Saturday, March 30, 2013

Writing About Sharing

You know how in life sometimes you lift your head up and look around to see how your life has changed? I had one of those moments last night where I looked up and realized I needed to change some things because of how fast everything is changing around me. I was writing "My Burning Bush" last night after my wife asked me to talk to her about it and it eventually resulted in "The Holy Spirit" coming into the room and everything turning Gold like it did when I was 5 years old when my mother and grandmother prayed to Jesus so I would be healed from Chicken Pox which I was. But this time my wife had been in pain for several weeks because of an injury to her ankle and by asking about "The Burning Bush" the end result was the room turned Gold and she had received a healing as a result. I had to pick my daughter and her friend up at a movie and called my wife through my "hands free" in my truck and she said, "I can still see the Gold light even with all the lights out ready to go to sleep". I was pretty amazed so when I returned home I realized I had to finish writing "My Burning Bush" to share "The Holy Spirit" of that experience and to witness it to those who might be helped in their lives too.

However, in the process I also realized that I needed to change how I operate my website. So, I was researching Sharing. This is one of the things I have found. I haven't found enough information to make a final decision yet but I did find this page of questions frequently asked.

I still have a lot of privacy questions in my mind. For example, it seems like people who share are usually a part of a business of some kind. That business would shield a person to some degree because it is a business. So, it likely would shield the privacy of most employees. However, I'm (at least not as a blogger)  directly or indirectly involved in a business. I am blogging because God saved my life in 1999 from a heart virus I had. So, I'm honoring God for saving my life by sharing what I sense God wants me to share. I was given back my life by God's grace then so I take it very seriously when I blog as a service to God much like others might take seriously their calling to be ministers or Priests of many religions around the world.

However, lately my thought is that "Am I informing people who need to be informed and saving them time in finding information they need to know? Or am I just scaring people with the truth? Also, I am wondering about how information is shared. Is the way I'm doing it the most helpful and useful way to everyone including me? Is there a better way and what is God asking of me in my life now?

The question of my wife that was burned into my life yesterday was: "What was the Burning Bush like when you experienced it on Mt. Shasta?" And the fact that her asking that question deeply changed me internally spiritually by actually tuning fully into it again made me realize I have to re-evaluate everything once again. I don't know how it will all turn out but I know my life will be the better for it.

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