Friday, March 29, 2013

My Burning Bush

Up until I was 22 years old I was gifted as an intuitive but it was on a more normal level (at least that is the way I saw it). Going Quantum is what I would call what happened to me the night I began to climb Mt. Shasta the first time to the top in August 1970 with 3 friends.

It was 2 am and we all spent the night in sleeping bags outside of Horse Camp (The Sierra Club Emergency Lodge used to rescue climbers between Spring and fall of every year). I hadn't brought enough warm night gear so I was kind of cold and decided as the temperature started to fall at tree line at about 2 am. The 3 climbers I was going to climb with told me that they would start climbing by 3 am. I started out slowly walking up Obermann's walkway up the mountain from Horse Camp. I would say the temperature was in the mid 30s Fahrenheit up to about 40 at the time. As I walked I limbered up by moving and I was 22 so I was in good shape and used to climbing mountains. This one we wanted to climb in one day and planned to return to Horse Camp and all meet there near Sundown that day and all travel down into town together and have dinner at a restaurant together.

Since I was 1 hour ahead of the others about a mile up the trail from Horse Camp I saw something that looked a lot like when the transporter is used in the TV program Star Trek. I knew this was something I had never seen or felt before and I felt like  nail to an electromagnet that was turned on. As I stood there transfixed watching this a voice came out of the "Burning Bush" that said, "If you stay here near me any longer it will damage you so you need to walk on up the mountain." I realized this was some sort of spiritual vortex maybe like what Moses saw too because I was very changed by this experience so I began to pray as I walked up the mountain as I was requested and climbing to the top was less important to me that walking up the mountain while praying. Tears came down my face with all the changes and one by one the other 3 climbers passed me. One of the climbers I passed at about 12,000 feet in elevation and he said he couldn't handle the altitude and was getting sick so he went back down. The next climber was at 13,000 feet and I found him asleep from the altitude. He told me he had already summit ted but fell asleep because he couldn't stay awake in the altitude. So, I sent him down before he died from not having enough clothes on while sleeping at that altitude. He had enough on to walk or climb but not enough to keep body temperature normal while sleeping. So, I watched him go down to where he could slide down on the snow on plastic. Then I passed another friend who had summit ted. And then I found a seagull that couldn't fly at that altitude and was sort of beating himself to death on the ground trying to take off. So, I chased him off a cliff so he could get enough air under his wings to fly. I saw him glide off okay. Then I summit ed myself and the wind gusts were about 100 mph but luckily there was only dust blowing not snow or rocks. Then I noticed my mind was a lot like a 5 year old at that altitude. From the summit I was alone and it was about 4 pm. I was a little scared to be on the summit that late because I wanted to make sure I got to Horse Camp before sundown. So, after I signed the climber's register I climbed down to where I could slide several thousand feet vertically on plastic down a snow chute using my ice axe as a brake. However, make sure you know what you are doing on this steep a slope because if you make a mistake you will die because of the steepness if you try this. So, I really went down fast and luckily made it to Horse Camp before sundown. I felt very relieved and happy to have reached the Summit of Mt. Shasta that day in August 1970.

This experience began what I must call a quantum jump in all aspects of my intuitive awareness. If my level of expertise was 1 before this it became 100 after that during the next 10 years and more. But, it wasn't at all easy. Instead it was pretty terrifying at times. The best way I can say what it brought was "The Holy Spirit". Tonight my wife asked me again about this experience and I realized this happened now 43 years ago this summer so I have a different perspective of it having survived the last 43 years now since this experience happened "out of the blue".

And again "out of the blue" my wife asked me about this experience so I tried to explain it to her how I see it now. I said, "It brought the Holy Spirit into my life".  And she said, "How do you view what it was?" I said, "Well. Father Charlie used to believe that some Volcanoes increased the intuitive spiritual abilities when you were around them or on them."  She said, "So you think because Mt. Shasta is a volcano that this happened to you?" I said, "Well. If volcanoes sometimes increase intuitive abilities imagine if what I came across was a vortex that is naturally occurring that increased the dormant intuitive abilities I that had then into full operation."

She said, "Is that what you think?" I said, "Well. There are many things scientifically that people still don't know about or have any explanation for. This to me, would be one of those things. And so, since it has changed me so greatly I see it as my burning bush experience."

The best way I can put it is this: "Everything Good that You and I do keeps happening by God's Grace. Everything good that you and I do is never ending By God's Grace. Everything good that you and I do is exponential into infinity by God's Grace!"

This is my experience.

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