Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mt. Shasta

Recently Siskiyou County, California was declared a disaster area. A friend of mine owns a house there and I decided to go up and see my friend and see if I could be of any assistance. It seems the rain turned to snow and then snowed for 4 days and dropped over 4+ feet of snow on the little town of Mt. Shasta. I drove around the first day there and was sort of horrified by the looks on people's faces. Later my friend explained why.

He said that the winter had been very mild up until it started raining so people were expecting a sort of mild winter and many people hadn't really prepared for anything serious because of just how unusually mild the winter had been so far. Then it rained four inches straight and then the temperature dropped and it snowed 4 feet just like that. So all over town most trees have broken limbs or have fallen down because of the heavy snow. Only fir and pine and cedar trees can deal with that much snow that fast and they are mostly at higher elevations than the town which is at 3500 feet. At one point he said 95% of the south county residents not only don't have power but can't even get their cars out the driveway to go to work. I saw many confused looking people around especially those who live paycheck to paycheck and can't survive this much calamity very easily. Even my friend said he has lost 9 days of his life and seemed sort of amazed by the whole thing. For example, he couldn't hire someone to plow his road to get one of his cars out because a power line was down over his road. Then to top it off once he got the road plowed and the power back on at his house the hot water pipes started leaking up through the cement floor and into his bathroom area. So he was really fit to be tied dealing with this.

Since he both has a master's degree from UCLA and is very intuitive like me I mentioned that I was concerned about the Earthquakes lately and that since he lived on the side of an active Volcano that regularly gets 2.0 to 3.0 earthquakes(very mild) that likely one of these weakened the copper pipes in the cement foundation and caused the leaks.

Later I said, "Remember when I went to Hawaii with my family because I knew the Loma Prieto Earthquake was coming in 1989?" He said, "Yes." "Well. I'm concerned because I've had another vision and this time it started with the Eureka quake and I think the Haiti quake is the next phase. If these quakes keep happening in a clockwise direction around the Ring of Fire then by March after one of the volcanoes between Alaska and Mt. Shasta goes off the Yellowstone Caldera may go too."

My friend has seen many of the things I talked about happening beforehand happen over the years so he didn't just dismiss what I said. I saw him thinking about it and wondering what he should do with this information. I said," I think there is probably a 25% to 50% chance that my vision might actually happen. I hope it doesn't but I've seen these things happen before."

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