Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Languages from the Deep Past

Lemurian Language

The above was an attempt by me to channel the Lemurian language a few years ago. At that time I was inspired by Orc and Elven Languages that Tolkien channeled for "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit".

And from Tolkien writers were inspired to create the Klingon and Vulcan and other languages.

But, the difference with the Lemurian Language is that I am saying to you that my attempt is at channeling an actual language that existed here on earth. I believe I was possibly 50% to 75% successful at this. As an Intuitive one never knows exactly when new information might break through the surface of one's subconscious into the conscious. It's always a surprise to me when it happens. Most of the time I experience (to some degree) what people on earth are experiencing on a daily basis. This can be good, bad or indifferent but it is always interesting in one way or another. Then, sometimes the past or future comes through and then I write about that. I am always grateful that God has seen fit to design me as he has so that I can write all this for you and hopefully it makes your lives easier and better in many ways as a result.

Being an intuitive is often difficult until one is about 30 and sometimes even after that it can be difficult at times as one evolves through multiple paradigm variations. I often like to speak about it as beings evolve through their lives. Life is not static, it is constantly changing for all of us. So, life is a constant learning process. What works at one point in one's life might not work at another. So, being constantly learning and adapting to new situations is important for all beings. So, for me, being an explorer in traveling the world and also an explorer in exploring through soul traveling has always been interesting to me. When I combine this with right mindful compassion for all beings this protects me wherever I go physically or in consciousness. (Also, surrounding oneself with angels like Archangel Michael and his band of protecting Angels helps to while traveling the universe). If you are an ever evolving intuitive be sure to find out if what you are doing is sanctioned by God and Angels or not if you want to survive soul traveling the Galaxies and dimensions.

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