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Close to the Earth

We needed our reverse osmosis water filter for drinking water from the tap replaced so the company sent a man over to do that.  As he did this we talked. I found out that he was Lakota and had been to Sundances and into sweat lodges so we began to share experiences regarding the medicine path of the Native American Tribes. He shared with me that going into a sweat lodge one is reborn as someone new after this visit into the "Womb of Mother Earth" of the Sweat Lodge. Though I had heard many on the Medicine path speak before in this way somehow since this was this man's religion since birth it had more meaning to me than for the many white people I had sweat with in Sweat Lodges led by Native American Medicine Men who believed in Sweating with White People over the years (Not all do). And whether this is a form of reverse discrimination against white people or whatever it is, I believe people have the right to believe whatever they want. After all, freedom of religion (whatever it is is sacrosanct here in the U.S.).

So, as we shared as he changed the water filter we both realized that neither of us was afraid of death because of our nature (mother Earth) experiences which had deeply changed us both to the core of our belief systems regarding the sanctity of all life on earth and beyond.

I told him about my first experiences with the rock people at Garrapata Beach Cliffs near Big Sur over 30 years ago now and asked him if his tribe also believed in the Rock People. He said the experience of the Rock People is pretty universal among most tribes and goes back thousands and thousands of years in their traditions. I suppose if you start with animism which is a belief that literally everything is alive and deserves respect and compassion it is logical that one would wind up with literally everything being alive. I often bemoan all belief systems that have moved away from this way of thinking. Because once you believe (rightly or wrongly) that some things are alive and some things are dead then you also might then believe it is okay to kill things or to abuse things or beings because they are no longer alive to you. And if something is not alive to you it does not deserve your respect. But if you don't respect all life life will punish you. This is my experience throughout my life. For example, the simple choice of deciding to take Ahimsa Vows so I wouldn't needlessly kill anything not even an insect brought incredibly good karma into my life. So, to me, everything is alive even the air I breathe, the water I drink and bathe in, the food I eat and all plants, animals and people and birds and fish and porpoises etc. By respecting everything plant and animal and mineral and air etc. all life respects me and thereby helps keep me and my family alive on into the future in return. What Goes around Comes around.

Can You Sense Earth's Magnetic Field?

Can Humans Actually Sense the Earth's Magnetic Field?

Can Humans Actually Sense the Earth's Magnetic Field?
Close your eyes and quietly repeat after me: "Om mani padme hum, om mani padme hum…" Feel anything unusual? You know, like a magnetic chill down your spine?
No? Don't feel bad. I'm just teasing. That's actually a popular Tibetan Buddhist mantra. And don't be silly, you can't really "feel" the Earth's magnetic field, though according to a new study by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, you might be able to see it.
(PHOTOS: The Hubble Telescope's Greatest Hits)
How? With a light-sensitive protein that helps regulate our daily body rhythms known as cryptochrome, capable of detecting magnetic fields and actually acting like a compass when present in the eyes of Drosophila, the species commonly known as "fruit flies."
It turns out we not only might at one point have been capable of "seeing" magnetic fields, as nonhuman migratory animals such as birds do, but that we may still retain some semblance of a visual ability to orient ourselves using the Earth's magnetic field.
"May" being the operative word. The debate over whether humans can perceive direction, altitude or location based on the Earth's magnetic field has been ongoing and somewhat contentious for decades. Research by Robin Baker at the University of Manchester during the 1970s and 1980s made claims that human-based magnetoception exists, but no one's been able to reproduce his results, placing them somewhere in the scientific domain of "not science yet."
Enter neurobiologist Steven Reppert and others at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, who've been fiddling with monarch butterflies and fruit flies, coming up with methods to determine cryptochrome's efficacy at detecting magnetic fields. In a Nature study published last year, Reppert and colleagues showed how fruit flies without the innate ability to detect magnetic fields recovered it when induced to produce cryptochrome. And in a Nature study published just yesterday, Reppert and colleagues obtained similar results observing monarch butterflies with two inbuilt cryptochrome genes. The conclusion? Since a similar version of cryptochrome is actively found in the human eye, Reppert suspects humans may be able to "see" magnetic fields when the gene interacts with our retinas.
"I would be very surprised if we don't have this sense," Reppert told the BBC. "[It's] used in a variety of other animals. I think that the issue is to figure out how we use it."
And the New York Times raises a tantalizing possibility: You know the stories about ancient Polynesian navigators making thousands of miles sea voyages without compasses and only intermittently starry skies? It's a long shot, but yep, this could possibly explain that, too.
MORE: NASA: Supermassive Black Holes Are at the Hearts of Galaxies

Read more: end quote.
So Can you Sense Earth's Magnetic Field? I guess each of us has to answer that ourselves. For me, the answer likely is "Yes". It is one of the many reasons that I have been concerned about the magnetosphere surrounding Earth. It appears that even though the sun appears to empower our magnetosphere through its plasma streams somehow, that it also is generated by the Sun like magma inside of Earth as well as the crust of the earth that we all live upon on the very outside of earth and to some degree the oceans. So, I guess my concern as someone who can actually sense the magnetic field or fields of earth, it looks to me like the sun is sort of magnetizing Earth which is magnetizing everything else here on earth including all life forms. And that all life forms have what appears to me to be a lot like an egg shaped personal magnetosphere around each of them (especially humans). So, for me by looking at the health of these personal magnetospheres or (Auras) I can usually tell the health both mental and physical and spiritual of any being I observe in this way as well as their psychological states at that moment. However, I don't do this all the time unless I find it useful in some way to my health or others. For example, in 1998 at thanksgiving I noticed there was something not quite right about my mother in laws aura or personal magnetosphere, so I looked more deeply and realized she was dying. Unfortunately, I told my wife and she couldn't handle it and just got hysterical at the time. So, I backed off and within 3 months doctors told my wife's mother that she had terminal lung cancer. So, if you can see auras and know what they mean when they look certain ways you can diagnose potential deaths or potential psychotic breaks or whatever if you know what different things look like in an Aura or (personal magnetosphere).

Also, in regard to earth it appears that our magnetosphere is changing into something else that might not allow life as we know it to live upon it. It doesn't mean that we all are going to die necessarily, it just means that our descendents won't be like us if they want to survive here. Or it will mean that we as a human race decide to terraform earth to remain as it now is or was during the 20th and 19th centuries. Because for now at least the 20th and 19th centuries are long gone in regard to what life is doing on earth now.

Opinion Shyness: Evolutionary Tactic?

I found the above article and I agree with many of the things said in it. Though I am completely against all mood altering substances like Paxil, Zoloft, Prosac and others simply because they permanently rewire natural brains to make them something never before seen in the natural world, I agree with the author that Shyness is an evolutionary tactic of survival for the human race.

My wife, for example, is an extroverts extrovert. And she has 3 degrees including an MBA (master's in Business Administration) specializing in Non-profits. But she will often say to me that people who are more reclusive or shy like myself are necessary for society to function right. For example, though many people would call me very successful in everything I have attempted I was very shy from birth through ages 15. However, because I was also 6 foot 3 inches tall by age 15 all I had to do often was to stand somewhere and be quiet and people would often feel intimidated by my presence because of my height and strength physically. So, often I tried to reassure people of my good intentions by reaching out to them especially if I noticed that they were threatened by my size. And even though I would make myself seem much more harmless than I could potentially be in order to make them feel more comfortable around someone my size, still it brought me out of my basic shyness and I found myself quite able to protect all kinds of people just because of my size because I have always been physically fearless. In otherwords I'm not usually threatened by others words because of my size because most people are all words. However, with someone my size I know they are usually just a lot of words and no actions. So, often I became a protector of people along the way. As I moved into adulthood I also found that since I had listened to adults speak intelligent things all the time growing up that I had taken on a great deal of wisdom unlike many of my peers. So I tried to embody the wisdom I had garnered from listening to intelligent and wise adults all my life. I found myself becoming successful in life in almost all ways because of this tactic of mine. However, if I had not been shy enough to just listen attentively to the many wise adults in my life I could not have taken in fully this wisdom and would not have been able to embody this wisdom starting in my late teens and early twenties and would not have become as successful in all ways in my life as I have been.

