Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Dragon of Enlightenment

I was discussing with my family my experiences in the early 1980s and I was talking about the "Dragon of Compassion" experience I had while on a vision quest on the Trinity River around that time in Northern California.

Looking back now it is for me sort of like talking about previous lifetimes that I have lived even though it is really one of many lifetimes I actually lived in the present one. It's just that I'm now 61 and the world and my life has changed a lot since I was born in 1948. Looking back I have been very fortunate indeed. Growing up and going through everything I did I wouldn't have told you that at the time. I might have said that I was suffering. But in the more realistic perspective that time and wisdom bring I can say that my life was a very fortunate one in all ways. Even the bad times and the ill health I had to endure only made me stronger and more valuable to myself and all other beings. But it takes time to understand this fully.

As we spoke as a family the words "Dragon of Enlightenment" came up and the power coursed through my being at the saying of this combination of words. It made me know that there was something to this very powerful.

When I did my four days and four nights in a bear wallow with no water or food during this time, all I had was my sleeping bag a ground cloth and ritual implements like a prayer rattle(which is seeds inside a woven rattle) to shake in time with prayers to protect oneself and to draw good visions while not eating or drinking anything for 96 hours. The first 2 days were very difficult and my mind screamed saying to me, "You're going to die! You have to eat and drink! This is crazy!" But the beginning of the 2nd night came my most powerful visions. I was doing this vision quest to ask what I should do with my life. I was asking God for direction. And from this very primal prayer I received my very powerful answers that burned into my soul the truth.

So, when I literally became a Golden Dragon 50 feet tall and breathed fire upon thousands of people I was surprised that instead of burning up they were fine and smiled and became enlightened. My writing now is about this I believe. Though I have helped people all my life that God has sent to me, I believe that this enlightening "Dragon Breath" is the breathe of enlightenment in "All WAYS".

For I have discovered enlightenment is not just about spiritual things, it is also about intellectual enlightenment, informational enlightenment, technical enlightenment, humanistic enlightenment etc. etc. etc. So my experience of becoming enlightened and sharing this with all others who are interested is literally all forms of enlightenment. And since I see Saint Germain(Francis Bacon) as one of my teachers, since he is literally the father of the Scientific Method, this is a part of what I teach. So, I break all things down into hypotheses, Theories and Laws. And as much as I am capable I will tell you whether something is a hypothesis a Theory or a Law to my personal experience. Usually, you can tell by the style I'm writing in.

Sometimes, I'm telling a useful story and other times I'm writing about actual Laws that will serve you while traveling as a soul or a body throughout this galaxy or others or other dimensions or even into antimatter Galaxies or dimensions. It doesn't really matter to me whether you believe me or not because only through real experiences does one really understand all this stuff anyway. One can believe in something but until one actually experiences it firsthand it is not the same.

It's like flying in a plane. People can tell you about it but until you actually do it you don't know what it is. Then piloting a plane solo for the first time. Until you actually do it you don't know the thrill and potential terror of that experience.

For example, I had wanted to solo in a plane all my life but my father's brother was killed in his plane when another plane ran into his in 1942. So my father made me promise not to get my license until he died. Since I wanted to be an airline pilot growing up this was a pretty big sacrifice for me but I honored my father's wishes. I still took flying lessons but did not solo in a Cessna 152 until 1987. But when I did I was doing fine until a lady pilot cut in front of me to land and almost hit my plane so I forced myself to land and then to go around once more and then land again even though I was white knuckling it because I was a novice. So, something I had always loved became very terrifying to me in that moment.

Another story a pilot friend told me. He was doing stalls(putting the nose straight up until the plane falls out of the sky to learn to recover and for some reason the plane kept falling tail first and he couldn't recover or pull out like the book tells you to. He knew he was going to die and prepared for death. He saw the ground coming up and then remembered he was in a Cessna 172 and the rule is in that plane to let go of the yoke(steering wheel) to recover in an emergency. Sure enough, the plane righted itself and he landed the plane. But he was such a mess that he literally crawled out of the plane and along the ground because he was in such a state of shock that he could no longer stand up.

Many times the actual experience of certain states of enlightenment are so powerful that you almost don't physically survive them until you get used to them. And then it takes years to become proficient at using those states of enlightenment to benefit yourself and all beings. So, though becoming a "Dragon of Enlightenment" is theoretically possible for all of you, how many could actually survive the process?

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