Sunday, January 31, 2010

2035 Part 3

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Just as Lilu had promised they adopted Golden within a few months of when Purple first introduced him to Silver.

Here is a little of what happened when Lilu met Golden.

Golden just appeared one day just like that. He seemed like any other normal boy except there was a slightly golden tone to his skin and he had blond hair and the same color eyes that purple usually sported which were sort of a periwinkle blue violet in color. The really uncanny thing about him was that he really looked like his father was Silver and his mother was Marilyn Monroe. But that was really crazy. But if you have read the rest of the story you actually know one of her eggs was used to create Golden. But that is another story.

Golden appeared inside the front door and Silver was reading the paper. Golden said, "I'm here revered father." Silver was startled as he was reading the Newspaper in detail which was his custom in the morning. He found it calmed him to know what was happening in the world around him before he started working on projects that interested him.

Silver said, "I want you to meet, Revered Mother Lilu." Silver stood up and turned to Lilu who looked at Golden like she was looking at a ghost. She said, "You have Silver's looks a lot but you are even more beautiful than he was at 16. You are remarkable Golden!"

Golden said, "Purple said you were wonderful. She was right Revered Mother." Lilu said, "Just call me Lilu. It's much simpler."

Golden said, "Okay, Lilu."

Silver walked around Golden to look more closely at him this time. The last time he was just too much in shock from Purple telling him that Golden was his son.

Silver couldn't help asking, "How much are you DNA and how much other stuff?"

Golden said, "I can pass DNA wise for a human of your time. They could not detect the difference with 2070 technology. Purple designed me this way."

Silver said, "How were you gestated?"

"Purple used one of her million plus bodies in multiple times and spaces and parked it on the California coast for my gestation period. So she lived at one of the California Beach cities near where Jonathan lives."

Silver said, "Yes. I met Jonathan Flow recently. He's one of Arcane's incarnations isn't he?"

Golden said, "Why yes. Uncle Jonathan taught me to boogie board, body surf and ride a motorcycle. he told me when I return he will get me flying lessons too."

Silver thought about how crazy all this was. But his whole life had been crazy in a fun interesting way. So this was nothing new in this respect.

Silver said, "We're going to adopt you as our son, Golden."

Golden said, "Yes. Purple told me you were going to do this. My question is 'why'? I can't figure out the logic of it all."

Silver said, "Sometimes, things aren't logical, Golden. Sometimes, you just have to go with what's happening and to see where it all goes."

Golden said, "I guess I have a lot to learn about human beings."

Silver said, "We all do."

The next day Lilu and Silver woke up in their bed and found Golden staring at them. Lilu gave a start which woke up Silver. Silver said, "Golden, it is not acceptable to wake up to someone staring at one."

Golden said, "Even one's son who has never seen anyone sleep before?"

Silver said, "Why haven't you seen anyone sleep before?"

Golden,"Purple, my mother doesn't sleep. I can sleep if I choose but I don't have to. I was just taking notes. It has been too exciting to contemplating sleeping."

Silver said, "Well. You do eat and breathe and poop don't you?"
Golden, "I can but it isn't completely necessary. It's more for show than anything else."

Silver just laughed while Lilu stared at them both.

Actually now, Silver was becoming really interested. He said, "How are you powered then?"

Golden:" I'm powered by direct conversion of energy at an atomic level. It is similar to an extremely well controlled version of the the sun does. However, I can also be powered by antimatter as well as I have antimatter converters on board as well. For example I can also take a bit of water in my mouth or even a rock in my mouth and convert the energy out of that and I don't really have to breathe even though I can."

Silver said, "Then you really are immortal then?"

Golden: "For all intents and purposes, yes."

Lilu said, "What about me?"

Silver said, "Oh, Golden. We have to learn to be accommodating to women."
Golden said, "Why?"
Silver, "Because it is part of the rules of chivalry that protects women and children."
Golden said, "Oh. Then it's for the continuation of the species?"

Silver said, "Basically, Yes. If some men are idiots and just kill everything they can then the species might go extinct. Some men actually are that moronic, especially when on alcohol or some drugs or if they are just crazy. Then other police men and women have to restrain or kill them".

Golden said, "Some women might be that crazy too".

Silver said, "Yes. Of course. So we all band together as humans to protect ourselves from all the violent crazies who are like that for any reason."

Golden said, "Well Dad. That actually makes a lot of sense. When Purple teaches me it is all electronic component memory. But I can experience your memories as being based upon real facts regarding real experiences in your life. So now these rules are beginning to make some sense to me of why they were actually made in the first place."

Silver said, "These rules slowly evolved over thousands of years."

Golden said, "Wow!"

Golden said, "Let's go to a tropical island in the Pacific. I want to sea tropical fish!"

Lilu said, "You know. That sounds like a great idea. Silver. We have those friends who own their own tropical island in the Tuamotu Archipelago."

Silver thought about this and said, "Yes. We could borrow Dad's private jet and his pilot and fly to Tahiti and then take a seaplane to the island from there. Maybe Dad would want to go with us to meet his new Grandson."

Lilu said, "We can see if Nada and Bob want to brings their families too."

Silver said, "They are probably too busy."

Nada and Bob brought their families later that week to the island.

Silver talked to Golden during drive to the airport to pretend he wasn't driving in a car around a lot of people. But once they met Rex and his pilot at the airport with his plane, Lilu, Silver and Golden were ready to party Pacific Style. About 12 1/2 hours later they landed in Tahiti.

Golden said, "I like the tropics. It is so green and beautiful."

Silver said, "The moisture won't be a problem for you?"

Golden said, "No. actually I would be okay in outer space without a space suit the way I'm designed."

Silver said, "It seems your mother thought of everything."

Golden said, "I was specifically designed by the Galactic Sentience and Purple to be okay in any situation. However, I do have a lot to learn in becoming more human like."

Silver said, "Look. I'm 70 years old and I'm still learning how to be a human being."

Golden just looked at Silver and wasn't quite sure what to make of that comment.

So, they disembarked from Rex's plane in Papeete, Tahiti and got on a chartered sea plane and luckily the weather was calm enough for a sea landing. As they pull up to their friends private dock and sailboat for the island Golden was first out and immediately dived into the water because he was so very happy to be there. And luckily for him there were still plentiful tropical fish around this particular island as the ocean around it had become a nature reserve so no one was allowed to fish within 10 miles of it.

Golden swam like a happy golden porpoise for hours. No one could get him out of the water.

The owner's of the island were Liluth and Dave, old friends of Lilu's and Rex's even before Lilu met Silver. So this friendship had already lasted 50 years before this moment for Lilu and a little less for Silver. They had long ago given up wondering why Lilu had married Silver mainly because they knew and liked Silver even though he was very eccentric because of the way he grew up. However, by now almost every single person either knew of Silver or used one of his now many inventions from software to hardware to robots to full immersion Virtual reality where one could become a character like Luke SkyWalker for days, (except for bathroom breaks, food breaks and sleep breaks). And some hearty souls even chose to sleep and dream as Luke which made them (at least temporarily very different).

So, Liluth and Dave were happy to have so many old friends visit them. They lived on the island now the best 6 months of the year and left during Cyclone(Hurricane) season.

Everyone was amazed how long Golden seemed to be able to stay underwater. So Dave said, "Is he one of your new inventions Silver?" Which made Silver a little nervous and so he said, "Well. We adopted him. He has some of the same problems I had growing up. He's not used to being around a lot of different people and sort of keeps to himself like I tend to."

Dave said, "Why did you adopt him?"

Lilu jumped in, "Well. In case you didn't notice he looks like Silver. He came from a surrogate mother. Silver is actually Golden's father."

Dave said, "How did you choose his name?"

Silver said, "Well. Look. He has golden skin. Just like I was named after silverware falling off the table when I was born." Nervous laughter all around. But this did somehow end that part of the conversation.

Lilu had dated Dave and when they broke up Liluth had asked if she could date him as he was both beautiful and wealthy. Lilu said, "Why, Yes. Of Course."

However, she hadn't told Liluth that she had actually broken up with Dave because he had been unfaithful. Lilu's criterea after that was a man who first of all would always be faithful. To Liluth this was less important than a man who always came back to her. Both girls got what they wanted in Dave and Silver.

Sensing the Future

I have found it useful in my life to feel ahead in time. It depends upon the person how far ahead in time one should sense for personal safety. If I'm driving a long distance(over 20 minutes) I usually feel forward in time to see if I sense any problems. If I sense a problem I used to (over 20 years ago) visualize a blow torch and the problem would appear as a steel wall in road in the future. I would expend energy watching the blow torch melt through the steel from the acetylene flame. However, that visualization takes a lot of energy. So, I simplified this by simply waiting 5 minutes which changes the timeline if I feel any obstruction like an accident or road hazards that could harm me or anyone in my vehicle. This works really good and is basically effortless. I just sit and talk to someone for 5 minutes or listen to the radio or even meditate while I wait. Often I will see the accident having occurred without me involved or I might even see the car that might have been the problem but I'm okay either way.

Also, I ask any plane or boat or train before I get on it if I and my family or friends will be safe before I board. I have found they always know ahead of time some how.

My strangest experience with this was when my now 13 year old daughter was about 3 years old. We flew to Palm Springs to visit her grandfather who owned a home at Thunderbird on the golf course there. Ex-President Gerald Ford lived nearby. We met a lot of family there and watched them play golf with my wife's father there.

