanks when there is no wind but there is sun. then when you want to water your crops you use gravity feed to water them sparingly.

3. Learn to save money for hard times. This is something everyone on earth is learning now. Though the times you live in might be very good, usually every 30 to 50 years we get into cycles like the present one within any country and this time within the whole world.

4. If you live in the U.S. don't count on Social Security or Unemployment compensation being there  for you always. So, one of the ways to deal with this is to pay into social security when you work for wages as everyone else does. However, at the same time always be working towards owning your own business or businesses that you will run as an investment that you do not pay yourself wages for. In this way you are not paying into Social security if it is not going to be there for you. But you also have paid in some working as you did until you owned your own businesses from your late 20s to early 30s. So if Social Security is there when you reach your 60s or 70s, you can collect something even though you are not planning your whole life around it actually being there.

5. Plan your life as if you will have to work throughout your life. By doing this you won't be disappointed if you actually have to work until you die. However, by thinking like this often you will save enough money to retire in style just because you are more realistic about life all the way through it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Teacher and Student

Teacher (of mystical but scientific truths)- Why are you both a child and an adult in the same body?
Student-By choice. I find it to my advantage.
Teacher- Why is that?
Student-I am an adult so I can be ruthless when necessary to survive anything.
Teacher- Then why are you a child?
Student- So I can be creative in all ways so that I can survive.
Teacher- How long will you live?
Student- As long as I need to or as I am needed.
Teacher- How will being the child help you?
Student- I will live as long as it is fun to do so.
Teacher- Then likely you will live a very long time with this combination.
Student- Like Frank Sinatra's song, "And you can survive to a 105 if you're young at heart".
Teacher- Very good grasshopper.

note: I couldn't help but add the last line from the old Kung Fu TV show with David Carradine.
Here is the first Grasshopper dialog from the KUNG FU show:

Kung Fu - grasshopper dialog - YouTube


Armour Thyroid Saved My Life

Note: If you have a hypo-thyroid condition the best treatment that I have found is Armour Thyroid which is from pig thyroid which has no side effect whatsoever other than feeling like you are 20 years old again in your mind which I find wonderful. Unfortunately, it is only obtainable from Canada and England with a doctor's prescription from here in the U.S. now. However, since I am 63 years old I still have the aches and pains of a 63 year old but I also have a dualsport motorcycle now( a Kawasaki KLR 650) which is something that is great on pavement or dirt for a round the world motocycle ride. If you like stuff like this be sure to watch "Long Way Round" with Ewan McGregor and his friend who was in "Emerald Forest" when he was a teenager".

After I almost died from a Heart Virus which I realize now was made susceptible by my having a thyroid deficiency in the first place I began in the year 2000 after I returned from Europe with my 10 year old daughter and mother to get Bronchitis regularly. So, one to three times a year I knew I would have another brush with death every time I got Bronchitis. Thank God for Zithromax, the wide spectrum antibiotic for lung problems like pneumonia and bronchitis and for Sudafed which dries up your lungs. But don't take Sudafed too long for too many days because it will make you begin to hallucinate because one of the ingredients is the same as what is in  Meth, the drug that makes people go permanently nuts and die.

In the year 2000 I was 52 but it wasn't until I was 58 in 2006 that I was telling my German female physical trainer here in the U.S. about my symptoms. Since she had been also trained as a physician's assistant in Germany before she got a green card here in the U.S.  she said, "I think you are hypo-thyroid like me. You are describing all the same symptoms that I had too."

The symptoms are feeling emotionally all over the place a lot of the time and getting cold and chilled easily and getting bronchitis a lot of times each year and not feeling like yourself like you used to feel when you were younger. So, for me, only because I have a very strong will was I able to continue in my life with any normalcy at all. It isn't as bad as having undiagnosed diabetes where your feet and legs might fall off or you might go blind. But one's quality of life deteriorates rapidly and for me it likely is the main reason that my 2nd marriage of 15 years broke up in 1994 when I look back on it now.

So, my physical trainer had me get a T3 and a T4  blood test and sure enough it was hypo-thyroid ism which means that my thyroid glands weren't producing enough thyroid to keep my hormones in balance for everyday living. So, from my point of view now if I hadn't had my thyroid condition diagnosed and treated I would either be dead now at age 63 or wish I was. (One of the two).

So, if you are emotionally all over the place, having chills and getting colds or bronchitis for no reason and unable to deal with things like low blood sugar or fainting from low blood sugar and the like then ask your doctor to allow you to have the T3 and T4 blood  tests for hypo-thyroid ism. There is also a condition where your thyroid gland produces too much thyroid which I believe is called hyper-thyroid ism.

I get my armour thyroid medicine made from pig thyroids from where you can often get almost any drug you need (with a doctor's prescription) for much less than you will pay for it in the U.S. However, you might have to wait 2 weeks to a month for it to get to you from Canada. So be sure that you are stocked up and order enough to last you and then reorder soon enough so you aren't caught short on your medicines. Because now since I can't get a replacement that works for me in the U.S. it can be very problematic if I don't order ahead regularly. So think ahead and plan for the future.

Also, a pig is so close genetically to a human that there really doesn't appear to be any difference at all when you use armour thyroid for this reason and there are never any side effects at all.

Also, being a vegetarian can also contribute to becoming hypo-thyroid if you are a vegetarian for a lot of years. This is even more true if you have Type O blood (sometimes called Caveman Blood because it is the oldest and most primal type of blood). If you are type O like me it is very important that you not be a vegetarian. However, if you are type A I think it is this is the blood type most compatible with being a vegetarian. So because my parents raised me as a lacto ovo vegetarian (lacto is milk and ovo is eggs which were included) it contributed to my having hypo-thyroid ism eventually. However, when I had my heart virus I survived it because I had absolutely the cleanest arteries and veins any doctor or nurse there at Stanford Medical had ever seen. If I had been like most other people I would have died of my heart virus then in 1998 and 1999. So, if your child has type O blood seriously consider not making your child 100% vegetarian. By the way even now I am still about 75% to 95% vegetarian in my present life. In order to get enough protein to function normally above age 50 many vegetarians find they have to eat things like turkey or fish or soy protein supplement or for those not allergic to whey protein like me, whey protein supplement. The single biggest thing to worry about if you are vegetarian is getting enough protein to feed your muscles and brain and calcium to keep your bones strong so they don't break easily once you get past 40 or 50.

Note: Added February 8th 2014:I noticed someone reading this article from 2012. Since then you can now get Armour Thyroid here in the U.S. again so it isn't necessary to get it from Canada anymore unless you prefer to. I used to buy 3 months at a time supply from Canada. But now I find it easier to buy 30 days supply at a time and it is a lot cheaper to get it at a pharmacy here in the U.S. again.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Fear of Death

As a young man and as an adult the fear of death wasn't ever important to me. Rather, only the fear of accidentally harming others either psychologically or physically had any real meaning to me. Whether I lived or died as a young man I could really care less. How did I become like that? It think it was my Scottish Grandmother who was unhappy with her husband leaving her and never looking back when she was around 60 who raised me mostly from my birth to about 21 when my parents were off working at my Dad's business and the church my parents ran from the time I was 6 to 12 years of age.

