Sunday, March 31, 2013

How to survive being an intuitive

Being an intuitive is difficult. But if you make it to be 30 you likely are one of the ones most likely to make it to 90 and beyond also. There are many reasons for this. An intuitive usually is a feelings type of person. They tend to feel everything deeply. This allows them to more deeply access all their senses on an everyday basis. Most people if something is painful shut off or shut up their senses in regard to the pain. However, an intuitive finds that there senses keep them alive and if they shut off or cover over their senses it might lead to their deaths or the deaths of others. So, even though being an intuitive might be very painful while growing up, as an adult of 30 or older oftentimes it is a Godsend to be an intuitive once you have figured it out and have become used to it. However, under 30 like with all people it is much harder to survive in some ways especially from about ages 12 to 25 because there are so many extra variables in your life you are dealing with.

Also, everyone has different abilities and interests. So, how someone uses those abilities and interests will show how each person will develop.

However, most people don't choose to become intuitives. It is not usually something anyone sets out to do. Life chooses you. That is the best way to put it. And then life tests you all the time to see if you are safe for the rest of all life around you to be allowed to stay alive as an intuitive. What I have found is that only intuitives that life approves of stay alive in the long run after 30 years of age. They will tend to either self destruct or have accidents if they are misusing their abilities. This is just what I have observed over the years.

As an intuitive I have noticed that all life observes us every moment. For example, most of my life I didn't like insects at all. So, I might be the first to kill a fly or a spider. But, in my early 30s after beginning to study Tibetan Buddhism with Tibetan Lamas in the U.S., India and Nepal I took Ahimsa Vows to not kill anything except in self defense. This changed my life a lot. For example, my family and I owned a couple of businesses and 6 months a year for a couple of years from May to October usually I worked as a Fire Lookout on top of a mountain. There were always flies in the summer because of cattle ranches all around me and herds of Wild Boar around that might number up to 100 and herds of deer etc. So, at first I was frustrated because of the flies. Then my alternate Fire Lookout (we broke the week into two halves so each of us worked 1/2 week) showed me how to use a paper cup or plastic glass to capture flies and bees and hornets and with a piece of paper over the lip I just walked them out of the lookout and released them into the air. This was amazing in the difference of my karma. Especially when I saved spiders and flies I felt a huge burden lift off me.

In the past, whenever I would kill a spider especially, astrally the spider often would be angry and grow big astrally and bite me astrally and I didn't like that feeling. But, when I saved spiders and flies I no longer had to deal with all the bad karma killing always brings into a person's life. This might seem like a small thing but actually over time it is huge.

Partly as a result of my Ahimsa vows and treating all beings with kindness my karma got better and better and better. And now I am easily able to trace my good fortune in life directly to how I treated all beings especially after I was more aware and after 30 years of age. I turned 30 around 1980.

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