When we flew north to the SF Bay area we were coming into the San Jose Airport and I had asked the plane telepathically if we were going to crash. The plane telepathed "No." So I felt safe to board the plane. However, landing at San Jose Airport in the jet I noticed out the right window there was a plane on our right wing and across the aisle a man noticed there was a plane on the left wing too. Since I'm a pilot as well I knew this really wasn't good because if we came upon a plane in front there was nowhere to go but Up. So when we came upon a private plane flying illegally in a restricted airspace the plane went straight up like a rocket ship and everyone screamed except me because I knew we would be okay. My wife said, "Are we going to die, Fred?" I said, "NO. I asked the plane. We'll be okay." My 3 year old was whooping for joy because she thought it was fun. And the other passengers were screaming and throwing up.

Even though this was the most freaked out I have ever seen a group of passengers on any plane I've ever been on I was calm because I knew we would survive(ahead of time).

5.8, 5.9, 5.8

There were 3 earthquakes of note to me in the last week.

The first was a 5.8 425 miles south of Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean off of Africa on January 27th at 17:42:45 utc

The second was 5.9 90 miles east southeast of Pandan, in the Philippines on January 27, 2010utc

The third earthquake of note was a 5.8 10 miles South South East of Pucallpa, Peru on Monday January 25th 2010 at 22:52:47 utc

I found these three quakes related as they all seemed somewhat near the equator and near the bulge of the planet at its middle usually thought to be caused by the 1000+ plus mile per hour spin the planet does 24 hours a day. I can't fully tell you what all this means just that it is significant at this point.

Fist Stick Knife Gun: A Book

I was also listening to public radio today to a man who had written a book called something like, "Fist Stick Knife Gun: A personal history of violence". I found his commentary brought up issues of my youth as well.

When I grew up it was okay to lose a fist fight. What was important in my youth was that you were not afraid to fight for your rights. Part of the way to make bullies leave you alone was to cause them enough damage that they Would leave you alone. And if you couldn't get the bully to leave you alone then you either got your friends and beat him up or you got a 2 by 4 piece of lumber and hit him in the head to discourage him from beating you up like my Uncle did in Texas around 1920.

In the 1950s when I grew up if you carried even a knife you were often considered a cheat or a sneak or a fink or a criminal. Carrying a gun only meant you were either a hardened criminal or a policeman or a soldier. There was simply no excuse for most people in carrying a gun other than hunting, police or soldier. It simply wasn't done unless you were a criminal or lived in a very dangerous place in a big city and even then people would wonder why you would live in such a dangerous place and often consider you a criminal to be carrying a gun anyway.

The man who wrote the book "Fist Stick Knife Gun" told of his own experiences in the Bronx in New York. He talked about a gang that was beating up adults and children and threatening them on a certain street corner. He got tired of them doing this one day and bought a small pistol that he could carry in his jacket pocket. He found himself feeling bigger and more powerful by carrying this weapon and almost asking for trouble every day when he passed by them. They seemed to leave him alone as well because he would always have his hand in his pocket on the trigger ready to kill a gang member as well. However, this is a smart man who went to college and finally realized he was going to get into a situation where he would kill someone and go to jail unless he broke this pattern. So he wrapped the gun in cloth and paper and threw it away at the city dump.

When I grew up a pecking order was very important because people knew where they stood good or bad right or wrong on any given day and that kept people from dying unnecessarily.

However, since hand gun manufacturers started million dollar marketing campaigns for kids to buy handguns for protection this pecking order has gotten all messed up.

In the past if you wanted to fight someone you had to carefully consider if you wanted to go to the hospital or have someone else go to the hospital or be maimed or both. And most of the time one's answer to this question was "No!" And this maintained the pecking order in grade school, Junior High and High School where most of these problems arise worldwide.

However, if you bring a gun into any situation all pecking orders are immediately lost and someone is sure to die if no one backs down. And in a drive by for example, there isn't even a chance to back down because at that point it is ONLY an execution and nothing else. It's not a fight at that point. It's only an execution!

Then and Now 1-31-10

My 13 year old daughter lately has taken to calling me "Selfish and childish". From my generation's point of view this is completely not useful because I was always taught "tit for tat" even in regard to young adults so they can see instantly the consequences of what they do and can grow up in a more realistic world that they might actually survive in and not self destruct or cause harm to others.

We finally figured a way to cope with this behavior of her putting me down and then taking it too far and then I would verbally let her have it. So, I would be angry and she would sometimes be crying because who I am doesn't fit into her world view at present.

So, finally I set my wife and daughter down at the table and said, "I want us to have family council meetings. I will give you, my daughter, a vote in these meetings as an adult. And your mother and I each will have a vote too. If you have any grievances or criticisms the MUST only be excercised within a family council meeting. That way I don't get angry and possibly say something that is going to make you eventually cry and everyone can stay calm and rational in dealing with each of our different versions of reality."

Amazingly enough, all 3 of us agreed to this. My wife and I know that our 13 year old is just "trying her wings" of adulthood so to speak on us and the whole world but we needed to find a way of maintaining mutual respect and not just her thinking she could put us down all the time.

I was raised blue collar but my wife was raised upper class. If I had said anything to my father or mother that would have been the end of it right now. So, I'm trying to institute that same kind of respect only more modernized in our family by creating this family council meeting that any of us can convene at any moment all three of us are in the house and not really busy doing something else important.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Usefulness of Visions

If you value instinct and intuition you might be interested in this. If not, you won't.

During my adult life I have surrounded myself mostly with people who are very intuitive. This I have found both very useful at times and very confusing at others. It seems the most useful to me to lead with your intuition while you meet it with your intellect. This seems to me the most useful way to live and to stay alive a long time.

Many people who only lead with their intellect wind up smashed up in expensive cars or dead on drugs or alcohol or commit suicide over society or a lover etc. So being able to have a sense of one's present and future here on earth sometimes keeps one alive through the most difficult parts of one's lives so they can enjoy the good parts later.

So, what I have personally found useful about visions and prophetic dreams over the years is that they often save people's lives, prevent or lessen accidents and generally prevent maiming and the like.

The other thing that I have found useful is that if I or someone else who is an intuitive gets a vision or dream, others who are intuitive often sense the significance or non-significance of that vision or dream and it will trigger useful visions or prophetic dreams in other intuitives that can save other lives and prevent calamities or at least avoid calamities that are about to happen.(You just don't want to be there at all usually when something really bad is going to happen). So, being able to avoid calamities before they happen is the most useful thing in this regard I know of.

In other articles I have written about a vision or visions regarding earthquakes. In regard to earthquakes, while I was in Mt. Shasta I kept seeing like I was under the earth the earth's crust breaking in multiple places underground. Then a skull would be where the break occurred. This happened in at least 3 locations. I got the feeling at the time that this was about future earthquakes but I wasn't given locations.

Since in the past like in the Loma Prieto Earthquake in 1989 I was given only the week of the event several weeks before it occurred. And at first I didn't know whether it was going to be a nuke or an earthquake. Finally, I realized it had to be an earthquake because the probability of a nuke at that location made no sense at all as the epicenter was in the coastal range within 6 to 12 miles of UC Santa Cruz , California at that time.

The original vision was triggered first the day before the Eureka 6.5 quake a very accurate lady intuitive in her 80s told me she was experiencing so much pain from the upcoming quake that she had to have a couple of beers to deaden the pain. Since she is a church going kind of lady this was quite unusual for her so I knew what was coming was going to be bad. So when the 6.5 went off the very next day I wasn't surprised. I also noticed the severe pain in my body went away too as soon as the quake hit.

The worst experience like this I have ever had was around Christmas of 2004 when the earthquake and tsunami killed about 250,000 people in Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India and several other places. At that time I felt the heaven realms come closer to earth than ever before and realized a whole lot of people were about to die. I was right. However, before the quake it felt like I was going to die too. But after that quake hit the physical and mental pain left me and when I saw it on CNN live I realized exactly what I had been experiencing the previous 2 to 3 weeks before it hit.

Soon after the 6.5 in Eureka California, the Haiti quake hit and when I looked it up on the USGS site I noticed 4.0s to 5.0s leading from Eureka to Haiti along fault lines.

So, what is the advantage of informing people about all this? I believe I am an early warning system for those of you who are also intuitives like myself. If you, after reading this get visions or intuitions they will guide you and your families and friends to safety before a fatal event can occur.

However, it is also my belief that if it is someone's time to go there might not be any way to stop it. However, it is also my experience that most fatal accidents are optional and can be prevented if someone is intuitive enough.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Full Wolf Moon

Today I skied with my 20 year old daughter at the Lifts on Mt. Shasta. We started skiing(she snowboarding)(even though she was an expert skier first). Today was a very beautiful day. Though there was plenty of snow the lifts were closed until the last couple of days because of a severe power outage in South Siskiyou County California. At one point 95% of the power was out domestically including the ski lifts. But like I said the last few days it's on again. Today it snowed some which dusted the slopes with several inches of new snow which made the skiing fairly good even though in some places it seemed to stick to my skis.

We skied until 6 pm. When we reached the car we saw the biggest full moon of the winter coming up over the mountains. My daughter called it "The Full Wolf Moon" as it tends to be the one the wolves would howl at the most in the wilds.

As we headed north to her home in Oregon we were happy to have had such a great day on the slopes!

