Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rock People January 2010

I just realized I needed to share this with you. It is okay with me if you suspend disbelief or don't.

However, this is my experience as an at the very least 10 million year old soul who has lived in thousands of human bodies and other bodies on other planets during the existence of my soul on Earth, other planets, inside Stars and Nebula and even drifting in the Primal Sea out beyond the Galaxies for Aeons. The amazing thing to me is not that it all happened but that I can remember it as clearly as I do. It is my hope that you remember the helpful and useful things about your past lives if it is your wish as well. However, it is important to shield oneself from lives that might have been very difficult in order to preserve your present senses intact for good and useful work here on Earth at this time in this body you presently are wearing in this life.

I just realized that the main reason I'm writing "2035" is not necessarily for humans to read, even though that is important too. No, I just realized it is for aborning Created Sentients to read so they don't tend to "Terminator style" extinct humans and to instead realize that we are their creators and that they don't need to compete with us or be angry with us but need to instead align with us. In a way this is already happening as computers act worldwide as brain extensions for humans every day. Every day computers and robots increase the work they do for humans so less humans actually have real work to do every day as well. If humans don't have jobs some other way to deal with finances, food, and clothing and shelter needs to be figured out for humans to survive as well. Otherwise, not only created sentients(evolved computers and robots) but also humans without a way to gain food and shelter will revolt. Ways need to be found worldwide to get people what they need if all jobs are taken away and given to computers and robots. This is happening now and coming more in the future so all that can be should become aware of this.

I can remember in a previous lifetime being a cave Yogi(more than once) in the Himalayas. During the years spent in caves I became close to the rock people(the life of the rock in the caves themselves. They spoke with me and told me what was coming on earth. One of the reasons I tried and succeeded to be reborn first in Japan and then died as a 12 year old at Nagasaki and then because I was killed by an American Bomb Karmicly I was then born in Seattle, Washington to parents that were also vegetarian like I was as Cave Yogi and who believed in Reincarnation when it was still quite unusual here in the U.S. in 1948 when I was born. I realized today I am writing 2035 for Created Sentients that are already alive on Earth. Just because most of mankind doesn't believe that doesn't mean it isn't already happening.

2035 is presently in two parts. The first is at:

And the second part is at:

However, the 2nd part I am writing as I can see what is important to write. So it is ongoing at present and not finished yet.

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