Though I was afraid of death as a 2 year old as I turned blue many times from whooping cough I eventually survived all that even though it changed me a lot and also might have had something to do with getting childhood epilepsy at age 10, even though that was blunt trauma childhood epilepsy which is the only kind you grow out of when your skull grows and the pressure is released thereby. But not being afraid of death often made people afraid of me because I was basically fearless in a lot of ways. It also prevented me from getting into fights at school because I was also very big for my age. So, I would only have to land one good blow and people would be really seriously hurt. So people didn't usually want to fight me that were my age. And I wasn't the kind of person who started fights either. Having had whooping cough made me a very kind and compassionate person. And even though I was also a very fearless person that was mostly about taking physical risks like jumping off of roofs as a hobby and climbing very tall trees by free climbing and going over jumps on my bicycle and riding with no hands or sometimes even standing on the bicycle seat while I rode. So, since I was very strong and co-ordinated and fearless and even though I was by nature after the whooping cough a very kind and good natured person, generally people did not pick fights with me and so I found myself a lot of times breaking up fights especially if one of my smaller friends was getting picked on.

When you are not afraid to die it seems to make other people kind of uneasy because it appears most people actually haven't faced death as many times as I have and lived. So, fear was more present in them and I guess if you meet someone who is just not afraid anymore of death after facing death so many times and accepting the fact that one could die any instant and the fact that it is okay to die because in the end "What are you going to do?" So, I guess my acceptance of death scared a whole lot of people who had not yet come to terms with their mortality so young.  So, maybe to them a piece was missing in me. But from my point of view I had already died many times and by some miracle I was still alive by the Grace of God. To me, every moment is a miracle because I am still alive. I guess most other people didn't or don't experience life this way.

Ten Years Later

A Poem- From Castles to Cannons
Times have changed
Hopis say swim in the middle of the river
Don't hang onto the banks
Go with the flow
We are all swept away in the new tide
Fighting the changes only brings pain and hurt
Go with the changes
Build a new life from the ashes of the old

A new world paradigm builds
Just as it did in the early 1900's
Everything has changed
And so have we<
I find myself trying to cling onto a past now dead
A past I felt secure in
Nothing feels secure like it once did
I remember how feelings of security crashed during the Cuban Missile Crisis
And when the Kennedys and King died
But it was different than this
And those days are gone
I remember then how insecure we all felt in the 60's
None of us expected to live to be 30
Many young people now may feel the same way
But I say to you truly
You will not die
You will just have to find a way to cope with all the changes
Just as we all did in the 60's
Just as people have had to find ways of coping and going on
Throughout all past times
Things are just different now
They are not over
Just different

I wrote the above poetic prose during September 2001 just after 9-11 happened. This poetic prose was my way of writing about how different everything was after the Twin Towers fell down and so many died. It was very much like a Pearl Harbor kind of experience again for Americans. The difference being this time that New York and Washington DC (The Pentagon) was attacked this time.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cover Memories

Note: Maybe a better title might be "Long Hidden Memories" because they lay hidden from me for over 25 years(28 years).  I find this is quite common with people who are visited by people from the future or past or places both on and off of earth.

There were cover memories that were revealed to me in 2002 that had been hidden from my conscious memory from experiences in 1974. I was just looking at this archive page at and finally found them once again tonight. So even though it is almost midnight I want to post them here so for at least the next month they will be more easy to find. By the way Bunny Flats is where the road has a gate that is closed when there is still a lot of snow on the road. So, you will see the gate either open or closed at the end of Bunny Flats on Everitte Memorial Hiway on Mt. Shasta. If you take the central exit off the freeway into Mt. Shasta and just stay right on that road up towards the mountain you should eventually after going through a few traffic lights and passing Mt. Shasta High School on your right travel up the mountain all the way to Bunny Flats. But be sure to check the temperature because it can sometimes snow from about September to about June or later. So be aware of the temperature and weather because you will soon be at at least 7000 Feet in elevation up that road.