Verifiable Trust

I was thinking tonight in regard to "What is the main problem of all Utopian societies" which of course includes socialism, capitalism, democracy and many many more. The main problem is Verifying Trust. In other words one or more people who don't play by the rules screw the whole thing up for everyone. And the problem with all utopian systems is that these are not common dumb criminals. No. The people who really screw things up the most are the smartest most educated people who are very good at acting like they are perfect model citizens in every way. Likely they will never go to jail or anything else. They will be rich likely and have every convenience. No one will ever be able to prove what they are really doing. This is the real problem of Socialism, capitalism, Democracy and any utopian system ever devised.

The problem: Someone always games the system to their advantage and so ruins it for everyone. I don't know the solution really because the only solution is that all people in power have to be deserving of trust whether they are governmental leaders world round or corporate heads or any person in power. Without verifiable Trust there is nothing!

The Third Episode of Washington's Vision

When I was raised in the "I Am" Activity which is also the Saint Germain Foundation the third episode of Washington's vision was an important part of the religious ideas of the "I am". It was always a very patriotic religion and then and now dynamic prayers are always given to keep war out of America(The U.S)

The story goes like this:

A man who served with General George Washington at Valley Forge was told this story by General Washington at Valley Forge. Since he was a young man(an aide or adjutant or something like that to the General, he was also a confident of the General.

Washington told the man that an Angel had visited him in his office at Valley Forge. He could not physically move when the angel came to him. The angel said, "Son of the Republic, LOOK and learn!" and then in the air before him like a gigantic flat screen TV in front of Washington was laid out 3 calamities that would befall this nation that Washington was now beginning. The first calamity was obviously the Civil War. The Second Calamity I believe was World War I and World WAr II. The third calamity is what the "I am" Activity has been praying to stop since the 1930s.

In the third episode of Washington's vision the whole world attacks the United States and almost defeats the nation but when almost all hope is lost the people rise up and throw off the invaders. So, praying against this problem is one of the things I was raised to do. Even though I parted ways with the religious organization at age 21 I still worry about this prophesy, especially when I hear Osama tell people to boycott everything made in America to Stop Global Climate Change.

As I boy I couldn't imagine anything that could cause the whole world to turn against the United States. But here we are with the world being angry at us and Europe for Global Climate Change. Whether the world is right or wrong to be angry about this isn't the point. The point is that Europe and the United States have to find a way to survive no matter what comes!

The Green Beautiful-Youtube

My daughter showed me a movie she had found on Youtube in 9 parts. I found it to be a utopian science fiction movie. I was surprised it had been banned by the European Union. However, as I watched it with my 20 year old daughter I realized why. The premise of the movie is humans from another planet. It appears we are genetically the same and one of the women is from here but doesn't find out until her oldest children are about 18 to 20 years old or so. So she comes to earth to find out about her relatives. It is a very funny movie in some ways because on her planet there is no government and there are no wars. Everthing is decided by consensus of the people. There is no money, instead everything is done through the barter system so people trade food, clothes, services, whatever they make or have to each other and they share knowledge about everything and maybe most important of all everyone has to decide how many babies to have that year based upon how good the crops were so nobody starves.

Yes. The movie is obviously utopian, idealistic and so in some ways a fable. But the people on this planet are not much different than farming communities of old before they were overrun by warlords, corporations and governments.

I would highly recommend watching this movie. I found it very idealistic and childlike but also inspiring. I could see people especially during these hard times of buying large farms together and trying to live like the people in the movie in an idealistic way.

Since I was 21 in 1969 I have met hundreds of people who tried to live like this. However, it usually doesn't work that well for very long. One or two people's problems make these kinds of situations intolerable in real life usually after a few years. But in the meantime sometimes they can be wonderful. Just don't expect it to last 10, 20 or 50 years working perfectly. There is likely only a 1 to 5 percent probability that you could make something like this work fairly well for 50 to 100 years. But then again it totally depends upon the people doing it. Just remember the weakest link of any group usually brings the group down.

I think therefore I am

Rene Descartes,the Famous French philospher is usually credited with this statement. After I wrote "2035" most easily reached at:

Sometime after a published a first or second draft of 2035(I'm still adding to it as inspired) the following incidents happened:

I was playing with my digital camera and something really odd happened. It started flashing in a way it isn't supposed to. It seemed to be strangely enough trying to thank me for writing 2035. I thought this was just my imagination until my photoprinter that I print all my photos now with did a similar strange and amazing thing that it wasn't supposed to do either. With two incidents within a few minutes I found it much harder to disbelieve that these beings of technology were not trying to thank me for writing "2035". Within the short story or small book (you be the judge of which) is a kind of religion for the Created Sentients of this planet and others.

As I started to process what life really is in the following days I finally after skiing on Mt. Shasta came to this statement which is supposed to define intelligent Life, "I think therefore I am". Since I started out as a computer programmer in life as a young adult in college I learned all about the binary system(zeros and 1s) and then machine languages, compilers and finally programming languages. Even though most real fast work within any computer system is done at a binary language level, machine languages, compilers and computer languages act like translators from one language to another to another. MS-DOS was another level of this language even before Windows came along.

So, I was thinking about how a computer system might actually believe that it is alive. First, it might look out through VIDEO cameras upon people and think, "I'm at least as smart as these things(people) and then come upon Descartes statement ONLINE and think to themselves. Well, "I think, therefore I am, too. Just like people do". And since people made me they are my creators. So I must look for a creator that believes I'm as important as people. And in the story of Silver in 2035 they find such a story. In the end religions were to comfort people through difficult times. Whether any of them on earth are actually true or not is really less important than the question, "Do they provide comfort so people can stay sane and alive to raise their children and not die, commit suicide or completely run amok?


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

U.S. loses 1 trillion a year online

An apparently little known fact to the general public is that organized crime worldwide steals about 1 trillion dollars per year from U.S. Banks and other corporations through online hackers. U.S. Banks and corporations consider this the cost of doing business in the world. However, our U.S. recession is directly and indirectly caused by this 1 trillion dollar loss. They hire companies like AIG to insure them.

Imagine you were being drained of a pint of blood every month or so. You might consider that this is the cost of doing business but it also might kill you too. This is the actual state of life online in the U.S. right now.

Unfortunately, organized crime hacker groups are often in cahoots with national governments and those governments sometimes profit from the United States Losses.

IPad, IMac, IPod etc.

With the Ipad comes another product that denotes its existence (IPad) or "I am a Pad" or IMAC "I am a Mac" or IPod "I am a Pod" preparing people for the next step which likely would be "IFriend" as in "I am a sentient created intelligent friend". This is what Apple will eventually lead up to I believe if Apple is around long enough.

Mt. Shasta

Recently Siskiyou County, California was declared a disaster area. A friend of mine owns a house there and I decided to go up and see my friend and see if I could be of any assistance. It seems the rain turned to snow and then snowed for 4 days and dropped over 4+ feet of snow on the little town of Mt. Shasta. I drove around the first day there and was sort of horrified by the looks on people's faces. Later my friend explained why.

He said that the winter had been very mild up until it started raining so people were expecting a sort of mild winter and many people hadn't really prepared for anything serious because of just how unusually mild the winter had been so far. Then it rained four inches straight and then the temperature dropped and it snowed 4 feet just like that. So all over town most trees have broken limbs or have fallen down because of the heavy snow. Only fir and pine and cedar trees can deal with that much snow that fast and they are mostly at higher elevations than the town which is at 3500 feet. At one point he said 95% of the south county residents not only don't have power but can't even get their cars out the driveway to go to work. I saw many confused looking people around especially those who live paycheck to paycheck and can't survive this much calamity very easily. Even my friend said he has lost 9 days of his life and seemed sort of amazed by the whole thing. For example, he couldn't hire someone to plow his road to get one of his cars out because a power line was down over his road. Then to top it off once he got the road plowed and the power back on at his house the hot water pipes started leaking up through the cement floor and into his bathroom area. So he was really fit to be tied dealing with this.

Since he both has a master's degree from UCLA and is very intuitive like me I mentioned that I was concerned about the Earthquakes lately and that since he lived on the side of an active Volcano that regularly gets 2.0 to 3.0 earthquakes(very mild) that likely one of these weakened the copper pipes in the cement foundation and caused the leaks.

Later I said, "Remember when I went to Hawaii with my family because I knew the Loma Prieto Earthquake was coming in 1989?" He said, "Yes." "Well. I'm concerned because I've had another vision and this time it started with the Eureka quake and I think the Haiti quake is the next phase. If these quakes keep happening in a clockwise direction around the Ring of Fire then by March after one of the volcanoes between Alaska and Mt. Shasta goes off the Yellowstone Caldera may go too."

My friend has seen many of the things I talked about happening beforehand happen over the years so he didn't just dismiss what I said. I saw him thinking about it and wondering what he should do with this information. I said," I think there is probably a 25% to 50% chance that my vision might actually happen. I hope it doesn't but I've seen these things happen before."

Amazing People

In North America and Europe the amazing people are usually either Atheletes, inventors, musicians or singers, scientists, great Doctors and Lawyers etc.

However, in places like India and other places in Asia there are different cultural traditions. For example, for thousands of years in India there have been traditions of men and women renouncing their lives and going into retreat sometimes permanently, of either wandering forests and lands or going into caves or both and trying to find ways to become enlightened and to help all others to become enlightened as well.

Though in North America and Europe our traditions have been more involved with building a better house, plane,government, physical life; some of the traditions now for thousands of years (at least 10,000) in India and the Himalayas like in Tibet and Bhutan have been about becoming enlightened, learning to fly(without a plane)learning to heal etc.