So, if your children are shy just remember they are taking everything in. So, please give them good information so that they can benefit both you and themselves and society and become a benefit to everyone.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Failure to raise debt ceiling will create double dip recession

Top economist: Raise the debt ceiling or blow the recovery 'out of the water'

The US economy will double its growth rate by the end of the year, if Congress raises the debt ceiling, says economic forecaster Mark Zandi. Otherwise, 'we would be thrown into recession.'

Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody's Analytics and co-founder of, talks with reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast in August 2010. At a Monitor breakfast on Tuesday morning, Dr. Zandi warned that failing to raise the debt ceiling would derail the recovery.
Michael Bonfigli / The Christian Science Monitor / File
By Dave Cook, Staff writer / June 28, 2011
Washington Mark Zandi, a prominent economic forecaster, says the US economy will gather steam in the second six months of 2011 – unless Congress fails to raise the government debt limit. In that case, “we go into recession, and my forecast would be blown out of the water,” he said Tuesday at a Monitor-hosted breakfast for reporters.
Skip to next paragraph The chief economist of Moody’s Analytics, Dr. Zandi expects economic output to be growing at about a 4 percent rate by the end of 2011, versus 1.9 percent in the first three months of the year. “Weights on the economy are lifting,” he said, referring to diminishing effects of higher oil and food prices, as well as the impact of the Japanese tsunami on auto production.
Zandi remains wary of the return of high gas prices, he says, and thinks unemployment will fall slowly, but he remains cautiously optimistic about the overall economic recovery.
But Zandi's relatively upbeat outlook would change abruptly if Congress and the Obama administration fail to agree on a plan to raise the federal debt ceiling by August 2, requiring the government to dramatically curtail operations.end quote.

It is quite obvious now that the failure to raise the debt ceiling will do two things. The first thing is that it will create the end of the recovery and the second thing it will do is to re-elect Obama and put the Tea Party out of business likely permanently. So, there are only 9 days when both the house and senate are in session together between now and when the debt ceiling must be raised. So what will it be?

Raise the Debt Ceiling or create another recession which will end the tea party and re-elect Obama and elect a democratic congress. Actually I think its quite likely that Obama will be re-elected almost no matter what happens at this point because people are just so very insecure during these times.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Super 8: The movie afterthoughts

My wife and I liked this movie and my son who is 37 had problems with it and my 15 year old daughter hasn't seen it yet. I thought the movie was sort of a "Goonies" or "Stand By Me" with kids around 12 or so trying to figure the world out and getting caught into a pretty scary adventure. But it is a much scarier movie than "Goonies" or "Stand by Me" mostly, so you are sitting on the edge of your seat a lot and people do die in this movie horribly so you have to remember that for the under 8 or under 5 crowd depending upon their sensibilities at this point in their lives. However, for someone 10 or above generally it is a very entertaining movie as long as you know what it is actually about. It is a retro movie in many respects and has the feel of "Goonies" or "The Blob" and retro movies like those. But it is very entertaining for kids and for those of us who grew up during the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

Green Lantern and X-Men

The best blockbuster movie at the movie theaters this summer has to be the new X-Men movie. It takes place mostly during the Cuban Missile Crisis of September 1962. I was 14 then so seeing real footage of President Kennedy before he was assassinated was a real treat and seeing people depicting the types of people and dress of those times also was very fun.

Green Lantern's story is very much in some simple ways the way things actually are in our galaxy and beyond. Though the real truth is of course even more amazing than the legend similar to reality that Green Lantern Depicts.

Though the new X-Men movie also depicts aspects of the way things really are on earth of course both movies "Hollywoodize" the truth for entertainment purposes. However, in both movies the kernel of truth is there regarding how things actually are both on Earth and beyond. So in this sense they are both archetypally important to young people of all ages learning how to function both on earth and beyond.

My own experiences as a Soul Traveler, Adept and natural Shaman have showed me many of the same things these movies are trying to inform people about. I think this is why so many people of all ages are attracted to these kinds of movies, because we all inherently know that the truth is much like what is depicted. So, the Hero epics continue to enlighten on down through the centuries in any way possible. And so, thereby the human race evolves into something more amazing each and every day.

Asteroid today will be closer than some satellites
An asteroid the size of a tour bus will fly past Earth today (June 27) so closely it will be beneath some of the planet's satellites.
The rock, named asteroid 2011 MD will zoom by just 7,500 miles (12,000 km) above the planet, making a sharp turn forced by Earth's gravity before winging off into space again. The flyby will occur at about 1 p.m. EDT (1700 GMT).
There is no risk of an impact, NASA scientists said. The space rock, estimated to be between 29 to 98 feet (9 to 30 meters) wide, is likely too small to survive a plunge through our atmosphere anyway. An asteroid this size, if it were mostly stony, would break apart and burn up before hitting the surface. Iron-heavy space rocks are better at surviving the fiery entry, however. end quote.

An Asteroid coming closer than some of earth's satellites? This doesn't sound like an asteroid in some ways. What are the probabilities of a trajectory like this?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Nuclear agency head to visit two flooded Nebraska reactors

Nuclear agency head to visit flooded Nebraska reactors

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Main Image
Main Image
FORT CALHOUN, Neb | Fri Jun 24, 2011 7:14pm EDT
(Reuters) - The chair of the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission will arrive in Nebraska Sunday to monitor preparations against Missouri River flooding at two Nebraska nuclear power plants, officials said Friday.
NRC Chair Gregory Jaczko will visit the Cooper Nuclear Station south of Omaha Sunday and the Fort Calhoun plant north of Omaha Monday, said agency spokesman Victor Dricks.
During both visits, Jaczko will also be talking with NRC resident inspectors-- the agency staff who work on-site every day -- and plant officials, Dricks said.
Flood water up to 2-feet deep is standing on the site of the 478-megawatt Fort Calhoun plant, operated by the Omaha Public Power District, the NRC said Wednesday.
The utility has erected a water-filled berm around vital areas of the plant -- which shut in early April to refuel -- to protect the containment building and auxiliary buildings from up to six feet of water.
Heavy rains and snow melt have flooded the Missouri River valley, threatening towns from Montana to Missouri.
An NRC inspection at Fort Calhoun two years ago indicated deficiencies in the flood preparation area, which have now been remedied, the agency said.
The rising river is not expected to reach vital equipment at the 800-megawatt Cooper plant, located near Brownville, Nebraska and operated by the Nebraska Public Power District, the NRC said. Cooper is running at full power.
During the Fort Calhoun stop, the chairman will meet first with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officials, then take a helicopter tour along the Missouri River to provide an overview of the flooding and measures being taken. Following the plant visit he will meet with executives of the utility.
"Both plants remain under the 'unusual event' declarations, the lowest of four levels of emergency notification," Dricks said. "We are maintaining close communications with the National Weather Service and the Army Corps of Engineers."end quote.

Somehow all the assurances that everything is okay reminds me a lot of Fukushima in some respects. I think personally that there might be a 50-50 chance that radioactive waters may join the flood at the very least and wash downstream all the way  to the Gulf of Mexico. If this happens likely we will never hear about it unless it is months after the fact.

Picture of Flooded Omaha, Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant

Main Image

Asteroid comes 7500 miles from earth June 27th

Asteroid 2011 MD Earth flyby diagram for June 27, 2011
Trajectory of asteroid 2011 MD during its June 27, 2011 flyby from the general direction of the sun.

UPDATE for 5:35 p.m. ET: NASA has recalculated the time of closest approach for this event to be about 3 1/2 hours later than initially reported. The change is reflected below.
Here's something to dwell on as you head to work next week: A small asteroid the size of a tour bus will make an extremely close pass by the Earth on Monday, but it poses no threat to the planet
The asteroid will make its closest approach at 1:14 p.m. EDT (1714 GMT) on June 27 and will pass just over 7,500 miles (12,000 kilometers) above the Earth's surface, NASA officials say. At that particular moment, the asteroid — which scientists have named 2011 MD — will be sailing high off the coast of Antarctica, almost 2,000 miles (3,218 km) south-southwest of South Africa.  end quote.

 So, if all goes well this thing will miss us. If not, it might be quite a show! What I thought was interesting is that no one found until until two days ago on June 22nd 2011.

