Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No Fate But What We Make

Though this statement is basically true of course there are always different qualifiers for each person. But in many ways this statement is true for us all.

I wanted to write today about what is called since Ancient Greece "The Casondra Effect" or "The Kasondra Effect" depending upon your preferred spelling. What the "Kasondra Effect" is is what Seers have all dealt with since ancient times. There has always been a segment of the population that some call Seers, Shaman or whatever that worked for Kings and Queens down through the ages because they were accurate enough to be effective and not be killed by Royalty for making a serious mistake. Many people don't believe such things are possible. But from years of personal experience in my own life and many others I have known and met in this life I understand how all this works.

Before the Loma Prieto Earthquake in 1989 before I took my family to Maui the week I knew it would hit and then watched it on TV I told an old lady friend of the family that this earthquake would hit and that was why we were going. Well, when it hit it tore her multimillion dollar house in Piedmont in half. And because of this it scared her to the point where she wouldn't speak to me again.

This is what I call the "Kasondra Effect" where the person warning of impending danger is blamed or singled out in some way. However, as a life long intuitive it is just a lot like having better eyesight than most people and just seeing dangers before they arrive. Imagine you were in the passenger seat of a car and could see something before the driver and it would kill both you and the driver if you didn't say something. Wouldn't you tell the driver what you saw rather than both of you dying?

Since I use my abilities almost every day to make people's lives better including my family and friends and myself I consider it a Gift from God that I am meant to help those who believe in what I say. However, often it is not wise to tell people what I see because they won't believe anyway. So, whenever I can I redirect people in order to save their lives but I don't tell them of the calamity that I'm helping them avoid.

I'm sure many of you have had a bad feeling and knew you had to find a way to protect someone from that bad event. Well, for me it is no different than that. And it feels very good if you are able to redirect someone so they don't die or get maimed needlessly. So, Save a life by the Grace of God.

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