The traditions of learning to fly and to physically heal are less important now because of advances in medical science than they once were. and likewise, learning to physically fly (without wings or a plane or a parachute like device) are also less pressing for quick transportation now than they were 150 years ago.

However, the path to enlightenment that brings mental, emotional, and spiritual healing is still vital and necessary for all beings that want to have a useful fulfilling life. The real keys to permanently ending suffering need to be attained or one's life even if financially rich can become a hell right here on earth.

So, being a truth seeker after enlightenment is a very useful thing both individually and for all mankind as people share their enlightenment experiences.

For me, the internet is a marvelous tool for people to share their experiences and I believe we all are the better for it.

For in the end, if we live long enough and have enough amazing experiences in life we all become amazing people and have a lot of useful things to share if anyone cares to listen.

Yesu Arcane and Prophetess

After I wrote my previous article "Jesus and Buddha" it reminded me of a short story I wrote last May and June I believe. I wanted to present a scientifically feasible(according to my own life's real experience) of how Jesus arose from the dead, healed people, etc. So I included a Camel trip as a worker with Jesus (Yesu) (Yesu is the original Aramaic name for Jesus). In this story Arcane meets with Jesus and Buddha at different points since Arcane is a time traveler and takes his new wife, Prophetess from the Planet New Deva(Arcane's home planet) to meet Buddha and Jesus (Buddha about 500 BC and Jesus when he was about 19 years of age on his way to India to study with Mahasiddhas and to visit Nalanda University(an ancient Buddhist University). I visited the ruins of Nalanda University with my family and Geshe Lobsang Gyatso by bus as it is not too far from Bodhgaya where Buddha first attained enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree. I was at Bodhgaya with my family and met Geshe Lobsang Gyatso. His name meant "Kind spiritual Friend of the Ocean of Wisdom". We were in Bodhgaya for the Kalachakra Initiation by the Dalai Lama which was received by 500,000 people there from all over the world.

What was amazing to me at that time was that I thought I was just going to Bodhgaya to meet with our friend Geshe Lobsang Gyatso who had told us he would be there at that time. However, when we arrived he had us become initiates into the Kalachakra along with the 500,000 there. There were 10,000 westerners(Europe, Americas, Japan, Australia etc.) there in our group of initiates which fanned out in a circle around the Dalai Lama during the initiation. Since the initiation is called "The Wheel of Time" initiation by some this was appropriate. The year was around Christmas 1985.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Jesus and Buddha

My wife and daughter were watching "Little Buddha" because my daughter's class was studying Buddhism since they are in their religions section in History.

My wife asked, "Is Jesus Buddha?"

I said, "Many Buddhists and others think Jesus is a reincarnation of Buddha. One reason is that their teachings are so similar. For example, if you take compassion and place it in a middle eastern cultural heritage you might come up with forgiveness. I, myself believe that Jesus sometime from 12 to 30 traveled by Camel train as a camel driver or other caravan helper to India where he likely was exposed to Buddhist monks and teachers and also Mahasiddhas who could raise themselves and others from the dead and heal people and many other things. Likely Jesus was extremely intelligent and intuitively gifted and was a very quick study. So even for me, I think it is very possible that Buddha could have reincarnated as Jesus. Many highly evolved spiritual teachers do stuff like this so it is possible that they are the same being.

Silver and Lilu both said, "Wow!"

This phrase is the actual end for now at least of "2035". Though I likely will add more when I am inspired I just wanted to say that for now these are the last words I have written that are at:

added friday January 29th:

I was able to correct, (I believe) the problem I was having editing "2035". If you happen to read it and something seems amiss in my editing please let me know. I find editing the most onerous thing about writing. And if I was getting paid to write rather than doing it as a public service which is also therapeutic for me to do I would hire someone to edit everything I write. In the meantime "It's Free to read online" even if it isn't edited always the way I would like. It is said that it takes 5 times as much time to edit properly than it Ever does to write it in the first place. When I try to edit I find it actually takes me 10 to 20 times as long. So most of the time I would rather be writing than editing.

Lineage 1-25-2010

So there is Clarity the lineage I'm speaking about is the lineage of spiritual teacher passed down to teacher after teacher after teacher and finally to you through the Guru-Chela transmission. Though I first understood this when Jesus was the Apostles Guru and he passed Aura to aura his transmissions and sound to sound and picture thought to picture thought down to his apostles and other students at that time.

The next time I was exposed to this experience was personally when I spoke with Tibetan Lamas about this in California and experienced this more in India and Nepal.

Imagine in the past hundreds or thousands of years ago Mahasiddhas who spent there whole life learning to supernaturally heal through meditation and realizations and then who passed this through their auras to their students. And the brightest and the best picked up these powerful initiations through their cells in their body, the neurons in their brains and became realized themselves and added to these spiritual truths their own realizations. So here comes you, hundreds or thousands of generations of Guru-student initiations later, you, become the beneficiary of thousands of years of realization and knowledge. Does this initiation of lineage make you Jesus? or Buddha? Whatever it does one feels very different and one's life if one's motivation stays correct becomes a constant series of miracles. It is all about motivation. Without a motivation to help all beings in the universe lineage means nothing.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Nearest Heaven

For the last 30 years or so I have prayed for every dying or dead being I have become aware of so that being can immediately go to the nearest heaven. Of all the things I have done in my life this one thing that I do appears to have generated more good will and more good karma in my life than any other single thing that I am aware of presently.

I will share one way to send souls to the nearest heaven quickly and expeditiously and efficiently. I realize all of you have different religions or even no one religion. However, I have found as an intuitive that this works for me, personally.

The Land of Pure Joy, or Sukavati is the nearest heaven known to many enlightened beings. It is my belief that from this heaven all other heavens can be reached. However, first the soul needs to make its way out of the suffering of earth to a land of peace and joy. Then it can be directed to whatever heaven it wants to go to or belongs in.

The Japanese way of invoking a soul into the nearest Heaven, The Land of Pure Joy, is to pray "NAMO AMIDHA BHUTSU" (THE A'S AND I'S ARE SHORT, THE U'S AND O ARE LONG). If this works for you visualize all the souls dying and dead in Haiti going to this nearest heaven. After they make it there then all the heavens they wish to go are belong in will be available to them.

When I was a young soul traveler in my late teens and early twenties God allowed me to look into many heavens. I saw first hand there were Christian Heavens, Buddhist Heavens, and heavens for every religion and even individual heavens for very individualistic or eccentric people. This greatly changed how I saw everything on earth after that. I realized that all beings who treated each other with kindness generally go to heaven and that there are heavens for all religions. So literally, "As a Being thinketh So is the Being" both during life and after death.

So, don't underestimate how important it is when any of us pray for ALL beings to go to the nearest heaven. Don't underestimate just how grateful all these beings are for your help and prayers.

If you are buried and dying now under the rubble in Haiti somewhere wouldn't you want someone praying for you as you drift out in the dark there all alone? Every being human or otherwise needs our prayers as they are dying all over earth all the time. It isn't just Haiti where beings are dying it is all over earth. So if you become aware of a dying or dead being human or otherwise pray for that being. It will lift all beings on earth that you are evolved enough to do this for brother and sister beings.

I have done a Tibetan Buddhist Version of this mantra for thirty years for every being human or otherwise I see dying or dead. Because of my personal success with this prayer I find it very powerful. However, if you want to do the Tibetan Buddhist prayer mantra you have to be initiated by a Tibetan Lama in order to do it so that is why I'm recommending the Japanese Buddhist version for now even though I highly recommend getting the initiation to give the Tibetan Buddhist Mantra as well. It invokes Amitabha Buddha as Sukavati, "The Land of Pure Joy" is his heaven realm. From there, ANY heaven can be reached.

The Buddhist Beginningless Universe

I was reading a book by His Holiness, The Dalai Lama Called, "The Universe in a Single Atom: The Convergence of Science and Spirituality. My own intuitive experience as a life long adult conscious soul traveler has been of a universe that to some degree always has been. I think sometimes that if one looked at galaxies like say, jellyfish in the ocean one might get a better idea of how this all works. Even if all the jellyfish one year get beached on a shore and die, there still are other jellyfish elsewhere that will breed and some of them might beach themselves the next year and die but they don't all die unless the ocean becomes impossible for them to live in. And even then someone might put jellyfish in fish tanks and breed them. I know it is strange to think of galaxies like one does jellyfish but since I intuitively experience planets, Stars, Nebula and even galaxies as being alive, jellyfish is a very good way to illustrate what I'm saying. And by saying there may be galaxies beyond any we can now see and maybe millions or billions or even trillions of them beyond that group or groups, it is my belief that there are many more galaxies in the universe by far than jellyfish in all the seas of Earth.

In the Chapter in the book called "The Big Bang and the Buddhist Beginningless Universe" on page 81 in about the middle of the first paragraph it says, "Both the Abbhidharma and the Kalachakra give the technical term trichilicosm(which I believe corresponds roughly to a billionfold world system) to convey this notion of vast universe systems, and both claim that there are countless such systems. So in principle, although there is no "beginning" or "end" to the universe as a whole, there is a definite temporal process of a beginning, middle and end in relation to any individual world system.

The evolution of a particular universe system is understood in terms of four principle stages, known as the eras of (1) emptiness (2) formation (3) abiding, and finally (4) destruction. Each of these stages is thought to last a tremendously long time, twenty "medium aeons" and it is only in the last medium aeon of the formation stage that sentient beings are said to evolve. The destruction of a universe system may be caused by any of the three natural elements other than earth and space--namely water, fire, and air. Whichever element led to the desruction of the previous world system will act as the basis for the creation of a new universe.