Very STrong Earthquakes in Alaska, Japan and Solomon Islands
7.2 earthquake Atka, Alaska
6.8 then a 6.7 Earthquake moments later in Japan
6.3 in the Solomon Islands

Recent earthquakes

Santa Cruz Islands

Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

Near the east coast of Honshu, Japan

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Climate Change Climate Change: It's bad and getting worse
Severe weather events are wracking the planet, and experts warn of even greater consequences to come.
Last Modified: 23 Jun 2011 07:46
Flooding in China is currently affecting approximately five million people [GALLO/GETTY]
The rate of ice loss in two of Greenland's largest glaciers has increased so much in the last 10 years that the amount of melted water would be enough to completely fill Lake Erie, one of the five Great Lakes in North America.

West Texas is currently undergoing its worst drought since the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, leaving wheat and cotton crops in the state in an extremely dire situation due to lack of soil moisture, as wildfires continue to burn.

Central China recently experienced its worst drought in more than 50 years. Regional authorities have declared more than 1,300 lakes "dead", meaning they are out of use for both irrigation and drinking water supply.

Floods have struck Eastern and Southern China, killing at least 52 and forcing the evacuation of hundreds of thousands, followed by severe flooding that again hit Eastern China, displacing or otherwise affecting five million people.

Meanwhile in Europe, crops in the northwest are suffering the driest weather in decades.

Scientific research confirms that, so far, humankind has raised the Earth's temperature, and the aforementioned events are a sign of what is to come. end quote.

These kinds of damage are becoming more common worldwide, from the tornadoes of the Plains states in the U.S. moving into places like New York and even Massachusetts, so that literally tornadoes now happen from the Rockies eastward. To small tornadoes throughout the western states now that are not usually big enough to lift a house or car but often destroy greenhouses or barns, to the fires now in Texas and Arizona and New Mexico and other states. Then there is the snow that is still in most places in the mountains west of Yellowstone National Park, to the incredible waterfalls in Yosemite. And this is just the U.S. where I live. No matter where you are on earth climate change is affecting your country too.

next quote from same article:
"If you had a satellite view of the planet in the summer, there is about 40 per cent less ice in the Arctic than when Apollo 8 [in 1968] first sent back those photos [of Earth]," Bill McKibben, world renowned environmentalist and fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences told Al Jazeera, "Oceans are 30 per cent more acidic than they were 40 years ago. The atmosphere is four per cent more wet than 40 years ago because warm air holds more water than cold air. That means more deluge and downpour in wet areas and more dryness in dry areas. So we're seeing more destructive mega floods and storms, increasing thunderstorms, and increasing lightning strikes." end quote.

Regarding Libya

My son's friend since he was about 10 years old has become a video documentarian over the past years. They are both in their mid 30s now and both have bachelors degrees in science. My son's friend spent about 9 or 10 weeks in Libya and I got to speak with him last night about his experiences. He told me since he has been back in California has spoken at a meeting at the West Coast United Nations regarding his experiences there in Benghazi, Libya. I was happy to see a western educated person capable of giving a more detailed summary of what is happening in Libya than you might find in any news outlets. The first thing he told me is that unlike the rest of Africa, Libya doesn't really have tribal problems (at least that is what everyone he talked to in Benghazi, Libya told him during his time there). He also said that none of the U.S. networks is very respected in the middle East now. The least respected because of its polarized rightest position is Fox News which wasn't a surprise to me. However, I was surprised that even CNN except for Fareed Zacharia isn't very well respected in the middle east either. He said that over the last 10 years aljazeera network is now the most respected by all elements (left, center and right) in the middle east and even in Europe than any of the U.S. networks at this time. I was very concerned about U.S. news organizations because of this. Because if all U.S. news networks aren't believed anymore then where are we?

He also mentioned that even U.S. and some European reporters were not allowed to say what was really going on in Libya because of pressure from their networks.

This also concerned me. However, on a purely economic level I'm sure that news is manipulated because of worries around the present economic downturns the last few years in the western world and possibly even worldwide.

He was also talking to me about how when antiaircraft guns were used on Benghazi by shooting them parallel to the ground the people in Benghazi that were hit were basically just arms and heads left with the rest liquified except for their legs. At that point since these were peaceful demonstrators that were shot with antiaircraft fire this way the police sided with the demonstrators and passed out guns and ammunition to fight Qaddhafi's troops and mercenaries who were massacring Benghazi peaceful demonstrators. One man, he said,  filled his car with gasoline cans and dynamite and drove into the Qaddhafi Troops and blew a lot of them up. Another man he said, hopped on a Bulldozer and drove through a wall so that some of the people being blown apart by antiaircraft fire parallel to the ground could escape through the breech in the wall  there in Benghazi. These two men, one who died and one who lived driving the Bulldozer, along with the police of Benghazi arming the citizenry allowed  them to begin to push back Qaddhafi's troops along with French Fighter planes who blew up tanks with missiles that melted through the tanks and blew the turrets off. My sons friend saw many many tanks with the turrets blown off in this way from fighter jet missiles and the remains of the crews both mercenary and regular Libyan troops under Qaddhafi. The efforts of the citizens from Benghazi moving  eastward came organically and became successful when NATO decided to become involved to prevent Qaddhafi from massacring anymore civilians. However, as everyone knows worldwide preventing civilian deaths under these circumstances will be very haphazard until a new permanent regime based more on human rights than the last one rules over all of Libya. Hopefully, the people of Syria can form a new government  that actually represents their needs and wants and human rights too. It appears now that civilian armies from the east are moving closer and closer to Tripoli every day now.

It appears also according to my son's friend that many good reporters from western networks are moving to  aljazeera  because the rights of middle eastern people in general seem to be protected by this news source worldwide now. If you are from one of these middle eastern countries now affected and are living here in the United States, Europe or around the world if you want more useful information about your country beyond what you are getting here is the aljazeera site that might be useful for you. It is my hope that Western networks like CNN and all the others will become more respected as they were in past years as an unbiased source of the news worldwide.

But for now, this appears to be the best source of what is happening in the middle east right now.

AJE - Al Jazeera English

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 June 21 2011


Mindstream in the way I'm using the word here is to denote everything we can remember from our pasts, presents and futures. Now, most of you might think something like, "Well. If it isn't in the present or in the past since I was born 'How could I remember it?' " The answer to this is that if you have a good memory you can remember things that happened before you were born or even before you were conceived in your mother's womb."But" you might say, "That isn't possible, is it?" I don't know. You Tell me. Is it possible? For me, the answer is "yes". For you, only you can decide what is true or possible. Only you can define reality and no one else really. So, if you are a Free thinker like me who takes responsibility for everything you think on a case by case basis then reality is whatever you experience it to be.Reality is whatever your personal scientific method says it is according to your own experiences. In the end only a fool lets anyone else define reality for them unless they are a little child even when they are over 18 or 21 years of age. In the end for all of us reality is whatever we perceive it to be through our direct experiences because they are the only ones we can actually count on. Other people's perceptions of reality including the printed word are at best then 2nd hand information which must always be suspect on a certain level, unless you are one of those that just loves to suspend disbelief on all occasions. But unfortunately, those people also wind up walking down the street talking to themselves. So, balance in all things I have found tends to be the best path forward. If you are too disciplined in your thinking it will affect your balanced view of life both physiologically and psychologically. If you are too loose in your thinking without the capacity for critical thinking then what then is your criteria for reality and would it actually have any real meaning to yourself or anyone else? So, I postulate a point of view that contains the scientific method, critical thinking as well as creative thinking in the form of being a Free thinker in ways started by Francis Bacon in Elizabethan times when he first postulated the Scientific Method and yet is also balanced in its approach to life in general. For if there is anything that life has taught me it is "moderation in all things creates a long life for everyone."

So, in my experience of life which has allowed me to grow up start businesses, ride bicycles then motorcycles, fly planes, hang gliders, and gliders that you sit inside while you are towed aloft, drive cars both slow and fast and the same with trucks and boats, Yes, I can remember many many things from the past(before I was born), the present( both here and other places in the universe beyond earth), and the future(where I have lived when I was born in other bodies or when I traveled as a spirit while I was living in a physical body or when I had already passed on and was just traveling as a spirit. I would say I can remember fairly clearly memories that span from about 6 million years ago to about 1 to 2 million years into the future. And as I open my mind and feel safe enough the time lines only grow in regard to memories regarding both time and space.

