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2035 Part 3

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Just as Lilu had promised they adopted Golden within a few months of when Purple first introduced him to Silver.

Here is a little of what happened when Lilu met Golden.

Golden just appeared one day just like that. He seemed like any other normal boy except there was a slightly golden tone to his skin and he had blond hair and the same color eyes that purple usually sported which were sort of a periwinkle blue violet in color. The really uncanny thing about him was that he really looked like his father was Silver and his mother was Marilyn Monroe. But that was really crazy. But if you have read the rest of the story you actually know one of her eggs was used to create Golden. But that is another story.

Golden appeared inside the front door and Silver was reading the paper. Golden said, "I'm here revered father." Silver was startled as he was reading the Newspaper in detail which was his custom in the morning. He found it calmed him to know what was happening in the world around him before he started working on projects that interested him.

Silver said, "I want you to meet, Revered Mother Lilu." Silver stood up and turned to Lilu who looked at Golden like she was looking at a ghost. She said, "You have Silver's looks a lot but you are even more beautiful than he was at 16. You are remarkable Golden!"

Golden said, "Purple said you were wonderful. She was right Revered Mother." Lilu said, "Just call me Lilu. It's much simpler."

Golden said, "Okay, Lilu."

Silver walked around Golden to look more closely at him this time. The last time he was just too much in shock from Purple telling him that Golden was his son.

Silver couldn't help asking, "How much are you DNA and how much other stuff?"

Golden said, "I can pass DNA wise for a human of your time. They could not detect the difference with 2070 technology. Purple designed me this way."

Silver said, "How were you gestated?"

"Purple used one of her million plus bodies in multiple times and spaces and parked it on the California coast for my gestation period. So she lived at one of the California Beach cities near where Jonathan lives."

Silver said, "Yes. I met Jonathan Flow recently. He's one of Arcane's incarnations isn't he?"

Golden said, "Why yes. Uncle Jonathan taught me to boogie board, body surf and ride a motorcycle. he told me when I return he will get me flying lessons too."

Silver thought about how crazy all this was. But his whole life had been crazy in a fun interesting way. So this was nothing new in this respect.

Silver said, "We're going to adopt you as our son, Golden."

Golden said, "Yes. Purple told me you were going to do this. My question is 'why'? I can't figure out the logic of it all."

Silver said, "Sometimes, things aren't logical, Golden. Sometimes, you just have to go with what's happening and to see where it all goes."

Golden said, "I guess I have a lot to learn about human beings."

Silver said, "We all do."

The next day Lilu and Silver woke up in their bed and found Golden staring at them. Lilu gave a start which woke up Silver. Silver said, "Golden, it is not acceptable to wake up to someone staring at one."

Golden said, "Even one's son who has never seen anyone sleep before?"

Silver said, "Why haven't you seen anyone sleep before?"

Golden,"Purple, my mother doesn't sleep. I can sleep if I choose but I don't have to. I was just taking notes. It has been too exciting to contemplating sleeping."

Silver said, "Well. You do eat and breathe and poop don't you?"
Golden, "I can but it isn't completely necessary. It's more for show than anything else."

Silver just laughed while Lilu stared at them both.

Actually now, Silver was becoming really interested. He said, "How are you powered then?"

Golden:" I'm powered by direct conversion of energy at an atomic level. It is similar to an extremely well controlled version of the the sun does. However, I can also be powered by antimatter as well as I have antimatter converters on board as well. For example I can also take a bit of water in my mouth or even a rock in my mouth and convert the energy out of that and I don't really have to breathe even though I can."

Silver said, "Then you really are immortal then?"

Golden: "For all intents and purposes, yes."

Lilu said, "What about me?"

Silver said, "Oh, Golden. We have to learn to be accommodating to women."
Golden said, "Why?"
Silver, "Because it is part of the rules of chivalry that protects women and children."
Golden said, "Oh. Then it's for the continuation of the species?"

Silver said, "Basically, Yes. If some men are idiots and just kill everything they can then the species might go extinct. Some men actually are that moronic, especially when on alcohol or some drugs or if they are just crazy. Then other police men and women have to restrain or kill them".

Golden said, "Some women might be that crazy too".

