Monday, January 25, 2010

Silver and Lilu both said, "Wow!"

This phrase is the actual end for now at least of "2035". Though I likely will add more when I am inspired I just wanted to say that for now these are the last words I have written that are at:

added friday January 29th:

I was able to correct, (I believe) the problem I was having editing "2035". If you happen to read it and something seems amiss in my editing please let me know. I find editing the most onerous thing about writing. And if I was getting paid to write rather than doing it as a public service which is also therapeutic for me to do I would hire someone to edit everything I write. In the meantime "It's Free to read online" even if it isn't edited always the way I would like. It is said that it takes 5 times as much time to edit properly than it Ever does to write it in the first place. When I try to edit I find it actually takes me 10 to 20 times as long. So most of the time I would rather be writing than editing.

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