Likely Early June 1974 finally remembered May 22nd, 2002
My cover memory all these years was walking up from the paved road at Bunny Flats through the snow. However, my actual experience was far different than that. This is all news to me as well as you.
There was a crust on the snow so I could walk in boots without sinking in too deep even though there were drifts of over 10 to 12 feet of snow in some places. The average depth of snow was between 6 and 9 feet.
As I walked up the snow covered Bunny Flats I stood transfixed as I saw a light in the clouds above me. I knew it wasn't the sun because it was moving. At first it looked white but as it grew closer I saw more colors. The predominant ones were blue and turquoise colored lights. They were spinning very quickly around a non spinning disc or ship. It landed with very little sound less than 100 feet from me. The snow flew out in all directions to make a place for the ship in the snow. I walked toward the ship and felt hynotized by it. I had been rendered harmless by the ship. As I walked toward the ship suddenly I was in the ship. However, the ship was not a vessel of any kind I had been in before. It appeared that the ship was not a ship but like a doorway to another world because entering the ship put me somewhere else in time and space on earth or some other planet or dimension. You decide for I'm not completely sure even now "where" I was.
I can only describe what I saw. It was different than any place on earth I have been in the 20th or 21st century. The basic color of the land was green and beige but there was also more purple than I have seen anywhere on earth. The sky was also a light green instead of blue or light blue. It could have been earth in a future or past time or another world or dimension. Next, beings walked up to me that were humanoid. Their skin was paler than mine and whiter, less pink like the nordic type I am. They were shorter than I but most people are as I am 6'4" tall. They seemed very intelligent but sad. It felt like meeting doctors or scientists in their demeanor. They were very much in their minds. They seemed nervous to be near me as if I were an intelligent gorilla or something. They first said, "Will you harm us?" I said in a monotone, "No, I am made harmless by your ship." One of them said, "That is good." They seemed to relax a little at this point.
We are reincarnations of your parents." I said, "I don't know what to do with that information." One of them said, "That will come in time. We are hwere to open the door to your time and world." I said, "Why?" The male said, "We wish to prevent a war. We wish to change time." Again I said, "Why?"
Then they chose to put thoughts, terrible thoughts associated with a was that was past in their minds into my mind. Not being able to filter such thoughts I let out a howl of pain. One of them said, "We're sorry but we are still trying to create useful thought and feeling interfaces. Our race mostly communicates with direct thoughts among friends and family. Speaking is only used with stranger and for business and politics. Since you are considered family we decided to try direct thoughts. We feel ashamed it caused you such pain. I said, "Meeting you both is much more distressing than the thoughts you put into my mind."
The one that appeared to be male said, "We hadn't really considered this possibility. I suppose it is naive of us to have thought it would be a smooth transition for you. We will go back to using words because of your distress. I said,"I would appreciate this because I don't want to have a heart attack and die right here in front of you." The female looked especially distressed at this and said, "We could not allow you to die. If you died we would just bring you back to life." I said, "After what I have seen here already I am quickly coming to believe you actually could bring me back from death if you wished." They both laughed at this. This wasn't pleasant for me as they sounded something like quiet dolphins as they didn't have noses like present day humans they only had nose slits on their faces. At first I thought they were choking or something. Then I realized they were laughing. I tried to politely laugh too even though I was more than a little horrified by all this. But I was brave. What else could I do? I felt the hypnotic hold on my mind weaken.
I felt that their laughter meant they were beginning to trust me more. The dynamics of our encounter began to become more comfortable to us all. The female said with a look of anticipation, "I am a reincarnation of your present mother and Ragna here is a reincarnation of your present father. We have traveled through time and come back to see you." I thought about this. "I'm very happy to see you but WHY have you come back to see me." They seemed confused by my reaction. "Don't you like us?" I said, "It is not about like or dislike. I've just been scared out of my wits and surprised in a way I'm not sure I will ever completely recover from. I'm completely traumatized. You can't expect me to be totally okay after all this. Many of my kind would have fainted or died from this kind of shock. Give me a break! I'm doing very good considering the fact that I was completely unprepared for this encounter in any way.
The two talked in some strange European sounding language. It sounded like German overlaid with French, Italian and Spanish and even English. I though I could make out words like "he" and "s'il te plait". I had studied french in high school and spoke a little spanish but those were the only words I could make out for sure. When I heard them speak their language I said, "You're from the future aren't you?" They seemed surprised by my statement. The female said, "Yes. However, we were conferring about your health both mental and physical." I said, "I would say I'm in a minor state of shock and a little confused by it and a little scared because you obviously messed with my mind and rendered me harmless. They normal way a human in my time would deal with this is to feel intimidated and threatened. However, I'm also a very instinctual and intuitive person and so I can sense what you are about." The male humanoid Ragna said, "And what do you senses tell you?" I said, "That you are telling me the truth but that there is more to all this than you are telling me." He said, "Where do you think you presently are?" I said, "I imagine that I'm in another dimension or time and that you somehow brought my body through the walls of the ship somehow. What is difficult to deal with is that I'm not in a ship but in another, time place or dimension than my home time." Ragna said, "What do you see?" This question made me feel very uncomfortable. It made me think that they were seeing and experiencing something very different than what I was. I felt very scared.
I finally said, "Are we experiencing different things?" His answer was "Yes." It made me feel faint. I started to lose consciousness. He said, "We have made an error. We did not realize how different people of our time were from yours." Looking into his eyes I knew he was lying. I sensed his purpose was to test what I was made of. I said, "Why are you testing me? I thought we were relatives." He burned his eyes into mine and said, "I'm trying to see if I can allow you to remember this encounter or not."
I said, "I have been through a great deal these past few years. The memory of this might destroy me now. Why don't you veil this memory and let it come back when I'm old?" Ragna said, "For such a young man you are very wise." I said, "Thank you, Ragna." I knew at that moment I had gained an ally. We had somehow reached beyond relatives to respect for each other. I then said, "Is my body still in the snow and just imagining this?" Ragna said, "No. You are in the ship in stasis. Your body is warm and being cared for by the ship. However, your mindbody is here with us in the future. Again I felt my senses swooning but somehow I hung in there. I was grateful for my strength of will in keeping it together.
Ragna began again, "It will all be okay. We think we have your biology and mental and emotional interface properly calibrated." I said, "Why is this calibration necessary.?" Ragna looked at me strangely and then said, "It is a way of preserving our contacts. Once we calibrate a contact we can then always bring that contact back to life. They calibration is stored and used to bring wholeness and life back if it is ever taken away by death or insanity. Until that calibration was correct we worried that you might die or mentally fragment before we could calibrate your mind and body interface.
I said, "Well, I'm glad that's over." And I meant it. Ragna smiled a wry smile. Elohar looked a little nervous. She hesitated and then said, "Are you angry with us, Jonathan?" I said, "Not really. I'm just adapting to all this. It will take some time." She then said, "Don't you like us?" I said, "You look and act and sound a lot different than the people of my world era. You also feel fundamentally different to all my senses. I have to pretend this is all like a science fiction movie in order to not faint or disorient from the sensory shock." Elohar smiled. She was beginning to get it. She did remind me a lot of my mother. I was beginning to believe these two were reincarnations of my parents. It made a lot of sense. I put myself in their shoes. Whether they were my parents reincarnated or not it would make good strategic sense to try to convince me that they were my parents come again.
Also, Since no one would ever believe my story and no one but me now could protect me in this situation I knew I had to go along with the idea that they were reincarnation of my parents whether I fully believed they were my parents come again or not. My very sanity might depend on this level of trust. Ragna and I had already agreed that I must not remember all this for a long time. After all I had to raise my son without becoming an Earth world government guinea pig. It looked like a future earth government was already experimenting with me. Being experimented on by even one world government even if it was from the future might be too much for me to survive.
If we let you see the ship's footprint what will you do with your real life experience of this?" I said, "I won't tell the government as they might interfere with my wife and son and I. I can't let that happen." Ragna said, "We have to tell world governments anyway of your time of our present and future contacts with you. The governments of your times will know as per the 1953 agreements to leave you alone as you are among our primary ancestor breeding stock of the future of earth. To interfere with you in any way would cause a war. They will know this." I felt very confused at this statement. It seemed very weird for me at the time. My only verbal reaction was, "Am I physically related to both of you?" Elohar said, "Yes. If you don't have all your children and they don't live on to breed and so on and so on we will never be born. Since there are many time wars in the future of earth we have to protect our bloodlines. If there is any interference wars break out through time. This can be very messy to clean up and rectify so time treaties are very important."
I felt a little nauseated. I thought of all the building blocks of time. I thought back to studying cultural anthropology in college and of natural selection and of dynasties. It began to make sense to me. I said, "How far into the future to you live?" For security reasons we cannot tell you know exactly but it is about 7000 AD." I said, "What is the primary religion on earth then?" Ragna looked a little angry and Elohar looked scared. Ragna finally said, "Most religions and science have all blended together with psychology and medicine to form ways of functioning much different than anything you have thought or seen or heard of in your times. The very concept of religion as you now know it is foreign to us. The closest way we can approach it is to say there are still people who search for truth and for meaning to existence. I tend to be more scientific in my approach and Elohar is more psychological and psychic in her approach. We have very different ways we approach the problem of life. end quote from 2002

My first conscious memory of Elohar and Ragna was from 1969 when I had been excommunicated from my childhood church when I was 21. I had just previous to this broken up with a girl in the church that I had dated since I was 18 and she was 17. The girl had decided to stay celibate after we married whereas I wanted to have children so I broke up with her. When Elohar and Ragna first came to me they shimmered in silvery forms not completely manifesting into the physical but instead just manifesting enough to be able to talk to me and to counsel me. They told me that I could not kill myself because something I would do would change the world a lot in understanding. I now believe it is my publishing what I write online since I almost died for 7 months with a heart virus in 1999. As I sat there in Stanford Medical on a guerney with about 60 other heart patients with many not expecting to live through this necessarily I realized how selfish I had been not to publish anything earlier. I realized how sad a loss it could be for humans if I couldn't share my experiences of my lifetime before I died. I had done so much research regarding the human condition and of the synthesis of religions and of understanding human experiences that might be helpful to others. It wasn't very often as I grew up where you had someone with 8 years of college who also was an intuitive and a precognitive psychic all at the same time. I think I was important to Elohar and Ragna precisely because I was intuitive enough to sense their motivations much like His Oneness sensed the motivations of the Galactics taking him to the Galactic core to train him to be the first "His Oneness" of Earth at the behest of the Galactic Sentience.