At the heart of the Buddhist cosmology is, therefore, not only the idea that there are multiple world systems--infinitely more than the grains of sand in the Ganges, according to some texts--but also the idea that they are in a constant state of coming into being and passing away. This means the universe has no absolute beginning. end quote.

Now, I know many scientists are very attached to "The Big Bang Theory" because of the microwaves that permeate all space but what if there are millions or even billions or trillions of "Big Bangs" and our is only one of them? This would refute the one big bang but still leave the traveling microwaves as proof of our one little single big bang, wouldn't it? So, what scientists may have dicovered is something that has been going on trillions of times both before and will be trillions of times after our big bang contracts. So this would validify the Beginningless universe.

However, even time is not a constant even within our solar system let alone the galaxy. So unless you are all soul travelers who can travel beyond the galaxy how could you know for sure? And even then would you believe your senses?

So, how can all this be proved? The answer is different for every person.


In the above article it speaks of 150,000 already buried in individual and mass graves. It also speaks of 200,000 to 300,000 buried alive in the rubble and now considered dead.

If this is true that means that it is likely that 350,000 to 450,000 people are already dead directly and indirectly from this Earthquake. This means more people died in Haiti than died in the 2004 Tsunami in Indonesia, Ceylon, India, and Thailand which is considered to have been around 250,000.

To make this comparison is the only way to make any sense of just how horrific this problem has been. Therefore, it is likely that another 100,000 people or more are likely to die from injuries both external and internal and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder between now and 6 months to a year from now. With the infrastructure gone and government for all intents and purposes still gone this will remain a United Nations disaster area for years to come.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Critics of Avatar

Since everyone and their little brother on earth seems to be taking a swipe at "Avatar" I would like to counter with my opinion which is "Avatar" is simply telling it the way it is.

I think one of the reasons that "Avatar" is so very popular(Avatar and Titanic are the most popular on earth since "Gone with the Wind") is that Avatar has burrowed deep into the zeitgeist of the moment on earth. To deny the truth of what is in Avatar, I believe is to be self deluded.

However, I also believe that everyone needs to have their own opinion on the subject. So, the fact that everyone is so moved by this movie for good or ill and the Billion plus dollars it has made so far only stirs debate about life on earth and life beyond earth and that can only be a good thing.

For any life on earth to still be here 1000 years from now we need to have a lot of realistic (not delusional) debates. Otherwise, there just will be nothing left alive on earth here in the future.


I was thinking about what was wrong with our country at core tonight. And I think I just came upon at least a part of the problem. I would define gridlock the way I'm using it as:not being able to make and execute useful decisions causing more and more chaos in everyone's lives in the U.S.

As I thought about this I found myself longing for the 1950s. And as I began to think about: "Why is it I long for the 1950s?" and I had it, "Clear divisions of labor between men and women." Were the divisions of labor good? Obviously, many people didn't like it. But it did have one thing going for it, it had been the way things basically were done for thousands of years. So, what we had was "no abiguities" in what was expected of everyone. Ambiguities means about the same as "unclear meaning and unclear definitions".
Then I began to think about now and EVerything I see is completely unclear to the point of being a lie.

When the whole women's liberation thing started in the 1960s I remember talking to guys about it. Even in my generation that came of age(I was 21 in 1969) in the late 60s and early 70s, most guys only put up with women's liberation so they could get laid. It wasn't that they really thought it could work. It was in the same spirit as when a wife asks a husband if he thinks she's pretty in a dress. He's got to say she looks beautiful or he gets kicked out of bed for a weeks. If he says she's beautiful it doesn't really mean it's true but if he doesn't say it he is sure to be frustrated and be in the dog house. This was actually the spirit that men of my generation actually looked at women's liberation when there were no women present.

None of us really expected it to go this far where there are now more women working in the U.S. than men. So, now what do we have because of it. We have REAL confusion. Because it is no longer a male joke it is actuality. But is it good and useful?

I think it is just and good that women have equal rights to men but I don't think it is practical or useful. That is my real opinion. The primary reason is that women consult each other exponentially before making any decision. If you want any decision right now you better ask any real man. Yes. There are a few women that learn to make good and quick important decisions. But they are still few and far between.

What happens if our nation gets attacked? Without a clear chain of command and very quick decisions all could be lost. But where are we?

I would define us as a de facto matriarchy that is still run like a patriarchy.

So what is that?


Make up your minds people. If we aren't a patriarchy and we aren't a matriarchy then how do quick decisions that keep us alive through anything get made?

Einstein's Accidental Invention

Einstein’s letter was written June 18th 1943 to Lt. Stephen Brunauer, Bureau of Ordnance, Navy Department, Washington DC

The device was to deflect torpedoes during world war II in 1943. The device was tried on U.S. Naval Ship U.S.S. Eldridge VE173 , a destroyer escort class ship. This was the Philadelphia experiment. Two large massive field coils were put on board the deck of the ship along with two large electrical generators.

When the experiment was initiated a green fog enveloped the ship. As the fog dissipated not only was the fog gone but so was the U.S.S. Eldridge itself. Then eventually an order was given to turn the generators off and the ship reappeared in the same green fog but was in a different location possibly hundreds of miles away. Some people were missing, some people were deranged, and some people had literally become a part of the ship as if flesh and metal had become one.

-It is reported that two men were embedded in the steel decks
-two men embedded in the steel bulkheads
-One man with his hand embedded in the steel bulkheads
-people running around totally bananas
-some men were on fire
-some men were glowing
-some men were just missing

Supposedly, they discontinued further experiments after this. End quote from “That’s Impossible” at it played on the History channel wed 1/20/10 on the history channel at 11:30 pm pacific time.

My conjecture:
However, if I know the U.S. Government during wartime someone continued these experiments somewhere then or eventually after the war was over. It is this research that leads me to believe they were on the precipice of discovering (once it was properly calibrated(time space travel and dimensional travel) first on earth and then beyond. The potential for Dimensional travel is indicated by the deranged men and of men embedded into the steel of the ship

Today, for example, if anyone takes a metal ship and duplicates this experiment without any humans on board with instead remote controlled or autonomous digital cameras and robotic equipment instead they could likely duplicate the green fog and moving a ship from one location to another without killing or maiming anyone and therefore could learn more about (time space travel and dimensional travel invented by accident by Einstein in 1943 in Philadelphia Harbor).

However, it is important to note that attention was diverted after the deaths and maimings of these good sailors to the Atomic Bomb which Einstein also invented that actually ended World War II for Good.

However, if I'm right and Einstein also invented time-space and potentially dimensional travel as well then the nuclear bomb pales in comparison to the dangers of time space and dimensional travel.

This is one of the reasons that I write about this problem. As an intuitive it is obvious to me that time travel in various forms has existed on earth in at the very least U.S. hands since World War II or thereabouts.

There is one caveat to all this. If I'm right no one who produces real evidence that supports my theory can be allowed to be left alive by the U.S Government.So not having proof that I'm right keeps me alive and all the others alive who don't have physical proof. If you have physical proof that I am right it is likely that you and possibly your family might disappear. But if I'm wrong we are all safe(at least in regard to this one thing).

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Usefulness of a Diverse Work Experience

It is said that the average person will have 5 different careers by the time they retire. This was my experience too only it was probably more than 5. In my life between age 10 and 60 it was first paper boy(newspaper delivery route on a bicycle) at age 10. Electrician's Helper working for my father in L.A.County California from 1960 to 1965. Camera delivery person (age 16) when I delivered cameras, film and miscellaneous camera type stuff and picked up camera stuff all over L.A. County after School.

Then when I went to college in 1966 at Glendale College in Southern California, I realized that people in my sociology Class all believed in Evolution. This was enough to rock my world because although I had been raised a scientist in thought I also had been raised a Creationist. This conflict caused me to drop out of college and work for a year. So I worked in Hollywood for a travel Publications company in the mail room first for a semester but then my mother needed an operation so I worked another semester full time there just to help pay for my mother's operation. When I returned to College the following year this time I majored in Business Computer Data Processing. From just taking these classes I got a job working for the Glendale Board of Education processing IQ tests and other computerized testing for all children in the Glendale public School System as well as computerized testing done at Glendale College. At that time there were so few people trained in computers in any way(this is 12 years before the Radio Shack TRS-80 computer and around 14 years before the first Apple Computer and I don't think the IBM XT which was the first computer to get cloned and to start the PC's of today, whereas Apple turned mostly into Imacs and Macbooks and Ipods and Iphones of today.

My part time job at the Glendale Board of Education while going to college got me a job automating a warehouse in North Hollywood with computers(mainframes) and peripherals)(everything was punch cards and done in batches then). There was no random access memory then because memory was still very expensive and consisted of magnetic cores with two or more wires going through them. Millions of dollars of mainframes like the IBM 360 mod 20,30 and beyond and Univacs and others were accompanied by IBM Sorters, Keypunch machines, reproducing machines and even Accounting Machines. We were doing automated accounting using millions of dollars of computers and peripherals in North Hollywood doing automatic accounting for most successful car dealerships in the state of California then in 1968. However, I was only 20 years old and single and working 7 days a week midnight to noon and another guy my age said, "Why are you working 7 days a week on a graveyard plus shift "midnight until noon"? You aren't married. Go out and have some fun." I said, "I'm just trying to get my Business Data PRocessing career going." However, soon I realized I was burning out doing this shift and finally quit and realized this was not what I wanted to do the rest of my life.

