Monday, March 25, 2013

For all Bloggers

It is extremely important whenever it is possible to give credit to whatever your sources for your quotes are. This gives credit to whoever wrote whatever you are quoting so people can go online to where it was originally written or to the book or magazine or TV show that you are quoting facts from. Sometimes this isn't possible, for example, when you have read 10 or 100 articles about a subject and have become very knowledgeable more than most people on any given subject. But, whenever you are making a direct quote from any known source it is very important to give credit to whatever source you found your information from. This way you cover yourself and cannot be accused of plagarism or be held legally liable for what you are doing. By giving credit where credit is do it makes everyone happy because the source is available for everyone to find where you found that information too. The form I use looks like this:

If I can I copy a word button of an article to my site so I don't lose it. Then I quote the site. Then I recopy the word button as the source of the site after I write "End Quote from:" This way people know I didn't write this article and I give credit and a way for people to trace back to who actually wrote it to begin with. Sometimes I will write a note at the beginning to denote some special knowledge I might have about what will be quoted and sometimes If I have something to say about the subject I will make a comment after I put end quote from: and the word button or URL or page number in a magazine or book or what TV program I got the information from. This keeps everything in order, I cover myself, I cover the reader and I give full credit to whoever wrote it. Everyone benefits in multiple ways as a result.

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