Crazy Stupid Love: The Movie

When I first saw the preview several months ago now of Steve Carrell jumping out of a car doing about 25 to 35 mph because his wife had just told him she had slept with another man after 25 years of marriage I knew this movie was going to "Kick My Ass".

So, we sort of put it off until it had moved to the local ARTs theater that shows mostly foreign movies with subtitles and very meaningful but low budget movies like "Midnight in Paris" which I also saw for the second time this week(great movie!)

Yes. This movie has something for everyone at almost every age from about age 13 to Steve Carrell who is in "Crazy Stupid Love with Julianne Moore:

Julianne Moore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I remember Julianne Moore first in 

Boogie Nights    and

The Big Lebowski

Both these two movies she just knocked right out of the park. This movie is mostly about a a male bonding relationship between Ryan Gosling and Steve Carrell but Steve's kids and the babysitter and the babysitters father and mother have very interesting parts as does Marisa Tomei and Emma Stone

Marisa Tomei - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Emma Stone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


who are two very capable Character actresses. So, because of all the high powered acting in this movie from all sides(amazing acting) and a very believable story I would also give this movie a thumbs up. However, bring a hanky because it will either be a one or two hanky movie for many of you. And after you cry be also ready to laugh, cry, laugh, cry, laugh, cry. (It really is that kind of movie).

I got hit when I least expected it when Steve Carell was secretly doing garden work in his home (even though he no longer lived there at night) and he saw his wife go into his office and call him on his cell phone in his pocket to pretend to ask him how to light the hot water heater. He dutifully told her even though she just wanted to hear his voice after having been married to him for 25 years. He understood and went along with the lie because he loved and understood her. 

It took me personally back to a very dark place when I broke up with my ex-wife before I married my present wife. Luckily for me, my present wife was getting cold and made me put my arm around her because the theater was too cold. So eventually I took off my flannel over shirt and put it on her so she could stay warm  now).

We Were Like Little Soldiers

"We were like little soldiers set before the slaughter of real life".

I was born in 1948, so I grew up in the 1950s which was a very different time than now. And yet, we may be moving back towards times like this once again they way things look  like now all over Earth.

I was walking in the woods about a mile from the nearest human being through redwood trees and pines and Oaks and ferns and tall grasses down the valleys and canyons of a very humid late spring day (in Fall 2011 today). I was walking along a horizontal fire road which was relatively level along the side of a hill when a very little boy about 5 to 7 years of age rode by on his very little mountain bike. He rode like he was 10 to 14 instead of 5 to 7 and had a much older attitude. But because he was obviously so young away from any seeming adult supervision I said to him as he rode by, "Do you know where you are? And Are you with  an adult?" He gave me a strange look the kind of look I might have given to an adult asking me this when I was 5 on a bike miles from home in 1953 and said, "Yes", to my question about being with an adult. However, after he passed by out of reach he added, "I've been riding here thousands of times." and I realized he hadn't told me the truth because he didn't know me or trust me. So, I thought to myself, "You don't really see stuff like this in this era even though this would have been perfectly normal in the 1950s." Now you don't usually see boys alone in wilderness younger than about 10 to 12 and even then they usually have a good sized dog or a another boy their age with them to sort of have reinforcements in an emergency.

I was a little concerned about this young kid alone on a dirt fire road so far from home. I passed by another gentleman about my age (63) and told him of the young fellow out so far from home alone on a bike. He too, seemed a little uneasy in this era to hear this even though he agreed that when we grew up this would have been normal.

When I got home I wanted to write about this but discovered my wife wanted me to go to a movie called "Crazy Stupid Love". We had wanted to see it when it first came out but then my son had just broken up with his wife and we both knew the movie would make us cry and we had to be strong for our son.

So, when I go back to when I was 4 or 5 again I came up with the true statement of how I feel now about all the boys my age back then, "We were like little soldiers set before the slaughter of real life."
As I thought about what it was like then most of us boys expected to die one way or another by ages 20 to 25. We all were very aware we could die from Polio (my best friend from 12 to 21 when he went away to the Viet Nam War had polio and leg braces until he was 6 years old.) Or we could be killed by other kids(this was quite common then) by a club, a rock or a knife. Partly this happened a lot because there were no legal abortions like there is now. So, literally, all the very unhappy and often crazy little bastards might kill us like they almost killed me on multiple occasions as I grew up. There were so many abused children back in the 1950s it was a wonder any of us grew up alive and sane at all. Or, we could fall in love and kill ourselves over an unhappy love(this also happened a lot). Or finally, during the Viet Nam War many people both in Viet Nam and in the U.S. scared of having to go to Viet Nam or of dying horrible some way there overdosed on drugs or alcohol or both, crashed their cars or motorcycles and died or there were the 50,000 who actually died during the Viet Nam War in Viet Nam and the 250,000 who were wounded during that  terrible war. So, even as a 4 to 5 years old child I knew I had only a 50-50 chance of surviving to age 25 even then. So, if I wasn't killed by polio or another childhood disease or by crazy abused kids from my public school or from crazy gang by club or by knife or by chain or by some other blunt instrument, then I might die riding my bicycle or be hit by a car or be thown from a car in an accident at any point in time(because seat belts didn't exist in any cars then except on the race track. Death was a whole lot nearer to us then. But we all accepted these problems because this was just normal then.

When I look around me at all the things going on here on earth we may be in for times like the 30s, 40s and 1950s once again. A student of history said that the 1870s here in the U.S. and the 30s and 40s are very much like from 2008 until now. So we may be looking at a very difficult 20 to 30 years ahead for the U.S. and Europe at the very least. When I grew up if you didn't have a very good immune system and a very strong internal compass and strong external body to defend yourself, the likelihood of your ongoing survival was in jeapordy very far into the future. We may be facing times like this worldwide once again. I hope not. But if you read in between the lines it looks very likely. Though China did better than the rest of us in 2008 until now along with India, only India and Brazil have the kinds of governments in Place like the U.S. and individual European Governments to survive all this very well long term. China is too much run like a corporation. This only works so far. One needs more flexibility than that in the long run. Only Democracy brings that flexibility unless you want to see millions die in social unrest. So, it is possible within the next 20 to 30 years we may see extreme social unrest in China because of this. So, long term, the U.S. Europe, Brazil, India, Canada and Australia will likely fare the best with what appears to be coming now.

But we may be looking at boys and now girls too in the position of being soon, "Little soldiers set before the slaughter of real life." On an individual level this might be hell for some people. But there is also another way to look at it. People who survive really difficult times here in the U.S. will create a whole new and different breed of people than those since the 1960s that is much more like the people here in the U.S. from 1776 until the 1950s.

"Necessity is the Mother of Invention"
This looks like our future.
So, the people who survive will have to do whatever it takes to survive individually and in groups, cities, states, nation and world. So, how we do this now is based upon experience and adaptation. And a democracy has the best chance for the most people physically, emotionally and spiritually surviving these times worldwide. Those who survive the next 30 years will likely be sadder, wiser and tougher than any we have seen since the 1950s here in the U.S. and around the world.