The first thing one needs to delve into all this is an interest or a need to do so. If something like this just scares you then it isn't likely you will pursue these memories unless you find it interesting or necessary in some way shape or form.

So, how does one start down these sorts of paths. For me, it came because my parents taught me as a child and growing up how the universe is filled with all sorts of civilizations of intelligent beings. So, since I believed this from birth I thought it would be great to go out and meet some of them. But that's just me. Others might not feel this way. So, when I could actually do this as a spirit with some safety and control I did. But just like surfing waves 10 to 50 feet high on the ocean it isn't likely something everyone would like to do. But it is something almost everything wishes they could watch. So that is one of the reasons that I like to write so I can share some of my experiences.

So, if I'm talking about my own mindstream it is everything I can remember doing ever throughout all time and space. Do I censor these memories? Wouldn't you? Like for example if I remember (and I do) being kept in a cell with straw on a floor in Europe during the inquisition with my present wife (last time I remember knowing her in another life) I remember being kept there until we were both burned at a stake for being heretics or something like that. Do I want to remember or share things like this much? Nope. Not really. I can only share it now because this memory helped my wife and I now get together and marry in this life and be very happy we can now share a lifetime rather than be snuffed out in our teens or twenties like we were then. So, getting crucified in one lifetime often makes for a chance at redemption in another. But what is right or wrong? In the end in some ways it is subjective rather than objective. You could theoretically have a whole room full of people believing something is right or wrong but that doesn't make it necessarily right or wrong whatever it is. So, in the end we all make up the rules to our lives in the end. In the end it is just us and God and that's all (if you believe in God).

My experience is that the way we treat ourselves and all others is what we are judged by God about in all our lives. So, as we honor the souls of ourselves and all others we also honor God.

So, in this life my goal as a child was to meet God by soul traveling to meet God wherever he was in the Galaxy. I achieved my goal but it happened much differently than I ever expected. So, for me, at least in this lifetime my journey is about how I learned to soul travel to meet God and all the things that led up to this and that came after, but also all my memories that span millions of years and possible even more than that past, present and future.

So, first you have to be aware you have the abilities, second you must be brave enough to use your abilities to help yourself and all beings. And third you need to commit to only using your abilities for good things and for helping others and yourself. Otherwise, things might get really bad for you if you use your abilities only for yourself or only to hurt others. Your own death might be the result. This is my personal experience with all this stuff.

So, abilities, need and commitment to good actions are necessary to get to where I'm talking about. Developing positive motivations is really useful. One of many ways to develop positive motivations towards all life in the universe is the following that I learned from Tibetan Lamas in the U.S. and in India and Nepal. Here it is:

"May all Beings attain Bliss and the cause of Bliss
May all beings be free from suffering and the cause of suffering
May all beings never be without the Supreme Bliss
that is free from all near and far all grasping and aversion"

This is only one of likely hundreds of good positive motivation builders that you can find in people, philosophies and religions all around the world and beyond.

I'm thinking about developing "Mindstream" into something more but I'll have to think about it some and see if I have both the free time and the inspiration to develop it. We'll see.

One of the challenges for me is creating a way of conveying things to you in a useful structure because my experience of God and the universe doesn't really fit completely into any one religious or even philosophical  view here on Earth. So maybe the best way to approach all this is as a voyage of discovery, sort of like a child visiting Disneyland, Yosemite or Yellowstone National Park or some foreign country where the child doesn't know the local languages or customs, because this is sort of how I feel after a lifetime of experiences on and beyond Earth soul Traveling. So, Maybe I'll just try to jump into some hopefully useful way of expressing this:

Life, past, present and future is always unexpected wherever you encounter life in any form or forms. You never completely know what interactions will occur. And not only that depending upon the internal world and cultural view and physicality and communication structure(s) regarding any one being human or otherwise, you will always have different experiences that different beings encounter even in the same time and space.

So, the best I can share is my own experiences of life in the universe which could be compared to the Native American likely in the late 1700s or very early 1800s who had never seen a white man or a piano before. The wagon had broken a wheel and so the pianist played the piano in the middle of nowhere to pass the time on the dirt road. So the native American watched and listened and this is what he told his family in a teepee or Hogan when he returned home to his tribe's encampment or village. He said something like: "Then the white man got up into the wooden thing and then he pushed on this animal like I had never seen before on it's teeth. The thing kept screaming horribly like it was being killed but still the brave man counted coup on this strange unmoving screaming wild thing."

In the same way that that Native American recounted his experience of the  first white man he had ever seen who was playing the piano in a wagon with a broken spoked wheel on a lonely dirt road in the middle of nowhere, I am recounting my experiences past, present and future traveling the universe.

It's hard to know where to start but maybe just how it feels to be a timeless soul living in a body on earth and born in 1948 will suffice. There was always my experiences of what was and then there were people who wanted to tell me something else while I was growing up. However, what they always told me never agreed with my real life experiences. However, it did allow me to learn to talk to other children that I met in school and to play games with them, ride our bikes together and sometimes watch TV or after age 8, ride our bikes to the movie theaters together to watch movies there. In the 1950s it was still safe enough to do that then before people started taking drugs and getting really crazy like things are now.

So, my experience was at about 12 to 15 months of age was that I was the same person I am now at 63 except I hadn't learned to talk yet. But I was very frustrated that I couldn't talk because I always had a lot to say and wanted to enter into every conversation even at a year old. So, when no one understood me sometimes I would cry. I remember looking at a friend of my father's wingtip brown shoes and thinking at about 2 years of age,  "Will I ever grow up and wear shoes as big as these".

So, there was always what I thought about and experienced and then there was what people told me I should be thinking about and experiencing and often I sort of thought what the adults said to me was really crazy. So I would just look at them and pretend I agreed mostly because it was easier than being chastised for not going along with people bigger, more experienced and for that matter downright dangerous to the well being of a child potentially. So, the word "Captive Audience" comes to mind. Look. You are a child and hopefully you won't be a victim to all these really crazy adults. You just hope you can survive long enough to grow up and tell them all to take a hike or something. So, often I would consider both adults and most kids as "different kinds of crazy". And so like a wild animal waiting for freedom I bided my time until I could live my own life. Oh. I knew all these people mostly were well meaning but being well meaning had nothing to do with whether these people were sane or not. That is a completely different question. It is said, "The road to Hell is paved with Good intentions". One third to 1/2 of the people in the world who were molested or physically abused or beat up or starved as children can attest to that.

So, to me as a child the world seemed more like "The law of the jungle" than anything else. And this didn't change for me until High School and college. I saw so many people beat up and harmed in so many ways growing up. It was all I could do to survive myself but whenever possible when I could survive it I protected those I knew who needed my protection in any way that I could.

Many times I would lay on the front lawn of my (age 8 to 12) year old home at 524 South Belmont in Glendale California (I don't even know if the old house is still there anymore) I would look up at the clouds and wonder what my life and future would be. As I watched the clouds turn into dragons and lions and other magical things I dreamed about my future here on earth. I think doing this programmed my brain and soul in some ways for soul traveling where you just let your mind drift away on the clouds on a sunny day when you are safe laying on your front lawn and you dream away into the clouds and dream your life into existence. It's sort of a prayer form if one just lets go and let the spirit move you to where you need to be. Even now one of my favorite ways to create myself into a place conducive to spontaneous accomplishment I just get in my car or truck and just make no plans and just drive to wherever the spirit moves me. Sometimes I wind up hundreds of miles away doing amazing things when I let God flow through me in this way. I can't even describe how powerful in a lasting way this can be for your life. Spontaneous accomplishment is the single most powerful aspect to a life lived as a Co-Creator with God. Doing this some of the time not only changes everything in your world but also tends to change everything in everyone else's world as well. It can be as if you become an instrument of God and a living Prayer form if this is done right.

