Monday, January 11, 2010

Intuitive Genius January 11th

What is an intuitive genius? My definition would be some one who tends to always or almost always BE in the right place at the right time. I suppose you could say an intuitive genius could also be the ultimate opportunist in a way. However, the names that come to mind the most when I think of an Intuitive Genius would be Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Mandela and Martin Luther King and saints of all religions.

Whereas if I were to think of the famous geniuses of all time I might think of people like Einstein and just a few others.

And I suppose the best would be to be an intuitive genius at the same time one was an intellectual genius even though there is more than a slight chance that the two most of the time would cancel each other out through dysfunction and suicide because they both come from opposite ways of perceiving the universe. But as an ideal to be both would be the best as long as such a person was altruistic and working for the best outcome for all mankind.

So, if one aspires to be like Jesus, a very good start is to be a natural intuitive genius as long as that person also has common sense. Because like Einstein has said paraphrased, "Intelligence isn't very useful without common sense."

From personal experience the last 61 years I can vouch for that statement as well. Some of the most intelligent people I have known have over dosed on drugs, run their sports cars into a wall or over a cliff somewhere or crashed their plane into a mountain or the ground. So raw intelligence in some ways only brings people to just how mortal they really are. In a way you have to be less intelligent in order to want to stay alive for the whole thing. Or at the very least you have to pretend to be less intelligent in order to fake yourself out into staying alive for yourself or others.

So, I would say Intuitive intelligence and intuitive genius with a whole lot of common sense would be the most desirable outcome for all of us. And yes, let's throw a whole lot of regular intelligence in there too as long as it can co-exist with the intuitive intelligence living there already.

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