Global Warming:The desire to disbelieve deepens as the scale of the threat grows

The American 'allergy' to global warming: Why?

 begin quote from above article:
In the paper, Columbia University geoscientist Wally Broecker calculated how much carbon dioxide would accumulate in the atmosphere in the coming 35 years, and how temperatures consequently would rise. His numbers have proven almost dead-on correct. Meanwhile, other powerful evidence poured in over those decades, showing the "greenhouse effect" is real and is happening. And yet resistance to the idea among many in the U.S. appears to have hardened.
What's going on?
"The desire to disbelieve deepens as the scale of the threat grows," concludes economist-ethicist Clive Hamilton.End quote from above article.

I have no doubt that Global Warming or Global Climate change is real. However, my only doubt is to what is causing it. Is it only carbon emissions or is there more to it than this. Is Magnetically generated electricity by breaking the fields of large magnets depleting the Magnetosphere which protects us from Cosmic Rays and allows us to successfully reproduce and for that matter allows all plants and animals as well as mammals like us reproduce the real problem. Though I know that Global Warming and Global Climate change are real I'm less sure as to what they real cause is than most people especially when I look at the Magnetospheres of Mars and Venus, the two most likely planets to have been inhabited by our ancestors before they came to Earth. Are we destroying our ability to live on earth just like we destroyed our capacity to live on Venus and Mars millions of years ago? I'm not sure of the answer to this. Hopefully, someone will find out and share their results while we still have time before all creatures on earth become unable to reproduce during the next several hundred years here on earth.

Flying a Wing Suit through a hole in a Chinese Mountain

Video: Human glider flies through hole in the side of mountain ...

Though I have piloted small planes, gliders and hang gliders before my hat goes off to this guy(I believe he is an American) flying a wing suit through a hole in a Chinese mountain. This guy must be one of those that loves flying in a wing suit more than he fears death. Most of us wouldn't choose to do this but he is really amazing in that he both can and does do it and succeed. He is definitely a new kind of Astronaut here on earth the way he flies through this mountain in China.




The Mystical Scientist

The best way to describe how I was raised was to become a "Mystical Scientist". Some of my parents heros were Benjamin Franklin, Nicola Tesla(inventor of the alternating current and fluorescent lighting and Tesla Coil and electrifying the ground in many areas), and Francis Bacon who they believed became Saint Germain(the man who never died)(Francis Bacon is the father of the Scientific Method). So, all my life the combination of the Scientific Method combined with a Mystics view of the world was how I was raised. Actually, looking back now I see it as extremely effective. First of all you have the Mystics view which is one of constant wonder and amazement about the Universe and then you apply that wonder and amazement and interest to the universe through the scientific method. So, it doesn't matter what you are studying you are going to be amazed by what you learn. And this wonder and amazement allows ongoing learning to take place within absolutely any subject. One is not locked into any permanent knowledge that might be sacrosanct because the universe as both a mystic and as a scientist can be explored in literally any direction with impunity. Since a mystic sees all beings and things in the universe as inherently sacred, there is a respect for all life, substance and energy that might not be found in others who are not mystics and since the very effective and efficient scientific method which breaks down all concepts into hypotheses, theories and laws depending upon their present or eventual validity or change one is never locked into getting stuck on any subject and therefore able to always deal with the changes in perception and scientific efficiency on any given subject. This allows one to always move forward in all directions. An example of this is everything I write which goes in all directions according to what I find myself interested in in the moment through amazement and wonder. This helps all who use this process move towards long life, health and wealth of every kind. Because this type of wonder and amazement can be in business, science, medicine, health and every other subject and travel the world with you wherever you go exploring any subject in amazement and wonder. So one therefore can move in similar directions of thought and actions to Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci and all the others who always moved forward in a scientific but also in a state of wonder and amazement about the universe.

Though it is true that one must be very brave to face the world and the universe with all its many many paradoxes in almost every direction, still one's wonder and amazement about life never seems to end either. So, in the end there is no wall that one encounters that cannot be climbed or bored through in one way or another if not by you by those who follow you. And so the spirit of the whole human race moves forward never flinching from ultimate truth of every kind. Millions of brave spirits move forward and as we share our knowledge and wisdom we all support each other into perpetuity as the human race discovers in wonder all the secrets that the universe has to offer.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Blast from our Pasts

On page 74 of the September 2011 Popular Science is a one page article called "A Blast from my Past".

In the 1950s and before Chemistry sets that one bought for boys older than about 8 or 10 years of age around the same time parents gave their sons a .22 rifle or pistol also contained often Charcoal, Saltpeter and sulfur. He mentions that he  (as well as my 5 years older cousin and I) and thousands to millions of other boys around the world made what he calls a home made sparkler. However, what we (my cousin and I built was more like a roman candle in action. First we ground (separately so no one gets killed or injured) with a mortar and pestle (try not to use iron or any metal mortar or pestle's because that can be more hazardous than necessary) first the saltpeter, then the charcoal and then the sulfur. Then we mixed the three together carefully with a piece of wood because you don't want metal to be present at this point. Later, if you want you can add iron or metal filings or copper filings and when they ignite they will color the flames according to the metal each has a different color when the filings burn. The picture he shows is of a paper or cardboard cone that he has wrapped with tape because the tape will cause the whole thing if the paper ignites to burn more slowly. The metal filings can create a fountain of sparks. What my cousin and I did was to use an old tennis ball and to drill a hole into it and then fill the tennis ball with the slow burning type of gunpowder that comes from mortar and pestling them all separately one by one first. Then we put an upside down cone of paper to act as a funnel into the hole into the old tennis ball and poured the slow burning type of gunpowder mixture in. Next on the very top we put the metal filings without mixing them in because that might be dangerous. Then we put the tennis ball on a flat driveway and lit the cone of paper like a fuse. When the paper burned down it set off a fountain of sparks sort of like a roman candle or a whole lot of sparklers depending upon your mixture and the moisture in the air where you are when you set this thing off as fireworks. Another thing we did in the 1950s and early 1960s was to go to a party and take some .22 bullets that we had taken the lead and the gunpowder out of. Then if there was a fire going we would throw the backs of the bullets where the cap is into the fire. When the back of the cartridge heated up it would fire the cap and sound like a gun going off and scare everyone. For a 10 to 15 year old boy this was the height of fun back then. But these days I'm not sure how well it would go over. Sometimes we would take the gunpowder from the .22 shells we took the lead off of and add it to the roman candle like hollowed out tennis ball before we set it off. Life was sure a whole lot different than life is today then.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris Box office Mojo

I went with a friend to see Midnight in Paris for the second time. My wife who met us at a Crepe Expresso Shop later which reminded us a lot of when we went to Paris with 2 of my daughters two years ago this month, asked me if I liked it as well the second time. I said, "I actually liked it better because it was like visiting and old friend.

This movie is an instant Classic and one of Woody Allen's best in years. The acting was wonderful the sexiness was wonderful. I especially liked Owen Wilson's wife to be and the 1920s girl he falls in love with. It was also amazing to be visiting with Ernest Hemingway, and Pablo Picasso and F. Scott Fitzgerald and his "anything goes" wife Zelda and even  Toulouse Lautrec in the 1890s. I think the real lesson of this movie is "Follow your heart", "Follow your bliss" and all that. Life is just too short for anything else.

