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In case you haven't noticed or haven't read articles at my blog site before, I tend to be extremely eclectic in what I write about. I guess I try to be sort of well rounded in my approach to life in general and researching in any direction that interests me is what I do. This is slightly different. You see, I was raised from birth until age 21 in the Saint Germain Foundation otherwise called the "I AM" Activity. People in this type of chucrh called themselves "I AM" Students and "I AM" was and is considered the name of God as in when God said to Moses as the burning Bush, "My name is I am That I am". However since all this is translated from Hebrew or whatever language God spoke to Moses in the real name would have to be in that language I think. Anyway, in English it is "I am That I am".

I was guided to open a copy of "Saint Germain on Prophecy: Coming World Changes-- Nostradamus on U.S./USSR Confrontation-War in Europe-Earthquakes-Chernobyl"

Also, the book is very dated now because the Soviet Union no longer exists so a confrontation with the USSR by the U.S. never really happened at all outside of the Cold War. The strange thing about the cold War is that it began before I was born after World War II and ended around 1990 when I was 42. So we had at least 40+ years of Cold War and it was psychologically awful for everyone.

Anyway, I was guided to open this paperback and opened up to something about Nostradamus and New York City. However, I couldn't make any sense at all out of it other than the fact that I read something about Archangel Zadkiel and this triggered me to know I had to write this article.

The book I'm refering to was channeled by Elizabeth Clare Prophet who passed away October 15th 2009.

In 1977 I went to the Winter Quarter of her Summit University when it was in Pasadena. During this time she purchased a Catholic Seminary and named it Camelot in Malibu Canyon. While I was at this quarter my son attended the Montessori School there. IN the Spring for about 3 months I was on staff in the Computer Department there in Pasadena working on the Mainframe there until my son got whooping cough like I had had as a young boy and so I returned to San Diego to where I lived then to take care of my son. He is now 35 and in his last year of nursing School in Southern California and is married.

What seemed to be important is that I tell you about Morya. In the hierarchy of Ascended Masters, Morya is the master of the Blue Ray and Archangel Michael is the Archangel of the Blue Ray. The way Elizabeth taught it the Blue Ray begins a cycle and the Violet or Purple Ray ends a cycle(a cycle of time) or the beginning and end of an era. It is said that Saint Germain is the Master of the Aquarian Age.

Though the Summit version of all this is slightly different than the "I am" version in the process of my life I learned both. I had a difficult parting of the ways with the "I AM" Activity at age 21 and I had an unusual parting of the ways with the Summit in 1978. Though I was asked to leave staff I could still go to Conferences. The reason given was: "We can't have anyone on Staff that believes they have a direct connection to God." For me, this was a compliment. However, I also understood that all religious organizations function like armies do. One must always follow the chain of command or one is gone. However, my connections with Jesus, Saint Germain and Morya and the Seven Archangels and their female Archangel counterparts has remained very strong to this day.

Many of you either don't have a religion or are Christian or another religion. If I was to define clearly how I presently saw myself I would be a mystical Christian and Tibetan Buddhist since the Early 1980s. However, my connections with both Saint Germain and Morya in a way define my life on Earth in a very special way.

Now, I know some of you are saying to yourselves: "What the heck is all this about?" And if this was the first I had heard about all this I would be right there with you. However, fortunately or unfortunately depending upon your point of view these ideas were what I was raised with for better or worse. So just as if I was raised a Catholic or Protestant it is as much a cultural thing for me as anything else at this point.

I have found that whatever works in life you have to use. People always want to throw everything away and start over. I see that as an incredible waste. The way I see it all qualities you have and all knowledge you have has two sides like a coin. So one could say there is a useful and a presently unuseful side to all knowledge. But to completely throw any knowledge away doesn't seem useful to me. It would be like throwing money away because of some lame reason. The important thing to me is that one use this knowledge to help oneself and all life around one. In this way all beings can benefit from the knowledge. I call this compassionate pragmatism.

There is a very strange story for example of Padmasambhava. Now Padmasambhava was an Afghan Mahasiddha who trained near Nalanda University in India(I have been there) around the 8th century and brought Buddhism to Tibet and allowed it to combine with the Local Bon Po religion there to form present day Tibetan Buddhism.

Well,while Padmasambhava was riding down the Ganges on a sailing vessel he telepathically knew that one man riding with the other 30 or so passengers planned to drug everyone and then steal all their things and then kill everyone on board. Since he was a Mahasiddha he could do such things. So when Padmasambhava realized the man was going to do this he realized he had to stop him. But here is the strange thing. He decided to behead the man. So he took out his sword and lopped off the man's head.

However, this was a problem and everyone got very angry at Padmasambhava for killing the man without warning or provocation. But Padmasambhava supernaturally protected himself and perservered and said, "If I hadn't done this not only would you all be dead now but this man would have entered a very bad hell realm in which he could not have gotten out for thousands of years. I not only protected you all from death but I also protected the man from unbelievable hellish experience after death. At this point Padmasambhava simply disappeared and went somewhere else.

Before I went to India in 1985 I don't think I would have believed this story. However, after I went to India, Nepal and up into the Himalayas and into Dharmsala I realized it likely was a true story. So, what you believe and what you experience as real and true changes throughout ones life according to one's real life experiences.
At least this is how my life goes. If I see some superior reality or experience then that is the direction my life goes in. But always I am seeking truth, enlightenment and learning how to be more compassionate to all beings in the universe and I am constantly trying to figure out more and more efficient ways to move all beings into enlightenment and how supernaturally to end all beings suffering permanently.

May all beings attain bliss and the cause of bliss
May all beings be free from suffering and the cause of suffering
May all beings never be without the supreme bliss that is free from all near and far
all grasping and aversion

By this merit may I become like all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the ten directions and the three times

By the way one needs ten directions to navigate space properly and the three times are the past, present and future

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