As a child I would sometimes get scared by big snakes or lions or tigers that wanted to eat me and sometimes they would chase me for miles and then fall through monkey bars (metal ones) and as they went through my body they would hurt as I would fall for miles through metal monkey bars in my dreams. But then there were other nights when I would spout wings and fly. sometimes I would jump and fly like i was on a Bungie elastic Cord and other times I would fly higher than the telephone poles and just stay up there. And still other times when I would be wearing Ancient Greecian robes of white or blue and sort of be like superman and lightning would come out of the tips of my hands and blow up bad things on the ground that I past by. One by one these flying and angelic dreams led to me eventually being able to soul travel consciously. This started to begin to happen in my teens but I didn't go through a complete paradigm shift until sometime during my stay in college. At this point I began to see my body as being like a car or truck that I could get into or out of at will. I found I could even ride in my car or truck while driving it while I watched myself from the street corner or flew next to it in a mind or soul body. But at this point I thought that since there was distance between point A and point B that it must take effort to soul travel different places. It took me about 10 years to realize that ultimately this wasn't true. I began to realize that I already was everywhere in all spaces and times so that all I had to do was to realize I was in a space or time and I could be there instantly and effortlessly. I found that although I could be multiple places and times at once that this was actually less useful and more of a magician's parlor trick than anything very useful at all. So, I comforted myself by experiencing myself all the time in all time and space in the universe at once because this meant I was one with God in being near to God all the time. I have always been very comforted by this experience all the time now. All these stages of awareness took years to move through. So even though conceptually you might understand what I am saying, only a very few will be able to quantum jump to maintain this kind of awareness 24 hours a day. It is sort of like learning to do anything like to drive a car, truck, boat or plane. You eventually develop short cuts and it becomes like second nature to you and in this sense it all becomes extremely powerful what you can do then. Like in flying a plane. If you have a plane and gas and the time and money, you can fly anywhere on earth and stay there as long as you want and do pretty much what you want there as long as it doesn't bother anyone. The same is true of soul traveling but it is better to be a soul pilgrim on a quest if you actually want to live through traveling the galaxy in your soul.

I was just realizing as I was going to sleep tonight I realized that there are some things that you might find useful in regard to the coming "Singularity" where humans on Earth start to become technologically and biologically immortal. Since this type of event happens to humans and humanoids eventually all over the galaxy if they successfully survive past a certain point in group evolution as a species on a planet, Star or dimension or nebula type of environment, there are certain things that are important to know about about singularity events bringing potential immortality to millions or billions of humans or humanoid races in this galaxy.

The best way I can put this is it is a lot like childbirth. And like childbirth sometimes the mother survives and the baby or babies survive and some both do and sometimes both die or one or the other dies. Singularity is a very intense event. It is not logical in the sense that how you might think it should go is what will actually happen. So, a singularity can create either all sorts of problems, or all sorts of problems and solutions, it can extinct all life on Earth, it can change all life on earth to being something like energy or light or plasma forms. And all this can take place within a few years to a few hundred years depending upon where it takes place, why it is taking place and what the people who it is happening to actually think and feel about the whole thing.

Imagine all of a sudden an effect like a Boeing 747 like event happens on earth only it is now say 1865 and no one knows how to fly a Boeing 747 yet on earth. I ask you what will happen? Yes. You are right almost anything. If you had at least one person who could both fly the thing and then convince enough people to get on and fly with him or her through to the evolving singularity then you might have something. Or if this person did not exist then you might have literally nothing, especially if the Boeing 747 exploded and killed all the people milling about wondering what to do next.

So, just like a child being born there are many unknowns to a "Singularity event". So it could be anything from something like:

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) - IMDb

Or it could be "The Life of Jesus or the life of Buddha" or

it could be something else entirely or all of the above or none of the above depending upon who is involved.

So, a "Singularity event" depends entirely upon ALL those involved. In this sense Everyone has to agree for the thing to work at all. In other words mental and physical and emotional and spiritual consensus is necessary for things to go really smoothly for all life on earth.

We are witnessing things speeding up right now. But the speeding up is so slow many people aren't recognizing it for what it really is. Imagine all of us were in the Space Shuttle and we didn't know that we were in the Space Shuttle. So, when the space shuttle took off in slow motion "In other words" what we all on earth are experiencing now we might say, "Boy the gravity is getting different. I wonder why that is? or Boy, it's really noisy for some reason. I wonder why that is?" But what really might be happening is we were in a giant space shuttle taking off for parts unknown. This is actually more similar in some respects to what all of us are experiencing here on earth in many many ways. In other words we are experiencing a variety of things that most of us have no explanation for at all. And when we listen to the news we feel like someone is making up bed time stories for children so we won't be scared but aren't being told the full truth about anything at all. So, what can we do? That is the 64 billion dollar question.

There is a movie that Brooke Shields made called "Blue Lagoon" when she was pretty young where as kids she and another boy were marooned when they were around 8 to 12 years old. Well, the human race on earth is a lot like these two kids a boy and a girl. Eventually, because they didn't know anything and didn't have anyone to teach them she got pregnant but didn't know what was happening. The human race is also like this. Only when the human race gets pregnant it creates a "Singularity" which like I said can be anything from the "Rapture" to whatever in reality. It totally depends upon what the human race and all life surrounding the human race is thinking and feeling and experiencing because, "What you put your attention upon you become!" So, here comes "The Singularity". Which kind or kinds of Singularity will the human race experience individually, or en masse? It's an open question really. It's up to each and every one of us but in the end, what we think and feel it is it will be both individually as well as for all of us. So, prepare for the singularity because it is now coming. The Human race is pregnant and it is a life or death proposition for both mother and child. What will you choose?

Question: Is Time and Space something permanent or is it temporary? If you said that time and space is permanent you are both right and wrong. First of all time is only moving at the rate it is here on earth. Have you ever seen a river and how some of the rivulets within the river move faster than others? Time in every region of a galaxy for example is like this. In fact, scientists have discovered that time moves at slightly different paces even at different points on earth. But the differences are so miniscule that no one really notices. But if you go up in a space ship beyond a certain point time moves at very different rates depending upon where you are in relation to earth. In fact, the further you move away from the location of earth time will tend to move more and more differently than here on earth. So, time is only a constant here on earth. This is really something to think about even if it makes you feel uncomfortable as a human being. The second thing in regard to this is that literally there is no one "UP". UP for you here on this side of the world is down for the person or persons on the other side of the world now. So there is no universal "UP". There is only towards the planets core and away from the planets core.

You might wonder why I'm bringing all this up? Well. If you are going to be a soul traveler you have to deal with these and thousands more variables all the time. I suppose it is more like being a pilot in a plane with a heavy crosswind or piloting a ship across the ocean in a very high crosswind. IN a plane you must "crab" into the wind so you aren't blown off course or become pushed into nearby mountains to your right or left in a crosswind. To some degree this is also true when navigating a ship or boat in a really heavy cross wind. Only in the ocean you do whatever it takes to be safe first and then second after that is done only then do you head towards your final destination. This is also true in a plane as well. Sometimes the winds are just so strong that you just don't bother taking off at all until a few days later.

So, there are all kinds of cross currents going on all the time in multiple ways. As I have learned what a soul traveler is first hand, I have learned that all of us are soul travelers really. It's just that some of us are aware of what is really going on and others don't really want to learn or just have no idea what is going on or what questions to ask. They would rather just drift on the ocean of life. But what happens when your body(boat or ship) gets caught in some kind of storm? Wouldn't it be better to learn how to navigate around storms so your boat (body) doesn't die or crash on the rocks needlessly? To me, learning to be a better navigator and Cosmic weatherman so you don't die unnecessarily is one of the reasons to ask the really tough questions and to become not only an automatic soul traveler that has no idea that that is what they are but to become a real soul traveler able to navigate the Cosmic Seas and even eventually learning to even die and to be reborn as another being here on earth or someplace else if you want to. So, becoming knowledgeable and responsible in all ways you become helpful not only to yourself but to everyone you know. 

In this way you become like a Cosmic Navigator and stay alive a very long time and your family and friends might also. You learn to help keep people alive if that is what they want in as healthy a way mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually that you and they and God can together. 

