Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Critics of Avatar

Since everyone and their little brother on earth seems to be taking a swipe at "Avatar" I would like to counter with my opinion which is "Avatar" is simply telling it the way it is.

I think one of the reasons that "Avatar" is so very popular(Avatar and Titanic are the most popular on earth since "Gone with the Wind") is that Avatar has burrowed deep into the zeitgeist of the moment on earth. To deny the truth of what is in Avatar, I believe is to be self deluded.

However, I also believe that everyone needs to have their own opinion on the subject. So, the fact that everyone is so moved by this movie for good or ill and the Billion plus dollars it has made so far only stirs debate about life on earth and life beyond earth and that can only be a good thing.

For any life on earth to still be here 1000 years from now we need to have a lot of realistic (not delusional) debates. Otherwise, there just will be nothing left alive on earth here in the future.

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