Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Avatar: Coping With The Intangibility Of Pandora

Actually I find people being depressed Avatar's Pandora isn't real as being a very healthy response. Humans evolved in much more tropical environments. The northern or extreme southern climates are actually "artificial" for us humans. Only with great expenditures of physical and mental and emotional energy have we over thousands of years found ways to survive in the colder climates.

So, longing for a tropical rain forest or paradise I think is very healthy. Seeing what humans really are is healthy. To realize that extreme civilization without almost any trees or plants or living in snow for 3 to 6 months a year we can CHOOSE to do but we actually can choose ANYTHING. So, staying suffering in a city environment and commiting suicide because of being unhappy is really both stupid and ridiculous. Just visit some place you actually might want to live. Stay Alive! Don't let Snow-winter-cabin-fever kill you or shorten your life!

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