Wednesday, June 8, 2011


What has always made sense to me as an intuitive is that 144,000 are the souls native to Earth. So, that means everyone else is visiting as a soul from  other planets, stars, nebula, and dimensions. So, I guess this must mean that there has been sort of a soul incarnation party thrown by the original 144,000 souls of earth that they invited the Galaxy and beyond to. I was passing by a graveyard today and was kind of trying to check if the souls connected to the graveyard were also experiencing the blending of heaven and Earth. I thought immediately that I should just ask them if this was there experience. They all at once said something like, "Yes. We all experience heaven and Earth together now just like you and the others. Later tonight while I was taking a bath I became aware that they were also saying that the dead were communicating more with the living, especially loved ones, and would be more and more now during these times. The problem for all of us living is not dying in all this. The problem is to remember to practice kindness to ourselves and to all beings. Only in this way will things go well for us and start to move in a much better direction ongoing. So, just remember 99% of the people on earth are only here for the "Heaven and Earth Party" and then I guess most of us have to go home during the next 10,000 years or more.  This is what my experience of all this is. If you have a different experience that is good too.

I often say, "Every given moment has millions of descriptions and they are all equally valuable and real to the person or person's experiencing them."
In a very real sense we are all (by God's Grace) soul cause to our experience. So as God's consciousness lives in each of us we all manifest in the infinite consciousness and forms of God. If you have ever run a light onto a many faceted jem and seen the lights sparkle all over the room you get just how many faceted God is. Another way is to go somewhere the sky is clear at night far from the nearest light source on Earth and look up into the sky and into the Milky Way. Every point of light you see is a star or galaxy or nebula. These are also examples of the almost infinite (or maybe infinite) facets of God.

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