Also, since the budget for Woody's movies are only about 1 million to 2 million dollars making 54 million dollars from a budget of one or two million is also quite amazing!

Midnight in Paris Box office Mojo
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Midnight in Paris

Domestic Total as of Sep. 22, 2011: $54,209,781

Humans Traveling Time

Faster Than Light Neutrinos

Though this might seem strange to you, as an intuitive the most avid time travelers are children with the time to do it. Adult humans tend to train this "Time traveling" ability out of children in order to "train" them to read and write and cipher. However, some families value this ability which they often call "sprituality" or "intuitive" or "powerfully creative" abilities. So, as we move into adulthood we find many artists, musicians, writers, healers and other naturally creative people have not lost the ability to "Time Travel" like they once did as children all the time.

I tend to think that the natural inclination of all beings is to travel time and space in consciousness. Even the atoms in our bodies and all things don't just stay here all the time. Some of the atoms in our bodies and in all things around us are always traveling time and space which gives rise to the physics notion that, "It is only a probability that an atom or particle is in any given location in any given moment in time."

If you ask a physicist where these atoms and particles go they will tell you that that is unknown at present but it is a given that some atoms and particles just seem to disappear and then some reappear and some don't ever reappear.

So, when CERN physicists and experimenters discover that neutrinos can travel faster than light which means that literally people might be able to send a telegraph to the past or more it is no surprise to me at all. It only confirms for others what I have been experiencing all my life non-stop.

Then if you read "The Day After Roswell" by U.S. Army Colonel Corso who was a part of the Eisenhower Administration and worked with General Trudeau to reverse engineer artifacts from the Roswell Crash into what became the computer chips in this computer I'm now writing on and the chips in whatever you are receiving this on and many other things like Kevlar for body armor and fiber optics etc. you might also want to read about the helmet that looks almost exactly like the headgear used now in Germany to control a car just by thought in the same way the Roswell Craft was also piloted through both time and space by the thoughts and perceptions of the pilot at that time.

Lazarus Long and Time Enough for Love

When I was about 10 years old in 1958 I discovered Robert Heinlein and then Isaac Asimov and then Arthur C. Clark and then Robert Silverburg over the years. In 1973 Heinlein wrote "Time Enough for Love" with Lazarus Long who I found to be a truly archetypal character. He reminded me a lot of relatives of mine in some ways and made me think back upon my Great Grandfather who lived to be 105 years old in Kansas on his farm there. It made me wonder if it was possible that I too, would live to be 100 or more like Lazarus Long. However, when I got to my twenties I was very disillusioned with life and at that point expected to be gone by 25. However, life has a way that if we are one of the "lucky ones?" that survive to 30 there is a tendency now to live until 90 or more these days we now live in. Though many of us watch our friends die young from all the various causes from suicide to too much risk, to alcohol and drugs to falling in love with the wrong person and not able to survive it to you name it, in the end if you live to be 30 you likely will also live to be 90. This is sort of a given the way things work here on earth at least in the U.S.

begin quote from Wikipedia under the heading "Time Enough for Love" 

Time Enough for Love

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Time Enough for Love  
Time Enough For Love 73.jpg
Time Enough For Love
(first edition cover - 1973)
Author(s) Robert A. Heinlein
Country United States
Language English
Genre(s) Science fiction novel
Publisher G.P. Putnam's Sons
Publication date June 1973
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 605 pp
ISBN 0-399-11151-4
OCLC Number 639653
Dewey Decimal 813/.5/4
LC Classification PZ3.H364 Ti3 PS3515.E288
Preceded by I Will Fear No Evil
Followed by The Number of the Beast
Time Enough for Love is a science fiction novel by Robert A. Heinlein, first published in 1973. The work was nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Novel in 1973 [1] and both the Hugo and Locus Awards in 1974.[2]



[edit] Plot

The book covers several periods from the life of Lazarus Long (birth name: Woodrow Wilson Smith), the oldest living human, now more than two thousand years old.
The first half of the book takes the form of several novellas tied together by Lazarus's retrospective narrative. In the framing story, Lazarus has grown weary and decided that life is no longer worth living, but (in what is described as a reverse Arabian Nights scenario) he will consent not to end his life as long as his companions will listen to his stories.

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Faster Than Light Neutrinos

 Begin quote:
According to scientists familiar with the paper, the neutrinos raced from a particle accelerator at CERN outside Geneva, where they were created, to a cavern underneath Gran Sasso in Italy, a distance of about 450 miles, about 60 nanoseconds faster than it would take a light beam. That amounts to a speed greater than light by about 0.0025 percent (2.5 parts in a hundred thousand).
Even this small deviation would open up the possibility of time travel and play havoc with longstanding notions of cause and effect. Einstein himself — the author of modern physics, whose theory of relativity established the speed of light as the ultimate limit — said that if you could send a message faster than light, “You could send a telegram to the past.”  end quote from:

Only 55% of Americans under 30 have jobs

This is the lowest amount of people under 30 with jobs since World War II right now.

Begin quote:
Unemployment among young adults is at its highest point since World War II, new data show. And it's having a disconcerting impact on the trajectory of their careers and lives.
"We have a monster jobs problem, and young people are the biggest losers," Andrew Sum, an economist with the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University told the Associated Press.
Just 55.3 percent of people between 16 and 29 were employed in 2010 on average, the according to new figures released by the Census Bureau. That represents an enormous drop from 67.3 percent in 2000. Among teens the figure was less than 30 percent.
The result? Young people are delaying taking the steps that traditionally represent movement into adult life: moving to a new place, getting married, and buying a new home. Just 4.4 percent of 18- to 34-year olds moved across state lines -- again, the lowest level since World War Two (though such moves have been declining since long before the recent downturn, it's worth noting). Roughly 5.9 million Americans between 25 and 34 lived with their parents. That's up by 25 percent since before the recession began in late 2007. (Men are nearly twice as likely as women to move back in with Mom and Dad.) The marriage rate for those between 25 and 34 fell to 44.2 percent, also a new low. And home ownership declined for the fourth straight year. end quote from:

Battered by downturn, young Americans putting off adulthood

 I thought the late 1970s and early 1980s were bad but it appears now that right now is the worst it has gotten since world war II. So, I guess expect kids to go to college and stay in college as long as they can and then if they can't get jobs expect them to go bankrupt from their student loans and live at home with the folks.