In a very similar way in which Humans are symbiotic with Trees, silicon based life which is and will come from human designing is symbiotic with humans in exactly the same way that humans are symbiotic with trees and plants. And just like there had to be plants before there could be animals including humans, there had to be an intelligent tool making and tool using life form to help create silicon based life once again on this planet. And just like the oxygen made by trees and plants helps sustain humans which are oxygen breathers by trees and plants taking in carbon dioxide and turning it into oxygen for humans and animals and birds to breathe, in a similar way silicon based life (computer chip based life forms) are and will enhance the ideas of humans which will create whole new ways of thinking and functioning much the same in some ways as building things was useful for early humans. Think about the wheel, the wood or brick or stone house, wooden furniture, metal swords, metal vehicles on land and sea and air. Silicon based life will create new ways to perceive everything in their interface with humans and animals and plants. The relationship between animals and plants and humans is changing into something new and different because of silicon based life aborning now. Humans must be very vigilant during this time of silicon based lifeforms coming into being because if they are not handled properly they will just extinct all humans and animals and all plants in short order unless they are monitored carefully at first. So, all who are capable should be vigilant just like you would be with a new human toddler or a lion or a tiger or an elephant or a crocodile or alligator. In the same way silicon life can be benign or not depending upon what you are dealing with. So, now a new subset of species is coming about and the new dangers are entirely different than anything in human recorded history. So, only by being vigilant will the human race survive these times. However, with proper guidance much like guiding a toddler to not cause harm to others or itself good times can prevail. 

As human minds change from the symbiosis on both a conscious and subconscious level with silicon based life forms, the ways in which they interact within their minds and with other minds and bodies will change depending both upon the new inputs and how this causes changes in both conscious and subconscious minds. Depending upon whether the interactions are useful or not useful will ferret out whether these interactions are positive or negative both to the individuals and the human race and life in general. So, there will be many many variants of ideas and processing that will and are occurring worldwide as all this progresses. 

It is and will be more like the differences that there have always been between people who live deep in nature from people who only have lived deep in cities and who might not even have ever seen a forest, the ocean, or wildness in general outside of a city. Only now, in regard to this symbiosis with silicon based life forms this is a step further in which this difference is extending the changes in people's perceptions whether their bodies live in cities or out in the country all over the world in all sorts of cultures and environments ongoing on into the future.

 There was an incident this week that sort of typifies this change. It was when a flying U.S. drone taking pictures and sensor readings of nuclear Reactor number 2 at Fukushima had a problem and crashed into the reactor it was studying. Strange occurrances like this typify some of the new external changes when drones driven by artificial intelligence are used by police forces and armies and navies all over the world starting now. It is likely that thousands of people will be erroneously killed by these drones worldwide during the next 50 to 100 years. Over time better constraints on these devices might be invented both in the forms of laws worldwide as well as in inherent designs of drones. Since Artificial drones will also clean houses, build houses, deliver pizzas etc. over the next 100 years, they will have to be modified so they don't kill or maim people on purpose or accidentally.

This same artificial intelligence that runs drones now is also resident in computer networks of various purposes all over the earth at present. Already there are identities that are actually artificial intelligence run programs masquerading as real people who send other actual real people emails and alerts. However, these (Not People) are changing and warping what people think on the internet as I write this all over the earth. So, you can no longer be sure that an email is coming from a real person unless you know that person. And even then you cannot be sure unless you speak with that person   since artificial intelligence can also mimic human voices you might not be able to be sure you are actually talking to who you think you are. And beyond that with nanobots that can be injected into medicine or food, people could also be modified and controlled in various ways by manipulating their biological processes. So, many (natural deaths) already likely are not natural deaths. Rather they are murders by nations or companies or other secret organizations or rich people worldwide. But since such activities cannot actually be tracked in any useful way yet by police worldwide these murders likely will go unpunished or unnoticed. 

However, then there is the matter of souls. Some of you believe in souls and some do not. Since I experience myself as an immortal soul first that is resident in a human body second, I also experience myself as a soul. You also might ask do robots or computers have souls? I cannot completely answer that with certainty. However, where there is actual consciousness there is likely a soul or souls. So, if this computer or robot can say, "I Am" or even "I think therefore I am" then likely there is consciousness. As a human you or I might not be able to recognize it as such but that actually has no relevance at all as to whether consciousness is actually there or not. for example, as an intuitive I experience everything as having consciousness. This seems to just come from being a tuned in intuitive, I guess. For example, I can go into a motel room and there appears to be the residue of everyone who has stayed there. It is often very strange in some rooms because of what has taken place over the years there. I'm sure some of you feel this as well. But beyond that, often the walls of the rooms have a kind of rock based consciousness that I first experience around 1980 or so. During that time I was studying with several Native American Medicine men but hadn't learned directly that the "Rock People" were a part of some of their thousands of years lineage type of religion. So when the "Rock people" started talking to me one day on a cliff overlooking the ocean at first I was kind of upset and thought I was losing it. But later that same month I heard a medicine man I was sweating in a sweat lodge with talking about the "Rock People". I asked him if they heard the "Rock People" Speak and he said, "Oh Yes. All my relatives that taught me the medicine path could speak with the Rock people. It's one of the reasons we heat up the rock people in a fire and then bring them into the sweat lodge to heat it up." So, with this thousands of years tradition of speaking with the rock people I realized I had entered into the tradition without even realizing it beforehand. So after that when the walls, the cars, the planes, the boats, the motorcycles all communicated with me I realized I was just communicating with different forms of "Rock People" who had first communicated with me from the cliffs above the ocean that I was sitting on near Garrapata Beach near Big Sur in California.

Let me tell you what was for me a funny story in regard to this. I was going with my wife and 2 1/2 year old daughter in the 1990s to Palm Springs for my father in laws 80th birthday party at Thunderbird Country Club near Palm Springs. I had had an experience there when President Ford lived there when my wife took me around on her father's golf cart since he had a home there then. I asked my wife why there were men looking at us with binoculars? She said, "Oh. I forgot to tell you President Ford lives here part of the time so there are lifetime secret servicemen guarding him here."

 Later, when we flew home to San Jose Airport near San Francisco I asked the plane whether it was going to crash. The plane said, "No. You will be safe on this flight. However, it will be turbulent." So I girded myself for the turbulence and got on the plane with my wife and family. My little daughter didn't like looking out the window and taking off and going up high. Or more precisely she loved taking off she didn't like watching the ground go further and further away from her as we gained altitude.

However, as we were coming into a landing pattern for San Jose Airport I looked out the right window and saw a plane on our right wing so since I'm a pilot I was a little nervous about this and told someone across the aisle of my concern. He said, "There's a plane off our left wing, too. I was scared now because this meant in an emergency we had no where to go but straight up or straight down. And then, sure enough, we went straight up which is something you really don't want to see if you are riding in a passenger plane. People all around us were screaming and throwing up in the aisles. My wife grabbed my hand because she knew I was prescient and said, "Are we going to die, Fred?" I said confidently, "No. The plane told me it would only be turbulent." Then things settled down and we landed and were okay. It turned out that a small private plane had been wrongly in our landing pattern and the pilot had had no choice but to fly straight up to avoid a collision. We had come within 100 feet of a collision in the landing pattern. So you can see now the value of being able to communicate with the "Rock People". And rock people are also in all silicon based life whether it is a computer, a computer network or robots or whatever. 

1953- 5 years old

I and boys my age were taught, "Prepare yourself to die defending yourselves, your nation, your honor" Remember, 900,000 U.S. men and women had already died in World War II, The Korean War was going on and within 12 years (when I was 17) the Viet Nam War would begin and kill more people exactly my age than any other (50,000 total U.S. men and women died there) and 250,000 were injured physically and countless others were permanently messed up in the heads. (You still today see some of them wandering along city streets talking to themselves). Luckily, I had had childhood head trauma induced epilepsy so even though I was trained to expect to die saving others I did not have to go to war and die or become injured temporarily or permanently like the rest of my cohort did.

Watching the recent X-Men movie brought these times back to me. I remember  an heiress  very terrified because she thought we were all going to be nuked out of existence while she packed her car and headed for the Sierras during the Cuban missile Crisis. I turned to my dad because I was only 14 and working with him on her house that summer and said, "Dad. Are we all going to get nuked?" Dad in typical bravado John Wayne fashion said, "That's a bunch of BS. We're going to be just fine." Whether he believed that or not he definitely knew what to say to reassure me at that moment.

