Monday, March 25, 2013

158,008 visits to intuitivefred888

I want to thank my readers worldwide for the 158,008 visits so far to intuitivefred888. I think other bloggers worldwide should create blogs like mine because there appears to be a demand for blogs like this one. However, clarity and sincerity helps so people can trust what you are doing. This blog  site really grew in readership during the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami because I was trying to help people there get radiation detectors and good information to protect themselves from radiation on air, and in the water and in the food and on the ground. My readership exponentially increased starting then including here in the U.S. as I advocated Crowdsourcing with geiger counters to get radiation readings wherever people were to protect themselves and their families. Now this site averages close to 11,000 visits per month. However, the more good articles that people are interested in and want to read at your site there are the more people will tend to visit your site over time. Word of mouth or  by email through friends is the way most of these types of sites gain readership worldwide.

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