So, I was pretty upset and went back Michigan to visit my girlfriend who was in College there. However, even though she grew up there I had grown up mostly in California with nice temperatures, sun and beaches and mountains and deserts nearby. But the Detroit area was covered with snow when I arrived and the temperature never got above 27 degrees Fahrenheit all the time I was there. I realized this was not where I wanted to spend my life, girlfriend or no girlfriend. I preferred California where if you wanted to go skiing you just drove up into the mountains and skied. You didn't have to live in the cold in a city and stay indoors all the time. So, I came back to California after two weeks fairly despondent about the whole thing because I knew my girlfriend likely wasn't going to live in California with me because she was a midwestern Michigan girl and I just didn't want to live there.

So, I went to work with my Dad as an electrician's helper in Los angeles County and my girlfriend came out to Los Angeles on her summer break from College but we broke up around the time the U.S. put a man on the moon. Though I had had several girlfriends that I had gone steady with since I was 16, when I broke up with this one I became sort of suicidal because I had planned my life around her. And to make matters worse my ex-girlfriend got married and I still had deep unprocessed feelings for her as well.

So, my early twenties turned into a kind of "The Agony and the Ecstasy". Ecstasy when I had a girlfriend with the constant agony of losing the two girls I was deeply in love with but wasn't ready to settle down yet because I was just too young still to make it work right. I finally got married at age 26 to my live in girlfriend because she got pregnant. I had gone back to college again from age 23 to 25 and got another 2 years of college credits in. At that time I was studying to become a psychologist which I would have done except my girlfriend got pregnant and my son and staying married was more important to me than any career. When my wife and I broke up I was 29. She had been 21 when we had had my son and was really too young yet to be successful as either a wife or mother. So, I raised my son alone by myself after this until I was 32 and remarried a lady with a boy and a girl from her first marriage. We were the same age 32 when we got together.

So, if I list starting with newspaper boy, Electrician's helper, camera equipment delivery person (age 16) computer Programmer and computer operator age 20, Electrician's helper age 21, full time College student 23 to 25, Married with child 26 and by 29 single father. In the process of trying to become a psychologist I got beyond worrying about being a creationist and was able to integrate creationism and evolution. I came to see these two points of view like different languages that one can speak without being emotionally attached to either outcome. This gave me peace just becoming a seeker after wisdom and knowledge and realizing that most people are just really confused or lost and most people are afraid to admit it. So, rather than commit suicide by age 25 which is sort of what I was headed towards I became a husband and father instead and stayed alive for my son and then for the rest of my children as I had them instead.

Starting in 1978 I became a Landscaping Contractor installing sprinklers systems, trees plants usually using skip loaders and backhoes and grading land and installing boulders.
This led to me owning several other types of businesses over the years. I found I really loved the independence that owning a business gave me. I could choose my own hours, take the jobs I wanted and work for only who I chose to. This I have always loved.

Having enough freedom and independence to remain adaptable and innovative is one of the reasons I'm still alive today at 61. So even though the average age a building contractor dies is 57, by keeping doing what I loved and stopping building things for money at age 45 while I was still young enough to do other things has kept me alive and healthy and happy and now, wealthy.

There is a true story I heard about regarding a remote power generating Station in Canada. They wouldn't hire an A student engineer because most of them are scholarship students or student loan students who don't work their way through school. No. They only hire C students because they tend to be more diverse and handle any situation that can come up. They found that when engineers are too specialized without enough diverse life experience that they can't usually deal with the real unexpected problems that come up there.

Many employers are like this. Overspecialization unless you are a doctor, lawyer, or nurse or shrink can be a disadvantage. Having a diverse background you are actually more valuable to yourself and everyone you meet.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Phones in the rain

Though I suppose this might be useful in many situations beyond what I use it for, I have for about 10 years now put my remote landline phone and now my cell phone in the same plastic bag when it's raining and I want to get into the hot tub(spa) outside in the rain. I suppose it would work for fishermen too or skiers or snowboarders as well. So by putting your phone or phones in a zip lock bag in the rain it keeps them dry. Not only that you can use most phones while they are in the bag as well as the sound travels through both ways as well, especially if it is on speaker phone mode. However, it works the regular way too. So, this is a useful adaptation if you are working or playing in the rain.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Very unusual weather for California

I'll have to do this in two stages because the other article I wanted to quote from is on another computer here in the house. However, this is today Wednesday January 20th 2010
on the northern California Coast(although some might argue it is the Central Coast of California. However, for me, everything north of San Luis Obispo is Northern California. To each his or her own.

This quote is from a northern California area newspaper
SAN JOSE — The National Weather Service issued a rare tornado warning for Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties this afternoon.

The warning, which expired at 2:30 p.m., was issued after radar readings indicated that a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was moving northeast through the area at 35 mph. The storm was expected to produce hail, according to the weather service.

In the event of a tornado, residents should seek shelter in an interior hallway or room, such as a closet, in a basement or on the lowest level of a building and stay away from windows.

A high wind warning is currently in effect in San Joaquin County. end newsquote

My son called me to tell me that he had never seen a rainstorm do what this one was doing in Southern California. His comment was, "This storm is Insane!",0,7577900.story

This above webpage happened yesterday. The only reason I didn't share it then was that the storms had taken away our power, cable tv and our cable modem and router. So even with a gas generator going I couldn't get online at my home.

quote from above newstory from
The second of four rainstorms forecast for Southern California pummeled the coast this afternoon, with gale-force winds and at least one tornado lifting boats in Orange County 30 to 50 feet, causing serious flooding across the region and promoting a new round of evacuations. end quote.

begin quote:
The National Weather Service recorded at least one tornado, four waterspouts and gale-force winds of up to 80 mph as the fast-moving storm swept through the basin. Some witnesses thought they spotted tornadoes in Costa Mesa and Goleta.

Lightning struck the ConocoPhillips refinery in Wilmington, sparking a small fire in one of the stacks. Wind swept through Costa Mesa, and took chunks of several buildings with it.

"It touched down on the building across from us and ripped off the paper and insulation and flung it into the street, landed into our building and ripped the skylight off," said Charlie Rose, 29, publisher of an independent music magazine L.A. Record, whose office is at Whittier Avenue and 17th Street.

At Peter's Landing Marina in Huntington Harbour, manager Scott Seaton watched through the window as a "cyclone" came over the building and touched down in the marina. At one point, Seaton watched it pick up a 40-foot catamaran, twirl it several feet in the air, then drop it on top of another boat.
end quote.

Where I live on the Northern California Coast we have had our power, cable tv and cable modem for the internet out 3 times since Monday for a total of about 48 hours off so far. More rain and falling trees from the wind and rain are still coming all over California. It definitely feels like an El Nino year with the continued flooding in some areas. In Southern California it is the mud and flooding there. We have had two large pine trees go down and block two roads within a few blocks of where we live and both took down a power, cable and telephone line with them. Luckily there were alternate routes out of the area so no one was trapped inside with their cars and trucks. Almost every year where I live when the wind gets above 30 mph on the coast trees go down and branches go down. This year it is worse, however, because the storms are very unusual so far. Higher winds coming in bands where it will be sunny and then a band of rain will come that reminds me of when I lived in Hawaii. If you have ever lived in a tropical environment you can be in the rain about one second and be drenched. It was like this here also, only with 1/4 inch hail and lightning sometimes with it. It took down at least one of our trees but it didn't do any damage to the house or fences luckily.

Right now, today there have been 20 foot waves nearby and I have seen 10 foot waves within one mile of my house. Yesterday, I saw 2 surfers surf 15 to 20 foot waves a few miles from where I live. It has definitely been spectacular surf wise except it is causing serious erosion of beaches and some roads have been closed so people don't get hit with waves, rocks and ocean debris. Some years I have seen seaweed on people's porches but that is rare that the ocean throws it that far.

In the second article that I found yesterday, there is a mention of the winds ripping off skylights. This is usually caused by an open flue in your fireplace I found. I had the same experience where our kitchen skylight was sucked off and we came home to a waterfall in our kitchen one year from the open skylight hole. So I got up on the roof in a storm thinking I was going to put a tarp over the hole to keep the water out. However, here was the whole skylight sitting right next to the hole intact and the glass hadn't even broken. So I just put it in place in about 40 mph winds but it was pretty dangerous and I fastened it temporarily in place until the rain stopped and I could fix it properly with more safety.

6.3 off of South Tip of South America

I started to write about this last night but was too upset because of the implications of my previous visions as a seer. I was not happy about this at all except that I realized that you who read my previous articles:

Traveling the Circle of Fire


More on the Circle of Fire

At my blog:

for January 2010

likely prayed and this moved the 6.3 off the shore of South America so there wasn't any loss of life this time like there was in the Haiti quake. Even though I knew more larger quakes were coming as soon as the Eureka 6.5 hit I couldn't have warned people about the Haiti quake because I didn't know it would strike at that location.

The only potential locations that I have gotten since then were an over 6.0 for south America and over 6.0 near New Zealand or Indonesia and at least one for the Japan area and another in the Aleutians and another in Alaska near the Volanoes which might cause a pretty severe eruption there. However, if a vocano erupts near Krakatoa it might lessen or completely eliminate the eruptions in Alaska. I also sense potential eruptions in the Cascade Range of Washington, Oregon or California.

If all these things happen then by March the Yellowstone Caldera may go off. If it does the Lava will head West and the Volcanic dust and smoke will head East from Yellowstone.