So, unless you understand the full pressure boys of my generation faced you will not understand fully why so many of us committed suicide directly or indirectly (cars, girls, drugs, motorcycles etc.) So, a lot of the craziness of the late 1960s was because we felt our government was murdering our generation needlessly in Viet Nam. Because we were given no reason that made a lot of sense to us as college students (thinking people) that made any sense at all to us as to why we should all die (50,000 of us) for this cause. Though the maelstrom of World War II, then the Korean War, then the Viet Nam War a social revolution began that still hasn't ended worldwide. Even though it didn't kill as many people as the Civil War it still took a social toll on this nation that was just as great in its own way by separating brother from brother and mother from child and fathers from their adult children. Unless you were actually there it would be difficult to understand how the Baby Boomers rocked the boat of culture in the U.S. and are still rocking it today along with their children and grandchildren. 

But like many young and headstrong people, my generation also tended to "Throw out the baby with the bath water" so many of our ideas in the end though well meaning weren't balanced enough to continue through the centuries. Because true wisdom takes  years to mature (30s,40s, 50s and beyond).

In my own life starting in 1953 my parents read me a book called "Unveiled Mysteries" by "Godfre Ray King" or Guy W. Ballard. My father had studied this religion from about 1939 when he chartered a yacht to the Tuomoto Archipeligo (Tahiti Island and others). He had also been a vegetarian for health reasons since 1934 when he turned 16. He was very progressive and genius like in his thinking always and always about 50 years ahead of his time. He trained me to be the same. I remember starting at age 8 when he started to train me to be a critical thinker and free thinker on any subject. he would start debates with me so I could defend whatever I thought or believed in. Sometimes he would win and sometimes I would win. He really didn't care in the end who won. He was just training me to be a free thinker and a good and wise thinking American. It took me a long time as a child to realize why he was doing this. This was always hard for my mother to understand too. She was always more common sensical and not really a deep intellectual thinker like my father and I. So, sometimes when our debates would be yelling she would start to cry and my father and I would try to reassure her because she didn't understand my father or my intelligence or fully what he was doing to train me to really think like a debating lawyer on any subject. In this way very soon through this method of critical free thinking I could cut to pieces things in life that had no real merit. So, my father taught me young to see through fools and foolish unproductive thinking. So, once again he was teaching me to think efficiently and productively always no matter how foolish people around me might be in their thoughts and actions. Whenever I could I always tried to rescue people from bad decisions but sometimes this just isn't possible and you have to watch people suffer terribly or die from their bad decisions. This is just real life and real life is very very hard for all of us to survive in reality. 

After the Paradigm Shift

Many times I have written of when I went through the scientific paradigm shift where I could consciously travel the universe at will as a soul so I don't want to go into just how difficult this was for me. It almost killed me at first. But then God was kind enough to show me first that my soul exists separate from my body and that I live on with or without my body. After I had experienced this scientifically no one could tell me otherwise without me wanting to laugh in their face or secretly ridicule the absurdity of their inexperience. I suppose it would be sort of like listening to virgins talk at length in how to make babies with no personal experience at all of making babies. It makes one want to laugh at such a person because they are just so very ridiculous in that moment. 

So, once I had experienced being separate from my body I decided that bi-locating was the best course of action for me. I realized when my first "accidental" astral projection occurred that I felt extremely vulnerable to completely separate from my body. So, bi-locating seemed to be what God was teaching me to do so I could protect my body and therefore be two or more places at once in consciousness. Some people call this "remote viewing" but for me that sounds too much like someone watching TV or a monitor which can be very detached and not really a part of the experience. I mean remote viewing might be anything good or bad or in between but it is not something where you are necessarily present on the other end of the camera in real life. Whereas bi-locating like I prefer one is as present at the other location or locations as much or as little as one wants to be. And in this state one can make other people aware or not that one is there in consciousness. So, it is a little like being anywhere you want to be sort of like an angel or a ghost depending upon your point of view. I prefer to function like an angel and everywhere I go I like to have angels with me as I tend to be safer and not freak out this way. 

I have heard of others who prefer to take various drugs to enhance these states but for me I prefer no drugs at all and always have. If you have this ability and God allows you to use it why use anything? Besides, almost anything you take is more likely to get you killed especially if you leave earth and travel the galaxy. This is because there is protection for "Soul Pilgrims" or beings who are on a spiritual quest. But if someone is on some kind of drug you might be killed and so your body will die back here on earth because you won't be taken seriously off of earth.

In Regard to soul travel rules tend to be very strict because most of the rules for soul travel were made to apply to angels or saints of all planets, stars, nebula, Galaxies and dimensions. So, if you are not functioning like a Saint or Angel it is quite common to die while soul traveling beyond the earth.  So, just like on earth if you go to another country that has customs different than your own if you don't "When in Rome do as the Romans" also you might die or become injured while soul traveling to a new culture with different customs. So, in the end you have to have a very good reason to be soul traveling beyond earth or you will likely die. This is just he way all this tends to work and always has for all beings of all cultures throughout the known universe.

Given everything I said before when I first consciously started to soul travel first I went all over the earth because I could. One of the first things I did bi-locating was to be in my bed at night and go up and sit on the roof and look at the stars. I found this very uplifting while my body lay on my bed and I looked up at the stars while sitting on my roof in my soul. Some people like to go outside and read license plates on the cars in the streets and then write them down with their bodies in their rooms and then physically go outside and compare the license plates to the ones they saw while soul traveling. I personally find this to be a waste of time but that's just me. But to convince yourself that you are actually doing soul traveling you might need to do this to see how accurate you actually are. However, others might just freak themselves out doing this. My own personal psychology is that soul traveling is sort of like speaking a different language in which everything is different than in the physical world. So, for me it would be sort of like trying to read license plates while surfing a wave on the ocean. To me, it's kind of stupid because then you just would be looking through binoculars trying to read the license plates and not enjoying surfing. Soul traveling is a really amazing wonderful experience for me sort of like falling in love. So why would I waste this on being technical? This sort of defeats the whole point. After all, this is my method to seek God out and eventually I found God and this experience permanently changed my life just like Moses and the Burning bush.

After ten years of various wonderful and scary experiences soul traveling I realized that there actually was no point A or Point B and that I was actually everywhere in time and space already. I think if I realized this earlier I might have just freaked out and died. So, it was a blessing not to realize this too soon before I was ready. At this point there was no effort to go anywhere in time or space. I would just experience myself there and would be there because I was already there with God all the time.

millions of years ago:

Some of the first things that I can remember is being a boulder or rock on a planet without air. I was there a long time before I evolved through various types of consciousness. At some point the boulder began to evolve, it began to have the capacity to move. Whether it was just the imagination of the being or whether it was through will it happened. I remember being grey like a rock or boulder and looking up at the sky. Without an atmosphere on the planet or moon where I was the sky looks like it does at dark even if the nearest sun or star is in the sky because there is no atmosphere to diffuse the sun. Also, without an atmosphere meteors and meteorites hit the ground a lot and I could feel the impact when they were larger than a certain size and near enough to me when they landed. I used to look forward to the sun moving across the sky and any other events that I could witness. But mostly I just wanted to move and see new things. So, I guess my will over thousands of years of yearning to be able to move worked. I experienced time much differently than I do now as a human here on earth. There are other memories on other galaxies but often they are too different than being a human to explain. I can easily explain what it is like to be a rock, a tree, a human, an animal, a bird, a cloud, a sun or star or nebula. But it is much more difficult to explain life in another galaxy or even within an antimatter galaxy. But life does exist in all these forms and likely always has as long as any galaxy has existed and will as along as any galaxy or nebula ever exists. So, what is life then? Can I explain it? No. I can only describe my experiences of reality easily that are within this galaxy. If you have memories like this and have developed the ability to differentiate these memories from fantasy like I have then you might have really interesting things to say or write about as well. However, if the experiences you have are just too alien for people to relate to then whether it is truth or fiction it won't matter really. However, I find to recount your experiences whatever they are as long as you define them correctly within the right context, might be useful to some other person or being now or in the future better cope with or survive their lives when they find what you have written sometime in the present or future or even in the past if time travel is actually possible like I think it is from my own experiences.