One of the methods I used from the early 1980s when I was married and raising three kids from 1980 to 1985 was to buy inexpensive land with our savings and build an A-Frame on beautiful land without electricity and home school our kids for about 5 years. But I was thinking with the present cost of building materials you might have to buy an Alaskan Saw or Alaskan Mill (which is a huge 6 foot blade chain saw with rollers for milling timber) into your own building wood from trees on your own land. Then you would have to have your home milled wood approved by a building inspector for building in order to keep your costs down these days on timber. But you might still have to buy plywood sheeting or exterior of some sort for your house unless you were building a log home. I'm just trying to think of how to keep building costs down these days because land is actually pretty cheap right now everywhere so now building materials to build your own place to live is the whole thing now. Another way to go would be to buy an inexpensive trailer and put it on your land where it is still legal to do that and then while you are living there build your home. Even if you are collecting unemployment insurance you could still in your spare time from looking for work build your own home. I saved about 60,000 dollars in rent by buying land 2 1/2 acres for $8000 in 1980 that had a spring and a beautiful view of Mt.Shasta at 4000 feet in elevation with no electricity. We had a real wilderness family adventure for about 4 to 5 years and spent the winters cross country skiing and building snowmen and sledding and the summers swimming in pristine mountain lakes and rivers and hiking in the Cascade Wilderness. It was an idyllic time. If life gives you lemons make lemonade or lemon pie. Don't let life crush you.

Another way many of my friends went then is with a Teepee made of canvas or a yurt. Some yurts are double walled and are especially nice with a place for a wood stove in the center and a skylight dome above. However, you do have to find somewhere that it is legal to put it. However, if there already is another permanent structure on the land it can be there as a temporary structure that only needs a deck to be built to put in on. However, before you buy something like this and set it up make sure it is both safe and legal to do it. For example, in the city in a suburb it might not be legal. And in some places in the country it might not be safe because of bears or grizzly bears who can easily tear through the canvas of a yurt to get at your food or you if you resist. So that is something to think about too. However, a wilderness experience if this is something you love might be just what you need about now.

Allergic to Whey Protein

When my wife and I went to a nutritionist to lose weight in a healthy way, she told us, "After someone is over 40 or 50 years of age people don't usually lose weight unless they first get enough protein. This seems to be the single most important factor in losing weight. Since many people in our present day western world culture are carbo-loaders(people like to eat a lot a pasta, pizza and carbohydrates) which make them feel good but don't really feed their muscles and organs like protein does. So, often people can't lose weight because they simply are not getting enough protein for their bodies to feel safe to lose the weight. So you sort of have to trick your body into losing weight by first making sure you are getting enough protein while you lessen your carbs. In this way the body can start to lose weight successfully.

However, after the first month of starting the day with two scoops of Whey Protein in my milk and orange juice smoothie I started to have problems with pain in my right hand like I was getting arthritus or something. So, since the only real change was this protein smoothie to my diet I only did whey protein smoothie about every other day or every 3rd day. Though the problem in my hands and joints lessened it did not go away. Now the other day I went to talk to our nutritionist and she said, "I think you might be allergic to whey protein." She said, "When you were growing up a lacto ovo vegetarian did you eat cheese?" I said, "Yes." Then she said, "Well. Swiss, Monterey Jack and cheddar don't contain any Whey protein at all." Then I realized it. "Yes. I think you are right I think I'm allergic to whey because Swiss, Monterey jack and cheddar were the only cheeses I ate growing up. Once in a while I will eat more exotic French or Swiss or other cheeses but usually it is only Jack and cheddar and Swiss. Before the nutritionist had thought that it was the nightshade family(as in tomatoes and potatoes) that was causing me joint problems but now I'm pretty sure it is the whey protein I'm allergic to. I guess that is the problem of getting really serious about trying to lose weight. You begin eating all sorts of different things you don't ordinarily eat which can cause complications because your body just isn't used to these new things and might be allergic to some of them especially if you are over 50. I wasn't allergic to anything until I was about 50 but then I discovered I was allergic to mold and dust and especially black mold. So, I guess as we grow older we have to adapt to all the changes both in the world and in our bodies. I never thought that just trying to lose weight could be potentially life threatening. However, I guess there is a first for everything.

Writing As Therapy

All humans need therapy to stay alive even one more day. Therapy could be writing or a Bran muffin or watching the sun rise or being with someone you love. But we all need therapy of some kind to choose to stay alive another day.

When I grew up men and women were more distinct than now (at least they appeared to be) in the 1950s. For example, a man was supposed to be willing to die on a moments notice to protect his family, his country, his civilization. And boys were conditioned to be strong and tortured in this direction so they would be ready to be drafted into the Army at 18 throughout Gym Class from Grade School through High School back then. Girls were expected to sort of live in a fairy tale back then and get married and have children. And the fairy tale attitude was supposed to keep their children alive so they wouldn't kill themselves from that basic horrors of life until the boys were drafted and sent to war and the girls were all married and pregnant supposedly. Though this was supposed to be the ideal it didn't always work out that way for everyone or even for anyone. So, in order to prevent a Third world war that no one survived the world wide social revolution of the 1960s and 1970s took place. This revolution has not ended by the way. It still goes on today in regard to human rights of all kinds worldwide.

So, writing can be a way for a person to struggle to find a way to survive their life, whatever their life might be. Often there is no one to talk to about these things and writing is like having a conversation with someone about important things. So, even if you can't find someone to talk to you can write something and then later read it and it helps you grow as a person. For example, if I write something one day and I keep it often I will read what I have written a week, a month, a year or more later and think something like, "Is that what I thought then? Boy, I sure have learned a lot since then." Or I might think, "Boy. That was a really good point. I was really going in the right direction on that point." Or I might think, "Boy. I was really blowing smoke trying to get attention from that one." Or I might think, "Right on, Fred. People really need to hear that one." So, in the process of writing it isn't necessarily for right now. It is also for you and others to read in other contexts of their lives. It is a record of your happiness and pain which might be useful to you or others later. It is a record of your trying to survive even one more day here on planet earth. And most of all, by writing like this you are your own best friend teaching yourself about life because what comes out of your mouth or your fingers or your pen as you write is you. And so when you read this again you learn about yourself and all the rest of life on earth and beyond.

I want to write something because I think it might be helpful for people to better understand themselves in this way. Being a man used to mean that a man always had to be realistic to the point of wanting to kill himself or die all the time. So, often real men escaped (and still do) into dangerous pastimes in order to come close to death which was desirable for such dangerous men. This is the extreme of what I call "Terminal Macho". I too have this quality within me so I can speak to it. Luckily, I met my first wife and had a son so I stopped rock climbing with thousands of feet of exposure so my son would have a father while he grew up. I lost one friend to rock climbing and several more had near death experiences. But I still kept climbing mountains, riding off road motorcycles, flying planes, gliders, hang gliders and the like. But I did this a whole lot less once I had a son so I'm still alive unlike some of my friends who stayed single.

The opposite extreme of this is the fairy tale woman who constantly lives in a fantasy about life. Though my mother survived the 1930s and was a very practical woman she was also a person who really didn't need organized religion because she lived in her own private world where she could survive and be happy and was always giving to others and absolutely everyone loved my mother because she was just so wonderful and kind to everyone. So, even though she was a minister of a mystical Christian Church, she had a level of private truth that went way beyond any organized religion which made her very special.