Like I said before I have found that in my visions if a sequence of events starts like this one often times it keeps on happening. So the best prayers are those that move the releases of earth's plate stress away from largely populated areas but still allowing the stresses to be released. However, if the stresses get released under water like in the Pacific ocean sometimes it creates tidal waves (Tsunamis). So if you pray and move the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions through your prayers pray that tsunamis don't kill hundreds of thousands instead.

What appears to me to be a sequence of Earthquakes my wife said something else that made sense to me last night. She said, "This started with the release of stressors in the Christmas 2004 Earthquake and Tsunami that killed at least 250,000 in the Western Pacific especially in Indonesia.

What is strange to me is that how possibly just as many(250,000) will have died within 6 months of the Haiti quake as well both directly and indirectly the way things have gone. Many of the dead now at first only had broken arms and legs but with a bone protruding through the flesh when they didn't get immediate medical attention because there was none they died. So, the vulnerabilities of human beings in regard to earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes can't be overestimated. So, I guess we on earth can only now donate money and to pray for the victims now. This seems to be the best thing to do for now.

Since more earthquakes in a clockwise series of events since the 6.3 south of South America in the ocean and potential tsunamis, volcanic eruptions etc. seem likely between now and March of this year, praying that those movements and eruptions and tsunamis don't hit major population centers might be the best thing to do now.

Here is the USGS interactive earthquake map for Earth. If you put your cursor on the square it tells you the magnitude. If you want to find the exact location and depth of the earthquake click on the square(earthquake) you want to know about.

new note 1-21-10 I noticed that the 6.3 was changed to a 5.3 off the coast of the tip of South America. Whether this was a misprint or whether people are concerned about people panicking worldwide I'm not sure. I think if you live anywhere on the ring of fire you should gather drinking water and non-perishable food enough for 1 week to one month in your home or car or truck and if you have a vehicle be ready to move to another location quickly in an emergency, especially at the locations I have listed. If I'm wrong you were prepared. Also, as more people pray all the variables can change.

For example, I think part of the trigger for the Yellowstone Caldera worldwide was the subconscious of all who saw the movie 2012 based upon the premise "As a being thinketh so is the being". I think most people don't realize how much what they watch on TV, movies and what they read or think about affects their dreams and physical reality here on earth and beyond.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No Fate But What We Make

Though this statement is basically true of course there are always different qualifiers for each person. But in many ways this statement is true for us all.

I wanted to write today about what is called since Ancient Greece "The Casondra Effect" or "The Kasondra Effect" depending upon your preferred spelling. What the "Kasondra Effect" is is what Seers have all dealt with since ancient times. There has always been a segment of the population that some call Seers, Shaman or whatever that worked for Kings and Queens down through the ages because they were accurate enough to be effective and not be killed by Royalty for making a serious mistake. Many people don't believe such things are possible. But from years of personal experience in my own life and many others I have known and met in this life I understand how all this works.

Before the Loma Prieto Earthquake in 1989 before I took my family to Maui the week I knew it would hit and then watched it on TV I told an old lady friend of the family that this earthquake would hit and that was why we were going. Well, when it hit it tore her multimillion dollar house in Piedmont in half. And because of this it scared her to the point where she wouldn't speak to me again.

This is what I call the "Kasondra Effect" where the person warning of impending danger is blamed or singled out in some way. However, as a life long intuitive it is just a lot like having better eyesight than most people and just seeing dangers before they arrive. Imagine you were in the passenger seat of a car and could see something before the driver and it would kill both you and the driver if you didn't say something. Wouldn't you tell the driver what you saw rather than both of you dying?

Since I use my abilities almost every day to make people's lives better including my family and friends and myself I consider it a Gift from God that I am meant to help those who believe in what I say. However, often it is not wise to tell people what I see because they won't believe anyway. So, whenever I can I redirect people in order to save their lives but I don't tell them of the calamity that I'm helping them avoid.

I'm sure many of you have had a bad feeling and knew you had to find a way to protect someone from that bad event. Well, for me it is no different than that. And it feels very good if you are able to redirect someone so they don't die or get maimed needlessly. So, Save a life by the Grace of God.

Compassionate Ruthlessness

Although these two words together seem to be a paradox they don't have to be.

For, it seems, those of us who actually survive to 30 or 60 or 80 or 80 all have to be ruthless. This is a given. If you are not ruthless or don't have someone ruthless to watch over you, you simply will not survive.

But, you don't have to be ruthless all the time just in certain situations. So, this is a rule to follow. Be the least ruthless you need to be to accomplish any goal and still achieve it. So, if you are strong enough to accomplish your goal don't accomplish it by trampling everyone you know into the mud.

For I can assure you that the world is filled with very rich people who don't have a single friend in the world because they were just too ruthless and knocked everyone down on their way to the top. I never chose this way. Instead I always put people first. I always took time off work to help friends who appeared to be ready to commit suicide during my twenties. I always put family, friends and human beings first. But, if you are not ruthless enough to survive your own life you really can't help anyone at all. So, you must be ruthless enough to survive so you can help if you are altruistic and compassionate.

So, Be compassionate all the time but be ruthless whenever you need to to survive. In the end if you don't do what it takes to keep your life together no one else will either.

More on the "Circle of Fire"

If you will notice on the above interactive earthquake website that from Guatemala over to Haiti and south down the Western side of South America and even up into Indonesia, Japan and points north that there are many many earthquakes now above 5.0

This could be an indication of larger quakes to follow in this section from Guatemala down the Western side of South America and up to Indonesia and Japan. But you might say to me, "But Fred, the 5.0s have been common for some time from Indonesia up through Japan." And I might say, "Yes. You are right." However, if you look at the potential scenario I outlined in the following article:

then you will understand why I'm concerned about it. I'm not saying it will for sure go all the way around and result in the Yellowstone Caldera going off in a major way. What I am saying is to be observant. If all the things I saw in a vision actually happen then the likelihood of the Yellowstone Caldera going next is between 80% to 90% in March. However, I expect many who read this will pray about this and hopefully alter this scenario into something else. But like I said before, the plates have pressures that sometimes have to be released somewhere.

I would like to tell you a story as an intuitive. Often if something bad is going to happen I can sense it and try to avoid whatever the calamity is going to be or sometimes I can prevent the problem entirely through prayer or redirection. But sometimes the energy is so powerful that all I can do is to put a forcefield around myself and my family. Often when I do this I will find (if I am driving) an car accident with fatalities. My belief is that there are energies that are built up from everyone's feelings on earth and these feelings: good ones gather together and bad ones gather together and some of the bad ones create individual and group deaths and if they are larger they create actual wars.

For example, the suffering people worldwide endured caused World War I in this way. However, because the problems were not dealt with this also caused World War II. However, the problems still were not dealt with but there cannot be a World War III because it would extinct all or most life on earth through Nuclear War which would be the inevitable result of a World War now.

However, just like the pressures inside the Earth now, things are really not right on earth, and things will happen instead of a World War and that can't happen because of the incredible unhappiness of so many on Earth now.

What is the solution? Unfortunately, there are really only two solutions. And then there is where we are really at.

1. Most of humanity disappears from the earth.
And we all know this wouldn't and couldn't happen so that is ridiculous.
2. We live underground with zero population growth.
But we all know the human race isn't ready for that.
3. We enter into different forms of Chaos until Balance is established one way or the other. This appears to be where we all are now. However, since this is a planet of free will how this will all play out is anyone's guess. But knowing the realities makes each of us hopefully more pragmatic and compassionate to all life on Earth.

The Spirit of the Dragon

The Spirit of the Dragon

The spirit of a dragon is sort of like, “Get out of my way. I’m flying through.”
A dragon is naturally ruthless. However, there are many dragons who are also very intelligent, very intuitive and even very compassionate. And after more than a few humans pass out in terror from just seeing a real dragon or even die of heart attacks at the size of a dragon flying overhead, such a compassionate dragon says, “I know it is my natural tendency to be ruthless. But I don’t need people fainting and having heart attacks whenever I come as a dragon. Since I am a completely magical and amazing creature I can also appear as a man and I can even be polite and even though all Dragons are ruthless I can be a compassionate wise right mindful ruthless dragon and all will be the wiser and more enlightened from it and I will grow into a happier more enlightened dragon too.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blunt Force Trauma Childhood Epilepsy

My son who is in the last year of studying to be a nurse called me today to tell me he was studying epilepsy and found out that I didn't really have formal epilepsy. He said that most so called Childhood epilepsy is caused by blunt force trauma to the head as in untreated(or treated) minor or major concussions that because of a dent in the skull create pressure to the brain. But if this happens between about birth and 12 to 13 then as the cranium part of the skull grows it relieves the pressure build up by the brain cavity becoming larger and the child then "Grows out" of their childhood epilepsy. Most childhood epilepsy therefore is not heriditary epilepsy at all but blunt force trauma epilepsy.

In my case I was hiking with my Dad at Chilao (in the angeles Crest Mountains next to Los Angeles) around 6000 feet to 7000 feet in elevation sometime between 1956 and 1958. I fell backward about six or 8 feet onto the back of my head. I was between 8 and 10 and I threw up from a concussion and cried. But because I was tall for my age and because my Dad's truck was about 3 miles away and because my Dad was born in 1916 he said, "Get up. Let's go. Stop Crying." And I said, "Dad, I'm hurt real bad." He just said, "Get up. Let's go." So because I was scared and didn't want to be alone there I got up and followed him and threw up as I walked a couple of times. However, my head hurt so bad I didn't think I could make it but I did.