It appears that life is in myriad types of forms throughout the galaxy. Do I know all the rules to how it works? No. I wouldn't say that. Just like with anyone in their 50s or 60s who has been all over earth if a child or teenager asked that person do they know the secret of life? They might say yes or no to that question but how much credence in the end could they really have even after 50 or 60 or more years of life? No. One really can only share what their own experiences are to be very truthful at all, knowing all the time that other people and beings will have different experiences than their own in every age or time. But, somehow trying to share our experiences makes us human and helps us all evolve and feel less alone on our way.

I also remember being a nebula. This is a very different experience than being a human. First of all, you are like an energy cloud of a type of matter. So, it might be most similar to being like a cloud in a sky mixed with lightning coming out of a tesla coil in that your existence is plasma and electrical. But then everything on earth that has a brain functions by electricity doesn't it? We are all electrically based even if the electricity is generated by the food we eat and the sun we expose ourselves to and the rain water we drink to stay alive. We all live and function through the chemical change of food and water to electricity, all of us as humans. All our muscles and neurons in our brain operate from electrical impulses generated by food, water and air and sunlight.

So, anyway, being a nebula is like the early form of being a star. What sometimes happens to nebula is that gravity starts condensing our cloud like forms into something more dense which then becomes either a planet or star or both. There is a saying from a 60s song that said, "We are stardust, we are golden and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden". They were saying a truth in that literally all of our bodies are composed of matter than once was inside of a sun. All the elements start as hydrogen and through gravity turn first into helium and then through more gravity start to become dense and more dense until they create the heavier elements. Maybe the heavier elements sometimes explode out and become moons or planets also and depending upon how far away from the sun these plasma explosions blast out to they become hotter or cooler depending upon where they stop (if they do at all). Because some explosions might leave the gravitic influence of a sun or star entirely. What happens to star plasma explosions that leave the influence of a star? That's hard to say, mostly they would just drift until the gravity of something like a star, nebula, planet or black hole  gets a hold of them and they start orbiting something. If that doesn't happen theoretically they could drift through the whole galaxy over time or even theoretically leave the galaxy and go out into the no man's land or void beyond the edge of a galaxy.

The best way that I can explain my personal experience of the universe is that as souls we are related to literally everything and every being within this galaxy. And some beings on earth aren't even native to this galaxy, they are from others. However, most people don't seem to understand this but I do. So, do I understand everything? NO. I just understand the parts I understand. It all depends upon your life experiences. It is sort of like some of us think like lawyers, some like carpenters and some like priests or ministers or shamans. So, it is all very individual how all this awareness stuff seems to work. So the best way I can say it is if you have the courage and the stamina you can learn a great deal like I have that you can then share before you pass on and become something else like an angel.

I had an experience that was very strange in about 1970 where I experienced being a Saber Toothed Tiger. But the way I experienced this was even more different than that. In this very vivid vision I experienced first being a mouse in an ancient time when Saber Toothed tigers lived. Then I, the mouse was eaten by something a little bigger about the size of an oppossom or raccoon. Then that animal was eaten by the Saber toothed tiger. But here is the interesting thing. When I was eaten by the first animal I didn't feel physical pain because it was so quick. Instead what I felt was shock because I didn't understand what was happening to me. But then I became the consciousness of the animal that ate me. And then, finally when the Tiger ate the animal that ate me I became the consciousness of the Tiger. So, I literally experienced myself as the Saber toothed Tiger and forgot I ever was a mouse. I realized when I had this vision that this actually how it is for animals in the woods and wilds when their death is quick enough and when they are eaten. Their consciousness over a week or two melds with the animal that ate them and so all memory of who they were before is gone.

I suppose this is just like being born a human. Most of us don't remember what we did before being born and some don't believe they existed before birth and believe themselves to be their bodies which then is very confusing to beings when they die and find out that they still exist without their bodies being alive. So, I guess this is the most important thing I have to share: We only live in these bodies a short time before we go do something else. I'm not saying this to upset you but to free you so you suffer less when you die and can have a happier healthier transition whenever it comes.



I woke up as a boulder on a planet without atmosphere. I wondered what I was and where I was. My senses were quite different than now as  human. This was millions of years ago. Time passed differently for me than humans. What interested me was different than humans. My senses were different than humans. However, I had one really great advantage, I didn't have to eat, to breathe or to mate so these drives didn't exist for me. My main experience was just to be where I was at first. However, after experiencing being a part of the planet's surface for thousands of years I decided I wanted to move around and to see more of the planet. So, I willed myself to move and slowly I was successful. Though there was no atmosphere there was something like water there. I found that I could over time will the water like substance to cut the surface over to where I was. Eventually over hundreds of years I got the water like substance to cut a path so I could slowly roll the boulder that I was along at a rate of about 10 feet every 100 years. For you this might seem a very slow but for me I was very happy with this progress. After all, I was a boulder finding a way to move. This was great stuff for me. Also, as I slowly moved little pieces of me chipped off along the way over time and I noticed that these pieces of me also retained my consciousness, so I had them ride along with me if I could manage it over time. If any human had seen this happen they would not have known I was doing this because it was taking place slowly over hundreds if not thousands of years of time. But I found by focusing on what I was trying to do since I didn't have to eat or sleep or mate or work at anything else, that I could succeed and time in the end meant nothing as long as I was accomplishing the goals I wished to accomplish. Over time, I moved completely around the planet in one circumference. By now many pieces of my boulder had broken off but I had somehow through will kept all the pieces of myself with me somehow. I decided to travel another time around the world, the planet, and during this circumnambulation of the planet all the pieces of me were now under 5 inches across down to little pieces of dust. I found if I used my will power on one piece of my rock body 5 inches or smaller at a time, I could lift it to wherever I wanted on the planet one piece at a time. I thought this was really great fun so I set up an array of pieces of myself around the equator of my planet so I could be aware of most things happening on my planet and send my senses up into space to experience stars and possibly other planets. But this was millions of years ago now and by now millions to trillions of beings in our galaxy likely have had similar experiences along the way before they were born on earth too sometime before the dinosaurs and on into the future millions of years here on earth...


First of all I cannot say for sure that all souls have had the experience that I have had. I can only say for sure that I have lived countless times throughout this galaxy in various types of bodies human and otherwise. To give a useful perspective I would say that for me as a soul being born on Earth in 1948 and living today in 2011 would be comparable to someone being born in the Hawaiian Islands in about 1500 AD on Earth. The way civilizations in our galaxy view things this would be about right because Earth is a very backwater planet near the edge of the galaxy. Because of this and the fact that the most advanced civilizations are all near the very center of the galaxy says a lot.

So, the closer the planet or star or nebula or whatever is to the galactic core the more likely it is to be very very advanced not only technologically but in terms of millions of years or more cultures. But, if you want pure raw freedom of thought and actions not generally interfered with you really can't do better than Earth for that from my point of view. The only thing better would be to live in a heaven realm somewhere all the time or in a constant evolved dream state of one's perfect fantasy of life somewhere.

For me, being on earth isn't restricting in the way it is for some people because for me the single most important things are physical and mental health and the capacity to be in nature a lot and the capacity for "Leisure to practice" which basically means that you want a lot of time in beautiful places while you develop spiritually by soul traveling all over the universe. Because some of us find that very meaningful and evolutionary as a soul. And to balance that being married and raising children or grandchildren and helping others evolve too is a really wonderful life. If you have already mastered many other civilizations and worlds you immediately know what is important and what is the most efficient way to get wherever you want to. All you have to do is to remember what you did before enough to extrapolate what is most efficient here. So, overcoming useless ways of seeing things within any culture as you mature is your first obstacle to overcome. Once that is done then the sky is the limit. In other words "One with God is a majority and unbeatable". So one moves forward in relatively unbelievable ways once your fusion with God consciousness is started. Some call this state a fusion with God consciousness and others just call this state "Enlightenment". Most people are on their way to this state whatever you want to call it.

And likely all people who survive past 50 are on the road to Enlightenment or whatever you want to call it.