Saturday, January 23, 2010


I was thinking about what was wrong with our country at core tonight. And I think I just came upon at least a part of the problem. I would define gridlock the way I'm using it as:not being able to make and execute useful decisions causing more and more chaos in everyone's lives in the U.S.

As I thought about this I found myself longing for the 1950s. And as I began to think about: "Why is it I long for the 1950s?" and I had it, "Clear divisions of labor between men and women." Were the divisions of labor good? Obviously, many people didn't like it. But it did have one thing going for it, it had been the way things basically were done for thousands of years. So, what we had was "no abiguities" in what was expected of everyone. Ambiguities means about the same as "unclear meaning and unclear definitions".
Then I began to think about now and EVerything I see is completely unclear to the point of being a lie.

When the whole women's liberation thing started in the 1960s I remember talking to guys about it. Even in my generation that came of age(I was 21 in 1969) in the late 60s and early 70s, most guys only put up with women's liberation so they could get laid. It wasn't that they really thought it could work. It was in the same spirit as when a wife asks a husband if he thinks she's pretty in a dress. He's got to say she looks beautiful or he gets kicked out of bed for a weeks. If he says she's beautiful it doesn't really mean it's true but if he doesn't say it he is sure to be frustrated and be in the dog house. This was actually the spirit that men of my generation actually looked at women's liberation when there were no women present.

None of us really expected it to go this far where there are now more women working in the U.S. than men. So, now what do we have because of it. We have REAL confusion. Because it is no longer a male joke it is actuality. But is it good and useful?

I think it is just and good that women have equal rights to men but I don't think it is practical or useful. That is my real opinion. The primary reason is that women consult each other exponentially before making any decision. If you want any decision right now you better ask any real man. Yes. There are a few women that learn to make good and quick important decisions. But they are still few and far between.

What happens if our nation gets attacked? Without a clear chain of command and very quick decisions all could be lost. But where are we?

I would define us as a de facto matriarchy that is still run like a patriarchy.

So what is that?


Make up your minds people. If we aren't a patriarchy and we aren't a matriarchy then how do quick decisions that keep us alive through anything get made?

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