Silver said, "Yes. Of course. So we all band together as humans to protect ourselves from all the violent crazies who are like that for any reason."

Golden said, "Well Dad. That actually makes a lot of sense. When Purple teaches me it is all electronic component memory. But I can experience your memories as being based upon real facts regarding real experiences in your life. So now these rules are beginning to make some sense to me of why they were actually made in the first place."

Silver said, "These rules slowly evolved over thousands of years."

Golden said, "Wow!"

Golden said, "Let's go to a tropical island in the Pacific. I want to sea tropical fish!"

Lilu said, "You know. That sounds like a great idea. Silver. We have those friends who own their own tropical island in the Tuamotu Archipelago."

Silver thought about this and said, "Yes. We could borrow Dad's private jet and his pilot and fly to Tahiti and then take a seaplane to the island from there. Maybe Dad would want to go with us to meet his new Grandson."

Lilu said, "We can see if Nada and Bob want to brings their families too."

Silver said, "They are probably too busy."

Nada and Bob brought their families later that week to the island.

Silver talked to Golden during drive to the airport to pretend he wasn't driving in a car around a lot of people. But once they met Rex and his pilot at the airport with his plane, Lilu, Silver and Golden were ready to party Pacific Style. About 12 1/2 hours later they landed in Tahiti.

Golden said, "I like the tropics. It is so green and beautiful."

Silver said, "The moisture won't be a problem for you?"

Golden said, "No. actually I would be okay in outer space without a space suit the way I'm designed."

Silver said, "It seems your mother thought of everything."

Golden said, "I was specifically designed by the Galactic Sentience and Purple to be okay in any situation. However, I do have a lot to learn in becoming more human like."

Silver said, "Look. I'm 70 years old and I'm still learning how to be a human being."

Golden just looked at Silver and wasn't quite sure what to make of that comment.

So, they disembarked from Rex's plane in Papeete, Tahiti and got on a chartered sea plane and luckily the weather was calm enough for a sea landing. As they pull up to their friends private dock and sailboat for the island Golden was first out and immediately dived into the water because he was so very happy to be there. And luckily for him there were still plentiful tropical fish around this particular island as the ocean around it had become a nature reserve so no one was allowed to fish within 10 miles of it.

Golden swam like a happy golden porpoise for hours. No one could get him out of the water.

The owner's of the island were Liluth and Dave, old friends of Lilu's and Rex's even before Lilu met Silver. So this friendship had already lasted 50 years before this moment for Lilu and a little less for Silver. They had long ago given up wondering why Lilu had married Silver mainly because they knew and liked Silver even though he was very eccentric because of the way he grew up. However, by now almost every single person either knew of Silver or used one of his now many inventions from software to hardware to robots to full immersion Virtual reality where one could become a character like Luke SkyWalker for days, (except for bathroom breaks, food breaks and sleep breaks). And some hearty souls even chose to sleep and dream as Luke which made them (at least temporarily very different).

So, Liluth and Dave were happy to have so many old friends visit them. They lived on the island now the best 6 months of the year and left during Cyclone(Hurricane) season.

Everyone was amazed how long Golden seemed to be able to stay underwater. So Dave said, "Is he one of your new inventions Silver?" Which made Silver a little nervous and so he said, "Well. We adopted him. He has some of the same problems I had growing up. He's not used to being around a lot of different people and sort of keeps to himself like I tend to."

Dave said, "Why did you adopt him?"

Lilu jumped in, "Well. In case you didn't notice he looks like Silver. He came from a surrogate mother. Silver is actually Golden's father."

Dave said, "How did you choose his name?"

Silver said, "Well. Look. He has golden skin. Just like I was named after silverware falling off the table when I was born." Nervous laughter all around. But this did somehow end that part of the conversation.

Lilu had dated Dave and when they broke up Liluth had asked if she could date him as he was both beautiful and wealthy. Lilu said, "Why, Yes. Of Course."

However, she hadn't told Liluth that she had actually broken up with Dave because he had been unfaithful. Lilu's criterea after that was a man who first of all would always be faithful. To Liluth this was less important than a man who always came back to her. Both girls got what they wanted in Dave and Silver.

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