Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Social Media?

If one can predict box office revenues through analyzing social media like Twitter, then it also may be possible to analyze which countries will rise and fall and all sorts of other things. However, this is at a macro level. At a micro level children around the world (under 16 or 18) are many times ruining their futures by what they say on Facebook, Twitter, etc. because they might have no concept of how all this information might NEVER go away. And so they naively think that they are only talking to whoever they are talking to instead of realizing that Facebook and other social media sites sell this information to whoever they want to for whatever purposes those companies or individuals might have now and into the future. So, knowing that one (a country, a corporation, a good or bad individual) might predict almost anything, it is good to know how potentially dangerous this might be on a macro or micro level for everyone here on earth because there is no reason why any individual who has this specific information should or would share the fact that they have this kind of information about anyone or anything or any type of box office, whether countries are going to rise or fall, whether stocks are going to go up or down etc. I think you are beginning to see just how dangerous this could be in the wrong hands to everyone.

This also brings a whole new element to the term "Insider trading".

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