Friday, March 29, 2013

Intuitive hunches

Every time you say something like, "I have a hunch if I do such and such it will be all right." And then you follow your hunch and you see you were right. This is what to me is intuition. Refining this sense is how you become intuitive and get to the point where you can literally trust your life to your hunches. Some people are physical intuitives and can do impossible physical things like athletes and gymnasts and people capable of amazing physical feats. Other people I call spiritual intuitives that sometimes can heal other people or know things before they happen. And others can do all these things at once. Knowing what your abilities are and being in sync with them can often save your own life or the lives of others. So, it is good to know what you are capable of especially in emergencies. Also, learning to meditate and pray can sometimes harness your ablities to help others or yourself in emergencies. And sometimes many intuitive people can work together spiritually and physically to do amazing good for themselves and sometimes others.  But it all starts with understanding your own abilities enough to really know who you are as a being and to sense your place in the universe.

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