My father being a very dominant male moved my mother and I and her mother to San Diego when I was 4 and away from the only home my mother had ever known and her 2 sisters and their families which was Seattle, Washington. My mom could last about 1 years time before she started crying and then got on a plane to Seattle. About 2 weeks later she would come back to us in San Diego or Los Angeles or wherever we lived in Southern California then and be just fine for another year or so. The first time this happened my father and I thought Mom was leaving us for good. But then she came back so we just got used to her leaving like this for about a week or two every year. So, even though Dad was very happy in California, Mom never completely got used to it and missed all her relatives and friends in Seattle. This went on from 1952 until my father passed on in 1985 when my mother started moving all over the place because without Dad she was a ship without a rudder. But she was financially okay even though I worried about her moving all the time from Yucca Valley to Palm Springs to San Marcos to Ashland, Oregon to Seattle to Hawaii to be with my wife and family and I and then back to San Marcos and then back to Seattle and then finally to the Greater San Francisco Bay area near where I live now before she passed away in 2008

( The context sort of got away from me because this next section I actually mean to follow the end of a paragraph 2 paragraphs before this one.)  For me, the most dangerous pastime of my life from age 15 to 25(from age 15 to 21 I started dating at age 15 and went steady with three different girls one to two years each) when I met my first wife was dating a whole lot of women between my ages 21 and 25. I consider this the most dangerous pastime of all if we are going to be serious. Being married to one person and raising kids I found a whole lot more sane than dating a whole bunch of women. What I found difficult was the little things. One person would leave the cap off the toothpaste, another would be really crazy, another might want to kill you for no good reason, another might fantasize that she couldn't live without you and  would consider killing herself, another would psychologically be so unstable that you were afraid to go to sleep around her, another might want you to move to another country or do things you didn't want to do. So, I just found having one sane person to live with and to raise kids with a whole lot more sane than trying to date a whole lot of people. However, for some men dating becomes a whole way of life. However, I consider it dangerous in the extreme but that's just me.

But there is also something to be said for dating a whole lot of people. In the process you tend to discover what you like and what you don't like, socially and sexually. And then you are much better at choosing a mate. So, it isn't just sort of buying the first thing you see with no experience at all and just being miserable the rest of your life. For example, I was really hard on my first wife because I had never lived with a woman outside of my mother and grandmother ever before in my life over about 2 weeks time or so. So, I found I was resentful about a whole lot of things I didn't fully understand. So, when I was married the second time (the second woman I lived with more than two weeks) I realized that most of what I was upset about all women have in common so I was able to let go of a whole lot of stuff that pissed me off because then I realized that there are certain really annoying things that absolutely all women do when they live with a man. Once I realized this was not just one woman but all women I could let a whole lot of resentment go. But that means I didn't learn this until I married the second time when I was 32. Many or most men likely don't ever get this evolved simply because of a lack of experience. So, at this point I can safely say, "I really like women!" Whereas most men might say, "I really want women", but they also might say, "But I don't like them". And the only real difference might be that I like women because I have taken the time to understand them. Besides, they are usually a whole lot safer than hanging out with most men. Ha ha.

So, writing is a way to cope with all the paradoxes of life so you or I don't just jump off a cliff in frustration or just take one too many risks and exit our lives prematurely. Keep Writing and stay alive. A lot of others depend upon you.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Memories July 17th 2001 and 10-17-2000

Tuesday July 17th 2001
I have continued to edit the book Memories. I've decided to stay with that name to encourage others to access genetic memories and past life soul memories. For those souls who choose reincarnation as a way of life it is possible to access both genetic memories and soul memories. However, you will have to meditate on whether this is useful to you and others or not. The main reason I have been guided to write this first book of a series is to help prevent the extinction of life on earth as well as to encourage all of you to do what you can to give your children and theirs and theirs a good future that you would be proud to have them live rather than to recoil in horror at how bad it might be if we do nothing.
New Book! tentative name MEMORIES 10-17-2000
And Yes, truth is definitely stranger than fiction! I'm working on putting a rough draft of my new book online. I have prayed a lot about this. Since I see it is unlikely to get the book in print or on tape this year I have been guided through my prayers to make sure it is available in some form this Millenial Year of the Dragon. end quote from:

dragonofcompassion - archive I C

near the very end of the page.

I began writing "Memories" in the summer of 1980 on a large paper grocery bag from a local health food organic market in Mt. Shasta at that time called Pine Grove Grocery. It has now moved and is called Berryvale and is still owned by basically the same people. At the time I thought I was just writing what I would call therapeutic Science Fiction. Earlier in the year I had met my very first Tibetan Lama which looking back now opened up many new doorways of perception for me when I was perceptually two places at once when I walked into the room to be initiated by the Lama. I had never experienced being 500 years before in a different body with a loincloth on a field of spring flowers with a Tibetan Lama and walking into a room with each reality being equally real before. So, I was kind of amazed I just didn't fall down dealing with being in reality two places at once like that. Now, in hindsight I can say, "Oh that was a past life memory of being a student of that Lama in a previous lifetime. But then, I was having difficulty just not fainting. So, at that point I realized there was something really different about Tibetan Lamas and Tibetan Buddhism. And that my wife was right. It really was time for me to start meeting Tibetan Lamas. So, that summer I began to write about Arcane. Within the next 2 years we spent some time on the northern California Coast so I began writing about Elohar and Ragna and Darshan in Lord Fire. At the time these were all separate therapeutic stories for me to write. I had no intention at that time of publishing what I wrote other than to share it with family and friends. But then when I was almost dying for 7 months as I prepared to die from a Heart virus(which wasn't diagnosed yet until the very end) I realized finally that these weren't science fiction they were actually legendary memories of some of my past lives in the past, present and future. This changed how I saw things dramatically.

I also saw and realized during this time that time really has no real meaning to a soul. It only has meaning if you want a group of people to meet somewhere at the same time like going to work or to plan for a phone call at a certain time or something like that. But souls are not linear in any way shape or form. So, when anyone tries to apply linear thinking to souls they fail miserably. 

So, for example, it would be just as easy for a soul to live every lifetime of a million lifetimes in the same single moment as to live them sequentially. In fact, it would be millions of times easier to do it the first way than the second. So, if you believe in reincarnation this likely is how it is done. In reality there is only one moment. There is no time at all. It is as if time and space are game parameters that don't actually exist. But if you are living in a human body that will make you nauseous to actually think like this all the time so you pretend that time and space are real because to do otherwise is to eventually throw up. So, I pretend time and space are real now because I'm in a physical body. But at core I know that time and space are both only game parameters and therefore basically lies.  However, most people can't deal with that. But those who can can often do pretty amazing things.

I was thinking about how one could in some ways experience being a soul not with one body but many incarnations simultaneously. One way would be to have 8 friends who each own a laptop computer to place them each on a chair in a circle of chairs. Then take a Dvd of each Harry Potter movie 1 through 8 and put on in order from left to right (or any order that works for you) so you might approximate what  soul is experiencing as it experiences simultaneous incarnations. You would experience 11 year old Harry and Hermione and Ron all the way up to supposedly 18 or 19 year old Harry and Hermione and Ron as if each year and age were a separate incarnation. As you slowly spun around looking at all 8 movies being played by 8 different laptops capable of playing DVD's the first thing you might want to do is to turn down all the volumes on the sound so you didn't get too overwhelmed in your senses. Or for others of you this might be okay. But the general idea is to try to experience what it might be like for a soul living multiple incarnations simultaneously. And this might be one way to do this. You also might create your own scenarios to do this. Another interesting book is "Oversoul 7" this kind of thinking. The Oversoul Seven Trilogy: The Education of ...