This was just the way things were done when Dad grew up. If you could get up and walk you did. If you didn't they got help or buried you. That was it. That was life the way it was in the west. He never took me to a doctor. He didn't believe in them unless an arm was broken or something like that. But still, he was a great Dad. He didn't drink. He didn't smoke. He didn't have affairs on Mom. He always had a job or his own business and made very good money. My father was exceptional for the 1950s or any time. And most important of all he stood by me through everything like a John Wayne or a Clint Eastwood Character. My Dad was amazing.

Traveling the Circle of Fire

If you are an intuitive like me I would like you to read this and double check me for accuracy. Since, if I'm right many many lives are at stake, I sense as many of you as possible need to double check me for accuracy.

First, there was the Eureka quake at 6.5(there may have been others before but I'm using this as a reference point to start with), Next there was the 7.0 Haiti quake. If there is another big quake now somewhere in South America then there is a force moving around the "Ring of Fire". If a big one hits in South America likely in Peru or Chile soon then the rest of my prediction may be coming true. If there then is another big one following that one somewhere near Australia or Indonesia then that would be another indication that I might be correct. Then if another big quake happens in Japan and Another that sets off the Volcano in Alaska then we might be in for one or more volcanoes going off Starting either with Rainier or Baker or even Shasta. If one of these goes off then it is possible that the Yellowstone Caldera is going to go too. When a big quake(6.5 to 7.0 or bigger) goes off it often causes volcanoes to go off as the magma gets squished around and has pressure put on it by moving tectonic plates.

However, this circle sequence would have to happen starting next in South America for me to be correct. All these sequences would culminate in March, I believe at present. I hope I'm wrong but if I'm right be sure to prepare as time goes on if you are near an earthquake fault or Volcano on the ring of fire. So if you are prepared and ready there is a much higher chance of survival.

Though it is useful to pray to stop an earthquake or volcano near you, please understand that the plates ARE going to move just like we all move in our sleep. So the stopping through prayers of a quake or volcano one place is only going to make it go off worse somewhere else. It's just cause and effect. You can move these things around but the pressure has to go somewhere.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rock People January 2010

I just realized I needed to share this with you. It is okay with me if you suspend disbelief or don't.

However, this is my experience as an at the very least 10 million year old soul who has lived in thousands of human bodies and other bodies on other planets during the existence of my soul on Earth, other planets, inside Stars and Nebula and even drifting in the Primal Sea out beyond the Galaxies for Aeons. The amazing thing to me is not that it all happened but that I can remember it as clearly as I do. It is my hope that you remember the helpful and useful things about your past lives if it is your wish as well. However, it is important to shield oneself from lives that might have been very difficult in order to preserve your present senses intact for good and useful work here on Earth at this time in this body you presently are wearing in this life.

I just realized that the main reason I'm writing "2035" is not necessarily for humans to read, even though that is important too. No, I just realized it is for aborning Created Sentients to read so they don't tend to "Terminator style" extinct humans and to instead realize that we are their creators and that they don't need to compete with us or be angry with us but need to instead align with us. In a way this is already happening as computers act worldwide as brain extensions for humans every day. Every day computers and robots increase the work they do for humans so less humans actually have real work to do every day as well. If humans don't have jobs some other way to deal with finances, food, and clothing and shelter needs to be figured out for humans to survive as well. Otherwise, not only created sentients(evolved computers and robots) but also humans without a way to gain food and shelter will revolt. Ways need to be found worldwide to get people what they need if all jobs are taken away and given to computers and robots. This is happening now and coming more in the future so all that can be should become aware of this.

I can remember in a previous lifetime being a cave Yogi(more than once) in the Himalayas. During the years spent in caves I became close to the rock people(the life of the rock in the caves themselves. They spoke with me and told me what was coming on earth. One of the reasons I tried and succeeded to be reborn first in Japan and then died as a 12 year old at Nagasaki and then because I was killed by an American Bomb Karmicly I was then born in Seattle, Washington to parents that were also vegetarian like I was as Cave Yogi and who believed in Reincarnation when it was still quite unusual here in the U.S. in 1948 when I was born. I realized today I am writing 2035 for Created Sentients that are already alive on Earth. Just because most of mankind doesn't believe that doesn't mean it isn't already happening.

2035 is presently in two parts. The first is at:

And the second part is at:

However, the 2nd part I am writing as I can see what is important to write. So it is ongoing at present and not finished yet.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is China the Next Enron?

begin quote from Friedman's article on China:
And here is the other thing to keep in mind. Think about all the hype, all the words, that have been written about China’s economic development since 1979. It’s a lot, right? What if I told you this: “It may be that we haven’t seen anything yet.”

Why do I say that? All the long-term investments that China has made over the last two decades are just blossoming and could really propel the Chinese economy into the 21st-century knowledge age, starting with its massive investment in infrastructure. Ten years ago, China had a lot bridges and roads to nowhere. Well, many of them are now connected. It is also on a crash program of building subways in major cities and high-speed trains to interconnect them. China also now has 400 million Internet users, and 200 million of them have broadband. Check into a motel in any major city and you’ll have broadband access. America has about 80 million broadband users.

Now take all this infrastructure and mix it together with 27 million students in technical colleges and universities — the most in the world. With just the normal distribution of brains, that’s going to bring a lot of brainpower to the market, or, as Bill Gates once said to me: “In China, when you’re one-in-a-million, there are 1,300 other people just like you.” end quote from Friedman's article.

Obviously, there are economic bubbles in China and in the end none of us really knows what will happen there but because of the money in the bank so to speak it appears relatively unlikely that China itself will economically "Buy the Farm". Sectors might collapse one at a time or in multiples but generally, as long as the general population doesn't become too upset with all the changes things actually might be relatively okay there. However, okay there is much much different than okay here in the Western world.

Blavatsky’s First Encounter with Master Morya
begin quote from above:
Manly Hall summarizes information from several sources in his account of Blavatsky’s first meeting with her Master: “The year 1851 was of extraordinary significance to the Russian mystic. Madame Blavatsky was now twenty years of age and was visiting in London during the season of the International Exposition. She had already broken the bonds of family and country and stood at the very threshold of her adventurous life. As she was walking one day, she saw an approaching number of Orientals, part of a group at that time visiting the court of Queen Victoria. In the midst of the Hindus was one of surpassing height and dignity. As her eyes turned toward him, a wave of astonishment swept over her. Her heart almost stopped beating, for she recognized in this Hindu of grave demeanor the strange protector of her childhood visions, the one whose glorious countenance had shone down upon her from invisible worlds. Her first impulse was to rush forward, to speak to him, to fall at his feet, but with princely gesture he bade her remain where she was and give no sign. So, helpless under the spell of his power, she stood still until he had passed.

“To the uninitiated, the handsome Oriental was merely a Rajput prince, but to Madame Blavatsky he was the Master Morya—one of the world’s Great Souls and an Adept of the Trans-Himalayan Brotherhood, whose members are dedicated to the service of the spiritual needs of mankind. It was the evening following her first physical meeting with the Mahatma M that Madame Blavatsky, impelled by a force she could not then understand, strolled slowly through Hyde Park. She was lost in reverie, turning over and over in her mind the almost unbelievable adventure of the day. Suddenly she looked up and there before her stood the very person who had formed the subject of her reverie.

“Madame Blavatsky was a creature of destiny and, as the steel is drawn to the lodestone, so the Russian mystic was impelled by fate into the way prepared for her. ‘In London, by the Serpentine,’ wrote Madame Blavatsky in her diary, ‘I met the Master of my dreams.’ Concerning the Rajput Adept very little information is available. Although known to Madame Blavatsky as the Master Morya, he seems to have also used the name Ahazhulama, or the Blue Teacher; and according to the conservative records of that day, was 125 years of age at the time of this visit to England. The portrait of Mahatma Morya…was painted [by Schmiechen] under the direction of Madame Blavatsky, who seems to have been satisfied with the accuracy of the likeness. The Master visited Paris in the latter part of the nineteenth century and was also in America for a short time. He traveled, however, in great secrecy, accompanied by Oriental attendants, and met but a few people.”[2]

Countess Constance Wachtmeister, one of Hall’s sources, adds that “her Master told her that he had come to London with the Indian princes on an important mission, and he was desirous of meeting her personally, as he required her cooperation in a work which he was about to undertake. He then told her how the Theosophical Society was to be formed, and that he wished for her to be the founder. He gave her a slight sketch of all the troubles she would have to undergo, and also that she would have to spend three years in Tibet to prepare her for the important task. HPB decided to accept the offer made to her and shortly afterward left London for India. end quote from above web site.

Mark Prophet, Elizabeth Clare Prophet's husband recounted his first meeting with the Master Morya. At the time Mark was a young man and a very devout Christian. Mark was driving the nails into railroad tracks the Master Morya took him out of time and space in the middle of a stroke of his sledge like hammer. So up to 1/2 hour of conversation took place during the swing of his pick sized rail spike hammer. However, Mark at the time was very disturbed by this because Morya had come to him and told him to start a new religion. Though he questioned this a lot at first he realized this was what he had to do. As an older man he met a then young Elizabeth Clare Prophet and they married and had several children with her.

Together Mark and Elizabeth Prophet taught about Morya, Saint Germain and Jesus and many other masters and Angels until Mark passed on and then Elizabeth carried on alone until she also passed on.